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I chose this book because of the description. Who can resist wanting to know someone else's family secrets? I did enjoy some of the characters, and storyline, but I did feel the beginning of the book was a little slow. Allison was an interesting character. She prefers to not know what's going on, but in the end it never does her favors. I couldn't relate to their rich lifestyle, and the whole 'everyone is moving in' to take of Edna was a little hokey to me. I wouldn't read this book again, and probably wouldn't read another book by this author. The description was more compelling than the actual story.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A good fun read!
Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2020
Wonderful characters inhabit this well written story with twists I did not see coming. Very enjoyable read. I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher and this is my honest opinion
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I received this book "Better Choices" from NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own. This book was okay. I couldn't relate to the characters. The whole storyline was a bit too much. Plus the whole self help aspect was not what I was looking for in a book.
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Thank you netgallery for the eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I felt like this was a good book, and I really enjoyed the characters in it. I did feel like a lot of the book happened towards the end, and the beginning is a little slow. I did feel like this was a story that was relatable, which I enjoyed. Overall, it was a good book and I would recommend it.
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Allison Clark has made many bad choices. Now, she finds herself caring for her aging mother, waiting for her teens to graduate from high school, and anticipating a divorce from her cheating husband. But the failing family business, an ongoing argument with her brother and an ominous secret threaten her peace and plans. 
"Better Choices" tells the story of a woman coming into her own - better late than never. It's a lighthearted chick lit book that also includes life advice about how we make choices and how we can change those choices. 
I wanted to connect with Allison, but I never did. Her upper-class lifestyle and that of all the characters is way out of my league and unrelatable. I did like Tillie and Jolene. Their relationship is one that oozed with love and understanding.
The authors included interesting and helpful information about the psychological reasons for many of the decisions we make. But some of the sections were preachy instead of flowing organically. 
This book is okay. I'd recommend it as a beach read.
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I'm sorry to say that despite multiple attempts to get into the book, I just couldn't connect. The characters felt very flat to me and the writing was not compelling. 

I figured I'd give the book a shot after reading the description. Books that hinge on a big great secret often swerve into tabloid weird world pretty fast. People have secrets, yes I know. But they can be handed in better ways and this book felt like it was pulled from the clickbait land of online. Not for me.

This book was provided free by Net Galley as an ARC for readers to offer the opinions on. This was my first book offered through this site and I'm sorry to have been let down.
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Better Choices was a fun book to read.  The family came alive in my mind and I could almost predict what they would say or do.  The story was about a larger than life patriarch who had established a large company, built a huge housing development and taught his two children about life and keeping the family business alive.  Extended family played a large part in the story and some were quite the “characters”. The book was funny and interesting.  I finished the book in two days because I always wanted to see what the family was going to do next.
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I enjoyed this read.... it was engaging and kept me pulled in.  I look forward to reading more of this author's and appreciate the opportunity to review this one!
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Better Choices by Rod Pennington and Jeffrey Martin, was a fast, enjoyable read. Thank you NetGalley for my ARC. The story was far fetched and the characters were not believable, but somehow it came together as a fun book to read. I am recommending it to anyone that wants to be distracted in a good way.
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Thank You to NetGalley for the chance to read this ARC Better Choices.  Thank You to the authors and the publisher.  It was great. I really identified with the main character, Allison Clark, I, too, have a “lizard brain”. I am hoping my send chance at love will be as successful as hers...But, life isn’t always a fiction Romance novel, unfortunately.

I loved getting lost in the pages of this book. It was a fast-paced read with lots of family drama.
No surprises or Cliffhangers.

I would definitely recommend this novel to others. I look forward to other books by these authors.
Thank You again.
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Really interesting book about recovering from lifelong habits that hold you back from really enjoying life.  Parts of the story talked about dealing with a cheating husband, raising precocious twins who are now teenagers, dealing with the terminal illness of a parent, and lots more real life traumas.  And throughout the story, there are tidbits of advice that can be applied to the reader's own issues (look for the tips about dealing with lizard brain).  I loved this book and would highly recommend it.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Its one of those books that you don’t always have to try to figure out who did what to can just enjoy the story!  The story begins with the main character, Allison Clark  starting off a bad day that only got worse for her.....sometimes in a very humorous way.  The main storyline is the personal growth of Allison, on the brink of divorce and and empty nest, which was told in a way that the reader has to both cheer her on and shake their head.  The additional characters of the book add much to the story as her friends and family come together as a result of the family matriarch, Edna O’Connor, is found to have a heart condition that will be limiting  her days.  Enter Aunt Tillie and her significant other, Aunt Jolene....who is a famous author dealing with Alzheimer’s;  Allison’s twins Charles and Angela, who are graduating high school and their friend Paige; her brother Robert and 2nd wife, very young Gabrielle, along with his son and ex-wife.; best friend and attorney Beth, and first love Bernie. Allison seems to be the one person who is “clueless” to what is happening around her as three generations live under one roof to care for Edna. The others seems to have a goal of leading Allison to her own enlightenment with a lot of laughs and love along the way,  The overall family dynamic is important to how this story evolves.  The family is very well-to-do,  which helps the characters lead the lives that are a huge part of the story. But don’t let that take away from the love and caring they have for each other as they all learn that there are choices they have to make:  do they listen to what they think they should do, or should they follow their heart and mind to do what they know is their best choice.  There is a twist that surprises most (but not me).  I will definitely recommend this book as a great read to just sit back and enjoy, because that is how I read it!  I received an ARC of this from NetGalley and Integration Press in return for an honest review, which this has been.  #NetGalley #BetterChoices
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I was pleasantly surprised.  While I like chick lit, I don't care for romance.  Was a little worried this would lean too much toward romance, but it didn't.  The author really made the characters come to life.  And while everything was wrapped up with a nice little bow at the end, it was a very entertaining ride to get there.
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What a cast of characters!  Aunt Tillie and Edna were a hoot.   Good twist with the lawyer.  I like how the authors wrapped up the loose ends at the end of the book.  I enjoyed the story.
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#BetterChoices #RodPennington #JeffreyAMartin #netgalleyreviewer #netgalleyarc #netgalleyreview a mother of twins in a loveless marriage. Her mom in the hospital with heart issues. Where will this journey take us? It’s a story of love. Loss. Betrayal. Friendship. Family. As we learn of this family woven together so beautifully you get lost in their story. It’s a great read for the rainy days here in #puremichigan definitely one you will want to pick up and get swept away in. #bookreview #bookstagram
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I enjoyed the first 3/4 of this book.  I liked that I didn’t see the twists and turns coming, and that I could really root for the characters.  The characters were well developed and believable.  I was let down by the last 1/4 of the book.  It felt cheesy and forced.  I would give this author another try, but I wouldn’t recommend this book as a “must read.”
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Better Choices by Rod Pennington and Jeffrey Martin

I’d rate this story 5 stars if only because of the antics of twins Charles and Angela, who, despite their parents’ odd marital agreements, find ways to not only work the system, but beat it. Add in a quirky aunt or two, a dying matriarch and the central figure, Allison, whose father was a self-made millionaire, and the delightful story unfolds. 

The authors have created characters I’d love to have for friends, and set them in a fantastic story…not exactly realistic, but fun anyway.  I’d read them again in a heartbeat!

I was granted an advanced reader copy of Better Choices by the publisher, Integration Press, and NetGalley.
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Allison Clark was the child of a self-made, talented businessman.  In high school, her head was turned by the philandering popular guy and thought she could settle him down.  Instead, she has lived a life of turning a blind eye to her husband's unfaithfulness and 'gave in to move on' - avoiding conflict from all areas in her life.  As the story opens, Allison's epic bad day becomes one that will ultimately turn her life around and gives her the power and strength to stand up for herself.

This story reminded me of an American-version of a Sophie Kinsella novel.  It was a light, fun and quick read.  The characters were privileged, true, but not so much that they were obnoxious or unlikeable.  There wasn't any laugh out loud humor, and everything worked out perfectly, but still an enjoyable read.  Good choice if you are looking for a feel-good escape book.
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If you were to look at a real family's life, you'd find that each member makes contributions to the whole, some good, some bad.  This is exactly how Rod Pennington and Jeffrey A Martin have written BETTER CHOICES. 
At the center of the story is a mother, wife, daughter who now finds herself losing all these things that she has identified with forever.  Her children are graduating from high school, she is getting a divorce from her cheating husband and her mother is ill with little time left.  But before she can figure out what will become of herself, there are a few problems she must sort out. 

A really well written story that was entertaining as well as educating.  We will all be able to identify with the main character at some point in our lives and we'd love to think that our choices would be good ones.  You should really add this one to your TBR pile....toward the top, it's that good!
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3.75 STARS rounded up. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Integration Press or granting me access to this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This story follows a tight knit family in the verge of major changes in their life. The matriarch, Edna, is dealing with a health issue, her daughter, and main protagonist Allison, is going through life-altering decisions, including her long overdue divorce, and her children, Charles and Angela are about to embark on life after high school.. 

The synopsis centres on Edna revealing the long-hidden family secret, but really this book isn't about that. The book is about familial expectations, it's about the complicated dynamic of real families. It's about rectifying bad choices and making better ones. It's about Allison realising she does have control over herself, and allowing herself to be more than a mother and a wife. 
The side characters in this book, Allison's young sister in law, and her Aunts, are delightful and just so well fully-formed characters. 

I really liked this book. However, I would say that the 'revelation' happens so late in the book and I wouldn't say that it held that much impact over the main characters, in fact, I would even go so far as to say they took it in their stride.
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