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Very interesting read. I didn't know much about the story behind Instagram, why it was created and how this related exactly to celebrities and businesses and what is their role on this platform.

It is very insightful and it reads easily. I recommend it
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Sarah Frier takes us through an illuminating journey of the history of Instagram where we learn about the beginnings of this ever-evolving app, its acquisition by Facebook and how its original creators left. 

This was quite a long read which I initially found intimidating for a non-fiction book, but Frier's ability to weave this into a Silicon Valley story of initial blunder to raging success and Instagram becoming an entity of its own where successes have been made but has also been a source of immense controversy. The book will feel a little out of date towards the end as so much change has occurred with the app since the book was published, but I expect a second and third edition to it with more detail about the latest Instagram updates.

I found No Filter an enlightening read and learned so much about the app's humble origins including very pure intentions from the creators. 2009, when Instagram first began, feels like an age ago but reading about its journey up till now is important for every creator account on here.
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An eye opening read, even for someone that works in the industry. Loved it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.
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Such a great book!! I saw this on Instagram and needed a copy. Really enjoyed this one! This one should definitely be on your tbr and it’s also perfect for dipping in and out!
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Working in marketing and social media, I thought I knew the story of Instagram. This book was eye opening. 

It’s always a topic of discussion ‘is social media a good thing’ and although I can see the arguments to both sides I personally feel the positives outweighs the negatives. 

This book details the inside story of algorithms, influencers, new features like stories and IGTV, hashtags etc.
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Story of birth of Instagram, its growth to being a  part of pop-culture, its acquisition by Facebook and the fallout... Very well written, paced well and in an interesting manner. 
I do feel some portions might have been glossed over. Yet it makes a good read. 

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Loved this book. Really interesting and brilliantly read. Lots to take away about technology and leadership. A compelling story too!
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I love, love, love this book. Sarah Frier gives us a thoughtful look at the history of @instagram from its creative origins to its current adaptations as it grows beyond a billion user company. It’s a very balanced view with criticisms in the right place about the socio-cultural shifts Instagram has brought about like a mad rush to acquire followers to the perfectly crafted life images we are compelled to put together. 

Frier’s research is high quality and she shows a deep ability to empathise with the employees. She is non- judgmental with Systrom and Zuckerberg which is interesting to see after a host of books that portray tech CEOs as the new villains.

I would recommend this book to those who are keen on understanding how tech companies scale, to startup founders if you are deciding between profit and creative control and those keen on celebrity management for the new ways you have to reinvent image marketing via meaningful partnerships. This is a must buy if you enjoy reading about technology, Silicon Valley egos and daring and how no leaders are ever perfect.

Thank you @netgalley for giving me access to an ARC of this book.
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This novel follows the story of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who created the app Instagram when they were both young graduates. The novel follows their story of hitting it big when Facebook bought the company, a couple of years after it being created, for $1 billion. The mind blowing thing for me was to learn that actually this was only a blip in the amount that Facebook was worth at the time- an astonishing $100 billion!

The co-founders had come to an understanding with Zuckerberg that they would independently run Instagram from the giant social network and held firm morals for the content that would be displayed on their app. However as the app grew in users, this was harder to uphold. Instagram was to be about experiences, but Facebook was about growth and connecting more users and eventually something had to give.

The novel addresses the culture of digital validation, the pressure to post filtered content and the anxiety caused from this. The novel gives many examples of how Instagram influences our experiences and we’re oblivious to it. The more appealing experiences are, the more we’ll want to post pictures of it.

I came away from this novel more enlightened about the impact of social media on the world around us. Instagram plays a huge part in this, as does its parent company Facebook. I’d highly recommend reading this novel, for the educational value and for the sheer insight it gives. You’d be surprised at what you’d discover.
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