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15-Minute Parenting 0-7 Years

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This is a fantastic, easy to read, practical and realistic parenting handbook!
We often say "I haven't got all day to..." and as much as we would love to conjure more time out of the air, the pace and structure of modern parenting life especially if you solo parent a lot or work full time as I do, does not allow for all that quality time we crave!
So this book is about taking a small amount of time and using it to build a connection, a bond, an understanding that can last a lifetime!
This is NOT a book that tells you how to parent! Simply a book that reminds you of, or introduces you to easy strategies to meet your child's needs whilst maintaining balance and your sanity! 
Play is so important to  children. It is their language, and when they feel understood they are happy. And what makes us happier than to see our children happy? 🥰
This book has given me so much food for thought and reminded me to let them be little, and that trying is not failing!
Thank you to Joanna for this gorgeous little handbook and I have thoroughly enjoying being part of the #tandemcollective #readalong 😁
Highly recommended to all parents 😁
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As a new mum, I thought this would be a good read because I like to gather information to try and make sure I'm covering all bases with his development. But this book ended up making slightly confused as I felt it gave conflicting information at times and honestly made me feel like I was not doing enough and generally made me feel a little like a crappy mum.
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I was a bit dismissive of anything one could achieve in 15 minutes, but actually this book has some very useful tips and ideas.
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I have a two-year-old so I was really interested to read this book and hopefully get some tips to keep her entertained at home. I thought the book was interesting and informative but I was hoping for more of the 15 minute play ideas. A lot of the information was more research and background which is not really a negative point, it just wasn't exactly what I was expecting from the book after reading the blurb. I think it would be a great choice for new parents to have in their collection - as it covers 0-7 it is a great option to keep to hand and return to at the different stages of development.
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I really enjoyed this book! It emphasizes the need to be there for children and give them time, rather than things. We are a big proponent of this in our house! It addresses discipline and how to handle some unfavorable behavior, but also addresses concepts like attachment, family time and play. It was very concise, which I appreciate as a mom of 4 kids that are 6 and under!
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A useful book for worried parents.
Especially those who may have had issues themselves growing up or are worried about history repeating itself and turning into their own parents.
It may well be especially useful for parents on the autistic spectrum who struggle to understand some concepts that others take for granted.
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It's a nice book for first time parents and the informations are pretty useful.  I'm TTC and I actually just purchased the kindle version of this book for myself. Very excited to read it as my baby grown. So far it's very interesting. 
I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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This is definitely an interesting read. It gives you lots of opportunity to create an environment where your child doesn’t have the need to share bad behaviour. We have reached the stage or tantrums, lashing out and demands, that often result in full blown tantrums. We are trying various methods that allow her to express herself, but also don’t involve us getting angry or shouting. This book and the mindful play are brilliant as they truly give you a route that doesn’t involve angry and helps to open up what your child really needs. It is a great book! It does take a bit to get into the routine, but don’t give up.
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A great little book to dip in and out of.
Makes you reflect on your own childhood and how this can influence your parenting.
Some interesting and thought provoking sections
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Not simply a self help book but a reminder to self that all is not lost. A reminder that you are Co-parenting, a reminder that you are not just a mother and father partnership. That the little things will have a big impact.
A well thought out and written book to nudge you and guide you to better parenting without any self-flagellation.. a gentle and kind written piece of work to get you back in to the swing of things and to find the time, just a little to spend with your child(ren).

Certainly think it can help parents that feel they can’t find their own way back
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