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My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites

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I wasn't a fan. I think it just wasn't something that resonated with me, I couldn't get myself into this collection.
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Good length, great cover and title. I would have picked up if I saw it on the shelves, perhaps a little too pricy though. Fells a little rambly, like the narrator is just writing up every random iPhone note she has. It takes a long time for the theme to become somewhat clear.
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This collection takes the reader through author's "daily actions" but in fact it is a compressed pile of Synesthesia, full of emotions, traces of pain, brooding, and exploring. I like the style, the very keen perspective, the Synesthesia, the combination of colours and senses, the ability of creating a kind of kingdom that is colourful, painful and in the meanwhile, meaningful for readers. However, sometimes there is a feeling of too vague, and less structured collection, at least a bit of explanation would be nice.
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My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites was not exactly my cup of tea.  I did enjoy the descriptive ingenuity the author embraced. Simple day to day interactions came alive in brilliant technicolor. 
I do applaud creativity and I'm sure this work of art will have a following.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and S. Brook Corfman for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Corfman’s book is filled with prose poetry, arranged like something between a diary and a story. These poems are intensely personal and, in a way, I felt like a voyuer while reading them. There is an underlying feeling of anxiety, worry over internal and external events. Worry of the current state of the world, wondering how this world might end.

A repeated motif in this collection of poetry is, surprisingly, Sailor Moon. I watched Sailor Moon when I was younger and understood these references, but I feel like if someone who was totally a stranger to anime came across the poems they would be confused by all the references.

All together, this collection feels intimate, like you are close to the poet or are spying on their innermost thoughts. Corfman’s language is lovely and the images they invoke linger off the pages. I felt like everything fit together well and that there was a coherent narrative behind the lines.

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of poetry and, reading it now, I felt my own anxieties echoed.
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Literary work to love. I recommend this book as a consideration of the beauty of language. There is much to appreciate here.
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I DNF'ed this one. I guess this book was okay? I can see how personal it was for the author, but I don't think it's for me. 

It's sort of hard for me to judge because I was mostly confused reading it. I understood the emotion of it more than what the poems were actually saying and talking about. It was stream of consciousness mostly, but in a jumbled way to me. Perhaps there is someone more suited than me to understand this. 

Because it was so personal to the author, I don't really feel comfortable rating this book.
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An incredible collection born from a wonderful concept of investigative writing. It's a fascinating reading experience to turn each page and see how the author has created such sincere, dynamic pieces.
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Poetry is the language of the soul This makes me wonder why not everyone likes poetry ?!

Good reading otherwise though.
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