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I thought at times that it was slow, but definitely many laugh out loud moments from Laura, Wes's 5 year old niece.  Received ARC from NetGalley for honest review.  This is book 3 and a standalone with many of the characters from the first two books that I didn't read.  I felt as if I needed to read the other two books to know these characters.  Bethany the perfect put together sister who has everyone fooled finally relaxes and lives her life when bantering with Wes who gets her.  Wes, the 23 year old uncle who came to assist his stepsister by taking over the care of his 5 year old niece.  Wes, who is only 23 is much more mature and responsible then most 10 years his senior.  His level of depth and awareness, I guess from growing up in foster care has definitely shaped and had him rely on his self.  Love Wes and Laura and got to really like Bethany more in the end.  Will read the first two books to learn about the others.
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I think Bailey's books in this series are getting a little more complex and interesting each time. I really did enjoy this one and thought Wes and Bethany's story was very sweet.
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This whole series has been a lot of fun. Wes and Bethany were well-fleshed out and likable characters, and their enemies to coworkers to lovers story was fluffy and sexy and fun. I enjoyed the exploration of both characters' family relationships as well, and especially Wes's relationship with his niece.
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Tessa Bailey is a new author for me, and I didn't realize this book was part of a series before I started it. There were hints about what happened previously, but it wasn't a problem and I enjoyed the book without having read the previous ones. 

The banter between the main characters was very entertaining and I really liked the main characters. I read this book fast as I just had to know what happened next. Now I definitely have to go read the first two books in the series!
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I love tessa's books,I can easily read them in one sitting and this wasn't exception, I loved it

The characters were fun and so the book
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Review posted on Goodreads (August 13, 2020) 
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4/5 stars! 

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books for sending me an E-ARC for an honest review! 

Tessa Bailey yet again wrote a romance that I could not stop reading and really loved! I was first introduced to her books last year, and ever since then, I have loved every book of hers that I have picked up to read. This book was no exception! 

I really love the way Tessa Bailey crafts her characters. Wes and Bethany were so well thought out and dimensional, and I fell head-over-heels in love with their hate-to-love romance. And Wes... Wes was such a honest and amazing male lead in this romance! I loved him from page one! Bethany as well—I felt that her character was so strong. In the end, the plot was fun, the characters were amazing and lovable, and the romance was super steamy and sexy! Tessa Bailey is an amazing romance writer and this is one of my favorite books that she has written! 

Thanks for reading! 
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Tools of Engagement 🔨

I need allll the Tessa Bailey books and I need them NOW!
This lady does not disappoint one bit. Each book in this series was filled with so much drama and steam and if you’re looking for the perfect series to get lost in than this is it!
This enemies to lovers romance is the perfect summer read! 

Being a new homeowner, my man and I are CONSTANTLY coming up with new projects to do around the house and we have been on a straight up HGTV kick lately.... enter Tools of Engagement.
This book is like watching your favorite rom com mixed with Fixer Upper and Home Town (if you’re an HGTV freak like us then you’ll know). 

I also loveddd the age difference in this book! It gave such a nice dramatic twist to the books that other romances lack and Wes was just the perfect supportive mature yet young and free man Bethany needed. The only reading this one wasn’t a five star for me was because it just took soooo long to get to the steam! 🙈

Out September 22nd, this one is a must add to your TBR list! 

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The third book in Bailey's Hot and Hammered series was...fine. I really disliked the first book, LOVED the second, and this one fell somewhere in the middle. I was excited to read it as the setup in the previous book for a quippy enemies-to-lovers couple seemed so promising! I generally liked both of the MCs and the plot points individually, but overall I think there was just way too much going on. I didn't find that the reality TV show plot added anything to the story and just seemed tacked on. If it was paired down, I think it would have felt less muddled and allowed for more character and couple development. The book has a lot of potential, but as written a lot of things felt unfinished and the romance ended up seeming secondary and not very fleshed out. This may work for others, but just wasn't for me.
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Bethany Castle is perfect... at least that’s the image she’s obsessively maintained, but she knows something’s missing. When given a chance to flip a house, rather than simply stage one for her brother, she jumps at the opportunity, while simultaneously leaving her brother without a stager. When a television network gets wind of the sibling rivalry, Bethany and Stephen’s simultaneous house flipping projects turn into a new reality show. To add another wrinkle,  Bethany’s new co-star and foreman Wes Daniels gets under her skin. Wes is new in town to take care of his niece. He signed on to be Bethany’s foreman, mostly since he can’t resist arguing with her... and looking at her. Can these two enemies figure out how to work together on this project, and maybe beyond? 

I’ve enjoyed this series thus far, but for some reason this didn’t land for me. There was a lot to keep me invested: I already love the cast of characters, and loved the premise, and it certainly had the passion we’ve come to expect from bailey. Bethany’s struggles hit close to home, but there was just something missing in this for me.  Perhaps it was Wes’s bravado that rubbed me the wrong way or that Bethany’s personality seemed entirely reduced to her perfectionism.   Regardless I know that fans of the series will still want to give this one a try, and certainly find wonderful moments.
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Another great book by Tessa Bailey! I am thrilled to see Bethany get her own story and to see the person behind the façade. In Tools of Engagement, Bethany finally gets to work on her first flip, but somehow Wes Daniels ends up being her foreman. Remember him from Love Her or Lose Her? Wes comes with his own baggage but is able to get Bethany to relax. Loved the story! I can only hope for more! 

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an hones review.
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OMG This book!! Definitely my favorite of the series and considering how much I enjoyed the first two books, that's saying a lot. Bethany and Wes (and Laura) were just so darn lovable and vulnerable! As always, the sex in the book was seriously steamy, so be warned.

I hope there will be a fourth book? Maybe Becky gets a story now?
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I enjoyed this book.  I would recommend it to others and I would like to read more from this author in the future.
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Such a cute rom-com and a great romantic story. Loved this one!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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What do you get if you mix one uptight designer with one laid back cowboy and add in a house remodel? Tools of Engagement!

Read if you like~
🛠Fixer Upper vibes
👨‍👧A sweet uncle who steps in to be an adoptive father
💕Hate to love romance

This is one in a series from Tessa Bailey but could definitely be read as a stand-alone too! The book has fun peeks at some of our past favorite characters lives while getting to read Wes and Bethany’s journey to fall off a
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Bethany looks like she has it all together. Her house, her clothes, her job, even her ponytail is perfect. But behind all of that perfection, she's hiding a deep well of insecurity. When she takes the plunge to step away from her family's business on a house flip of her own, much younger, totally inappropriate cowboy Wes comes along. The chemistry between these two is next level. 

Their relationship is snarky, supportive, surprising, hot, and just really sweet. I love the characters in this series and you will too.
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3.5 Stars

I really enjoy Tessa Bailey’s books. I think they are fairly consistent and well-rounded and she does a great job of balancing sweetness, spiciness, and humor. That holds true with Tools of Engagement.

While it had all of the aforementioned components, I did find it a little (just a smidge) lacking. It started off strong, but the ending is where I felt a bit let down. The last 20% of the book felt a little rushed. The final “main” conflict felt a little weak and left me wanting more. I felt like both characters, especially Bethany, did a lot of growing during the course of the book and I think there were some missed opportunities to really show that off.

The reality show component of the story was also a little odd to me. It felt forced, unnecessary, and unrealistic. It’s fiction though and it was cute, I suppose. I just don’t think I’d have missed it if it weren’t there.

That being said, I really did enjoy the book. Wes especially was a great hero. I thought that he and Bethany had great chemistry and good banter and loved the semi-enemies to lovers trope. 

I thought that his niece Laura added another very special element to the story, but I also think that had some room for improvement. Now that I think about it, I really missed the tying up of those loose ends. I could have used more detail as to how that relationship and situation ended up. Especially since she ended up being this really special part of the story and her relationship with Wes was really sweet. I got emotionally invested in that – would have been nice to have more resolution.

I hate that I am able to articulate my criticisms of this book more easily than I can what I enjoyed. It doesn’t totally represent how I felt about the story, because again, I really did like it, but here we are. I think this is a great light-hearted, sweet, slightly steamy “beach” read. When you need an escape from all of the heaviness of the world, this will definitely suffice.
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I loved this so much. This was by far my favorite in the series. I feel so many things that Bethany feels, Wes also had a lot of things that I connected with. My only nit pick is that it happened on a very fast time line but everything else is so cute. Laura is such a fun little character as well.
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This book is the third in the Hot and Hammered series. I went into reading this book with some pretty high expectations since the other books in the series were just wonderful. And I must say… expectations met and exceeded. Tessa Bailey’a ability to create a good story with strong believable characters is just top notch.
I loved the two main characters, Bethany and Wes. Bethany is an interior designer who wants to try her hand at flipping a house, while Wes is a transplanted Texan who is working construction and decides to help Bethany with her project. Obviously wonderful chaos ensues. Tessa Bailey’s ability to make her characters relatable and the fearlessness at including difficult topics in her books always blows me away and this book is no different. Bethany struggles with anxiety and perfectionism, Wes is currently the guardian of his young niece and to top it all off Tessa Bailey throws in a reverse age gap (Bethany is older than Wes)! I swear, each of her books get me in the feels every damn time… I just want to give her a thousand high fives!
There were was a subplot point that I thought was a bit unnecessary in this book: the tv show. It was barely talked about and to me it didn’t really add much to the story. Granted, it did not detract from it but it felt kind of pointless. I didn’t hate it but I also was wondering why it was included while I was reading the book, since there were plenty of motivating factors to move the plot along. Also, I wanted to throat punch Bethany’s brother and sister-in-law, holy crap. Ms. Bailey, my hats off to you on writing such a wide range of characters, likable and hate-able.
4.5/5 Stars
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Tessa Bailey never disappoints! This book is filled with the witty banter, steamy goodness and happy ending we know and love from Tessa. Wes and Bethany are hilarious and adorable together. Their sexual tension was written so well. Tessa is the queen of making a reader laugh, swoon and everything in between. I loved the continuation of the Just Us League and how we get to see where Georgie and Rosie are at. I really connect with and enjoy Tessa’s writing!
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Thank You Publisher for Sending me and ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I wanted to love this book, but just couldn't get into it. I think it could have been really fun but I just couldn't get into the story. I think I have a difficult time when children are involved in stories. So it wasn't my fav.
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