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Blaire Calloway, our cupcake maker is a force to be reckoned with.  A strong business woman with never ending great ideas, she is feisty when it comes to fighting for her business. Enter Ronan Knight, next door bar owner, hottie, and all around good guy.  They are just different enough to be a match made in heaven.  You know that old saying of not mixing business with pleasure though...Will this story have a sweet ending or will we be left with a hangover?

This book was so fun! Sweet and sassy with a little steam! This haters to lovers story is full of quirky loveable characters and cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes! If you're looking for an easy to read romance to round out your to be read list this will fit the bill!  This was my first book by Helena Hunting and it won't be my last.
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It has become very apparent that books that combine food (be it cooking or eating) mixed with romance are obviously my jam (pun intended). It seems like I unconsciously seek out that particular genre pairing and I have loved every single food related romance I have read, be it YA or Adult. Bring me all the food romances please!

Kiss My Cupcake was the perfect light and fluffy read with the best kind of happily ever after, exactly what I wanted it to be. The characters were well developed and both incredibly likable and real feeling, I rooted for them as individuals as well as a couple. And there was a nice bit of steam here as well, but not overly so which I thought was a nice balance. 

My favorite part of the book (ok let's be honest, my favorite part of every book) was the humor, the ridiculous situations and banter that came out of the blue and made me laugh. 

Overall this book filled me with joy at the lighthearted tone and fluffiness- not to mention the world's biggest unfulfilled sweet tooth since I want to eat all the cupcakes mentioned in the story. This is my first read from this author and I would easily pick up more now.
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Super cute, fun, and swoony. I loved this take on the enemies to lovers trope. It was nice that the two love interests starting working together for a common goal towards the middle of the book. This is a happy, feel good romance with cute side characters and it's a fast, easy read.
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I picked up Kiss My Cupcake looking for something sweet and fluffy to read following some particularly crappy news and I'm happy to say that it helped. It's a funny enemies-to-lovers/rivals-to-lovers that turns into a partnership in more than one sense. I come from a restaurant background, so it's always hit or miss for me when I pick up a book with MCs who work in the biz, but this worked! She sells cupcakes and cocktails, he's got beer, pub food and... ax-throwing?! It's actually funny, even if the female audiobook narrator has almost zero ability to convey humor. (The words are funny but she is not.)

This is lower-heat than many of Hunting's previous books, so expect something more like her last two illustrated cover romances with Forever and not say, her Shacking Up series. The official first kiss is at 70%, but this is a slow burn, meaning there's plenty of build-up.

However, this joins a burgeoning cupcake-shop subgenre and I've grown tired of plucky heroines from super-wealthy families who're praised endlessly for not taking their family's money, all the while being allowed to take risks because they'll always have piles of money to fall back on if it all goes to hell.

Content Warnings: weird/strained family dynamics, past death of parents and sibling, fat-shaming (from her family, countered on page)

I received a digital ebook from the publisher for review but purchased my own audiobook.
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I will always remember Ronan from A Secret for a Secret. The guy had one or two lines, but I NEEDED him to have a book. Wish granted!!! This book was so good. Enemies with chemistry! I loved everything about it!!
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Fans of baking and beer will like this romance. Blair is a hard working entrepreneur opening a boozy cupcake shop (heaven?). Right next to her, Ronan is operating the bar started by his grandparents.

Start with an awkward encounter, add in some flirting, more awkward tension, and compassion - this is a fun read when you're in the mood to escape! The characters seem human, have challenges, and drama. Reading Kiss My Cupcake is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Thank you to Netgalley and to Forever Publishing for the review copy - all opinions are my own.
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Helena Hunting is one of my favorites but this one fell a little short for me. It had all the makings of a great romance...lots of angst, humor, fun pranks but there’s just something about it that just didn’t hold my attention and I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it. It was well written and fun but I just didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as her others.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this romance between rivals. The characters were extremely likable and their banter was top notch!
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Blaire was such an original. I loved her retro 50’s dresses and hair. I loved her kitten heels. I loved how fiery she was, and how driven. She was the kind of heroine you can look to for inspiration. Ronan was the sexy hipster lumbersexual that’s so “in” right now. It’s in style, and it’s also my style.

I also loved the restaurant/bar setting. It’s not my thing in the real world, but right now I’m all about getting out of MY world anyway. The idea’s for both Buttercream and Bourbon and for A Knight Cap were so fantastic, it made me wish they existed in my town.

The ending was wonderfully unexpected. It was happy. It was sweet. It was selfless.

Basically, all of my favorite parts of a damn good romance novel.
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A very cute read centered around two competing bars striving to be the best. Blaire and Ronan make an adorable couple and are great protagonists in this story. Helena Hunting is killing to rom-com genre and I can't wait to read more by her.
Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this enemies to lovers romance featuring baker Blaire and bar owner Ronan. Their rivalry had me chuckling throughout the book and the snarky banter was perfect. Loved it!
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Sadly, I didn’t love this one as much as I thought I was going to. I read MEET CUTE earlier this year and really liked it, so I was excited to pick up her newest release. This started out pretty rocky for me and I was considering DNFing, but thankfully it did get better about a third of the way in.

I think this was a little too saccharine for me. Especially in the beginning, it was cheesier than I would have liked, the dialogue was a bit cringey, and the characters just felt very flat. It did get better, but I think that was my overall problem with the story- there was not a lot of depth.

There were elements that I really enjoyed, such as Blaire owning a cupcake café and all the descriptions of the various cupcakes she makes (I’ve got a major sweet tooth and now I desperately want a cupcake). I liked learning more about Ronan’s backstory and getting to meet some of his family. The author also dropped a little Easter egg reference to one of the characters from MEET CUTE, which was a fun find when I spotted it.

I struggled somewhat with this book, but there were some cute moments and a couple steamy scenes. Although it didn’t really hit the mark for me, given that I enjoyed MEET CUTE, I would still be interested to read more of the author’s work.
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Hearing so much about Hunting's writing had me excited to read Kiss My Cupcake. However, this just wasn't what I was looking for. There were so many things I didn’t like about this. I thought Blaire was boring and quite uptight while Ronan had so many douchbag moments that he never really overcame. Add unlike characters and make the romance a slow burn? Not for me.  I wanted a cute romance but this wasn't it.
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This book blew me away! I was unable to but it down. Perfect, dazzlingly, very well written. The details the author described throughout the book was so amazing. The  characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming  Truly Amazing and appreciated the whole story. This is going to be a must read for many many readers. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No spoilers. Beyond amazing I enjoyed this book so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming  Could not put down nor did I want to. Truly Amazing and appreciated the whole story. This is going to be a must read for many many readers. Maybe even a book club pick.
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*I received an arc from Netgalley & publisher for an honest review* This was my first Helena Hunting book & I loved it!!  Blaire Calloway finally had her dream come true of opening her Cupcake & Cocktails business after all her hard work & Ronan Knight is renovating his grandfather’s bar next door when she is finally ready to open her shop. They go back & forth with each other (Ronan had the bar’s grand reopening the same day as her grand opening) to try to outdo each other until they have to work together when they get competition from another bar/restaurant chain. They slowly get to know each other & get into a relationship. I really liked how he stood up for her against her not so nice family (her family really wasn’t nice to her but she loved them despite it). This was a sweet, sexy & oh so funny story that I highly recommend!! I will be reading more of her books!!
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Kiss My Cupcake is the latest hilarious enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy from Helena Hunting and I enjoyed it so much! Ronan and Blaire were so great together, balancing each other out perfectly, despite their rocky start.

Blaire’s dream has been to have her own cocktail and cupcake store and step out of the shadow of her famous restaurateur family. Her dream is about to be achieved with the opening of Buttercream & Booze, but there’s a slight hitch in her plans with the opening of a pub next door, The Knight Cap, with beer, wings and axe throwing. The owner Ronan is the complete opposite to Blaire, he’s laid back and looks like a sexy lumberjack, where as Blaire is more along the sophisticated 50s pin up looks. Their first meeting goes badly, with smashed glasses and insults traded, with Ronan trying to make up for it with pranks, something Blaire doesn’t appreciate. When their businesses open on the same day, and their planned evening events continually overlap, plus an online Best Bar competition producing even more rivalry, they decide to call a truce. But when they suddenly both have a common enemy, their truce turns to more, with them having to work together to keep both of their businesses afloat. Will their working relationship, and the attraction that’s been building between them, turn to more as they work closely? Or will the rivalry between them cast doubt on the true motives behind their relationship?

Blaire was so desperate to prove to her family she could make it on her own, her drive was so impressive. I loved how love for cupcakes and cocktails and her commitment to being herself. She was a bit uptight, but Ronan was the perfect man to show her how to let loose, and in turn she helped him keep his dream of opening a brewery alive too. Ronan wanted to keep his family’s bar running, but make it work in the 21st century. He was such a family man; I loved his relationship with his grandfather, but he also a cheeky side which was so attractive. Blaire and Ronan worked so well as a team, complementing each other perfectly, and they were so hot as a couple too! There was minimal drama, no jealousy, just apprehension from both at letting someone in again, after they had both been previously hurt. Kiss My Cupcake is such a feel good romcom read, and I would highly recommend!
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Sweet and steamy. Sassy and swoony. This was SO FUN! Blaire is Super excited to finally open up her dream cupcake and cocktail business. When there is a loud boom coming from the business next door she is none too pleased. When she goes to investigate she finds out that a bar is opening up next-door and the owner is a HOT lumberjack. BUT Blair is not having it, this guy no matter how hot he is not going to ruin her dream. Ronan is startled by how hostile Blaire is especially because she looks so sweet. What follows is a deliciously entertaining Frenemies to lovers story.

I loved every minute of this book! Blair and Ronan were super adorable together. But seriously everything Blaire did was super adorable. The girl bought matching outfits for them when they were doing events together. I have to give it to Ronan he went along with it. Blair also had the most uniquely entertaining family ever loved the Thanksgiving this couple spent with her family. Ronan on the other hand had a great family with a super loving Gramps. This was the perfect heartwarming read. And now I want a cupcake... and a craft beer.
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I finished this good with a ridiculous craving of cupcakes and a goofy grin on my face. This was just so stinking cute, y’all. SO CUTE. This was opposites attract perfection with a splash of enemies to lovers and all the feels.

"You may have started the war, but I’ll be the one taking you down, one sweet treat at a time.”

What happens when a sexy and tatted lumberjack meets a sassy and fiery baker with a penchant for retro fashion and insults. Basically, this was a recipe for amazing from the very first page.

Blaire is intent on making her boozy bakery a success. Combining sweet treats with fun drinks is her thing, much to the dismay of her very kooky but gourmet family. She’s intent to prove to them that she can make it on her own and without their financial help. But then she gets a new work neighbor that turns everything upside down. Ronan runs the bar next door and his renovations have been giving Blaire grief. So suffice it to say their first meeting isn’t exactly cordial. The chemistry between these two was EVERYTHING. And I seriously mean everything. You can literally see the sparks fly between them each time they go head to head.

At first they’re business rivals, each trying to one up the other when they’re not trading barbs and insults with a strong undercurrent of sexual tension. Then an unlikely friendship forms. I seriously loved the two of them together. Blaire has the kookiest family that made for some highly entertaining secondary characters. She’s also fun and fiery with a temper but a caring heart. I simply adored her. I cannot tell you how much I loved Ronan. He was perfection covered in tattoos. He’s sweet and loyal and I loved the relationship he has with his grandfather.
The romance here was a delicious slow burn that I couldn’t get enough of. I was eagerly turning the pages just waiting for that moment when Ronan and Blaire finally give into the chemistry between them. And when they finally did? YOWZA. Perfection.

If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted romcom with a delicious sizzle and plenty of feels, look no further!
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My only other Helena Hunting book so far was Meet Cute, which I finished in one day, so I was extremely excited for this one and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed the characters and how they developed along the way.
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Neighbors first.  Then rivals competing to be named as the best bar in the Pacific Northwest.  Both have a reason to make it on their own and make their establishment a success.  But when a chain bar opens across from them they put aside their rivalry to boost both of their small businesses by co-hosting events.  Will it be enough to keep them both afloat?  Who will win the best bar competition?  And, most importantly, what happens when they find themselves under the mistletoe on New Year’s Eve at midnight?

I adored everything about this enemies to lovers romance!  Blaire needs to prove to her family she can make her dream come true on her own, and Ronan needs to keep his grandfather’s dream and legacy alive.  Their attraction is immediate and only put on hold by their rivalry.  I adored watching them pool their resources to outwit the chain bar.

Blaire is so unique and extremely determined.  Creativity and hard work are her superpowers. And, Ronan is a hunk and a half,  yet also a sweetheart.  He may get Blaire riled up, but it’s because he likes her . . . almost like kids in 2nd grade!

Kiss My Cupcake was such a fun and unique twist on an enemies to lovers romance and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down once you start reading.  So, grab your death by chocolate cupcake and either a unicorn martini or craft beer of your choice and settle in for this epic tale.  5 stars!
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