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Shared Universe: New and Selected Poems by Paul Vermeersch is a unique collection of poetry. It does come with a lengthy introduction by Daniel Scott Tysdal. Needless to say, if you are unfamiliar with the poet’s work, spend some time on the introduction. It is beneficial and not a waste of time.

Vermeersch is to poetry what Douglas Adams is to science fiction. The collection is divided into sections covering prophetic poems and other world or other reality poems. The reader needs to have the right mindset before beginning the collection, or it will seem almost nonsensical. However, understanding before diving will help a great deal. I admit I was a bit surprised that I enjoyed the poems. The poetry is excellent, but the subject matter is out there...literally and then right back here with poems on different shades of gray. A delightful collection of poetry.
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Shared Universe
New and Selected Poems 1995–2020
by Paul Vermeersch

 ECW Press 
Pub Date 01 Sep 2020

I am reviewing a copy of Shared Universe New and Selected Poems 1995-2020 through ECW Press and Netgalley:

In this book Paul Vermersch has reinvented the “new and selected.”. He has brought the very best of the last quarter of a century.  Shared Universe Chronicles of the dawn of civilizations, as well as the riddles to our existence in the twenty first century, as well as any future possibilities whether they be menacing or glorious.

I give Shared Universe four out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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The way the author uses perseverance, the conformity in communities and different relms we are put was intriguing my thoughts of what the Universe is shared as. Loved the order of the book and how well written it was.
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I appreciated this insightful into Paul Vermeersch's work. Shared Universe is detailed and exploratory, a perfect literary companion when thinking about this poet or verse, in general. Recommended for lovers of this form, to which I return more and more.
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Poetry relies heavily on experience and these experienced events are at the core of its very existence; Vermeersch renders the words anew and succeeds in revealing the inherent experimental nature of poetry.
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