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This book is a great primer for novice crocheters. There are plenty of helpful diagrams and lots of photos, and the steps are explained well. I particularly like the overview of crochet hooks because not all are created equal. There are color charts, good explanations on yarn weights and types, and the photography is really good. The book is full of bright and cheerful photos and sample photos. It's actually better inside than the cover would lead one to think.
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--Excellent Crochet Primer. One of the Best!--

I received an electronic review copy of this book and here are my thoughts:

I have quite a large library of crochet titles, and if I were asked to recommend a beginners book to get someone started, this would be in the Top 2 or 3. 

(Note. 9780241435847 is a hardback version of this book, which is written in UK crochet terms. If you are looking for the US crochet term book for some reason, I believe that is the paperback version, 978-0744020403, but I could be wrong).

First of all, the written instructions are very clear, and the step-by-step photos make it even more so. 

Also, this book is not just for beginners—the contents will be extremely useful to intermediate crocheters as well, especially if it's been a while since you've picked up a hook. The world of crochet is exploding due to the internet, and we've come a long way from just granny square blankets. (Although modern ways to use granny squares are covered in this book). Therefore, I find that this book by DK has gone a bit further than most instructional crochet books because it shows you the multiple possibilities of where you could put the hook for different effects as well as more "advanced" techniques such as mosaic-type crochet.

In addition to basic and intermediate/advanced crochet stitches, the book introduces crochet symbols, which are extremely useful when you want to understand the explosion of crochet patterns from Russia, Spain, Japan, etc., on the internet.

The projects I felt were modern and attractive-looking, and should appeal to a variety of generations.

So to cap up this review, this is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate crocheters. I'd suggest this one over the one Rowan did a few years ago (and the Rowan book is outstanding as well), because the times have changed with the internet, and this book is a pure pleasure in both information and the design layout. Kudos to the design team as well as the authors.
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I have been crocheting since I was around 12 years old. I wish I had this book then! The patterns are great and easy to follow. The techniques section is wonderful and especially good for those who want to learn to crochet and/or learn new stitches. I learned a couple of things and I have been doing this for many years (not telling!). But I loved this book and highly recommend it!
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The Crochet Book (DK) by Claire Montgomerie is the ultimate reference book for crocheters of all abilities. This newly updated craft book has a variety of techniques and it is very easy to follow. It is a perfect hobby for those with a little more time on their hands.

There are previous versions of this book and although this is an updated version, I don’t think that there is a lot of difference for those with an older copy of the book. If you are new to crocheting or are interested in a book that covers the basics and a little bit more, this is one to look for. It is quite thorough and a great reference book.


What really stands out for me is the fact that there are lots of really cute and interesting patterns to choose from. Some are easier than others, however there are many photos to help with understanding the techniques. Also, the instructions are very easy to follow, which I find really important in a crafting book.


Crocheting is a perfect hobby for isolation and The Crochet Book (DK) by Claire Montgomerie is a perfect place to start. There is something in it for everyone and is an invaluable resource for all skill levels. I am currently creating dishcloths, but I am definitely looking forward to making some fun Christmas gifts.
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An excellent resource with clear pictures and instructions, as to be expected from DK.  I'm a relatively new crocheter, and this is a book I'm going to be adding to my bookshelf as I know it will be incredibly helpful, as well as giving lots of inspiration for projects.
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Crochet by Claire Montgomerie is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late September.

Ahh, yes, crocheting, we meet again over another colorful instruction book with patterns. Being an intermediate knitter, looking over the fence into crochet territory feels like it’s an activity that requires a lot of skill, yet it seems so inviting to put down two knitting needles and pick up a single hook to work on rows and rings. This book teaches a lot of different techniques, embellishments (with openwork being a big one), how to follow patterns, and instructions for crocheted items to use around the house, toys, garments, and blanket squares.
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This book truly has it all! Not only does it provide you with stitches, but also color theory, a detailed pictorial and wriiten instruction for how to create a corner-to-corner project, and different motifs and techniques. This is a must have book for every crocheter!
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This book is all you need to start, or enlarge, your journey into Crochet.

In addition to the advertised 130 techniques, the book also has the following projects:

•	4 blankets
•	3 cushions
•	11 items for your home or gifts
•	5 hats from infant to grown man
•	4 scarves
•	4 gloves
•	5 socks/slippers
•	4 children’s sweaters
•	2 women’s sweaters
•	1 women’s dress
•	8 toys
•	8 bags

I was disappointed in the small number of projects for women, especially that none had even an XL size. However, the owl cushion is so cute—as is the polar bear comforter in the toy section.

If you are looking to Crochet something for the children or grandchildren in your life, this book is an excellent choice. Children’s clothing, including infants, and toys are the focus, with many charming patterns from which to choose. All patterns are clear and have photographs. 4 stars!

Thanks to DK and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This crocheting book has everything you need to get started.  It explains the tools, types of yarn, different stitches, and so much more.  The book includes high quality pictures that are easy to decipher and follow.  Simple patterns are provided to practice your new skills.
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This is a thorough and clearly-explained introduction to crochet technique, amply illustrated with clear, detailed images.  The clearly labeled pictures show exactly where to put the hook and how to loop the yarn when forming each stitch.   Many crochet books explain the basic stitches well; this book excels in its clear illustration of ancillary skills like exactly how you wrap the strands of yarn when switching colors, or how exactly you count stitches (it's not always obvious which part of the chain counts as the first stitch, so it's refreshing to have clearly labeled illustrations showing exactly what to look at).  I've been crocheting since childhood, and I was impressed with how well these often-unexplained details were presented.  

One caution is that the stitch nomenclature is British, meaning that all the stitch names start one level up from the American equivalents--there is no single crochet.  What we would call single crochet is referred to in this book as double crochet, and so on.   If you already crochet, this might be confusing; if you are a beginner, it won't make any difference to you unless you learn the names from this book and then try to use an American crochet pattern.  I read a digital advance review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley, so I'm not sure whether the British crochet terminology is going to be adjusted before publication for the American market.  Whatever the naming system, the stitches are well explained, and the simple patterns provided offer opportunities for practicing each one.
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DK Publishing hit it out of the park - again.    This is THE crochet book you need.     The book includes everything you need to get started crocheting -  information on tools, techniques along with high-quality photos. What I particularly liked is the format of the book; several techniques were explained and then an appropriate pattern included. to practice those skills.   There's a broad range to projects too so even an experienced crocheter might see something new and fun to try (i.e. the adorable octopus mobile!?).   This book is a must-have.
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Great for New and Experienced Crocheters

I have been crocheting for over 40 years since my mother taught me when I was a child. Yet, I'm still interested in any crochet book that I see. Mom didn't know everything about crochet, and I have not explored all of it yet. This is a really fun book for the beginning crocheter to the advanced. The book is broadly divided into two sections, techniques and projects. The technique section does have some simple projects, though, that go along with the techniques that are near them. As is typical of DK books, this one is lushly photographed, both the techniques and the projects. I like that the introductory sections show all the various tools and implements mentioned. Makes it much easier if you're going to pick any up at your local yarn store! Each technique is clearly photographed, step by step, making it easy to see precisely what you need to do. I like how the book worked from basic knowledge to more complex ideas, from the simple foundational stitches to the intricacies of more complex stitching (e.g., intarsia and broomstick lace)  and different shaping, like for motifs and toys. The projects are surprisingly varied and colorful. Many of the colors were not to my taste, but I know well enough how to substitute colors of my own liking. Projects ranged from simple scarves and bags to more intricate apparel and items for home decor… and more. While some projects look like something your granny might make (and, indeed, there are several granny stitch projects, including a turtle backpack!), others are surprisingly fresh and modern. At first, I wasn't sure if there were any projects in here that would interest me until I got to the sections on hand and feet coverings. I love the wristwarmers (I’ll be making some for my mom!) and the very pretty women's socks. If you enjoy crochet, whether beginner or more advanced, you might find this book adds some great techniques and projects to your crochet repertoire.
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This is an excellent crochet resource with an overview of supplies, technique, stitches and various interesting projects. I'm a beginner at crochet and what intrigued me initally was cute amigurumi (crochet dolls), so I had purchased "Get Started: Crochet: Learn Something New" by the same publisher, DK, months ago and was able to learn the skills I needed to complete a teddy bear. This book, "Crochet: Over 130 Techniques and Stitches" covers the same basics but expands on that, with DK's well-known clear photos, step-by-step guides, and detailed information. I could see myself flipping through the pages as reference for the stitches and learning to be confident with crochet.
I liked that there are projects that help you practice the technique shown. Then the book has chapters separated by project type, such as, blankets and cushions, home and gifts, hats and scarves, gloves, socks and slippers, what to wear, and toys, with the level of difficulty indicated for each project. There were lots of interesting projects that I would love to try out.
Thank you to Netgalley and DK publishing for an advanced peek at the book, in exchange for my honest review.
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Crochet is something I am intrigued by and I was excited to get my hands on this book. As a complete novice I thought that this book offered a lot of valuable information. The book covers a wide array of techniques, stitches and patterns. The book is filled with many beautiful and helpful photos and I felt this was particularly helpful. I will say that I struggled a bit with some of the terms used but again that could simply be because everything is so new to me. I do think that this book will have a broad appeal because I'm finding it helpful and informative and there are some really incredible patterns for projects that are way beyond my not even basic capabilities. I'm just getting started and I'm thankful I have this book to fall back on while trying to learn this new to me skill.
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This is a fabulous resource for beginners and advanced crocheters alike. All of the basic stitches are here along with a whole host of specialty stitches. There are beautiful photographs and diagrams that show you exactly what to do very clearly. The book is divided into sections that make sense and starts at the very beginning of a crochet project. Patterns accompany each section and reinforce the material presented.

The difficulty increases gradually as the presentation of stitches and techniques continues. There are a wide variety of projects included, from toys to hats to blankets and lots of other fun things to make. This is the best crochet reference book that I have seen and after 30 years of crocheting I was pleased that there are still techniques that I haven't learned yet. This is an updated version of the book with new patterns included. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in crochet. Note: This guide uses the UK names for stitches.
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As a semi self taught Crocheter, I am still learning about patterns, how to read them and what level they are for. However, this book is a great book for beginners/ self taught who still need to learn a few things. I liked how the book was laid out with step by step of basic stitches and moving to slip stitches. This is something I am not super comfortable with but after reading these steps I feel more confident trying them out. 

The patterns are not the same you find in most how to books. It is nice to see something a little more challenging and different. 

This would make a great present for someone who is interesting in learning how to Crochet.
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As a self-taught crocheter with many years of experience, I would have loved a book like this back then.  In this second edition, the step-by-step directions are clear and well-illustrated. In addition, as each stitch is taught, the reader is given projects that will allow them to implement the skills they are learning.  The book also includes various projects that are wonderful for personal use or as gifts. 

If you’re a beginning crocheter or would like a great gift for a beginning crocheter, this is the book to get. 

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by the publisher and Net Galley. However, the thoughts expressed are totally my own.
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I love the very beginner friendly nature of this book. DK has long been a standard for helpful guides, and their crochet books always have great photographs and helpful tips - this one is no exception. It has an excellent walkthrough on different crochet hooks and tools - which is where I happen to geek out so I love that broomstick and Tunisian are introduced! The patterns in this book are approachable projects that don't seem too gaudy or home-crafted looking. For beginners or those coming back to the craft it's best to start with small items to build up that confidence to keep crocheting! I appreciate that the book reflects crochet's move into the modern world of home decor and wearable garments. There are tons of great designs that reflect a lot of trends in crochet and designers on IG and Etsy and other social media platforms. The photographs are helpful as are the project ideas using each pattern to make practical and pretty items! If you love to crochet or are new to fiber arts I think you'll find something to enjoy in this book!
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As a lifelong crocheter, I am thrilled to review DK’s newest offering, The Crochet Book. The patterns in this book are gorgeous and accessible for many skill levels.

The best part of the book, aside from the sheer volume of patterns, is the Techniques section. This section shows you how to work many different stitches, including how to increase and decrease for shaping. It has a section about how to block your project plus various notions you might find helpful.

The biggest problem I have with this book is that it uses British crochet terms, which are different than American terms. So, as an American, I am unable to make any of the patterns. However, for those who use British terms to read crochet patterns, you will find a wide assortment of projects. There are blankets, stuffed animals, and even jewelry. There is something to love for every crocheter.

One thing I find odd is that there are several patterns located in the Techniques section. The odd part is that the section right after Techniques is How to Read Crochet Patterns. I don’t understand why the publishers would lay the book out this way.

But the book does a wonderful job of telling you all you need to know to take up the hobby. Even experienced crocheters will find some of the information useful. There is everything from the different kinds of yarn to how to hold your hook. You will find a section on how yarn comes packaged and a section on color theory.

There is much to love about this book, and I recommend it to anyone who loves crochet. Unfortunately, the cover is a bit boring. 

I am pleased to award this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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This is an awesome resource book with many great patterns!! Lots of pictures and easy for beginners!
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