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Another of my favourite authors and boy what a page turner. The fifth book in the Maddie Ives series and the best in the series so far. A serial killer who lives to see the destruction he has caused up close. He is known as the Tax Man and he loves what he does. Gritty and hard hitting. A tour de force of a crime thriller which I devoured in one sitting. Kept me glued to my seat and kept my heart racing. A first rate crime thriller. If you want a brutal, authentic, gritty and must read crime thriller then this is the author and Book for you!!!!!!
Thanks to Joffre Books and Netgalley for the ARC.
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This is the fifth book in the series featuring DS Maddie Ives and DI Harry Blaker based in Canterbury, and it's an excellent addition to the series. At the start of the series DS Maddie Ives had been working undercover in Manchester for years until disobeying orders meant that she had to move right across the country to a Major Crimes posting in Langhorne in the south east, leaving behind a lover she wasn't even supposed to have due to his connections to a criminal gang. Then a nasty shoot out injured her boss DI Harry Blaker and put him out of action for months and her back into CID, and once reunited they have since worked some nasty cases. One of Harry's daughters is now living with him and his adopted dog, and Maddie has moved on from her past, throwing herself into the job that she loves. Back for good in Major Crimes they face possibly their most disturbing case yet. Good solid reliable PC Vince Arnold has just had a very near miss, being held up by an armed man who shot and killed his partner. Now on sick leave he is seriously considering his future. Another man was also killed in the incident and his criminal gang family want revenge, seeking the help of someone known only as the Tax Man - he never fails to collect. And boy, does he enjoy his work! Firstly in a Canterbury cafe the lady owner gets a strange message from a customer to say he has killed her son and partner. She rushes home to find police have already been called to the devastating scene. A second victim is found by his wife the very next day, the crime scene once again set up to shock and horrify the person who discovers it. The MO is identical and the detectives realise that they could well have a serial killer on their hands just starting his reign of terror. Finding a motive for the deaths proves hard and witness statements appear conflicting. Without some positive leads they will struggle to identify a suspect and time could well be running out for the next victim. A man who gets so much pleasure from killing will prove to be the hardest to stop. The characters are very well described, and the detectives get ever more likeable as the series moves on. Harry still growls quite a bit (although he does occasionally show a softer side) and Maddie is her usual tenacious self, but recent events have hit Vince hard and the love/hate relationship between him and Maddie is sadly missing. Like the other books in this series, the plot is fast and exciting as the story culminates in a shocking ending that has far-reaching consequences for all involved. Another excellent and thoroughly engrossing read from a clearly very knowledgeable author which I have no hesitation in recommending. Personally I can't wait to read the next book to see how they come back from this. 5*
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Another great book in the Maddie Ives series. A tense psychological thriller that keeps you gripped from the first page. It was a great twist that you find out who is the culprit first before you find out the why. This book can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading the series in order as they are so good, especially in light of the current situation. I highly recommend this series.
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It always amazes me as a reader that an author can find new and more bizarre methods for a killer to use on his victims, so well done Charlie Gallagher! DS Maggie Ives and co have to track down who’s ingenious methods of murder has them baffled for a while. Despite each of her close team getting personally involved they bring the killer to justice.
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He Will Get You is the fifth instalment in the excellent Detective Superintendant Maggie Ives series set in Canterbury and boy oh boy this is the most addictive and thoroughly absorbing to date. Gallagher's crime fiction is always full of gritty realism that is usually missing in books of this nature but his former job as a police officer certainly infuses the story with an air of authenticity and believability. 

Maggie and her superior Detective Inspector Harry Blaker are called out to investigate when a man is found dead. The man is Daniel Blake a local drug dealer who died after a police ambush in a multi-storey car park. Lance Askew, known as The Tax Man and a hitman-for-hire provided the money is right, is called in to off the police officer responsible for the death but to veil the only crime with motive he decides to go on a random killing spree joyfully butchering many residents. He begins reaching out tormenting the victims' families about their loves one's death and appears to be getting some sort of sick enjoyment out of it. Little do they know that this frail, elderly looking man is a serial murderer who thoroughly enjoys his job. Can they identify and apprehend him before he kills again?

This is a thoroughly addictive and exceptionally gruesome and grisly read from the moment you open the book. The plot has stomach-churning descriptions of torture and the butchering carried out by Askew. It’s deliciously dark and sinister with superb twists and turns and a plot that keeps you completely engrossed throughout. Catching the killer proves to be a problem as many of the murders were motiveless and totally random in order to cover the one that was paid for; this makes him difficult for Maggie and Harry to identify and apprehend and creates a massive amount of tension and nail-biting suspense. An exceptional thriller with a truly evil antagonist, this is a book that is nigh on impossible to put down. It’s a pacy and exhilarating read and will have you feverishly flipping the pages. Many thanks to Joffe for an ARC.
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This is a brilliant read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believeable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuousluy.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review.
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First you know the WHO .. then you know the WHY.

Lance Askew is a serial killer ... a man who takes his work seriously. He also derives great pleasure in what he does. He's been hired to kill ....

So far there have been 3 victims of his diabolical plans. Maddie Ives and Harry Blaker are the detectives who must stop this killer. And he is far from finished.

It becomes very personal when one of their own is targeted.

Because this author has been a serving UK police officer for 10 years, I expected a great degree of credibility. And I was not disappointed. It's a riveting crime fiction with twists and turns that make this a real page-turner. Although 5th in the series, this one is easily read as a stand alone. I do recommend starting at the beginning because these characters are well worth following.

Many thanks to the author / Joffe Books / Books n All Promotions / Netgalley for the digital copy of HER WILL GET YOU. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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HE WILL GET YOU is a gripping page turner, the pace never slows down! I like the authors ideas - his writing style for this story - and I haven't come across such an evil, warped-minded villain for a long, long time - he is insane! But fair. He is created perfectly for his role, as are the regular characters.
WHY is Lance Askew picking people off? What is he gaining from it? - well, you won't have long to find out! 
We are lucky, we are able to see some scenes from the killers point of view, but only what he wants us to see. He likes to play games. (Lance not the author!)

An incident occurs early on and this sets off a chain of events. Maddie Ives and DI Harry Blake are working flat out to find the suspect but with different descriptions of the possible suspect, he's becoming  increasingly difficult to trace. And does he have a little helper? Has he done his 'work' anywhere else? 
As fast as Maddie and Harry are leaving a crime scene, Lance is plotting his next move. Will it all go to plan for him though? 
There are many twists and turns and the edge-of-your-seat parts are spectacular! The contrast between it being chilling and almost comical as Lance is doing his 'work', is brilliant, very entertaining. The atmosphere changes again nearer to the end, I felt sad, then I felt relieved, and then I felt hopeful. The author draws emotions from you with his writing, it is all expertly constructed and is delivered perfectly. And what a tease the ending is - I never expected that at all!

We also catch up with the main trio's private lives: Maddie needs to think hard what she wants from life, other than work. Vince. Vince is my absolute favourite. Big with a big heart! I just want to give him a great big cuddle, bless him. I'm looking forward to catching up with them again soon.

I loved every moment of it and wish to thank Joffe Books via NetGalley and Books n All Promotions  for my arc copy
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A tense and thrilling police procedural thriller , creepy and well written and very believable

This can be read without reading the others in the series but i would suggest that you get yourself comfy and settle down with no interruptions and immerse yourself in the life of Maddie Ives
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Maddie Ives is back on the trail of a cold blooded killer. Maddie and Harry have to race against time to try and catch the killer before any other murders take place.

I really like this police procedural series. The book is tense, thrilling, scary and creepy. I was pulled into the story from the beginning and it didn't let go until the end. I like the authors style 8n writing this series. He also has great attention to detail. The descriptions are quite vivid. The pace is steady. This  ook could be read as a standalone but I do recommend that you read this series from the beginning. 

I would like to thank NetGalley, Joffe Books and the author Chalie Gallagher for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of He Will Get You, the fifth novel to feature DS Maddie Ives of the Canterbury Police.

Lance Askew is a hitman who conceives of a plan to hide his latest contract among other deaths. Maddie and her boss, DI Harry Blaker, are called out to a vicious murder where Lance tells the victim’s partner he has killed him. With another murder shortly afterwards Harry and Maddie come to realise that Lance is relishing the suffering of the survivors. 

I thoroughly enjoyed He Will Get You which is the usual high octane read we have come to expect from Mr Gallagher. The novel is told mostly from Maddie and Lance’s alternating points of view. I’m not always a fan of knowing the killer’s identity and motive in the early stages of the novel as, often, it reduces the amount of guesswork and speculation for the reader. This is definitely not the case in this novel where knowing all about Lance only adds to the tension and excitement as he is such an unpredictable and chilling character. Sociopathic is probably the best description. I never knew what he was going to do next, especially as he never stopped throwing inventive  twists into what was, initially, a fairly straightforward proposition. 

The plot premise may not be the most original (Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders springs to mind) or the most realistic but these quibbles are quickly forgotten in a fast moving, exciting narrative that the author has perfected. It all fits together logically and I love the procedural details that guide their actions as they add authenticity. I think it is this mixture of the inventive and the mundane that makes the book such a good read.

He Will Get You is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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DS Maddie Ives returns in He Will Get You which is another action packed police thriller from Charlie Gallagher.

“The Tax Man” always collects but how will the police find and stop him when all his killings are random and seemingly chaotic.

This series is a very enjoyable one and the latest book is definitely another one I would thoroughly recommend
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Definitely not a book for me. Instead of cutting back on the endless dialogue and descriptions of not important stuff from earlier books, the author has filled this book with more. For me this a strange way of telling a story, as it's slow and messy.
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I really loved this book.  Although I have read all Charlie's books including the previous Maddie Ives  series you do not have to have read earlier ones to be able to understand and enjoy this book.  I found myself getting more involved with all the characters - goodies and baddies - as although the book always moves at a very good pace there is time for understanding each of the characters.
This is definitely one of Charlie's better books, in my opinion, and is thoroughly recommended for anyone who likes police/serial killer books
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Another stonking instalment in what is a brilliant series. The plot moves at speed with plenty of unexpected twists, dark humour and camaraderie in what is a gruelling case.
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So Maddie and Harry are back in book 5 but if you haven't read the earlier books it is fine they work perfectly as stand alone.  

A serial killer is on the loose.  A very dangerous one who not only likes to watch his victims slowly die but also watch the pain and havoc their murder creates.

Maddie and Harry are an interesting team they are complete opposites but they work together brilliantly each with their own unique personality and skills.  I must also mention Vince.  What a character he is he brings something different and special to the series.  So the result is very unique , complex characters that are united in their mission to catch the bad guys.

The killer is evil personified he gets a real high from the murders and the havoc he creates but he is clever, very clever.  He leaves no clues and everything is meticulously planned which leaves Maddie and Harry struggling to find a way forward.

I brilliant read but I am not sure I can forgive the author for what he has put his poor characters through.  This book sees them all put through the wringer and left out to dry.  They will be changed by this case but hopefully they will be back.

5 stars from me
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When a routine enquiry ends badly for PC Vince Arnold he has no idea of the evil that is about to be unleashed. Signed off from work he can only watch from the sidelines as his colleagues chase their tails trying to find the person responsible for some of the worst killings the force has had to deal with. Experienced detectives Maddie Ives and Harry Blaker know they are looking for an organised, cold blooded killer but even they can't imagine just how bad things are going to get.

Charlie Gallagher is a serving police officer and as always his first hand knowledge and experience shines through in this heartstopping novel. Fom the support offered to struggling colleagues through the frustrations of following organisational procedures and on to a shocking conclusion the dialogue and support show a compassion and understanding of how things are and why.

The main aspects of this book, cold hearted killings and the importance of family, are uncomfortable bedfellows but the stark differences make each section of the story a vital part of the whole. Trust and who to extend it to is also vividly displayed, as is the seemingly simple acceptance of complete strangers without a concern about safety from those at the rough end of society who should know better than most what life can throw at them.

This is a Columbo-esque novel with the killer's identity being obvious from the start. Lance Askew is chillingly compelling. His thought processes and the cruelly calculated way he displays his first victim becomes all the more powerful and scary as it becomes apparent it is all about to happen again. The descriptions are vivid and, as the story hurtled towards its devastating denouement, I was caught totally by surprise at what happened. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this thanks to NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an unbiased review and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well executed and informed murder mystery. The Maddie Ives and Harry Blaker series has been first rate from the start but, this is easily the best yet! It can be read as a standalone without any major spoilers but for any lover of police procedural novels starting here would mean missing some excellent books in this genre.
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Comes out April 10,2020
Genre: Suspension thriller
Right from the start you meat a killer that you don't want to know or ever meet in person because his creepy and scary at the same time and he enjoys playing and watching his victims. Which made this a type of read that pulled me in from the start .
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I’d like to thank Joffe Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘He Will Get You’, the fifth in the Detective Maddie Ives series written by Charlie Gallagher, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Lance Askew who’s also known as The Tax Man looks like a frail old man but he’s a paid murderer who loves to kill.  When drug supplier Daniel Mason dies during a police ambush in a multi-storey car-park Lance Askew is instructed to dispose of the police officer responsible for his death but before he does he’s going to have a killing spree for the pure enjoyment of it.  DS Maddie Ives and DI Harry Blaker are called in to investigate but will they be able to identify Askew and stop him before he kills one of their own?  

‘He Will Get You’ features Maddie Ives and Harry Blaker, an unlikely partnership but one that works, who steadfastly search out the killers and gets them locked up.  I don’t know how Charlie Gallagher manages to think up such gruesome plots but he’s done it again!  This latest thriller is remarkable, it’s horrifyingly gruesome with torture that’s so descriptive it makes you want to close your eyes yet fits in with the powerful storyline.  It’s gripping, overflowing with suspense and tension, with nail-biting twists and turns, and has a shocking and unexpected conclusion. This is a truly sensational thriller that’s impossible to put down and I can thoroughly recommend it.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've not read any of the previous books, but that did not matter in the slightest. The characters were believable, the situations realistic. The pure evil of the antagonist seeps off the pages.  

I love Maddie Ives, Vince and Harry. The other characters were all fully fleshed even when they only appeared for a few moments and this only drew me into the story further. Even hints to characters backgrounds weren't distracting enough for me to think I'd missed something from previous installments. 

Finally there's a female detective who has had a rubbish past that doesn't get mentioned in every chapter, and it doesn't define who she is! How refreshing is that!

Everything about this book gripped me from the beginning. It's written with a great pace, leaves you intrigued and disturbed by the crimes and on the edge of your seat in trepidation. I cared about the characters, I felt the fear, anxiety, frustration and anger. 

I will definitely be reading more of Charlie Gallagher's work. His writing flows smoothly and its obvious his experiences are an influence and that's brilliant and adds to the sense of realism. There's no gimmicks, no stereotypes or superheroes and it was just a real page turner.

Thanks to the Charlie Gallagher, Joffe Books and Netgalley for the advanced digital copy.
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