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Cannonball and Coralie is a fun story about courage, self-acceptance and friendship. Coralie is a sweet quirky girl, who likes adventures and juggling, but is a bit lonely. One day she sees a circus pass through the woods and is immediately drawn to it. apart from various artists, there is a lion who becomes Coralie's loyal friend.
I loved the bright vibrant colours that go beautifully together with the circus story. There is also inbuilt repetition, which is important if you are reading  the story to young children and trying to act it out.
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this title. My kids and i laughed our way through this one - such a delight.
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This is a fun short book for kids, but unfortunately I do not thing it offers anything to stand out and be memorable for the little ones. It's about circus, about the friendship between a little girl and a lion and about bravery.

The illustrations are the best part of the book.

Plus there are my personal opinions regarding the use of animals in the circus business.
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This is a fun, adventurous story about circus life and friendship! One day Coralie spots a circus troupe in the woods and she is eager to join it. She tries to impress the fierce ringmaster with all different skills but he is having none of it. Eventually she takes on a different, daring role in the circus instead but it doesnt go down well with the ringmaster and Coralie has to leave. Can her new circus pals help her?
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Cannonball Coralie is a very sweet story about the importance of self-acceptance and friendship. There was enough going on in the story to keep my young daughter engaged, and the circus theme was a great talking point as we were able to expand on what was happening on each page. The artwork was bright and quirky, and my daughter loved poring over every scene. She found it very funny that the lion’s roar meant something different each time, and that the man in the tall hat got his comeuppance! After being requested to read it three times in a row, I’m sure we’ll be rereading this one at future bedtimes.

My thanks to the author, NetGalley, and Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Children's Books for the arc to review.
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I requested and received an e-ARC of this book from NetGalley and the Quatro Group in exchange for my honest opinion.

I really liked this book about a girl that happens upon the circus in the middle of a forest and befriends a lion because he looks friendly.  This would be a great book to add to the bedtime library collection.
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'Cannonball Coralie and the Lion' with words and illustrations by Grace Easton is a picture book about a brave and talented young girl.

Coralie has many talents, so when the circus comes to visit, she wants to join.  The Mna in the Big Hat doesn't think her tricks are good enough, but Coralie has made a new friend in a lion.  When the circus leader offers her a new and dangerous job, will she be brave enough to try it?

I love adorable imaginative picture books, and this is definitely one of them.  Coralie is a kind of unstoppable force, and teaches the kind of bravery and compassion that are worth emulating.  Sure there are things like petting lions and climbing into cannons that may need to be discussed with young readers, but I really liked this book and it's bright, fun art.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Quarto Publishing - Frances Lincoln's Children's Books, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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It is a story about a playful girl in the woods decides to join the circus as she wants to be near her friend Lion. 
My copy felt as though some pages/some text were missing as the story was jumping. The illustrations were good

Thanks to netgally and the publisher for the eARC
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Cannonball Coralie and the Lion is a fun story about a brave, red-headed little girl. This story has quirky, colourful pictures and follows Coralie's friendship with a circus lion. This fun, inventive story is perfect for primary school children.
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'Cannonball Coralie and the Lion' is an exciting story about a brave red-haired girl named Coralie. She reminded me of Pippi Longstocking as she was very courageous and independent and willing to try anything! The story is a little odd, but does show that it's important to stand up to people who bully you and to stand by your friends. This would be a great book for 3 to 6 year olds.   

Thank you NetGalley and the Quarto Group/Frances Lincoln Children's Books for providing this ARC.
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This is a cute book about a friendship between a girl and a lion, set in a circus. I loved the idea about the lion just roaring, and Coralie just understanding what it means, but I am afraid that it maybe is a little bit repetitive without many purposes. I enjoyed the story, and really wish that it was a bit longer to make the story make a little bit more sense.  My favorite page was when it describes what she needs to be a good human cannonball!
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This was such a sweet story on being brave and confident in being your unique self!
Great to fuel youngsters with a sense of fun and adventure and not to let anyone put limits on you (within reason, of course).
Beautiful illustrations tops this lovely book off!
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A beautifully tale about the importance of friendship and standing up for yourself. The illustrations are engaging, quirky and colourful. This is a really lovely picture book.
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This book is beautifully illustrated and beautifully told. I may be searching too hard for meaning, but I didn’t find any. There’s not really a moral to the story, but it’s easy to enjoy and a beautiful experience!
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The story follows a girl name Coralie who doesn't like rules. She was playing in the forest and saw a group of circus passed by. So she followed them and asked to join the team. However, the master of the circus thought that her trick is not good enough, so instead she was used a human cannonball. While she was there, she befriended a lion and they instantly become friend. and then the story ended up with Coralie asked to left the circus, her lion friend is angry and they all ended up following Coralie, just as Coralie about to find her circus friends again. 

I think the reason I gave this book 3 stars is mainly because there are some words/pages missing? For example there would be a sentence then it ended like this "But...... and the next page is nothing. So, I feel like I'm missing pieces from the story, even though I really like it. Maybe I should read it again once it is published.
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No problems here, as we see a girl with individual talents try and run away with the circus.  Initially we like the MC, especially when he demands "no jazz" of the brass band, but he proves to be a wrong 'un, and it's down to Coralie and the circus lion to try and enforce a bit more freedom for the talent in the circus to just be themselves.  The message is clear, the story readable and quite good fun, however unlikely the girl's understanding the speech of the lion might be.
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Cannonball Coralie and the Lion by Grace Easton.  @higraceeaston  Published by @quartokids @quarto.knows  This is one of those picture books that instantly becomes a firm favourite. The book tackles the themes of friendship, greediness and staying true to yourself. The illustrations are beautifully created and immerse you in the world of the text.  Possible curriculum links: circus, lions, animals, would be great for alternative endings, instructional writing, non-fiction in lions and circuses. An 🌟🌟🌟🌟 book! ❤️❤️
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This was a delightful book. The illustrations are lovely. Coralie is unique, brave, and a good friend. My children loved this book, we highly recommend it!
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I was drawn to this book because of the gorgeous cover, and I am so glad that I requested it!  I found it really quite charming, and loved the use of colour and shape.  The story is vivid and so well written, and there was so much to look at throughout.  Just delightful.
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Cannonball Coralie is "funny and brave and silly and strange."  So of course she wants to join the circus!  The circus master is not impressed with her tricks, so he sticks her with the job of flying out of the cannon.  And she does it!  But she's still not good enough.  That part of the story was really good and cute!  But the moral of the story maybe gets a little lost?  I would have liked it to have had a more realistic solution to this problem facing Coralie. 

However, Cannonball Coralie and the Lion is a cute story with awesome illustration!  I just wish it would have had a bit more depth to really solidify the message that not everyone will always believe in your talent, but keep trying!  And not everyone will always like you and that's okay!  Always be you!  It's what the story is about, but I just wish it was more clear in the end.

3 funny, brave, silly, and strange stars!

YOU need this book to encourage your little ones to always be themselves!

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Activity suggestions: 
Talent show! - Have your littles put on a talent show for you showcasing all their greatest talents! 
Circus - Similarly, put on a circus where you practice juggling, walking on a tightrope on the ground, performing tricks with animals, etc.
Snack - Have a fun circus snack like popcorn or cotton candy!
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