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I read this book to my two grandchildren. Terry Fox day is big at our local schools and yearly they celebrate all that he did and how this hero is still raising money today for cancer, years after he lost his life. They both listened carefully and shared some things they had learned at school. They were very interested that he was just a kid like them who wasn't good at everything. This book about Terry Fox is told through the eyes of his best friend Doug Alward. The story showed not only Terry's determination, optimism, and strength, but also the power of friendship and the incredible role it played in Terry Fox's life. I had not heard ot Doug Alward, but was happy to learn about the part he played in Terry's life. This book shows how even the worst things that could happen to us, can be used for growth and generosity. There was a quote in the book that really grabbed me and showed what a great influence Terry Fox has been for many and the reason why the Terry Fox Run is still going strong today.

Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue. It's got to keep going without me." Terry Fox

I definitely recommend this book to be added to school and public libraries. I was gifted a copy of this book upon request. The rating and opinions shared are my own.
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This was a beautiful and touching story about Terry Fox told through the eyes of his best friend Doug Alward. The story showed not only Terry's determination, optimism, and strength, but also the power of friendship and the incredible role it played in Terry Fox's life. It really is a touching and motivating story that makes you sad that such a wonderful person was taken from the world and yet motivates you and makes you want to live life brighter and better than before. Terry Fox's life is filled with amazing lessons for children to learn to become amazing people and this book doesn't disappoint.
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When the new boy, Terry, wants to befriend Doug after he didn’t do well at basketball tryouts, Doug is reluctant to hang out with him. Doug quickly learns that Terry is willing to work hard to get better at the sport. Terry becomes a great basketball player and athlete, though he won’t run cross-country with Doug. Everything changes when Terry is diagnosed with cancer and has 80% of his leg amputated. Suddenly Terry is motivated to start running, creating the Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research. His best friend Doug stays by his side the whole time.

Terry Fox is a Canadian icon and hero. Every year, Canadians across the country participate in the Terry Fox Run in September. The run that Terry started in 1980 is honored every year with donations to cancer research. Unfortunately, Terry had to stop his run halfway through his cross country marathon. He started in St. John’s, Newfoundland and ended in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He passed away the following year though his memory lives on today.

I wasn’t familiar with Doug’s story before reading this book. He was a wonderful friend to Terry, who encouraged him throughout his recovery and training.

This is a great story for children because it teaches about the power of friendship. It could also teach young children who Terry Fox was and why he is such an important historical figure that we continue to honour today.

I loved this Canadian story!

Thank you Penguin Random House Canada for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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'Terry Fox and Me' by Mary Beth Leatherdale with illustrations by Milan Pavlovic is a picture book about a famous runner and his best friend.

When Doug met Terry, he was better at basketball, but Terry practiced and got better with Doug's help.  As they grew, so did their friendship.  When Terry found out he had cancer and needed to have his leg amputated, he came up with a crazy plan to raise awareness for cancer.  His friend Doug was by his side the whole time.

I knew Terry Fox's story, but didn't know much about Doug.  I love that this book is told from his perspective and forms a tribute to a remarkable friend.  The illustrations are fun and the story is a great read.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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A great story of Terry Fox growing up, told from the perspective of his best friend Doug. Every year Canadian school kids run for Terry Fox, and this story is a great way for them to relate to Terry's story from a child's perspective. Also, Milan's gorgeous illustrations never disappoint.
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I requested and received an e-ARC of this book from Mary Beth Leatherdale and Penguin Random House Canada through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Forgive me while I take a moment to stop crying!  As a Canadian I grew up knowing the story of Terry Fox, his courage, tenacity, and his ability to never let life bring him down.  This story was a beautiful story of Terry and his best friend Doug and their short but amazing journey together.  I loved learning more about Terry as a child and the struggles he went through from diagnosis to learning to walk again.
I think Terry would be very proud of the legacy he left behind and the awareness he raised and still raises for cancer every year.  I lived in Germany for four years and the local school near the base participates yearly in the Terry Fox run, it was amazing to witness Terry’s legacy reach that far across the globe.
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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope, and this book is a beautiful way to honour the occasion.  With great illustrations and an easy flow, I think this book is a wonderful way for children (and adults!) to learn more about the person that Terry Fox was.  It’s also a timeless story about perseverance, loyalty and friendship.

The story is told from Terry’s friend Doug’s perspective and takes us from the time they meet as children until the beginning of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.  What I loved about this book is how we got to see that even as a child, Terry was a person who didn’t back down from a challenge, whether it was cultivating an unlikely friendship, getting better at basketball, or facing the biggest challenge of all: battling cancer.  

I was already familiar with Terry’s story, but it was nice to read from Doug’s unique perspective as someone close to Terry, and I really enjoyed the notes and photos after the story as well.

Thanks so much to Netgalley, Penguin Random House Canada and Mary Beth Leatherdale for an egalley of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher for an advance copy of this book via netgalley! It was read with my Canadian five year old!

The story of Terry Fox beautifully written as a children’s book. It starts with his life prior to being sick and continues to his post marathon struggle with cancer again. What is very unique about This book is that it is written by Terry’s best friend. It tells a wonderful story to children that no matter what... friends are forever.
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Terry Fox deserves much more acclaim than he has been given.
His story of perseverance in spite of the odds is one for the ages.
Kids of all ages can be inspired by what Terry Fox went through and came out on top.

The timeline and the photographs add another level of interest for the readers.
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Thank you Netgalley for an ebook advanced copy of this title! 

This was a sweet picture book biography of the friendship between Marathon of Hope runner Terry Fox and the book's author. I wasn't too familiar with the story beforehand, though apparently is well known throughout Canada.
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Terry Fox and Me by Mary Beth Leatherdale puts a new twist on the traditional story of the Canadian hero, and tells it from the point of view of his best friend, Doug Alward. I especially appreciate that the story focuses on Terry's early years prior to his Marathon of Hope run, which is a part of Terry's life that is often overlooked. Filled with lovely illustrations, this book would make a wonderful resource for teachers who are focusing on point of view and biographies. The timeline at the end of the book, as well personal photos and written comments from both Terry's brother and Doug Alward will help children relate to this story, and understand why Terry Fox captured the hearts of Canadians 40 years ago. Many thanks to Penguin Random House Canada  for letting me view an ARC. #TerryFoxandMe #NetGalley
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Forty years ago Terry Fox started his Marathon of Hope. He was determined to run across Canada to bring awareness and a much needed research fund to help the children he saw in the oncology ward when he was there.  His legacy lives on today and this year we will celebrate the 40th year of his incredible feat tragically cut short.  The Terry Fox run may look a little different this year but we will all be there continuing what he started.

Perfectly timed for an August 4th release, Mary Beth Leatherdale brings us Terry Fox and Me illustrated by Milan Pavlović.  Terry Fox and Me is a story told from the perspective of Doug Alward, Terry’s friend and companion during the Marathon of Hope. Terry Fox has, rightly so, been idolized in Canadian history so it is refreshing to read a book from the perspective of his friend to remind us that Terry was just an ordinary kid who was goal driven who turned a frightening diagnosis into a way to give back. Terry Fox and Me is an accessible story for young readers just learning about Terry Fox for the first time.  A lot of questions come up, especially among our youngest learners when they learn about Terry so it is refreshing to have a non-fiction story to accompany the fact based information they receive.

The gorgeous two page spreads by Milan Pavlović breathes beauty and life into the story.  Carrying us through the first time Doug and Terry meet right to the start of their journey together. He captures the joys in multicolour and the sadness in a muted colour palette. Readers will be captivated.

I appreciate the decision to end the story at the start of the Marathon of Hope and continue the learning with notes from both Darrell Fox and Doug Alward along with photos from the family, Doug’s training tips for Terry and a timeline of the Marathon of Hope. I would love to see this book in school classrooms and libraries once September rolls around and would encourage teachers and librarians to share it with students in the lead up to the school Terry Fox run
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This book will be great for teaching our young readers all about a true Canadian hero, Terry Fox. It is a book that children will need to be read to. A bit lengthy for children’s story times, ie: the amount in each page, but a sound moral at its heart. The notes and pictures at the end are lovely. The illustrations are not too bad but I think it would have been nice to have them more colourful for young readers. Perhaps clay - thanks NetGalley for the ARC and proper review coming soon! ♥️
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Terry Fox is a Canadian LEGEND. If you haven't heard of him, man are you missing out on a truly incredible story! This man was tremendously brave during a brutal fight against cancer. Even with his leg amputated due to his cancer, he ran a giant Marathon of Hope and inspired a nation, and the world.

But, this story talks about the boy himself! How Terry had a great friend named Doug and how he got to that point. The story emphasizes working hard, courage, bravery and the true power of friendship. Doug works with Terry to help him train and is there for him throughout his struggles. Terry never gives up and neither does Doug.

Doug is barely mentioned in the Terry Fox tale. It's nice to see Terry's best friend who stuck by his side and took a year off to do the Marathon of Hope with him get his glory. Around strong people, there are always a group of other strong individuals helping them along the way.

The art style is cartoon-y and colourful. It has a soft and brush-y feel, yet feels like it fits with the story. 

I am blown away by this book. It is honestly one of my favourites! I love Terry Fox's story, especially since I've been hearing it since I was a little kid. Terry Fox and his tale is one of the major events that has happened in Canada that shaped us as a nation. Having a children's book explain this tale, in a way that strongly expresses friendship, is welcome! I wish I would have had a story like this instead of the lectures we got about Terry Fox back in my grade school years.

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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This is a beautiful story of friendship and resilience. Most people are familiar with Terry Fox, the boy who was struggling with cancer but refused to give in. It's told through the perspective of his best friend which makes it even more interesting. Not only are we seeing what a hero Terry is, but it's also teaching our kids about true friendship and loyalty. My son gave this book 4.5 stars.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the free ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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This is an interesting take on the story of Terry Fox, the story of the boy who had cancer and who wanted to run across the width of Canada to raise money for treating cancer.

What is so cool about this story is that it is told from the view of his best friend, based on what the best friend remembered about Terry, how they were friends, and how they came up with the idea of the run. Doug was with Terry the whole time. Supporting him.

Hard to believe it has been 40 years since this all happened. A good way to learn about an otherwise ordinary boy doing extraordinary things.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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This was a really cute story about the friendship between Terry and Doug. A perfect read for the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope.
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Every kid in Canada knows who Terry Fox is. I liked that this story told us the story we knew, but from a different persepctive. You always see the guy in the van when looking at footage of the marathon of hope, it was really neat to read a story from Doug's perspective
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