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DNF @ 50%. This started off promising; it seemed like we were getting a character driven look at Poe’s youth, his relationship with his father, his dreams, etc. That quickly fell away in favor of mindless action and forgettable side characters. I was looking forward to exploring Poe’s friendship with Zorii, but the way it was portrayed had very surface-level depth; their relationship held no surprises and it was the most predictable route they could have taken it. Star Wars books are tricky to get right, and I’ve only found a couple that really worked for me— sadly, this seems to be another middle of the road addition to the Star Wars novels canon. If you’re a diehard Poe fan and you aren’t looking for anything too unique or refreshing, this might be for you. 3/5 stars.
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I really enjoyed this book! I’m a big Star Wars fan anyway, but Poe was one of those characters I wanted to know a bit more about. I found this entertaining, interesting, and fun. I could absolutely see the Poe we know from the movies being the same as this written Poe which isn’t always the case. I was also impressed with the writing and can’t wait to read more by this author.
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Poe Dameron: Free Fall is finally the backstory we needed especially after the events of Rise of Skywalker. This book focuses on the early life of Poe and most especially, Zorii - who she is, how they met and why she is such a big deal to him. The book was much better than I expected it to be and I recommend reading it to understand more about the characters.
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I requested this book on NetGalley and never expected to actually receive a copy - thanks so much to Disney/Lucasfilm for the opportunity!
Poe Dameron: Free Fall has got everything you could want from a Star Wars story - action, adventure, cool starships and a fun cast of characters. Zorii is a major player, of course, and it's great to see her again here. (She's such a fascinating character here, I wish the book were about her instead of Poe!) And Babu Frick absolutely steals the few scenes he's in. 
That being said, this wasn't my favorite Star Wars novel, by far.
It's doesn't have an epic story to tell and doesn't expand the galaxy the way some other books do, which can be fine, but isn't going to ever get top billing from me.
My main issue, though, is not necessarily with this book, but rather, the way it fits into the larger Disney canon. The Rise of Skywalker's retconning of Poe's backstory as an ace New Republic pilot to a spice runner. Rather than the fun romp it should've been, this book just felt like an attempt to bend over backwards to justify a poorly-executed plot twist. If I hadn't been so invested in Poe's former backstory, I think I would've enjoyed it much more. Poe's characterization here is solid and believable but I just don't think it meshes especially well with his other appearances, not significantly later in the timeline, which I personally prefer.
Verdict: 3.5*
Recommended for: Star Wars fans eager to learn more about Poe's time with the Spice Runners of Kijimi, especially those who aren't already familiar with Poe's comics and novels.
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Here goes the answer to Poe Dameron's mysterious backstory that was hinted in "rise of skywalker"!

I have to say, I'm impressed. Since page 1, the author knew it was going to take me into a wild ride and indeed, I was definitely caught up in all the  action that the star wars universe provides us , and for this character to receive a mysterious and intriguing past, just like the character himself.... I am definitely satisfied. Fast-paced action, adventures in the stars as well as finding oneself in such a big, well society, Poe definitely makes many choices, some of which helped him become the person he is now and other choices  that could've meant the end of his existence. His blooming romance with Zorri was nice, I enjoyed that plot and as for the different characters in this book... I absolutely loved the diverse cast of characters in this book. Definitely a great read.... I would loove to read a sequel sometime because this was great!!
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What a thrilling adventure in my favorite galaxy far far away.

I was a little skeptical about this backstory because I wasn't sure where it would go. There wasn't a dull moment I'm happy to report and everything lines up with episodes 7-9. Poe is 16 years old with dreams of leaving his home Yavin Four and gallivanting across the galaxy like his Rebel Alliance parents. The young Dameron is a talented starfighter pilot like his mother a former A-wing pilot and Battle of Endor Veteran. Tragedy strikes and it's just Poe and his dad, both men unwilling to cope through their grief together.

Poe finds a way off planet and gets entangled with the Spice Runners of Kijimi. From then on Poe's life is in perpetual freefall, he's falling into a life of crime while also falling in love with the mysterious Zorri Bliss.

I still can't get over how thrilling this story was, and I kind of want a sequel.
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I thought I would like this book more to get Poe’s backstory as he was one of my top characters in the movies, however, I know it is totally my problem but I just didn’t like his character (so sad).   

I was provided with an electronic ARC through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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An awesome story that gives more background into the character of Poe Dameron and Zirri Bliss. All the action and adventure of a Star Wars movie. Will keep any Star Wars fans interest.
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i love star wars and rise of skywalker left me with questions about poe and his backstory and this answered them perfectly, would definitely recommend to everyone who wants to know more about the best pilot in the galaxy
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Family, friendship, adventure, journey, courage, hope. The ingredients of Star Wars are in Poe Dameron : Free Fall !

Alex Segura starts this story with familiar characters if you have read Shattered Empire and Poe Dameron’s comics and Greg Rucka’s book “Before the Awakening” (if not, it’s not a problem). It gives the reader a feeling of being at home on Yavin Four.

Like a young Han Solo, young Poe Dameron yearns to fly among the stars. And he will with Zorii and The Spice Runners of Kijimi  !

I love the way Segura uses the words to create proximity between the characters (Hands, eyes, smile, etc…).

When the characters speak I seem to hear the voice of Oscar Isaac and Keri Russell.

Segura succeeds in both integrating the characteristic audacity of Poe and the character's doubts about who he really is and who he really wants to be.

I loved this book  from the first to the last page and I hope Alex Segura will write more Star Wars books about Poe and about Zorii.
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My second Star Wars book in two months. Who am I? I really enjoyed learning about Poe Dameron's past in this book. We learn about how he became involved with Kijimi, Zorii, and the smugglers (all mentioned and shown in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). I also liked seeing Poe's reckless and brave personality as a teenager. But the plot itself of the book is pretty lacking. It's one smuggling run after another, patched together without any smooth transitions. But the backstory is still pretty interesting.

Writing Aesthetic/Style: 4
Plot/Movement: 2
Character Development: 3
Overall: 3

Thank you, Disney Lucasfilm Press and NetGalley, for the review copy!
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I really enjoyed this book and getting to learn more about Poe's backstory!. He has become one of my favorite characters through my rewatch of all the movies, so I was thrilled to get to read a whole book about him! I thought the book did a great job with his character as well as showing even more of the Star Wars universe. One of my favorite things in terms of the writing was the variety of chapter lengths that really helped pace the story. I would definitely recommend this book to Poe fans and Star Wars fan in general!
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There is a throwaway line in The Rise Of The Skywalker where Finn finds out that Poe Dameron used to be a spice runner in his youth. Spice runners in Star Wars being the equivalent of drug runners, this comes as quite a surprise to the group as they know Poe to be a standup member of the resistance. But as we watch them weave through the planet with Zorii Bliss, you start to wonder what happened back in those days.
Or at least that is what new book Poe Dameron Free Fall by Alex Segura is hoping for. The book starts with a teenage Poe Dameron living on Yavin 4, dealing with the how the loss of his mother has affected his family and feeling as if he wants to live a life more than what Yavin 4 has to offer. It is here he meets up with the spice runners of Kijimi and the one and only Zorii Wynn.
To be honest this is where the book lost me a little, since I have seen The Rise of the Skywalker I knew Zorii as Zorii Bliss, that is how she was introduced in the movie and so when this other Zorii came along I was confused and thought I was going crazy. How common could the name Zorii be that Poe met 2 in such a short time? Mild tiny spoiler, they are the same person and the name change is not a typo. It all comes into play in this book.
Poe and Zorii meet each other after Poe gets into a fight with his dad and in a desperate act of teenage rebellion he joins her as the new pilot for the spice runners of Kijimi and together they get off Yavin 4 and start Poe’s journey into spice running.
All in all this book is well plotted and the doesn’t have too much downtime in between adventures, but at it’s heart it is a coming of age story that doesn’t give too much insight on how decisions are being made.  Poe’s character lacks the charisma that his older counterpart has though you do see it try to sneak in from time to time. I would be interested to see if this becomes a series of books that will give us more insight to how he became such a well beloved member of the resistance,
It isn’t that his time as a spice runner isn’t that interesting because it is just not the most interesting thing about Poe since it wasn’t a thing that was fully formed in the movies. But it is nice to see them take a small bit of the movie and decide to run with it to make the character a but more fully formed. One of the saddest parts of the new trilogy to me was a lack of development for some of the characters, but they are bringing that around within the literary universe. 
So should you read this book?
Yes, if you like Poe Dameron, read this book. If you like spice runners, read this book. If you want more Babu Frick read this book. And if you want more Zorii Bliss, read this book. Really I can’t think of a reason for a Star Wars fan to not read this book. Overall it is a 3.5 our 5 stars
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Poe Dameron had a well-established back story going into The Rise of Skywalker and I know that many fans were disappointed in the perceived changes to it. I was one of them. I tried to wrap my head around what I knew about Poe already and tried to figure out when our dashing Resistance hero could have possibly been a spice runner in the company of Zorii Bliss - Alex Segura came in to answer those questions and no mental gymnastics were needed to make it fit the story.

Readers of the Poe Dameron comics will be familiar with his time in the New Republic and as Leia's protege, but who was Dameron before then? Segura's YA novel introduces us to a young man who is grieving the loss of his beloved mother and dreams of flying away from home and the father that would have him always choose the path of least resistance. When a young woman named Zorii Wynn catches his eye in the cantina that refuses to serve the still underage fly boy, Poe is caught in a whirlwind affair that takes him off of his home planet of Yavin 4 and into uncharted territory with the Spice Runners of Kijimi.

I enjoyed getting to know Poe as he learns more about himself and decides which course to take in life. I think a lot of people assumed the worst about Poe's "shady" history from what was mentioned in Episode IX, but, like most Star Wars characters, we see having been a spice runner doesn't necessarily tarnish the shine of the accolades that Poe earns in adulthood.

Free Fall was well written and the dialogue flowed naturally between characters. I appreciated that it was a little hazy in its timelines, as so much of adolescence can be, with one day easily blurring into the next and suddenly you can't remember if something happened in March or October. Zorii's character is fleshed out in a way that I wish we'd gotten more of on screen and makes her sudden change of heart towards Poe and the Resistance all that much more believable.

All that said, I highly recommend picking this book up if The Rise of Skywalker left you feeling more listless than an X-Wing with a fried engine or if you just enjoy a good YA space adventure. You're sure to find answers to those questions and some entertainment. Oh, and did I mention that there's an appearance from everyone's favorite black market droid smith? Much like TRoS, Babu Frik makes it totally worth your time.
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I DNF’d this one unfortunately. While I get what they were trying to do with his character and making him more like Han, I guess, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I loved Poe in the movies, and it just feels like a cheap attempt to give a backstory to a piece of canon that is way too stereotypical.  

The writing wasn’t bad, I liked the few parts with Zorii and Poe that I read, and the action and side characters did make this feel like a Star Wars movie / media. That in mind, I think I’d give this 2 stars.
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So I couldn’t not request this the moment I saw it, and honestly I didn’t expect to actually get accepted for this.
I’m glad I did though, because I love Star Wars! Ok I don’t just love Star Wars, I’m 100% obsessed with Star Wars. I haven't been happier to review a book before either. This was pure enjoyment.

I really wanted to know more about Poe and Zorii, especially after The Rise of Skywalker.

This story was the perfect action packed adventure that showed off Poe’s awesome personality and worked well as a backstory of how he joined the rebellion. I loved seeing his relationship with Zorii grow and then ultimately fail, to where it then leads to the movie where you first meet her on screen.

I would say this is one of the better Star Wars books I’ve read recently, I found the story gripping and easy to put down and pick back up again (I say that because reading e-books is hard for me since I only have my phone to read them on).

I did find it felt like it dragged on a little at the beginning, but once the story really got going I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall, fun story! Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the physical book.
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This story is essentially Poe’s Origin Story. It’s actually a really good one and gives you a lot of the character development you would have missed from his appearances in the last trilogy which I think is important because he is such a prominent character in those movies.

We start with Poe when he is about 16 and he is on his homeworld, Yavin-4 looking for adventure and an escape from his boring life. Poe finds a way off Yavin-4 and that’s where his adventure really begins. He doesn’t want to do anything bad but to leave home he hasn’t got any other options.

As a character, Poe Dameron is an excellent one. He has personal issues with his parents that he is trying to deal with and has conflicts within himself surrounding what he wants from life and at what cost is he willing to pay to get it. For example, there is a part where Poe is willing to kill a certain being but later he doesn’t want others to die despite the fact that all of these beings are bad people.

Reading about Poe as a teenager and seeing the choices he had to make is actually really interesting to read. You will see what Poe thinks of droids and how that changes. He initially hates droids and thinks they’re worthless but a chance encounter with one slowly changes what he thinks about them, which makes so much sense when you see him with BB-8 in the movies.

His character really goes on a wild ride and along the way he has to make choices that are life or death for him. The supporting characters are also really well written and they push Poe to deal with his own thoughts. They also have their own very real issues and it brings them to life and to the forefront of your attention.

You get a huge backstory for a certain illegal group in the movies which I found really exciting to read about since I have only digested the movies, it’s a viewpoint I haven’t seen anything of in this universe.

The world is written really well and is Star Wars. There really isn’t much to say except that Alex has absolutely nailed it all and you might as well be watching one of the movies in book form. The action is well written and blasters, spaceships and droids are all as alive on paper as they can possibly be.

The book brings completely new content to the character and some other characters from the movies which I found completely refreshing.

If you enjoyed Star Wars then you will absolutely love this book. It’s a tale of personal battles, young love and doing the right thing for the right reasons.
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Free Fall delivers the backstory on Poe that I was hoping for! Broad in scope with plenty of adventure, Free Fall takes readers for a fun and engaging read.
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As a Star Wars fan I just had to read this book as soon as possible as it also stars one of my favorite characters ever. I was curious if the book could live up to the grand expectations that the movies bring and if it could capture the same charme. In this story we have a sixteen year old Poe who is yearning for adventure and bored of normalcy. Besides learning more about Poe as a character and filling in things we might´ve not gotten throughout the movies, we also get what we love in the movies - firefights and spaceship manoeuvres and one and the other mention of other Star Wars characters while not slipping away from the main narrative around Poe. All in all this book actually made TROS a bit more enjoyable, seeing Poe in kind of a new light. Fans of the Star Wars movie will enjoy this book and get a few hours of excited reading in! I can´t recommend this book enough and, as a fan, I am absolutely happy that this did not let me down!
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