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I really enjoyed A Rogue of One’s Own! I had not read Bringing Down the Duke yet, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this fun historical rom com standalone. And I will definitely be picking up Bringing Down the Duke soon now!

I loved that this, while definitely historical as its main character is a key suffragist in London, did not feel stuffy like historical fiction tends to (for me anyway). It felt like a light read even while focusing on very important subject matter of their time. And of course, has the perfect steamy scenes too!

Highly recommend this to any romance lover!
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I absolutely hated this book. I tried reading the book #1 in the series and barely go through it. I read maybe 100 pages before giving up and deleting it from my Kindle.
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Man I was looking forward to this alot, but I could not get into the "gay character is villain for wanting one of the leads" trope that I had to put it aside. It was obvious and completely took me out of the moment. It felt stale and cringey. I just couldn't get past it, so I have to put this aside. I can't recommend it.
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Lucie has always gone against the grain, pushed limits, made new boundaries and never took no for an answer. She has a spark for life that draws eye and an intelligence that makes heads spin. For a old spinster Lucie’s fiesty spirit has caused Tristan to rethink his life choices.

Unable to fix his family situation Tristan has no choice but to find a bride, per his fathers orders. Filling the urge to to defy orders, he finds a woman that is full of fire, passion and the ability to talk circles around anyone. Tristan never thought he would find a wife in Lucie.

Their relationship goes way back to the days of youth through years apart and suddenly being dropped right back into the fire. The two connect on a level that brings out fire and intrigue whenever together. The chemistry between Lucie and Tristan is clear from page one, they both bond over less than desired social situations. The relationship is full of quirks, sparring, intrigue and love. A quick plot along with great secondary characters remind us of historical time period that we all love. There a few personal preferences that I find slightly off but it does not distract from the story line. I would recommend A Rogue of One’s Own to historical readers who like a light afternoon read.
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I have often struggled with reading historical romance, but I absolutely adored Evie Dunmore's TAKING DOWN THE DUKE last year. So I was looking forward to A ROGUE OF ONE'S OWN. Little did I know that I would end up loving this book even more than the first one! I was absolutely hooked on Lucie and Tristan's stories -- their own individual narratives, plus the explosive and steamy chemistry that simmers between them. Their banter is top notch, and their romance intense. I can't say enough good things about this book, but I am already eager to re-read it again. I was hooked on this story and willingly sacrificed sleep to keep reading it (which should say a lot, since I have 4-month-old twins, so sleep is already hard to come by)! A ROGUE OF ONE'S OWN was simply a joy to read.
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What a great read! I loved Lucie and Tristan's story. I will say I thought there would be a lot more will they won't they in this book, but I think because I read it in one sitting it didn't seem like much. That's on me though! Evie Dunmore is amazing and I wish she had more books out to binge while I anxiously await Hattie's story!

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review!
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Another great Suffragette romance from Evie Dunmore! I really enjoyed Lucie and Tristan's relationship and Lucie's bond with her cat, Boudicca. Lucie and Tristan are such complex, strong characters.

This is a classic enemies to lovers read, which is always a favorite of mine. I will say there is a strong TW/CW for animal/cat cruelty (not Boudicca) that really felt unnecessary to describe in the level of detail used.

A Rogue of One's Own can be read as part of the series or on its own. I can't wait to read Hattie's story next!

Without the animal cruelty, this would have been a solid 4.
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Evie Dunmore does it again! I consider her to be the queen of Historical Romance - as does my aunt who reads these too! Which, should show how compelling Evie is: I'm 25, and my aunt is 65, and both of us adored this book! I think Evie blends feminism perfectly into these romances - this isn't your doe-eyed Bambi waiting to be saved, this is your STRONG woman who HAPPENS to find a man, but isn't defined by one. I absolutely adored this!
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I really loved book 1 of this series and I thought I was going to love this one but the hero rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning, I thought his story was unbelievable and I really hate when children fall in love with each other. I'll still give the author's next book a chance!
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Didn't love it, but definitely liked it.  I felt the same way about the first book in this series.  There is just something about the writing style that doesn't work for me.  The story is good though so I will still read the next book when it's available!
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**An early copy was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Historical romance, sequel to Bringing Down the Duke

POV: Lady Lucinda (Lucie,) a suffragette in Britain; Lord Ballentine (Tristan,) who needs to clean up his reputation and marry well to inherit his father’s title

@50% in - I don’t remember a lot about the first book in the series but it was definitely better than this one. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: the hero is tall, red-headed, scarred from beatings, and is loved by every woman and man who catches sight of him... Sorry, Evie, but Tristan is no Jamie Fraser, and the conflict between the main characters is too convoluted to be intriguing. I think I’m supposed to care about Lucie’s zeal for women’s rights, but the story began as if we were in the middle of it, and like I said, the first book didn’t stick in my mind enough to know why this particular character is such a champion of equality that she got kicked out of her family??!  And how does everyone in the country know exactly who Tristan is on sight? He must be the Dwayne Johnson of 1800s Britain. 

Final thoughts: Ok, the second half was better at filling in some back story, humanizing and fleshing out some characters, and bringing about a believable ending for the couple as individuals, if not for the time and positions they held in society. I was surprised by some of the decisions they made, and several plot lines concerning a jealous gay man and a ruthless loan shark seemed strange/unfinished. But overall it was entertaining and sexy, which is likely the author’s main goal, while also providing some education and perspective concerning the fight for women’s rights in Victorian England. A good idea that perhaps wasn’t executed to great effect in this volume. 

3/5 stars, bumped up due to the author’s notes concerning her research and the inclusion of true pioneers in women’s rights.
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Evie Dunmore's books are a blast. They are steamy, educational and riveting. I loved her first and thoroughly enjoyed her second.

I learned a lot and felt like it only added to the romance--to me, this is a great mixture of a read that not only entertains readers, but also provides them with knowledge in relation to women's rights. It is FULL of girl power, evident through the main plot, the moving, stable friendships, and the detailed dialogue.

I do wish the first half was not as slow...the second half was fabulous. There was a bit too much "information dump" for set up and context in the first part of the novel.

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Loved the characters and the story. Mostly I thought that the author really believed in the Cause of the heroine and didn't have her compromise her principles for a happily ever after! Lucie stayed true and strong to her feelings and her fight for Sufferage. The change in attitude from Tristan was refreshing and growth. He learned to see his world from different perspectives. The last scene with Arthur was especially illuminating. I have to go back and read Montgomery and Annabelle's book. Looking forward to the next story!
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A Rogue of One's Own is a slow-burn historical romance centering a spinster suffragette and a high-born rogue. Despite some quibbles with the romance aspect, I really enjoyed my time with this and I could see it being a good crossover book for those who read more historical fiction or women's fiction than they do genre romance. Some romance readers might balk at the length (~450 pages is definitely on the long side for a romance) and the fact that the romantic relationship is not the only major plotline. You should know what you're getting here, but I found this to be entertaining, informative, and a fresh twist on traditional romance tropes.

Typically in this sort of book you have a rakish hero who refuses to admit he has a heart even while clearly falling in love and a heroine who recognizes her romantic feelings earlier. In this case, roles are reversed. Tristan has had a thing for Lucie since they were children, but hides the pain of rejection (from her and his abusive father) behind a facade of charm and notorious seduction. Meanwhile Lucie is a confirmed spinster, privately disowned by her family for her activist activities, and very much much tied to her work moving forward women's rights. She may be physically attracted to Tristan, but she also despises him and can certainly separate her body from her heart. Can't she?

Truth be told, neither Lucie nor Tristan are particularly likable much of the time, and their coming together gets messy and mistakes are made. (some of which involve tropes I don't prefer in my romance) That said, everyone deserves love and in many ways I found their story to be a beautiful one. I enjoyed the slower pace of the romance that allowed a deeper emphasis on building out the historical elements and side characters. I look forward to reading more from this author. I received an advance copy of this book for review via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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THIS BOOK SLAYED ME. Total TEABS, guys (The End of An Awesome Book Syndrome tm Forever Young Adult).

I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation when I first picked up A ROGUE OF ONE’S OWN. Because seriously, when you love a debut (Bringing Down the Duke) so much, you really expect Great Things from the sophomore novel, and it’s crushing when it doesn’t happen. But, guys. While AROOO started slow for me (I was so so worried), we are in expert romance writing hands with this book. The slow burn was hard to take, because there was a lot to establish between Lucie’s new publishing acquisition and her finding out that Tristan is an equal partner in it (thus ruining her covert suffragist plans), Tristan’s family life and past as a war hero, his writing (omg you guys, he writes and recites poetry, I die), and their longtime knowledge of each other, and the incredible female friendships between Lucie, Annabelle, Hattie and Catriona. Seriously, there is a LOT to exposit about. But then...but then...BOOM, Evie Dunmore decides to smack down with the proposition of the century, that absolutely cements Lucie and Tristan as the new Ones to Ache For. And man, you will ache for them. There’s so much to these slightly damaged, clever, strong people and there’s so much they are putting on the line for each other...and like in Bringing Down the Duke, you can’t see how this could possibly end well. Dunmore really, really puts her characters through the wringer. But in doing so, the romance here feels earned, as does the background plot.

And if you also thought Bringing Down the Duke was smoking hot but needed more love scenes, OMG. AROOO delivers, friends. And what I loved was that it was equally sexy and tender and full of all the tension and foreplay that we deserve.

The Final Word:

Look, I already knew I adored Evie Dunmore and her brilliant voice, perfect monologues, and suffragette obsession, when I read her debut, Bringing Down the Duke. I shoved that book into every romance reader’s hands I knew. Annabelle and Montgomery were such stuff as dreams were made of - a hate-to-love that moved mountains, changed lives, and smashed the patriarchy (at least a little bit). But HOT DAMN. Lucie and Tristan gave them SUCH a run for their money - and possibly surpassed them.

I seriously don’t even know what else I can say to convince you to read this book. If you’re into suffragettes, awesome characters that are rounded and flawed, great historical fiction, and a romance that’s both wicked and charming, please pick up A Rogue of One’s Own. It’s very likely going to top my best-of list for this year. I’m ordering my paper copy as we speak so that I can reread it right away.
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3.5. There are some questionable plot points surrounding diversity and tokenism (which I won't detail here because they're full of spoilers), but overall a pretty solid historical romance and a decent sequel. I don't think the chemistry between Lucie and Tristan was quite as strong as that between Annabelle and Sebastian either, but that's likely personal preference.
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I believe this series ins't for me. I already wasn't a fan of book 1 because I didn't like how feminism was treated in this historical romance, but book 2 completely let me down. I felt nothing for the characters, I thought the romance was almost invisible and I noticed some cultural appropriation.
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A ROGUE OF ONE'S OWN is all that I expected of Evie Dunmore and more. Coming on the heels of her first book, which was a tough act to follow, this book more than lived up to it.

I wasn't all that enamored of Lucie at first, but she grew on me over the course of the book. Maybe it was her brashness or her initial insistence to see Tristan as nothing but a nuisance that grated on me at the start, but I grew to see that at her core, she has a strength of will that is determined to see the Cause succeed at any cost. I love how she was so much ahead of the women of her times, how she told her mom she was fighting for freedom. I relate to Lucie, as I cannot understand how, in this day and age, in a democratic enlightened society no less, some women still believe themselves to be "second class" citizens and content to stay that way.

I love how Ms. Dunmore wrote Tristan so different from Sebastian (hero of the first book), but it was also easy to love Tristan. He's a veritable rogue, but from the moment he took up with Lucie, he was never the same again. And he admitted it and embraced it, something that endeared him further to me. How irresistible is a man who sees his woman and understands the core of her. I especially love when heroes turn all protective of the love of their life.

It was interesting to see how the women at that time fought for women's rights, and the difficulties they encountered, yet how they persevered. It made me treasure the rights I'm currently enjoying (because they fought so hard for them!). We have certainly come a long way, but we still have yet some distance to go.

If you haven't yet, do go and pick up the first book, Bringing Down the Duke. It's a historical romance with a fresh setting and all the intense feels. Then be sure to go on to this book, A ROGUE OF ONE'S OWN to see the progression of the Cause and to delve into Lucie's story. Truly a league of extraordinary women. I can't wait for the next book in this series!
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I really enjoyed Bringing Down the Duke and was SO excited to get my hands on A Rogue of One's Own. I am happy to report I was not disappointed! I adored both Lucie and Tristan. Sometimes, one character in a romance will feel less developed than the other, but I found that both Lucie and Tristan to be dynamic and intriguing, with backgrounds and motivations that made them complicated and human. I loved the chemistry they had together, and enjoyed getting to see the "real" Tristan after seeing him from Annabelle's perspective in Bringing Down the Duke. All of the characters were complex and fascinating, and I loved how both Lucie and Tristan had real flaws (societally, but also within themselves) they had to overcome in order to be together. 

I can't wait to read Hattie's story next! 

Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley for the ARC!
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Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining, especially the cat references woven throughout.
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