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Convince me was a fast paced book that held my interest.  It's a story about Justin who recently died- He was a charismatic guy and the story is  told from 3 points of view Annie his wife, his friend and business partner Will, and his mother Carol.  We learn that Justin isn't exactly who we thought he was - there's a trail of lies and deceit. All in all I thought it was a good read and I was interested in seeing what happened. I enjoyed the book but I wish I hadn't seen so many 5 star reviews - I think it I was expecting a lot more than I  got out of it.
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The emotional roller coaster I was on as I read this book was intense!  The events were told from multiple characters' perspectives and integrated nicely with the build up to the ending.  There was plenty of suspense and mystery throughout the story culminating in a gasp worth ending.  I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author.
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What happens when the perfect husband, son, and friend turns out to be the perfect liar?

Annie, Will, and Carol are about to find out.

This is a fun little thriller that one shouldn't take too seriously. Chapters alternate perspective of the three and each one urges you to read on to the next. I will admit I had a feeling that I knew where the story was going and for the most part I was right but it didn't hinder my reading experience and I have to give that to the author. Each chapter has a new revelation of sorts and my mind was constantly trying to work it all out and I *mostly* did. Still, this is fun. It's the perfect beach / poolside read. This is escapism and I was all for it.

Oh, and I loved the dedication:

"This book is for everyone who is sick and tired of the fucking liars and their fucking lies.

Preach it, sistah!

Minor gripe: I don't like the cover at all and I almost didn't request this. How petty am I? It would have been my loss though. 4 *Calgon take me away* Stars! 
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Justin is dead.  We start at his funeral seeing his life through the eyes of his wife, his best friend, and his mother.  His "meet" stories with Will, the best friend, and Annie, the wife, are a cutesy.  A little too cutesy.  He is overly charming and overly giving and overly everything.  He is the kind of person the term "extra" was coined for.  His death is an accident and leaves a lot of questions for those around him.  How did a man who hated drug use die with drugs in his system?  Was he too good to be true?

I really liked this book.  Justin's personality was way over the top from the beginning.  It may be easy to see as a reader, but it took longer for his loved ones to see it.  After his death, in fact.  Through their memories you read hints of it right away (his mother's memory of his reaction to her death, his wife remembering their early and manipulative dating days, the friend being plied with strange and expensive gifts almost as soon as they met.)  This is what happens when that person is revealed. 

The people who tell the story are those that were so close to him that they couldn't see him.  Their lives became instantly and deeply entangled with his as soon as they met.  His death leaves them all floundering to figure out what they will be without him and then they start finding out the truth.  The question is, can they handle the truth? (You can't handle the truth!)  What will those closest to him do to keep his reputation intact?

Fun to read! Thanks to Nina Sadosky, Netgalley, and Random House for the ARC.
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I received this advance reader’s copy from NetGalley. I enjoyed the three points of view, the story kept my interest, but the ending seemed a bit contrived. Mama and son didn’t seem very believable, nor did Anna’s sudden brainstorm that helped to solve the mystery. Just my opinion.
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I love her writing and I love her flawless plots that just pull you in because it's a dark, creepy and chilling book. It's just never what you think it is and the ending will have you sitting there wondering what in the world did I just read. My second thought is that Nina Sadowsky is a genius. An absolute must read. Happy reading!
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Justin Childs appears to be the perfect son, the perfect husband, and the perfect business partner. When he dies in an accident, things about the perfect Justin start coming to light. This was a fast read with twists I didn't see coming.

Dawnny Ruby 
Novels N Latte 
Hudson Valley NY
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Annie is 31 and a widow.  Her beloved husband, Justin Childs was killed when his car went off the side of a mountain.  He and his best friend, Will, owned Convince Media.  Everyone loved Justin.  His outgoing, happy, personality simply drew people to him.  Annie has learned that Justin had Valium in his system he died.  She cannot believe this because Justin hated drugs.

Carol is Justin’s mother who as a widow worked hard to raise her beloved son.  He was the light of her life and now she is heartbroken.

As Annie and Will start to look into the business, some things come to light that shock them both.  It turns out that Justin was hiding many secrets.

Justin is/was an unbelievable personality.  How do people get so full of themselves?  The author has woven the most amazing story of narcissism, greed, lies, and a type of sick love.  She has you reading up to the very end to see who is lying and who isn’t.  Very well done.  Enjoy!

Copy provided by NetGalley and Goodreads in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Wow!  This book had me hooked and on the edge of my seat the entire time!!  The book was so good that I was finished before I knew it!  A definite must for thriller fans!!
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Wow! This was my first book by this author and I was impressed! I flew thru it. The story was so good! I will definitely be looking forward to reading more books by Nina Sadowsky!

I recommend this book for lovers of psychological thrillers, it will not disappoint!
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Wow!! This little thriller packs a big punch. This is one that really makes you think- what if everything you thought you knew about someone was a lie? And the ending- I had an inkling of the “who,” but the “why” absolutely blew me away. I definitely enjoyed and would recommend this one!
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I’m not sure why this one isn’t getting more attention, but this is a great little mystery book that clocks just under 300 pages.

Synopsis: Justin has just been found dead after a car accident, found with valium in his system.  Justin is not the type do valium. What has happened?  We learn more about Justin through his wife, his mother, and through his best friend as this story takes us back to when they met him and to present day.  This one is told in alternating perspectives, and Ms Sadowsky does a wonderful job at giving each narrator their own unique voice.

Review: Another book that I think is best to go in knowing as little as possible. During a busy work week, I read this in just over a day. That rarely happens during the week. This book did an amazing job at grabbing my attention and keeping me wanting to read to find out what happens next. This is my first book by Nina Sadowsky, but she is a great storyteller and the plot is twisty and full of secrets.  It is very well written, fast paced, and unique. I definitely recommend this one to thriller seekers, mystery lovers, and those who enjoy quick suspenseful reads.

4.5 rounded up to 5
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This was a great book, one that kept me interested from the beginning until the end.  Kudos to this author, I plan on getting her other books as soon as I can.
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Convince Me was a fast paced book that was quite difficult to put down.  Justin was a total charmer.  Someone that got whatever he wanted out of life, usually in a BIG way.  Just as the pieces of his life start to fall apart, Justin is killed in an accident and it’s discovered that he had Valium in his system.  Was it an accident? Did he commit suicide or was it something more sinister? After his death, his wife Annie and his best friend  and business partner Will, seek answers to all of their questions.  Answers that might just surprise you!
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Three people experience the loss of a loved one.  One wife, one mother, one friend.  But how is their story all interwoven?  Convince Me is a story of the secrets held by the dead and asks the question, do we really know someone?

My answer is always no.

Sometimes the answer might be a little more detailed.  And Sadowsky takes us through what can happen to your loved ones after you die, especially if you kept secrets from them.  Told from three different perspectives, Sadowsky takes us through grief, but not in a way that will make you sad.  Convince Me is a mystery, not just in secrets, but in a thriller way.  It's definitely a good one.

Convince Me comes out 8.4.2020.

4/5 Stars
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When Justin Childs died, it seemed as If the whole world mourned. Described as an innovator, a hardworking businessman, devoted husband and best friend, Justin seemed to have it all. 

After his death, Justin's perfect world starts to crumble. His business starts to crack at the seams, and many of his stories turn out to be lives. Who was Justin Childs? How many lives did his intersect? How will they ever recover? 

This one kept me guessing until the very end! IIf you're looking for. a well crafted and interesting page turned, this is your book! I loved the storylinek and truly enjoyed reading it!  Add this one to your to be read list! 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC!
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Annie loved her husband Justin, Carol loved her son Justin, and Will loved his business partner and friend Justin.  All three are shocked when Justin is killed in a car accident, found with valium in his system after running off the road.  All three narrate this tale of what happens next - as they discover Justin has woven an elaborate fabric of lies. Little by little, they all discover that Justin wasn't what they thought he was, that there was no big investor in the company, that he had a secret relationship, that his big gestures were just that. No spoilers from me but early on you'll start to question what Justin really was.  Switching up the perspectives was perfect here- you're wrapped into that person's thoughts. This is a terrific thrill ride- Sadowsky is a great storyteller and the plot is twisty and taut.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  I very much enjoyed this- read in a rush- on a hot pandemic day inside but it will be perfect any time of year or place for those looking for a well done page turner.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher. 

This was a pretty good thriller about a man who dies at the age of 33 in an apparent car accident, told though the eyes of his mother, his wife and his best friend. Throughout, I got some Norman Bates type vibes about the relationship between Justin and his mom Carol, but that added to the thrill. This was a fun, quick read, perfect for the beach.
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Wow, I loved this thrilling Murder Mystery!  More twists and turns than you will know what to do with! Everyone seems suspect and everyone seems innocent..and the bodies pile up....... then the end of this thrillious ride leaves you dropped jawed!I. You will want to close you eyes but, silly thing!, you have to read what will happen next!
Best book of the month for me!
Wonderfully flawed characters. (who doesnt like those in a mystery?) 
Loved the writing as we go though the relationship each character had with the main decedent all wrapped up in a plot that will keep you turning the pages!
Easy a 5 star rating!
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Ballantine Books, and Nina Sadowsky for the opportunity to read and review her latest thriller - 5 stars for a great read (and best dedication of the year!).

Justin has it all - a successful company, Convincer Media (great tie in with the title!), set to go public, works with his college best friend, Will, married to Annie, and has a close relationship with his mom, Carol.  But when Justin is killed in a car accident and is found to have Valium in his system when he was opposed to drug use, that is just the beginning of the questions facing those left behind.  

This book is told from the viewpoints of Will, Annie and Carol.  Each character has their own history and view of Justin, obviously, but each voice gives us more information into their feelings and background.  And the lies - who is lying here and who are we to believe?  Each chapter left me hungry for more until the final twist.  

Fabulous writing from a must-read author for me - highly recommended if you are in the mood for a great psychological thriller.
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