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The Way Under Our Feet

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I think I just spaced out when reading the blurb of this because I was not expecting it to be so Christian heavy to be honest. It was quite a nice book but as I'm not a Christian the religious aspect just wasn't my cup of tea.
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A lovely book helping one reflect on life, decisions we make, opinions we thought we had and perhaps help us be more at peace with the world and ourselves.
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A wonderful book about the gift of walking.Tye author shares with us his love for walking his spiritual quest,He quotes from philosophy shares his personal thoughts.A book that will inspire you to get out into nature,#netgalley#spck
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Thank you NetGalley for a free copy of this book. All views are mine alone. I must admit that the cover is what brought me to the book. I have never read a book about walking. That being said it wasn't just about walking, there were parts about how we humans walk. How our anatomy works. That was what intrigued me. It was definitely not a book I usually read and I found many parts interesting. The author could tell a good story unlike my review. At this time with all the media coverage of horrible things it was a comfort to read this book. To walk and feel peace with nature and my surroundings. It reminded me of what is important. Anxiety levels go down health improves with walking!
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This book has made me think about even the shortest walk differently. As well as a means to get from A to B each walk can become a mental, physical and even spiritual experience if we take time to become aware of our surrounding. The chapter on the companionship of walking really made me think, about how we often communicate better if we are away from the everyday distractions being in a building. I have already told one of my friends that she needs to read this book.
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Let me begin by saying that this book was way beyond what I expected. At the risk of sounding cliché and a bit pretentious,  it felt like "The Way Under Our Feet" was rather a journey than just a read to me. It took me longer than I imagined to finish this because 
1. I did have to do some research about some of the stories from The Bible because I'm not Christian.
2. I wanted to take the time out and really let it sink in. Just like our author quotes Kosuke Koyama, I wanted to experience it "three miles an hour". It was a therapeutic read to me.
Everything in the world is so uncertain at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation. There is a lot of panic going around. Handling something like that is  a little more difficult if you're someone with an anxiety disorder. This book really helped me manage my anxiety and slightly changed my perspective on life. It acted as a supplement to my therapy. 
As a person that loves walking, especially away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, I completely agree with how much it can do to help an individual in reflecting and introspection. 
I cannot particularly point out chapters that I loved or quote the highlights that made a difference, because there are just too many. My biggest takeaway from this book has definitely been a change in my fundamental thought process, in how I manage being anxious. Walking three miles an hour is walking for yourself, to reconnect with yourself. It helped me in acknowledging that sometimes, you have to slow down and observe and just be.... 
I cannot specify what I didn't appreciate in the book because it's the first of its kind that I have read and maybe it also has something to do with the time in my life that I came across it. But I will say this: 
This is a book I will keep coming back to when I need to remind myself of all the lessons it taught me. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to give reflective reading a try.
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As I like walking this book made me think about how walking can be a spiritual act and what it implies.
I liked it and will surely read it again because it's full of food for thought.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Reading this was timely for me.  I read it as the orders for more and more poeple swept across the world to try to control spreading the Covid-19 virus. Our normal activities suspended until further notice.  So I walk a lot to keep up with my normal daily movement. And reading this has justified my thoughts that walking for exercise and walking for contemplation is just as equally important.  
I especially loved the chapters on "Thinking" and "Accompanying" (but didn't really enjoy the chapter on "Movement" as it felt more technical and the two other mentioned chapters were poetically and philosophical.  
I will definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves walking for different reasons, and for those who see no point in walking for exercise or contemplation. 
(And such a beautiful cover!)
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