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A Reunion of Rivals

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Quinn stood her ground. The waffling woman is the worst. She would not be left bereft for the second time. She would control the outcome.

No resolution about family partnership 

Who gets tattoo but never returns?

Wanted more romance history on Max. 

Max arrogance and ego was a bit much

Loved the brother Parker character. I like he speaks his mind w/o censure

Stories with intelligent partnerships are great ones

Patriarchal families are appealing and needed. Most are matriarch

3 steams for this book (2 scenes)

Sibling love/bond and rivalry ..... Family dynamic awesome

I recommend and will continue on with the series.

Thanks to Harlequin Desire for proving me with an eARC for review.
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My first Reese Ryan book was a winner! I'll be the first to admit, this gorgeous cover is what drew me in first. But what's behind that cover is a real gem. The whole enemies-to-lovers-second-chance romance really worked for me. Quinn and Max were everything. I was rooting hard for them. The mix of feels and heat was perfect. It's also worth noting I feel compelled to go back and read the rest of the series, so I think I'll be doing that soon.
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I thought this was a great, tight plot. I had not read the other books in the series, but I was able to be caught up quickly with the writing. It was a great second chance romance and it made sense why they ended things and yet why they were able to fall back in love. Also the cover is fantastic!
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I have to go back to the start of this series!  A Reunion of Rivals is the fourth book in the Bourbon Brothers series although it can be read as a standalone.  I love the family dynamic and how they come together to get through just about anything.  Quinn Bazemore and Max Abbott find themselves reunited in business years after a single night of passion left an impact on each.  Working closely together on their business merger allowed them time to reflect and share their past experience and realize those feelings from the past are very real and still there.  Reese Ryan is a fan favorite in the romance realm.  Looking forward to discovering more of her work.
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Sexy romance, high drama and I couldn't get enough! What a phenomenal read! Love the second chance aspect and love the work scenes!
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The fourth book in Reese Ryan’s Bourbon Brothers series, A REUNION OF RIVALS is an emotional second-chance romance. The backdrop of the King’s Finest Distillery is glamourous and the wealthy Abbott siblings at the heart of the story are all getting their chance at love. Max is hardworking, serious, and harbors deep-seated regret over his breakup with Quinn many years ago. She’s never forgotten him either, but Quinn has made a name for herself in a field outside of the family business. Quinn’s tenacious and lively spirit was refreshing to read, as was watching her spar with Max when she had a great idea--be it for work or otherwise. There are mentions of previous couples from earlier in the series, as well as hints about the next stories to follow, all told with care and panache by seasoned romance author Reese Ryan. Ryan knows just the right way to describe these thoughtful contemporary romances, and her latest novel is no different. An easy quick read, A REUNION OF RIVALS is a second chance romance with heart.
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I really love Reese Ryan's writing.  It was such a treat. She paces this book really well.

I will feature this book in November's Harlequin round up.
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Reece Ryan writes some of my favorite Harlequin desire titles and this one was excellent! And steamy! I loved the plot and pacing of this workplace romance story. 4 stars!
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Reese Ryan has done it again with her saucy, second-chance romance between Quinn Bazemore and Max Abbott. 
When Quinn has the chance to revive her career she discovers the only way to make it work is to partner with the one man she should stay away from, her VP of Marketing, Max. 
They promise to keep it professional, but Reese does a beautiful job of leading her characters down the road of risk taking and passionate moments, these former lovers find themselves at a cross-roads to take that second chance, no matter the cost. 
This is Book 4 of the Bourbon Brothers series and a great read. 

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.
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A steamy romance between college sweethearts at odds after their breakup but required to work together for the sake of their family's legacy.

This was a fantastic read. Ms. Ryan is a spectacular writer who knows how to bring the heat and emotion in this second chance at romance story. I enjoyed both characters, who were very stubborn. I really liked reading about the secondary characters: Max's brother and sister. I love how the story ties together the books in the rest of the series, but very easily remains a standalone novel. 

Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley and the author for this great read.
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Quinn and Max have a history and years ago went their separate ways when things didn’t work out. Fast forward, when they meet again on a new deal Quinn needs to revitalize her career. This is a slow burn romance but a quick read. If you are a fan of work place romances and second romances with a little bit of enemies to lovers throw in, check this one out. I was particularly a fan of Quinn as a strong, career focused woman. Seem to many romances featuring strong women lately and I’m loving it!
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There's something about seeing the Harlequin logo that has me one-clicking, ready to indulge in a great romance. And this author definitely brought me that. This story really got to me. This was hot!
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Max was dealing with a headache and jet lag after spending a week in Vegas on business and attending a bachelor party. He was exhausted but had to attend an emergency meeting at work. As if he wasn't going through enough, in walks Quinn. They both were shocked but for different reasons.
Unbeknownst to him, Quinn had moved back to their hometown to help her grandfather's business and build her portfolio. Max was not pleased to learn they would be working together.

Max and Quinn had a secret relationship when he interned at her grandfather's farm during college. Needless to say, it did not end well. Now he was left to repair the damage he caused.

This was the first book I have read by this author and I thoroughly really enjoyed it.
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A Reunion of Rivals is the latest installment of The Bourbon Brothers, by Ryan Reese and it is as hot and engaging as that gorgeous cover suggests.

The trope cocktail served up for our pleasure includes second-chance-romance, enemies-to-lovers, office-romance and secret-affair. And I am here for all of it. 

The story centers on Quinn Bazemore and Max Abbott, who had an intense summer romance when they were both teenagers. Everything comes to an end when, to Quinn's confusion, Max ends things without reason and disappears from her life. She carries that heartbreak within but it doesn't stop her from becoming a successful business woman with an exemplary career. 

The meet years later, Quinn and Max find themselves forced to collaborate after a merger between their two family businesses. Of course, feelings come roaring back to life, with Max regretting the way he ended things with Quinn and Quinn understandably hesitant to rekindle things and risk getting hurt again. However, the attraction grows inescapable, leading to a secret affair that threatens to overturn all their best intentions.

I absolutely loved Quinn's character. She's confident in her area of expertise and willing to assert herself. She is no wilting flower. Max is used to being in control and truly cares for his family's company, so sometimes it's hard for him to back down when he disagrees with Quinn. But Quinn is more than his match, and this story sizzles as a result. 

I also love the depictions of Max's family, especially the real strength of the sibling's bonds. I love seeing characters from previous books come through and add to the texture of a wonderfully rendered world. Bonus points for Quinn's grandfather, who is absolutely lovely. 

This is the second book I've ready by Reese Ryan and I look forward to reading more books by her.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Reese Ryan brings the heat and sizzle this summer with her juicy new contemporary romance, A Reunion of Rivals.

A business meeting is the last thing Max Abbott feels like. Having just returned from a three-day bachelor party all Max wants is some time to recover from all the shenanigans – he is certainly not in the mood to sit in a boardroom for hours on end talking about business. But needs must and after consuming his body weight in caffeine, Max heads to the boardroom and gets the shock of his life when he comes face to face with somebody from his past he has never quite managed to forget: his former love, Quinn Bazemore…

Thirteen years ago, the chemistry between Max and Quinn had been positively electric and the two young lovers had not been able to resist temptation and had given in to the desire that sizzled between them – until Max had gone off to college and broken her heart. A devastated Quinn had hoped never to clap eyes on Max ever again, but with her grandfather’s farm in trouble and her career in tatters, a business deal with Max’s family’s distillery is the only thing keeping them from going under. There is far too much at stake for Quinn to allow her feelings for Max to get in the way of her business deal, but resisting Max soon proves to be easier said than done..

As never forgotten feelings come rushing back to the surface, Quinn and Max quickly realize that they’ve fallen head over heels in love with one another yet again. But will they find the strength and courage to give their relationship another try? Or will a scandalous secret from the past tear them asunder once more?

Reese Ryan’s A Reunion of Rivals is a delicious sizzler where the writing sparkles, the banter is red-hot and the sensuality off the charts. A passionate, emotional and highly-charged page-turner with an intelligent heroine and a charismatic and handsome hero, A Reunion of Rivals is a romantic tale of high stakes, big business and everlasting love readers will lap up in a single sitting.
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I unfortunately did not finish this book. I wanted to like it but it did not keep my interest. It started strong and then became redundant and flat.
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A Reunion of Rivals is a super cute second chance romance between two young lovers, Quinn and Max. It has been 13 years since Max walked away from Quinn because he was not ready to give her the life she deserved plus she was on the way to college. But a new business opportunity between two families brings these two back together in a way that shakes Max up.  While they are no longer the people they were when they first fell in love, there are things in their past that will keep them coming back to each other. 

While working together both Max and Quinn find that there are still sparks from the past between them. I enjoyed reading this book because it was a nice second chance romance novel. It always gives me hope to see two lovers who are meant to together find their way back to each other. 

Thank you to both Harlequin and NetGalley for this ARC of this book.
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I really enjoyed Max and Quinn. The way the navigated through a major campaign to save the family far their early relationship was a secret but once they reunited, they could not forget the good times that hey had being secret lovers.the story-line was written well and  great dose of family drama was added in the mix.this was an enjoyable romance
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Quinn Basemore needs to rekindle her career and unfortunately needs help from Max Abbott, the marketing VP and her former lover. While they battle over a project in the office, Quinn is fighting her growing attraction.

A Reunion of Rivals takes place in the fictional town of Magnolia Lake, Tennessee as part of the Bourbon Brothers series. As one of the Abbott brothers, Max is in charge of promoting the family distillery's latest offering, a peach brandy made from the fruit collected at Quinn's grandfather's farm. As with any second chance romance, the attraction is still there, enough that Max's siblings see behavior changes. The situation requires that the two work closely together, increasing the tension between them and testing their resolve to forget the summer fling they had thirteen years before.

Of course, there are opportunities for the physical attraction to flare, and for them to try to make a no strings attached deal for sex. I really enjoyed the interactions with Max's siblings Cole and Zora, and how they both subtly tried to push Max and Quinn together. The Abbott family is very close, and I enjoyed seeing everyone react in a real way to each others' foibles. They also band together when in trouble, a wonderful trait in every family.

I enjoyed reading this a lot, as much for the family relationships as for the romantic one between Max and Quinn. The rest of this series, which I hadn't read, is bound to be just as good, and I need to look them up.
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A Reunion of Rivals. That title practically screams some of my favorite romance tropes, and Reese Ryan certainly did them up right. So, we have a workplace romance with a second chance, and given the way things happened on the first go-round, we get some enemies to lovers fun too. This is part of a series, but I didn't have any problem following the story or the characters, so I would say it works as a standalone. I really liked the setting for this one. As a Kentucky girl, I know my bourbon, so the distillery was interesting to me. Of course, some pretty great characters didn't hurt either. All in all, the story is engaging and fun, the characters were likable and relatable, and now that I've met the Abbott family, I want more. I guess I know what I need to be reading before the next book is out.
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