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When the Earth Shook

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This book was okay. It defiantly brings to light about climate change and how little children can be the ones with he loudest voice to help stop and solves issues at hand.

I felt that the king and his three followers were a politically reference and dig and didn't really need to be in a children's book.

Overall the message and illustrations were beautiful.

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I really enjoyed the way the illustrations were done in this book. I thought it fit the story well. The text was short and flowed well, except for the last two pages where she lays out all the ways humans can save the earth. I think it's a good way to explain pollution and recycling and such to children. I think some of the ideas laid out are a bit far fetched, but good for the most part. There are also links to resources for children to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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This remarkably timely tale takes the "earth-shaking" period of history we are in––a period when kids are hearing about climate change, imperial political leaders, and youth activists such as Greta Thunberg––and transforms it into a simply elegant parable that affirms the power of a child's voice to change the world around them. The illustrations are gorgeous and papery-textured, conveying a sense of both poignant fragility and hopeful innocence that plays perfectly alongside the text. Magical and moving, this is a book that young kids and old alike will connect with and return to.

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When the Earth Shook is a precious book about how the earth responded to the work humans have done to ruin and destroy the planet. Two stars tell the story and it explains the process the earth has gone through to get to where we are. We all have to play a role in order to make a difference and save our planet Earth.

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