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Defend the Border and Save Lives

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Tom Homan is the man!! I’m pleased he has the ear of the President, but we seriously need to be doing more of what he’s telling us. He’s been on the border himself and you can tell he cares about the emigres and victims of trafficking and the law. I wish he were in charge of the border, the problems would be reigned in a lot better than they are now, although we’ve made tremendous progress with Trump. I loved how he owned AOC, she had no idea WTF she was talking about, and he did! lol. I’d love to hear more from Homan in the future.
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This book is a very useful read for people interested in learning about current issues at the border and how it relates to many other topics. Homan is a former director of ICE and provides unique insights that this job has given him
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Highly educational book on All Things Border Security and fascinating read to boot. Using plain language, Director Tom Homan details the hair-raising facts and inside-baseball surrounding the relevant hot button topics such as Terrorism, Violent Transnational Gangs, Human Trafficking, Narcotics and Weapons Trafficking, Sanctuary Cities, The Wall, Asylum Fraud, D.A.C.A., Detention, Family Separation, the Migrant Protection Protocol, E-Verify, Incentives to Illegal Immigration and more. He continues to valiantly confront the offensively deceitful, defamatory, and highly divisive use of the race card and other ill-informed or blatantly deceptive criticism from the ‘Open Borders’ crowd. It’s abundantly clear Director Homan is our Nation's foremost expert and outspoken advocate for strengthening border security. He’s a true American patriot having served our Country at great personal risk and sacrifice for 34 years - and counting.
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