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Lost is an intriguing follow up to Gone, a fast paced read that saw off a rainy afternoon for me.

I like the character dynamic, Leona Deakin keeps them interesting, offering up enough division to make them realistic and the taie itself is twisty and fun.

To keep up you should read Gone first. Admittedly I much preferred that to this. Lost whilst being wildly entertaining bordered also on ridiculous luckily never quite tipping over that edge.

It is really the Augusta Bloom character that makes these so eminently readable but on a personal subjective note I've already had enough of the villain from Gone who also makes an appearance here.

Overall a good read, a decent follow up and I will be sticking with this series.
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The second Bloom bom in the series will certainly leave you wanting more. Having read the first book in series I was looking forward to this and I wasn't let down,  A brilliant book from a very talented writer.Thanks so much to Netgalley for the preview of this exciting book,
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

This book is the second instalment of the Augusta Bloom series. I read the first one, which was excellent, and I wasn’t sure if the next one would be as good. Well, I was wrong, and this one was just as brilliant as the first, if not better.

The story centres around a Captain from the Navy who is a victim of a terrorist attack, but he survives, just without his memory from the last 4 years. It also transpires that he has a missing gap from the terrorist attack to actually arriving at the hospital. The Captain’s girlfriend is a long time friend of Augusta Blooms so enlists her help, along with her investigative partner, ex MI6 agent Marcus Jameson. 
The story was unique, and really well thought out. There wasn’t any lulls in the story, and it was very fast paced, there was always something happening.
Bloom and Jameson knows the Captain is hiding something, and use the clues given to get to the bottom of what’s happening.

I love Augusta Bloom, she’s a wonderful character. Jameson is also very likeable, and very down to Earth. I enjoyed the Cpatain’s character, and all the flaws that come with a military background. 

I have nothing bad to say about this book. It was brilliantly thought out, unique, page turning, fast paced, and twisty. Everything a good book is.
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Having read 'Gone', the first in this series, I looked forward to revisiting Dr Augusta Bloom and Marcus Jameson, who is refusing to work with Dr Bloom any more. The plot is a complex one that has the reader confused as to who is responsible for the disappearance of Captain Harry Peterson. There are flashbacks to when he first met his partner, Karene, who is an old friend of Dr Bloom's. When the Navy don't seem to be interested in locating Captain Peterson Karene enlists the help of Dr Bloom and she eventually manages to involve Marcus and draw him back in. Their strained relationship is a stumbling block in this case which adds interest to the complicated plot. Definitely another good read.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Leona Deakin/Random House UK for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I very much enjoyed the first Dr Bloom thriller 'Gone', and was excited to read this new story about her and her colleague Marcus Jameson.  I actually enjoyed this book even more; a truly original and gripping story about an apparent suicide bombing at a Military Ball.  The twists and turns are extremely clever, and it was good fun to be reunited with arch enemy Seraphina.  I am really looking forward to hearing that there is a third book in the series on the way.
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I really wanted to like the sequel to Gone and this didn't disappoint! What can I say? Maybe I am biased but Dr Augusta Bloom is such a great character. I can't wait for the next installment in the series now!
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Augusta and Marcus are recovering from a broken bond from their last case. Marcus can’t forgive her and move forward. When Augusta’s friend, Karene, needs her help, Marcus begrudgingly helps. Karene’s boyfriend, an esteemed Naval Officer, has gone missing after a bomb explosion and when he turns up he can’t remember anything. Something is not right. Can Augusta and Marcus work out what’s happened? 
I love the premise of this series and I really enjoyed the dynamics of the main characters. I can see this series continuing and doing very well. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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After loving 'Gone' last year by Leona Deakin, I was really excited for the second instalment in the Augusta Bloom series. Like last time, I got stuck into this straight away and I was intrigued to see where the characters had all ended up. Luckily this is set just a few months after the first book and the gaps are filled so we're completely upto date before there's  a new mystery to uncover. I liked Bloom & Jameson rebuilding their relationship whilst working on the new case of missing Captain Harry Peterson but I did find I was more interested in that and their particular history rather than uncovering what had happened at the military ball. Whilst I genuinely had no idea where this was going to go the majority of the way through, towards the end I felt there were too many characters and I kept getting mixed up with who was who which made it a bit harder to stick with. Overall, I did enjoy Lost but I do prefer the first installment in the series. That being said, I'd definitely read a third installment if Leona is planning one!
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If you haven’t read the first novel, Gone, then you can still enjoy this book. You will however know too much to be surprised if you go back and read it after this one. Go and read Gone first and then read Lost. I was so looking forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed, I loved it. Augusta Bloom is back again to solve a case which is full of mystery and intrigue. The book is well written with likeable characters and a terrific plot. A lot of research has gone into the book which makes the story all the more believable. I definitely recommend this book, and hoping for a book three! Thank you #netgalley
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This is the second book from Leona Deakin to feature the gifted psychologist, Dr Augusta Bloom, and the former MI6 spook, Marcus Jameson.  I enjoyed  and reviewed the earlier book 'Gone' and was happy to receive this follow up in exchange for an honest review.
The story has an explosive start, a bomb explodes at a military ball but one of the casualties never arrives at hospital.  His girlfriend  Karene turns to  her friend Bloom for help in finding him and so the fast-paced psychological thriller begins.  When he's found with no memory of the last 4 years the plot thickens. 
I once again enjoyed following the exploits of Bloom and Marcus and will admit to being a little bit 'lost' at times with the fast moving story but all in all I enjoyed the suspense and look forward  to, hopefully, further novels.
Thanks to the publishers, NetGalley and the author for the chance to pre-read this book.
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Lost by Leona Deakin is the second book in the Dr Bloom series. I read the first Gone. that I really enjoyed so I was looking forward to reading this.
The story starts when Captain Harry Peterson attends a Military Ball.  He is there on his own, but he is waiting for his girlfriend Karene to arrive. He sees her across the room and then the next minute an explosion erupts through the ball by a suicide bomber. Karene unscathed she finds Harry alive with minor scratches on his head. She wants to stay with him but is called to help the wounded.  The ambulance arrives, she goes to find Harry, but he has disappeared.  She thinks that he has been taken to the nearest hospital but when she enquires where he is, but he is nowhere to be found. Karene contacts old friend Dr Augusta Bloom and her partner Marcus who has links to the MI6 ti see if they can find Harry.
Three days later Harry is found in a hospital in Exeter. He has now more injuries than he had after the explosion.  Part of his brain is damaged so much that he has lost the last 4 years of his memory. Bloom and Marcus wonder who would do this? What link does it have to the explosion and why? What did they want with Harry?
This is another gripping entertaining read from Leona Deakin. It had another unique storyline with a good plot and great characters and twists and turns.  If you like books like the Bourne story you will like this. I highly recommend.
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This is the second book on the Doctor Augusta Bloom series and I really enjoyed it. But didn't feel it packed as much punch and intrigue as the first book did. 

I really enjoyed seeing Bloom and Jamiesons relationship blossom and seeing how their minds work. 

I am looking forward to the next installment and to see what happens.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publishers for the arc of Lost by Leona Deakin.

This is the second book in the Dr Bloom series following on from gone. 

This follows Captain Harry Peterson and he is attending a military ball when a bomb explodes.... his partner had just arrived at walked in the direction towards him and the bomb went off...  she runs to be with him he is unconscious but lucky to only have minor scratching. She is also distracted as she is also helping the other whom are wounded.  Then she tries to find out where Harry her partner had been taken but there is no traces of him....?  With fear and panic she contacts Dr Bloom- Dr Augusta Bloom her psychologist, she knows that she needs help from her partner Marcus, considering he has experience with Mi6 but still is not talking to her due to the last case. 

3 days later Harry ends up showing up but at a Hospital in Exeter but strangely he has more injuries than the night of the bombing, he is in a coma... when he comes around from his coma he has lost the last 4 years in his memory and he doesn't know who is girlfriend is and the last recollection of a relationship was his ex wife...  Its down to his girlfriend, Dr bloom and Marcus to find out what really happened to Harry... 

This was a well written, well thought out and well plotted book, i love how the mysteries just suck you into the book and you don't want to stop reading it engulfed me so much I read this within a few hours!

Definitely recommend
4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Another 5⭐️ Read from Leona Deakin with book 2 in the Augusta Bloom series. A gripping, entertaining read from start to finish. 

This time Captain Harry Peterson is attending a military ball when a bomb explodes, his girlfriend had just arrived and was walking in his direction when the bomb went off, she runs to his side and is relieved to find he is still alive and only has a couple of very minor scratches, although he is unconscious. She is distracted in helping other people who are wounded. But when she tries to find where Harry has been taken there is no trace of him. Frantic she contacts her old friend Psychologist Augusta Bloom. Bloom knows she needs the help of her partner Marcus Peterson on this with his experience from MI6 but he is still not talking to her after their last case, still angry and blaming Bloom for using him. He reluctantly agrees to help her just this once, but the atmosphere between the two is very tense.

Harry turns up three days after the bombing in a hospital in Exeter, with more injuries than he had at the bombing, and he I initially in a coma, when he does come round he has lost 4 years of his memory, he doesn’t know who Karene is, he remembers being married to his ex wife Caroline.

It’s down to Bloom, Jameson and Karene to find out what happened to Harry. Where had he been for those three days? Why does he have more injuries? The investigation leads to France and Africa for some part.

This is a well plotted, well written and thought out storyline, with its fast pace keeping your attention throughout. Great characters who are believable, with twists and turns that make it a great thriller. Everything coming together to give a good ending. I look forwards to the next adventure with Bloom.

Thank you to #netgalley and #RandomHouse for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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Great second book in what is a series than can run and run if they are all like this one. It helps if you have read the first one GONE but if not it doesn’t matter that much you will still enjoy this book. Leona Deakin has put together a list of characters for both books, a couple of goodies and a real baddy, but now she has added good rounded characters for this book. A true gripping novel that doesn’t allow you to miss a page or line, written very cleverly by mixing different elements of the story in the same paragraph giving the whole book a fast furious pace . You really do need to get into this author wonderful reading
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This is the sequel to Leona Deakin's Gone, featuring the gifted psychologist, Dr Augusta Bloom, and the former MI6 spook, Marcus Jameson. I had some issues with the first in the series, but enjoyed it sufficiently to read this, which worked out much better for me, although it requires significant suspension of disbelief. It is best to just let yourself go with the flow in this thrilling, action packed story that begins with a bomb explosion at a military ball at Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth. One of the injured is the highly decorated and respected Royal Navy Captain Harry Peterson, closely observed at the scene by his girlfriend, psychologist Karene, thankful he seemed to have got off relatively lightly. What seems to be ostensibly a straightforward terrorist attack turns out to be something significantly more worrying and intriguing when a distraught Karene fails to locate Harry in any hospital after he is driven away in an ambulance.

Karene seeks help from Bloom whose relationship with Marcus appears to be irretrievably fractured after their last case. They need Marcus's specific set of expertise, contacts and skills to gain entry into a military world that is notoriously difficult to penetrate, eventually managing to draw in a reluctant Marcus. However, Harry turns up 3 days later, dumped in a Exeter hospital A&E, but shockingly with more severe injuries and evidence of what appears to be torture. Emerging from a coma, it soon becomes clear that Harry has lost his episodic memories of the last 4 years, and there is every possibility that he will never regain them. This means he still believes he is happily married to ex-wife Caroline, with whom he has 2 children and has no recollection of his love and relationship with Karene. In a narrative that shifts back and forth in time to the start of Harry and Karene's first meeting, and the present where Karene starts receiving odd emails, there is more murder, and the return of the psychopathic Killer Queen, Seraphine. Bloom and Marcus are going to need to be at the top of their game to uncover the startling and twisted truths that lie behind what happened to Harry.

There are strong elements of black humour, fun and suspenseful entertainment in Deakin's series which made this an enjoyable read. It was interesting watching Bloom and Marcus iron out the serious kinks in their relationship, necessary if the two are to continuing working together in the future. Then there is the nature of their relationship with Seraphine, playing behind the scenes power games and a key to the mystery of Harry. Bloom is significantly more comfortable with Seraphine, whilst Marcus has no intention of letting her anywhere near him again, Seraphine herself is going to continue keeping a close eye on both of them, clearly a triangle that is going to run on in coming additions to the series. Reading this made me feel a little like I dropped into a rabbit hole where the fantastical is the norm, but I cannot deny that it was a thrilling, fast paced, intense and addictive experience. Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC.
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Ms. Deakin delivered another great book! Reading from Dr. Bloom's perspective will never be the same, but I realized that the subtle coldness has always been there. By building upon Dr. Bloom and Jameson's fractured relationship Deakin delivers a complex mystery throughout the entire book. The new characters were well developed and I felt sympathetic for Karene the entire time.
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Thanks to Random House UK and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Leona Deakin has once again delivered a compelling, inventive and utterly absorbing thriller. I loved it. What I adore about Deakin’s novels are the original angles she brings to the often formulaic thriller format. ‘Lost’ is no different. It is a real page-turner that keeps the reader engaged throughout. The story is far from simple, but neither is it too opaque for a tired brain to follow during one’s nightly read. In other words it is the ‘goldilocks’ of thrillers, where everything is just right. This one is a bit of a puzzle. A naval officer is kidnapped in the aftermath of a bombing, reappearing several days later with considerable gaps in his memory. Someone wants our amnesiac, Harry Peterson, to forget the last four years his life. But why and whom? Well, that is for the engaging duo of Bloom and Jameson to find out, and find out they do... Then there is the reappearance of our favourite psychopath from the previous book in the series. Does she have a role to play in the dark events swirling around Peterson  and co.? So, delve in and enjoy, you won’t be disappointed by this intelligently written, thrilling, thriller. Deakin is fast becoming a star of this genre. Let’s hope she continues her top form in her next book. I for one can’t wait!

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars
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I thoroughly enjoyed Leona Deakin’s first book, Gone, so was keen to read the similarly titled Lost, which also features Dr Augusta Bloom and her colleague Marcus Jameson.

When a bomb is detonated at a military ball, Captain Harry Peterson - injured, but apparently not seriously - is taken away in an ambulance. Then, however, he apparently disappears. His partner Karene, unable to get the police to take her seriously, turns instead to her old friend Dr Bloom.

I was very engaged with the characters of Harry and Karene, though began to get a little lost (ha!) with the plot after a character from the previous book reappeared. The psychopathic - and, apparently, remarkably powerful and influential - Seraphine definitely gives me “Villanelle” vibes, though I prefer the latter. Seraphine has rather too much of the makings of an arch-villain bent on world domination.

I did enjoy the story and the characters, though I’m not sure I liked it quite as much as Gone. Nevertheless, it’s very good and definitely worth a read.
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A second book is often a trial for an author, especially after a successful first book! That said, Leona hit the mark again with this one!

A brilliant story, with great character, and a fascinating delve into the world of neuro-surgery. What started out feeling like a book that begins with a terrorist act, leads to something much more profound and sinister.

It was also excellent to see the renewal of the Bloom and Jameson partnership, after the traumatic events of the first book, Gone. Allied with the re-appearance of Jameson's nemesis, Seraphine, the story gathers pace to a fascinating outcome.

I also loved the idea at the end of the book of the inclusion of reading group questions. I have not seen that in anything I have read recently.

I highly recommend Leona's second novel, and I hope that other readers enjoy it as much as I did.
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