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This book provides the backstory of Poe Dameron, one of the major characters from the most recent Star Wars trilogy. Well-written and suitable for middle grades.
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Reading about Poe was really awesome. He is such an amazing character in the movies so learning more about him and exploring other setting with him involved was great.
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Not perfect, but still a good read. It filled in some of the blanks about Poe's past that are missing from the movies. It wasn't really anything to surprising and I wouldn't rank this book among the best of the Star Wars novels (even among the YA ones). I feel like the story could have been much better. Still, if you're a die hard Star Wars fan, or a Poe fan I'd still recommend picking it up and giving it a quick read.
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The newest Star Wars book explores Poe Dameron’s spice-running days. Written by Alex Segura, Poe Dameron: Free Fall starts off when Poe Dameron is 16 years old and just wants to fly around the galaxy like his mother, when she was a pilot in the Rebellion. Unfortunately, his mother passed away when he was eight years old and all he has left is his father, who wants to keep him around at home on Yavin 4. One fateful evening though, a crew is looking for a pilot and Poe Dameron is looking to both leave his home planet and fly a ship, and both get what they want.

Zorii Bliss is a central part of Poe Dameron’s involvement with spice-running
Background for The Rise of Skywalker
Well, sort of. Poe Dameron enjoys his months of flying around the galaxy with this crew, especially since one of them is the similarly-aged and attractive Zorii Bliss, whom we see on-screen in The Rise of Skywalker, and a teenage relationship blooms. Yet, this crew turns out to be spice runners.

Throughout this book, we see a lot of retconning of material in The Rise of Skywalker, such as his spice-running days and learning to lightspeed skip. While Poe does not enjoy the spice-running activities, he does greatly enjoy the piloting and his time with Zorii Bliss.

We learn about what makes the Guavian Death Gang so dangerous in Poe Dameron: Free Fall
Galactic Underworld
Because this book takes place largely in the underside of the galaxy, we learn about the Pyke Syndicate no longer having such a strong hold on the spice market in the galaxy. We also learn about the Guavian Death Gang and how they can wear such strange helmets, and what makes them so deadly.

This book is geared more towards teenagers, and, at the end, Poe departs from his spice-running activities, and on to the next adventure in his life, which is presumably joining the New Republic Navy. Published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press, Poe Dameron: Free Fall hits bookshelves August 4th. If you’re interested in reading more about this book, you may visit my expanded coverage on Poe Dameron: Free Fall.
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Alex Segura handled Poe Dameron’s backstory from The Rise of Skywalker as best as he could. It’s hard to give a character leniency so that they can be the hero they were in the movies while also giving them enough agency to acknowledge that they were at fault for their current situation, but this book was able to fit Poe’s arc into not only the movies but into the larger world of Star Wars publishing. It was so cool seeing a continuation of both his world from the comics and his new world shown in TROS, and while it’s never going to be perfect at least I can now see the Poe Dameron from the movies and the one from the EU as the same character.
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DNF - did not finish. I decided not to finish this title. It was not for me. Thank you, publisher and Netgalley, and publisher for the early copy.
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Unless you're a big Poe Dameron fan, I can't recommend this book. Although it does plug in nicely to The Rise of Skywalker and this new Spice Runner background that's introduced for Poe, there aren't any massive revelations. The book itself is also not the most well-written. There are many other much better options to turn to if you need a Star Wars fix.
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If you are a fan of Poe Dameron and the sequel trilogy, you will find this a pleasure to read. It is fast paced, fun, and another wonderful Star Wars adventure that brings that galaxy far far away to new life in your mind.
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So disappointing. I am a huge fan of the character of Poe, but this retconning of him into Han Solo Jr just does not work for me. I wanted this book to make me feel better about the develo[ment in his backstory, but as a reader of his Poe comics, it still does not feel like the same character.
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While fun and entertaining to read, Poe Dameron: Free Fall ultimately feels like it was missing crucial pieces to the character of Poe Dameron. Poe Dameron's new backstory is full of missed potential, which in the end, affected how I felt about the book as a whole. Pacing wise, it was great, told through the hands of a skilled writer, but the plot itself left me needing more.
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Not a huge Star Wars fan, but I did enjoy this book! It was interesting to hear Poe's backstory, and the action scenes are great. The cover has a lot of shelf appeal, I would definitely pick this up if I saw it in a store!
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Poe Dameron is one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters so getting to know more about him and his back story was a really nice treat!
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Fans of the ST and poe will adore this gem! The author nails pies characterisation and has fun doing it! Thank you Disney books!
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I really enjoyed learning more about Poe Dameron's past.  The characters were really well written and the plot kept me interested. I thought the writing was also really well done. I would love to read more from this author!
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An upfront disclaimer on this review, I read Star Wars Poe Dameron: Free Fall a few months ago. I thought I’d written my review on the book, but accordingly to my shelf on NetGalley I have not.

So I’m going to do my best to write the review now.

I won’t be able to share any of the emotions or thoughts I had while reading the book, but I still remember well enough to write a decent review. It just may not be in my typical format because of that.

Don’t let the ugly cover (I mean let’s be real, it’s pretty ugly) fool you. This is a great book and worth a read.

Poe Dameron: Free Fall Review

I’ve read over 100 Star Wars books. It’s not even close to the 200 some that are available, but I’d consider myself well read in the Star Wars universe.

Poe Dameron: Free Fall was a fantastic YA space romp that scratched “the itch” for a fast-paced adventure. At the time that I read Free Fall, I had been disappointed by a sequence of average book after average book.

In true fashion to Dameron’s character on screen, Poe is a energetic and driven with enough humor sprinkled in to grab a hold of your attention and never let go.

There’s some romance sprinkled in here and you get a deeper look at the relationship between Poe and Zorii that was hinted to us in The Rise of Skywalker. Again, the details are fuzzy, but I remember enjoying it immensely.

Free Fall tells the story of how Poe ended up with the spice runners and the series of bad decisions that led to his troubled past that was only briefly mentioned on screen.

There’s not much more to say other than if you love YA book and love Star Wars, this is an excellent addition to the new canon.

I give Poe Dameron: Free Fall a solid 4.5/5 stars.
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As someone who loves both STAR WARS and Poe Dameron, I wanted to enjoy this so, so badly. Unfortunately, it never quite felt like it progressed from script to a proper story, and I was even more disheartened to see it functioning primarily to further the retconning of this beloved character that originally occurred in THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.
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Free Fall is the story of 16 year old Poe Dameron who, longing for adventure and running away from his problems, joins a band of spice runners only to discover spice runners are bad. It’s basically just Solo, with Poe finally becoming the Han Solo 2.0 many thought he would be. There really isn’t anything to this story and you can tell it was only told to tie in with The Rise of Skywalker. And if you are looking for any connections to the Poe we see in the comics or in Resistance Reborn, you won’t find that here.

What gets me the most is that it feels like the story never got out of the “idea” stage. It’s almost written like a script, and is so exposition and battle heavy that I think the author forgot to give it any heart. All the characters came off as robotic versions of themselves and it was impossible to sympathize with any of them.

It makes me sad that this is the first thing we got with our sequel trilogy cast after TROS, like they are just trying to retread everything to make it fit better with the film. Like TROS, this book is empty, heavy handed, and made me worry that this is all Star Wars is going to be now. I’m giving it 1 star because it was rushed, poorly written, and in no way stands up to the other new canon books.
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Poe Dameron is my favourite Star Wars character and sadly this book did nothing for me. I felt like most of the time it wasn't even Poe being written about. He bore very little resemblance to the character we know and love from the films and comic books. And the plot was very thin and I found it quite contradictory to what we know already. Also the 'love story' aspect felt so forced and I just couldn't believe in it. 

Such a shame as I was looking forward to something fun with my fave.
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Enjoyed the added emotional backstory to one of my favorite Star Wars characters. It was fun to learn Poe's origin story before the movies. This book made me want to go back and rewatch them.
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An interesting read from the first chapter giving an in depth look at the events that made Poe the hotshot pilot of The Resistance.
Segura really captures the essence of Dameron's character as it develops thorughout the story.
A great tale looking at the younger years of Poe Dameron.
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