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Revenge was not exactly as I expected. I expected sinister, thrilling, maybe a touch of horror.  I feel like this book fell short of all of those things. The writing felt a bit immature and I was not invested in the stories in any way.
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Oh how i loved this book. Every story was fantastic. Such a well put together collection. Hope to read more by this author.
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This was an eclectic assortment of shorts that I knew going in were going to go in odd ways. In that respect, it did not disappoint. Some were almost Sci-fi, also Twilight Zone, others a little Black Mirror. The best thing is, you are not invested for a long time in any one place, or story. You have a variety of stories, with human, barely humans, and even a bit of some relatable crustaceans. Be ready to take ride after ride on the non normal train!
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The stories in Revenge are not only decidedly quirky, they’re also disturbingly sinister—a fiendish literary potpourri of trenchant humor, laughable absurdities, shameless irreverences, peculiar plot twists, sexual shenanigans, and whimsical wordplay.
But a collection like this wouldn’t be nearly as darkly amusing without generous portions of violence, betrayal, loathsome characters, and the sweet, healing catharsis of revenge.

12 stories make up this book and they were pretty out there but funny. I will definitely be looking out for more like this from the author.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This book gave me just what I needed at this time...a laugh. I loved these stories so much. Definitely a must read!
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