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F*cks to Give by Remington8 Books is a gratitude journal with lots of sass and plenty of attitude.  Essentially a workbook, readers are prompted to record their thoughts on everything from their latest random act of kindness, to a time when they "clapped back" at online trolls.  While I wouldn't normally be drawn to the process of journaling, the current state of the world has placed us all in a position where we are evaluating our priorities and, perhaps for the first time in a long time, we have the leisure to reflect on the people and things in our everyday lives for which we are truly grateful.  I believe that this book will be beneficial to many who are now taking the time to reassess exactly what is worth giving a sh*t about.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Girl Friday Productions for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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First of all, thank you Netgalley and Girl Friday Productions for this FANTASTIC self-help journal. I love this journal! I probably have an addiction to self-help journals but this one just one of my new favorites. Each section is filled with realist points and the reader must respond in a reflective manner. I definitely enjoyed going through the prompts and thinking about what truly makes me happy. The best prompt was where we are to think about a place that makes us happy. Typically, a journal would just require you to write a little tidbit about it but 'F*cks to Give' takes it one step further by requiring us to describe the place and how it makes us feel. This journal is truly a gem and I can't wait to fill out the whole thing in its entirety! I think I'll be sad when I've competed the journal but I can always use a blank spiral notebook to respond to the prompts each year. Maybe the answers will change drastically depending on my perspective!
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This is not your grandmother’s diary. With an expletive on every page, F*cks to Give takes journaling to a whole new level. Many people who try to pick up the habit of journaling may quickly start feeling uninspired when faced with blank page after blank page, and will discontinue the habit. Or some who have been at journaling for a while may be looking for ways to shake things up. F*cks to Give will make you look forward to journaling and think about your day in a whole new light.
With prompts that cover everything from your favorite movies or binge-worthy shows to reminiscing about your cringe-inducing awkward teenage years, there is never a dull moment in this guided journal. Even if my f*ck to give is not having those childhood bangs anymore, this journal does deliver on its promise to life your mood just a smidge. 
Millennial pink and fruity, the cover is cheery enough to spark joy as you pull it out of your bedside drawer (or proudly display on your desk). The best part is you can literally open it to any page and start writing, or flip through until you find a prompt that speaks to you that day.
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What a cute little book! This is a hip version of a gratitude journal and the prompts, colors, and activities are a lot of fun. Tons of naughty language in this so be prepared but this would make a great gift for a older teen, graduate or young adult.
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Trendy. Not your basic journal. Fun. There are prompts such as a time you "clapped back" at someone on social media, how did it make you feel? Journal your favorite meme. Write about the banter you had with a stranger in your neighborhood. Really timely. Very fun. Would make a great "time capsule" idea. I imagine if George Orwell had found this journal (filled up) he would be very busy looking up phrases. 
And of course, if the title bothers you, this book is probably not for you.
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