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The Andromeda's Ghost

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At first i felt kind of thrown into the story and was confused, but i grew to like the characters and story.

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Taren Platinum planned to kidnap the princess. It didn’t turn out the way he wanted. So what’s next?

What’s next is a question throughout The Andromeda's Ghost. A repair mission on a desolate planet wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed. Once Taren encountered the ghost of the crashed spaceship Andromeda, the story turned in ways that he - and the reader - could never have expected. But it all made sense.

In The Andromeda's Ghost, Becca Fox laid out a journey that was fun to share.Introducing the ghost allowed her to tell her tale with dialogue instead of narrative. World building is a challenge, since the author has to walk the fine line between fleshing out the setting without getting bogged down with excessive prose. The balance was terrific, using concise descriptions that made it easy to create a picture in your mind. Each new character was unique, well-developed, and interesting. The story goes into unexpected but reasonable directions, because the characters’ actions were consistent with their values. For example, when a character pops up in a place where she's not expected, she has a reasonable explanation why. 

The book is the start of The Andromeda Chronicles. I can’t wait to read her next book.

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This story has an appealing premise, founded in a story of desperate lovers in a distant star system, striving to surmount multiple barriers to their future. After a daring rescue of his true love, our hero attempts to outrace pursuers in a borrowed spaceship with disastrous results. This, however, is only the beginning of the adventure. Action scenes are well described and exciting. Futuristic technologies make frequent appearance and are believably introduced. The book has real potential, but the reader is often distracted by niggling deficiencies in the story development. Fundamentally, the story would benefit greatly from fuller characterizations to make the main players and events more engaging. It’s hard to remain interested in events happening to someone whom one barely knows. In addition, a lack of background and research in mechanics, physics, and the function of electrically powered vehicles leads to errors that distract significantly from both plot and character development.

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I enjoyed this book. It has potential for a good series. Good writing, storyline, dialog and action. I recommend checking it out. I think you'll like it.

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Former bodyguard Taren, kidnaps/rescues Princess Kylee as she is walking down the aisle to marry another. Together, they flee in a stolen spaceship. After being shot down and stranded on Cartiss, they must evade the royal guards and find enough supplies in the mafia ruled town of Hurren.

This was a well written, and interesting book. I generally do not go for sci-fi books, but I thought the premise of this one was intriguing. The characters were well defined, and although slightly stereotypical, were dynamic enough to keep me interested. I would like to read more from this author.

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A man named Tarren is one of the guards assigned to the princess Kylee. Unfortunately, from spending time together, they get to know each other quite well. Inevitably they fall in love. Kylee is supposed to be married soon to a prince in an advantageous marriage. She can only be together with Tarren away from her duty to marry a prince she’s never met.

Unfortunately, they are chased by guards and end up crash landing on a different planet than they intended to go. It is not a friendly place. Outside the cities it is covered by desert with a hostile climate and dangerous beasts. Inside the cities, there is rampant corruption and crime that are mostly run by criminals and mob bosses. Against these odds, including having very little money, Tarren has to repair the ship, all the while staying under the radar of the men looking for him and the princess. Eventually a criminal cartel is trying to find him as well.
The pace of the book picks up quickly after the crash. Tarren ends up picking up stray children when he runs into them in places and situations children should never be inside the city. His new little group helps him as much as they can, astonished he cares about them. As luck would have it, one of them even knows a bit about fixing the ship’s computers.
I don’t want to give too much away about how things end up. It’s an exciting book with various twists that I didn’t really see coming (though there was a couple I rather did). This was a fun sci-fi read with suspense and action that kept me wanting to know what happened next.
The end of the book suggests there might be a sequel and if there is I look forward to reading it.

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Ok. Wow. Where do I start.
Firstly, I received access to a free pre published version of this book for a limited time via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Now for the book.
Initial thoughts when I started was : alright this is fairly interesting, some good nifty gadgets and some very interesting interplanetary politics.

A love story cut short is not always what most people like but this was so good. The frustration, the helplessness and desperation of a person stranded on an unfamiliar planet is so well captured you could almost imagine it in real life.

The world building in my opinion is exceptional and details were well researched. I liked the diversity. Not just one type of people or beings but a variety which makes this world more dimensional .

Best part about this book:
I love the characters. I love the heart warming moments that appear at just the right time.

"Broken pieces stick together." That's The Quote of this book. .

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When I started reading this book, I got really confused. I did not know that I would be reading a romance book, as that is the reason why the plot starts. However, it did have a plot twist that I did not see coming right at the start. I did like learning about the different planets, and how the relations are between the planets. The worldbuilding was ok in my opinion. In the end I wanted some more, I guess. Less romance for sure, and more action. But the beginning is a great one! It does pull you in the story, which I can appreciate.

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