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Just the Truth

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Hits so close to what's going on today it's a little uncomfortable and hard to read. It flipped and flopped for me but the characters saved this story for me. I am glad that I read it because I like to explore different points of view so check this out and see if it's something that you might enjoy. Happy reading!
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“Just The Truth” by Genevieve LaGreca
A thriller novel that parallels our current political morass, “Just The Truth” describes the struggle between a president who is obsessed with power, a president who will use the power of his office to control anyone daring to oppose him, and the consequences to those who risk speaking truth to power.  Although the characters are fictional, the parallel between Mr. Ken Martin and the real Mr. Trump are evident.  Ms. LaGreca’s storytelling at times keeps the reader on edge, feeling the frustrations and fears of the characters, but all too often, the author reveals too much of the story to the reader.  The description of the characters seems shallow, like paper doll cutouts.  Ms. LaGreca goes into much detail about the clothes the characters wear and their looks, but not enough about their inner selves.  The romance between the protagonist and two of her friends is not well embedded into the plot, giving the impression that there are two separate stories – a romance novel and a mystery.  At times, the writing is naïve or stale.  However, because one could relate the characters to those in real life and compare the story line to current happenings, the book was fun to read.
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