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Negotiating the Sweet Spot

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Great book, shows a plethora of tips and tricks on negotiating things in life and getting what you deserve, would highly recommend, Can't wait for more books from this author.
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The author provides their reader with useful advice on how to rethink how they negotiate.  About 20% is left on the table because people walk away from negotiations settling for less than they walked in wanting.  The author explains how to find the sweet spot in any negotiation so that the reader can accomplish more when negotiating and walk away happier.
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Thompson, a psychologist and professor of negotiations at the business school at Northwestern, gives insight into every day negotiations. Most disagreements in personal or business relationships can be resolved by better communication. The author identifies multiple “hacks” than can be used to break impasses in formal and informal negotiations.
For example, many negotiations get off on the wrong foot because of poor email skills. Many people say things in emails or texts that they would never say in person. Often the tone of an electronic communication is too harsh. The author recognized this problem in herself and resolved to never respond to emails after 6:00 pm when she was tired or hurried, but to prepare drafts that could be revised the next day. Another hack: Agree on the process before getting into substance.
This book has a lot of practical advice for daily life as well as for professional negotiations.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Practical book on negotiations in every day life, at work and in virtual environment for different occasions. There are plenty of examples and easy hacks to apply.
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