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Beautifully written, beautiful story, beautiful characters. A must-read for any romance lover! I also loved the idea of two industry cross-overs, telenovela and soap opera. These two characters must band together to help their careers, but of course, helping each other leads to kissing and kissing leads to love!
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Jasmine is a soap opera actress who has just moved back to NYC to work on the US version of a popular telenovela. Ashton is a popular telenovela star from Puerto Rico, who is trying to expand his resume to Hollywood. While Jasmine is very outgoing, Ashton is extremely private. Opposites attract as they work together on this new show, however can Ashton let Jasmin into his personal life that he has spent years hiding from everyone. This novel was fun, cute, and a love letter to telenovela. It shows what representation of our stories should look like and how diverse our community is.
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I listened to the audio book of this and I loved it. It felt like I was listening to a movie and the characters was fun and descriptive. I loved the vibe and the story.
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First of all, major props to the cover artist because it slays!! Gorgeous. 
	This New York Latinx telenovela-inspired novel is exactly what I was looking for in a sweet romance to read this summer. It was entertaining and surprisingly steamier than expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the family dynamics because they were realistic and relatable, and they reminded me of parties and banter with the Hispanic side of my family. I also really appreciated that the author incorporated Spanish text with English. I'm not fluent in Spanish, but I understand enough to comprehend what I'm reading. However, I didn't feel like I missed a beat while reading this because Daria does an excellent job of translating Spanish on the page without losing any context or taking the reader out of the story. On another note, I loved that the readers could experience POVs from both Jasmine and Ashton. I thought that the contrasting points of view worked well in this story. The chapters with the Carmen in Charge script were a fun addition too. Although, I found that the Carmen in Charge story was not as strong as the main character's focus. 
	As steamy as the novel was, I found some of the details more distracting than "hot" for the sexier parts of the story. For example, describing sex as "feeling her heat" and "unsheathing" himself made me think teehee more so than oh yeahhhh. Don't get me wrong, the sex scenes in the story are scandalous and satisfying in the way of, "yes, they are finally getting to the meat!" (all puns intended). But, I found myself distracted with some of the specific wording. Still, it wasn't distracting to the point where I didn't find the scenes unbelievable because the readers will definitely get a sense of the romance. I was also having a hard time remembering that Ashton is in his late thirties. I kept thinking that he was an older gentleman from his many experiences with telenovela productions and Jasmine pining over him since she was a young girl. 
	Regardless, the story was delightful overall, and I couldn't put the book down once I found myself invested in la pasión.  This was my first time reading an Alexis Daria novel, and I wasn't disappointed! She's on my radar now, and I'm excited to check out the following books in the Primas of Power series.
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This book was just WOW!! I really loved this book. Thus is a new author to me and now she is a must read author for me!! Can not wait for her next book.
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Do you love novellas? I do. This one was it good. It had everything you could want. I love this book. My first read from this author. You had me at Hola.
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This book was basically perfect. The characters are rich and multi-faceted. Alexis Daria shows the reader how varied and beautiful the Latinx world is. The soap opera within the romance was delightful. My only nitpick is I wish the reveal Ashton's son had come earlier so Jasmine would have more time to get over the betrayal she felt.
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This book would have been a solid 4 , if it weren’t for the incredibly bad script scenes. I wish those scenes had either been cut altogether, or rewritten in actual script format. 

This book, though. Putting aside the romance part for a moment, this book was so refreshing. 

Jasmine’s relationship with her cousins is warm and friendly. I love her family- they remind me of my extended family. Abuela’s teasing about Jasmine’s Spanish hurting her ears reminded me of my own grandmother’s and cousins. Within 10 minutes of starting the audiobook, I redownloaded duolingo. 

I didn’t grow up watching soaps or telenovellas, but I’m still familiar with that world. Listening to this book made me want to get into them and maybe rewatch Sense8. Also made me crave coffee. 

I loved the section with Vera, the intimacy coordinator. I’ve never worked with one, but I have worked with stage combat choreographers, and it’s similar. Consent is crucial. I love that consent was highlighted in a romance novel, in a non sexual setting. 

There were moments that just hit you right in the gut. How wearing makeup, nice clothes is a kind of armor that Jasmine wears to be avoided being treated less than. The same way her Abuela never goes anywhere without earrings or lipstick. How Ashton struggles alone with anxiety, striving for privacy and perfection. 

The romance was... meh. Jasmine and Ashton spent a lot of the book avoiding each other, then they were having sex, then avoiding each other again. They got ish to figure out I guess

CW: breakup, infidelity, profanity, death of parent mention, cancer mention, anxiety, stalking, PTSD, explicit sexual content, alcoholism, lying, injury of a child
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What an adorable couple! The setting was unique and interesting. the characters were all well developed. Family ties were both sweet and complicated. I loved that both the hero and heroine had support systems and interests outside their relationship. The intersectional depiction of latinx culture was wonderful. The seamless way Alexis Daria wove the on-screen romance with the characters' real-life drama was impressive. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys soapy television and stories surrounding family.
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DELICIOUS. I ate this book up in a single sitting, it was such a fun read. Not only are Jasmine and Ashton a steamy, lovable pair, but the writing and storytelling here is really excellent. The weaving in of their telenovela - and how the story within the story complements the couple's journey - is skillful and smart. The world of film/tv and celebrityhood is also meaningfully important to the plot, not just a fun background (the intimacy coordinator! loved it). A romance I'll be recommending for a long time, for sure!
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I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Jasmine returns to New York shamed after being fired from her last job.  Her agent calls her to tell her she's been cast in a telenovela with steamy actor Ashton - her grandma's favorite telenovela star.  As her and her cousins plan her grandma's birthday party, they plan how they can surprise her grandma with a visit from Ashton.  But Jasmine is the one surprised at the steamy connection with Ashton that develops past the small screen.  #YouHadMeatHola #netgalley #alexisDaria
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Daria's book was very engaging.  I am excited to see greater diversity in romance with strong feisty heroines.  Looking forward to her next book!
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4.5⭐ rounded up

This is the perfect read for #flirtyfebruary! 

Anytime I was sick as a kid my parents would take me to my Grandma's house where we watched her soaps together and I sipped water and ate crackers. I think that bit of nostalgia made this one even more enjoyable for me.

Why I loved this book;

1. The characters in this book were lovable, so I was instantly shipping Jasmine and Ashton. While their relationship has all the banter, drama, and angst I was use to in rom-coms, I loved the strong family dynamic so much. Carmen and her cousins had an admirable relationship that's all about girl power and supporting each other.

2. The chemistry between Jasmine and Ashton provided the best steamy scenes. If your into closed door romances, this is not the book for you because the bedroom scenes are 🔥🍆.

3. While reading this book you get two different romances. The first is the tele novela couple of Victor and Carmen and the second is the off screen romance between Ashton and Jasmine. While I'm actually not sure what story line I liked best, I enjoyed reading them both.

This entertaining romance is sure to keep your attention as you read along. If you're looking for a cute, but steamy romance with an absolutely gorgeous cover, look no further than You Had Me at Hola!
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YOU HAD ME AT HOLA by Alexis Daria is a fun, vivacious, romantic comedy. Jasmine and Ashton are two charming leads and their story of falling in love is entertaining, vividly told, and super steamy. Jasmine’s family, especially her cousins Ava and Michelle, are wonderfully portrayed. Readers will feel welcomed into the fold of her boisterous and meddling extended family, as well. Ashton is a guarded man, and for good reason, so watching him slowly let Jasmine into his life was heartwarming, as was the way he came to terms with some of the demons of his past. Some of the chapters began with scenes from the show, which at times was jarring because suddenly the characters would react to the scene as themselves, rather than their acting counterparts. Reading YOU HAD ME AT HOLA was like binge-watching a season of Jane the Virgin--hilarious, charming, and sexy. Highly recommended.
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3.75 stars

I love the whole story but I was kind of disappointed by the lack of grovelling on Ashton's part - like, I understood his logic but the way he went about expressing it to Jasmine was still epically shitty - and the grand gesture didn't leave me satisfied, which is sad because I was really enjoying the book.

Still think this is the best Alexis work yet.
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I'm sooo late getting to this book and I regret waiting because it was such a good read.  This was my first time reading Alexis Daria and I am truly impressed.  She's definitely one of those authors moving romance into a bright new direction.  I love that we are now getting such diverse voices in romance and I love that Daria included so much in this book that were possessive representations of the Latinx community.  I loved her message of self love and female empowerment. And overall it was just a really good,  interesting, well written story.  I don't know if this is the beginning of a series but I'd love to read more about Jasmine's cousins, Ava and Michelle.  
There was lots of fun stuff in this book. I loved the telenovela talk and I really enjoyed the way she wove in the scenes from Carmen in Charge giving us two stories in one.  This was really a great read and I'm looking forward to more from Alexis Daria.
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I liked You Had Me at Hola, I enjoyed the discussions about latinidad and the way women are treated in media. I liked the telenovela bits we get and Jazmine's family was great, especially her cousins. But I didn't love it as much as I was hoping, it was quite different from Alexis Daria's Dance Off series and I think I wasn't as invested with the couple. I liked them well enough, but I wasn't swoony with their romance.

I was annoyed by the whole miscommunication and breakup, although understandable very much frustrating, and I wish the reconciliation had taken more time. Ashton didn't really have much time to talk about his trauma at all. I don't know, I'm usually in tears when reading epilogues because we made it and they made it and now I get to see the couple together, and here I just kept feeling like everything happened too fast and it was kind of anti-climatic.

But overall, I did like this book! I read it in one day because I couldn't put it down and for its most part, I spent the reading with a smile on my face. Just, there was something missing for me here.
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I loved everything about this book. I loved seeing two Latinx characters, reading commentary on colorism within the Latinx community, and the difficulties on being Latinx in a white dominated culture. 

I loved the commentary on telenovelas in the Latinx community and how it's basically a family affair, which is 100% true, and I remember watching novelas with my family growing up. 

This is definitely a favorite book of the year, and I cannot wait to reread it soon!
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A great romance starring two Latinx leads. The will they- will they not, question in the first act is deliciously heated and a truw joy to see unfold. I loved learning about Ashton and Jasmin's cultural identify -- a great reminder by the author that reminds the reading that being Latins is not a monolith.
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You Had Me at Hola was an incredible romance read - both sexy and extremely deep and moving, this book had it all. I'll absolutely be recommending this going forward.
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