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4.5⭐ rounded up

This is the perfect read for #flirtyfebruary!

Anytime I was sick as a kid my parents would take me to my Grandma's house where we watched her soaps together and I sipped water and ate crackers. I think that bit of nostalgia made this one even more enjoyable for me.

Why I loved this book;

1. The characters in this book were lovable, so I was instantly shipping Jasmine and Ashton. While their relationship has all the banter, drama, and angst I was use to in rom-coms, I loved the strong family dynamic so much. Carmen and her cousins had an admirable relationship that's all about girl power and supporting each other.

2. The chemistry between Jasmine and Ashton provided the best steamy scenes. If your into closed door romances, this is not the book for you because the bedroom scenes are 🔥🍆.

3. While reading this book you get two different romances. The first is the tele novela couple of Victor and Carmen and the second is the off screen romance between Ashton and Jasmine. While I'm actually not sure what story line I liked best, I enjoyed reading them both.

This entertaining romance is sure to keep your attention as you read along. If you're looking for a cute, but steamy romance with an absolutely gorgeous cover, look no further than You Had Me at Hola!

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YOU HAD ME AT HOLA by Alexis Daria is a fun, vivacious, romantic comedy. Jasmine and Ashton are two charming leads and their story of falling in love is entertaining, vividly told, and super steamy. Jasmine’s family, especially her cousins Ava and Michelle, are wonderfully portrayed. Readers will feel welcomed into the fold of her boisterous and meddling extended family, as well. Ashton is a guarded man, and for good reason, so watching him slowly let Jasmine into his life was heartwarming, as was the way he came to terms with some of the demons of his past. Some of the chapters began with scenes from the show, which at times was jarring because suddenly the characters would react to the scene as themselves, rather than their acting counterparts. Reading YOU HAD ME AT HOLA was like binge-watching a season of Jane the Virgin--hilarious, charming, and sexy. Highly recommended.

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3.75 stars

I love the whole story but I was kind of disappointed by the lack of grovelling on Ashton's part - like, I understood his logic but the way he went about expressing it to Jasmine was still epically shitty - and the grand gesture didn't leave me satisfied, which is sad because I was really enjoying the book.

Still think this is the best Alexis work yet.

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I'm sooo late getting to this book and I regret waiting because it was such a good read. This was my first time reading Alexis Daria and I am truly impressed. She's definitely one of those authors moving romance into a bright new direction. I love that we are now getting such diverse voices in romance and I love that Daria included so much in this book that were possessive representations of the Latinx community. I loved her message of self love and female empowerment. And overall it was just a really good, interesting, well written story. I don't know if this is the beginning of a series but I'd love to read more about Jasmine's cousins, Ava and Michelle.
There was lots of fun stuff in this book. I loved the telenovela talk and I really enjoyed the way she wove in the scenes from Carmen in Charge giving us two stories in one. This was really a great read and I'm looking forward to more from Alexis Daria.

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I loved everything about this book. I loved seeing two Latinx characters, reading commentary on colorism within the Latinx community, and the difficulties on being Latinx in a white dominated culture.

I loved the commentary on telenovelas in the Latinx community and how it's basically a family affair, which is 100% true, and I remember watching novelas with my family growing up.

This is definitely a favorite book of the year, and I cannot wait to reread it soon!

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A great romance starring two Latinx leads. The will they- will they not, question in the first act is deliciously heated and a truw joy to see unfold. I loved learning about Ashton and Jasmin's cultural identify -- a great reminder by the author that reminds the reading that being Latins is not a monolith.

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You Had Me at Hola was an incredible romance read - both sexy and extremely deep and moving, this book had it all. I'll absolutely be recommending this going forward.

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One of my favorite romance reads of the year! The characters were well-rounded, the plot was interesting, and their chemistry was absolutely steamy. I have recommended this title to so many readers looking for a romance with realistic interactions between protagonists. The sprinkling of drama with the backdrop of telenovelas was an extra piece of excitement. Such a well-rounded book.

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Alexis Daria’s You Had Me at Hola is one of my favorite books I’ve read this year. Actors Jasmine and Ashton are cast opposite each other in a buzzy new romantic comedy, but a rocky first meeting sets them off on the wrong foot. Daria weaves scenes from the show they’re shooting into the novel, perfectly matching the emotional beats of the main romance arc and offering added insight into both Jasmine and Ashton. The end result is a steamy, funny, and captivating read that I never wanted to put down. I particularly loved how Daria explored representation in the entertainment industry, and the power of seeing yourself reflected in the media you consume. If you’re looking to pick up a romance novel this month, I can’t recommend this one enough.

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This was a delight! First off, the cover is AMAZING. Second, the plot was simple, steamy, sweet and to the point. I loved the representation; obviously, the Latinx representation is huge, but there were also a lot of LGBTQIA+ characters within the story. I also really liked the excerpts of Jasmine as Carmen and Ashton as Victor; they added a lot to the book. My only critique is that both of the main characters felt a little flat at times and I wanted more from them. However, overall, this was a great read and I'd recommend it to fans of Alisha Rai, Helen Huong, and maybe even Alexa Martin. I will definitely be adding Alexis Daria to my TBR list.

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I think I just got out of a steam room, because holy mother You Had Me at Hola was steeeeaaaamy, and I absolutely loved it! I had heard some truly incredible things about this book, but I never expected to fall in love with the characters the way that I did, but now I'm immensely sad that this doesn't seem to be the start of the series. I would have loved to follow along with Jasmine and Ashton forever.

Jasmine Lin Rodriguez, having just gone through a very public breakup with a popular musician, has decided to put all her focus into her new role as the titular lead in Streamflix's new show "Carmen in Charge." And together with her cousins, she's put together a Leading Lady Plan. Everything's going well until she (literally) runs into her brand new co-star, Ashton Suarez, and the tension immediately rises. How will she ever stick to her Leading Lady Plan when her daily job duties involve shooting steamy scenes with her secretive and extremely hot romantic lead?

This was maybe one of the best romance novels I've ever read, and is proof that folks shouldn't give romance such a bad rap. It's fun and hopeful, it's steamy and frustrating in the best way. And truly, this one is done so well. It's a romance story, yes, but it's also a story of culture and identity and family. I loved getting to see the family dynamics in Jasmine's family and in Ashton's family. It made me that much more invested in the story to get to know their families as well.

Even more, I loved the dynamics between Jasmine and Ashton, and those sex scenes were superrrr steamy - seriously. Whew! I also really loved the setting of the book and the integration of the “real life” and “Carmen In Charge.” It was so neat to read through the parallels of the two stories, though I will admit it was confusing at first I just can’t say enough how much I loved this book.

"She felt drawn to him in a way that made no sense, but that was the magic of TV - it made you feel close to people you'd never met, through familiarity and carefully crafted characters designed to make you root for them, fall in love with them, or love to hate them." - You Had Me at Hola, Alexis Daria

This book truly is a gem and I just wish it really was turned into its own "Streamflix" (Netflix) series.

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This was such a great book! Drama, novelas and more. I really liked this and the representation on the culture as well.

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Alexis Daria has stuck a beautiful balance in "You Had Me at Hola" between sensitivity and passion. I can not wait to see what she writes next.

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You Had Me at Hola takes us to the set of a new telenovela being filmed in NYC.

Jasmine, a soap opera actress, has recently had a very public break-up with her rockstar boyfriend. They've been splashed all over the tabloids, which is making it especially hard for her. But, she is excited that she is going to start filming a new bi-lingual romantic comedy series for a streaming service. Her co-star is Ashton, a telenovela heart throb from Puerto Rico by way of Florida. Jasmine is hopeful that this new role will finally give her leading lady status and Ashton is hopeful that his role will help him open us his career to American audiences. As the romance develops between their two characters on screen, the two grow closer off-screen.

This was a fun read. It helped me to escape the election madness. Both of the lead characters were likable and had clear motivations. There were definitely a few steamy scenes in there, remniscent of Love Quotient. I also enjoyed the peek into the creation of a new show and the Latinx cast of characters of this #ownvoices romance. It makes me want to rush off and watch Jane the Virgin or Ugly Betty.

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Combining the drama-filled world of telenovelas with the hilarity of a romantic comedy, Alexis Daria’s YOU HAD ME AT HOLA is an unforgettable romance perfect for fans of BEACH READ and shows like “Jane the Virgin.”

Soap opera star Jasmine Lin Rodriguez is desperate for a fresh start. Eager for a breakout role that will catapult her from daytime television to something more mainstream, she also is reeling from a public and very messy breakup with an even more famous rock star. Jasmine sees her chance for a restart when she is cast as the leading lady in “Carmen in Charge,” a bilingual romantic comedy series set to air on ScreenFlix, the nation’s number-one streaming service. The role comes with its own set of challenges --- not only will she have to fake her way through Spanish dialogue, the set is located right in her well-meaning but intrusive family’s neighborhood --- but with her new “Leading Lady Plan,” she is ready to take on the world.

With filming set to start, Jasmine is surprised to learn that her romantic lead has been recast. But okay, things happen, right? Except her new leading man will be Spanish telenovela star and major hunk Ashton Suárez, a notorious diva --- and the apple of her grandmother’s eye. From a tumultuous and fantastic meet-cute consisting of spilled coffee and a hilarious sexy wardrobe change, it seems that Jasmine and Ashton will never get off on the right foot, even if the necessary chemistry between their on-screen characters demands it.

Ashton Suárez has been a staple in Miami’s telenovela acting scene, but when his most recent character is unexpectedly killed off, he begins to worry that he is getting too old and out of touch to remain relevant. Being cast in ScreenFlix’s new series could be just what he needs to introduce himself to an American audience on his own terms and finally get the agenting attention he deserves. But he’s worried about his costar. Ashton is known for his privacy and unwillingness to engage in PR and media interviews, and with good reason. Years ago, a weapon-wielding stalker broke into his home, threatening his safety and that of his beloved (and secret) son, Yadiel. Thus far he has been successful in keeping Yadiel out of the spotlight, but Jasmine seems to be a magnet for gossip --- and, even worse, he cannot deny his attraction to her.

As Jasmine and Ashton work through their chemistry on and off the set, Daria immerses her audience in the world of television, telenovelas and the tabloids. With chapters alternating between Jasmine’s and Ashton’s perspectives, and including snippets of their scenes from the day, she lets their relationship unfold naturally, even when it mimics the antics of their on-screen counterparts, Carmen and Victor. With both actors working through their own personal issues, Daria seamlessly weaves reality into fiction, with each element propelling the other forward.

But what truly sets YOU HAD ME AT HOLA apart is Daria’s careful handling of consent and healthy, communicative sexual relationships. Even when the characters’ chemistry is practically leaping off the pages --- and believe me, it gets steamy --- she effortlessly incorporates issues like consent and enjoyment in ways that never once distract from the sensuality, reminding readers that, as the slogan says, “Consent is sexy!”

I would be remiss if I did not mention the equally stellar handling and inclusion of diversity, which is as encouraging and joy-fueled as the romantic aspects of the narrative. “Carmen in Charge” boasts a bilingual, transgender-friendly and multi-racial cast, but even more fulfilling is how the actors’ diverse backgrounds and identities are handled by the show’s management. Similarly, both Jasmine and Ashton come from blended, culturally diverse families, and though Daria doesn’t dwell on over-defining foreign language terms or over-explaining cultural celebrations, she still manages to invite readers of all races and backgrounds to delight in and groan at the main characters’ families. Once again, she shows her audience how easy it is to champion others and create safe spaces without distracting from the fun, professionalism or comfort of the plot.

YOU HAD ME AT HOLA is a fully realized romance novel where each of the characters easily could stand alone in their own books. Both Jasmine and Ashton have completely fleshed-out and satisfying character arcs, and though I loved the romance, I found myself even more moved by the development of their personal careers and ambitions. This pitch-perfect work is searingly timely, bravely hopeful and out-of-this-world sexy, and I can’t wait to see what Daria comes up with next.

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Welcome to the world of telenovelas! But really, this is perfect for any fan of celebrity romances where you can get a behind the scenes look at TV and movies and experiencing the struggles of actors trying to keep their life private and facing judgment from paparazzi and the media.

I first wanted to read this book because the cover is so beautiful and then the blurb won me over completely. I was so ready for this because I grew up watching telenovelas. I had certain expectations based on that and I’m not quite sure that this book delivered on those expectations. However, it did bring in some of the culture through the characters.

The main characters never got me to fall in love with them though. I especially struggled with the hero because he often acted like a jerk and as the book went on, while I understood the reason for his actions, I just wanted to see a bit more of a gradual character growth for him. I don’t think I see the appeal he would’ve had for our heroine after a certain point.

This was my first book by Alexis Daria and the writing style felt a bit clunky. Some of the pacing dragged at times and the dialogue didn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted. That could be just be me though, so I do plan to give this author another try and I already have a book on my TBR by her to try.

In the end, YOU HAD ME AT HOLA was entertaining and has great representation but didn’t win me completely over.

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This romcom is sexy, funny, sweet, and entertaining. I was rooting for both characters, and the charged setting of shooting a show was a fun twist to explore.

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While I found this one predictable, I loved the Latinx focus, the way it dealt with issues without being too on the nose and the peek into the world of television and telenovelas.

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For the past 6 months or so I’ve been struggling with romance novels – which are usually my escape from the world. Nothing had really grabbed my attention, so I went into You Had Me At Hola without many expectations. I’m happy to say I really was captured from the first page.
It follows two Latinx tv stars, both of whom are trying to take their careers to the next level. The chemistry between Jasmine and Ashton on and off screen is electric, their individual backstories add complexity and depth, and the dynamics of both families are hilarious and relatable. I heard there are more books coming that follow Jasmine’s two cousins, and I’m so looking forward to their stories.

If you liked Jane the Virgin, pick this one up! A wonderfully fun escape for these trying times.

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Hot, steamy and scandalous. Jasmine and Ashton starred in a romantic comedy called Carmen in Charge. This novel focuses on the importance of Latinx representation in Film and TV. Jasmine has a leading lady plan after her breakup. You had me at hola is a character driven contemporary romance/drama novel that has Latinx representation.

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