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A fun, cute story about a cat who thinks she's laid an egg after she finds one in her bed. Dog explains to her it doesn't work that way, but Cat isn't convinced. She needs some food and a nap, so she goes looking for help. She asks Crow, Koel, and Sea Turtle if they'll look after her egg for a bit, but they each have reasons not to. The egg is starting to feel squishy, and a worried Cat asks Dog for help. Upon investigation, they discover it's a chocolate egg, which Dog wisely tells her not to eat when she is tempted to do so, as it could make her sick. Dog shares his dinner with Cat, and they snuggle together for a nap afterward. An author's note follows the story, explaining the dangers of giving a pet chocolate, which is a great message for a kid's story, and not one I've come across before. The stylized illustrations are quirky and fun, with lots of expression on the characters' faces, and they depict the story well.

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AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh.  This book is so sweet.  A cat wakes and finds an egg in her bed, so she must have hatched it.  But she needs time to nap and to get food.  She desperately needs someone to help her hatch this egg.  As an adult I figured out the ending pretty quick, but it didn’t matter.  The interaction between the birds, turtle, the dog, and the cat are just so Charlotte’e Web that this reader wears a huge smile on their face while reading. I am sure all kids and parents will as well.
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A cute story about a cat who believes she laid and egg and tries to get other animals to help her hatch her kitten.  My 4-year-old enjoyed this, especially finding out what the egg really was at the end.
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Cat is convinced that the golden egg she found must be hers and will soon hatch a kitten, despite dog's opinions. Although, she knows she layed it, Cat has no experience caring for an egg so goes around asking all the nearby egg-laying animals. 

The art style might not look like other contempory illustrations on the shelves right now, but I really enjoyed the textures and stylized animal designs and the story is very funny.
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This was such a sweet story. I'm glad it ended well for the cat and the egg! The illustrations were also great. Would definitely recommend this book!
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Cat wakes up to an egg in her bed. Guess that means she’s going to hatch a kitten. Dog tries to tell her that’s not how it works, but she insists he’s only a boy and doesn’t know anything. She goes off in search of someone to watch her egg so she can snack and nap and come back for it in a few days. She visits several neighborhood animals, but with no luck, she brings it back home only to discover the egg isn’t what she thought at all.

This was a fun, little journey, and I had no idea where it was going. It surprised me a little, and the story contains a lesson for children about pets and what they can and can’t eat. The art is quirky and a tad offbeat, which makes me happy, and I’m always here for stories about pets. It made me giggle a little, and it also made me want to go snuggle with my own cat. It’s out now, so check it out at your local bookstore or library.
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Such a sweet read about a cat who finds an egg in her bed and tries to hatch a kitten.  Cat is a little out of her element and she tries desperately to get the other animals to help her but none will. The egg isnt  a kitten at all but actually an easter egg. 

The book teaches children an important lesson about chocolate and pets.  Chocolate should never be given to cats or dogs.  This is a cute read for Easter time! The illustrations are also lovely. Wonderful bright colors to keep young readers attention. 

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The cover of the book made me think this was going to be the kind of whimsical tale I used to read to my son.  I love looking at the new children’s books and then thinking if it was something I would add to the library to read again and again.
Sadly, for whatever reason, this book failed to enchant me.  The drawings were cute but the story seemed less so.  
It was just not my cup of tea.
Three purrs and no paws up.
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This is a sweet story of a cat who thinks she must have laid an egg and will be hatching a kitten, even though her dog friend tries to gently tell her that it won't happen. Children will learn a bit about other species and how they care for their eggs (mama turtle buries hers in the sand and leaves, mama crow says she has no room but mama koel whispers that she puts hers in mama crow's nest for her to raise, and all koels are raised that way). It ends up as a sweet story of friendship. The art is lovely and the story is fun. Kids will likely enjoy figuring out the story behind the egg and will learn a bit along the way.

I read a temporary digital ARC for the purpose of review.
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Fun book to begin discussions on gestation/birth/etc with young readers. Cute story about a cat who thinks she's laid an egg, and the dog that tries to set her straight.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Myrick Marketing and Media LLC  for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is a children's book.  The past month most of the children's books I have read, the formatting is messed up.  Not sure why.  That being said, I still found this  but odd, and a little confusing.   Maybe the cat needs to go to school??   Graphics were cute.  3 stars
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Cute. Good voice meaning the voice of the cat was done really well. Adds message about feeding pets chocolate.

Art: Textures and art style is nice
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A cat wakes up in the morning and finds she is laying on top of an egg.  How could that have happened?  She deduces that she must have laid it in the night and of course inside the egg is a kitten.  She has no idea how long it will take the baby kitten to hatch but she does know that she hungry and she needs a nap.  She seeks babysitting relief so she can deal with those basic needs her body is demanding. 

She carefully scoops up the egg and goes around to other animals to ask their help.  She first asks her close friend dog,  then a grouchy crow, and a turtle who has her own batch of eggs to tend to, just to name a few.  They all decline Cat's plea for aid.  

Cat's egg is deteriorating fast and she doesn't know why.  She picks up her egg and dashes for home.  " Dog sniffs the egg and pokes the damp bits.  It peels away, and underneath it's gooey and oozy like melting".  

Dog tells Cat straight up that there is no kitten inside only a gooey, chocolatey mess. Can you guess what kind of egg it might be?  It's not the kind that Cat expected for sure.  

Dog also gives Cat some sound advice about eating the content of the egg.  What is inside is dangerous to pets and should not be eaten.   That's very good accurate advice indeed.  Never feed your pets chocolate. 

The illustrations are well done.  They emit wonderful emotions and are kid-friendly.  They are created from the perspective of the animals involved in the story.  This heartwarming tale with a surprise twist at the end will quickly become a family favourite.  It is a perfect book to share at Easter or to place in your child's Easter basket.  I highly recommend it.  It is very creatively done and it made me laugh.  We need more books like "Cat's Egg!"
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Read this book to my 9 year old daughter tonight.  She and I loved the cats, crows, and dogs featured in the story. The cute adventure of Cat, that becomes awareness of animals not eating chocolate spoke to her! This is such a cute book, just in time for Easter!
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I love the beginning of this book. Dog says Woof Woof. Cat, stretched out in a basket says, Quiet there, I’m hatching a kitten. 

Perfect intro to a cute book. 

Well, how long does it take to hatch a kitten egg? It took Horton, ( my favorite picture book of all times), a whole year to hatch his elephant bird. 

So how does a cat come to have  an egg? Cat thinks it happened while sleeping. Upon waking there it was and it is the same color or kind of the same as cat’s yellow fur, so it must belong. 
Cat comes a bit weary of tending the egg and goes out to find help, all the while, toting the egg in his/her mouth.

Cat is smart enough to enlist the help of other egg laying animals... crow, koel, turtle... but now the egg seems to be a little soggy for some reason.
Sensing a problem, cat, with egg in mouth, rushes back to dog, lamenting  that the egg is destroyed! Why is it gooey and melting?

Well reader I must stop here and allow you to find out the fate of cat’s egg. 

You might ask, what is a koel? I did. It’s an Asian bird that lays its single egg in another bird’s nest, particularly the jungle crow. 

This is a cute addition for your spring collection of picture books.
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I enjoyed the illustration style of this book, but not so much the content. It had a good premise, but I found the execution to fall a bit flat.
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Cat has an egg which she believes will hatch into a kitten one day. She needs help and sets off to find somebody to watch her egg for her. My daughter and I love reading books about cats. We both enjoyed this fun and silly story. It wasn’t a favourite for us but still a good read. 
4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Thank you @netgalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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