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On Impeachment

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This is a great resource for anyone that doesn't know what qualifies as an Impeachable offense, what Presidents have faced Impeachment, and the laws regarding it.  This was a short read, but was filled with so much useful and relevant information.  Every American should read this so that they have a better understanding of what Impeachment is and how it has been utilized.
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This is a very brief account about what impeachment is and what is considered an impeachable offense. It focuses on the four cases in US History when a President has been put on trial to be impeached and if he was found guilty or not. An easier book to read on the subject and recommended. Hey Donald, you should read this.

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Available: 9/8/20
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Great overview of the impeachment process, its history, and how it's been used in the four cases of impeachment we've had in our nation's history. Short, sweet, and to the point, but not lacking on information.
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