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I really enjoyed this book!  Helena Hunting is one of my favorite authors. The story was fun and sweet, with its enemies to lovers storyline. You will love Blaire and Ronan's banter and flirting. Highly recommend this book, as well as the other Helena Hunting books.
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I could not put it down. Kiss My Cupcake is adorable! 🥰🥰 It’s about a man who had taken over his grandfather’s bar and a woman who opens up a bakery next door. They start out as enemies but then are forced to work together and end up realizing they might not hate each other as much as they thought.
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I absolutely loved this book! I devoured it, I finished it in one day, I did not want to put it down. This book is sweet, steamy, swoony, and so much fun! It is the perfect book to read on a hot day by the pool or at the beach.

I honestly loved everything about this book. I thought the characters were great, and had amazing chemistry together. Blaire was the absolute cutest. I loved how she would buy them matching outfits to wear. It’s something I would totally do. Ronan was the absolute perfect book boyfriend. This book will have you craving cupcakes and craft beer. If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy to read this summer, I recommend checking this one out!
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this one! I really enjoyed it and books similar to it. Looking forward to reading more by this author!
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✨Camaraderie, Charismatic, Cute ✨

The Plot ->

The premise is fresh with a enemies-to-lovers trope. Blaire and Ronan are adjacent business owners and are both attracted to and repulsed by each other. The introduction of their families into the story and slowly bringing them together is well plotted. I really liked the underlying theme of portraying Blaire as a motivated, self-sufficient businesswoman and not as a damsel in distress.

The Characters->

Ronan initially came off as annoying and I was part scared of disliking him. But beyond the first chapter, he quickly became adorable, gentle and charming. Blaire is a bad ass, powering through her struggles and is determined. I like how her attraction for Ronan did not come in the way of their healthy competition. Also none of the characters (that mattered) were patronizing or judgmental. There isn’t much of a character growth here. The characters learn to be with each other without giving up on their identities.

The Writing ->

The story is told from Blaire and Ronan‘s point of view and that keeps the narrative unbiased and entertaining. All the chapters end with a social media update from the business and that is a cute treat!

Thank you Forever Pub for gifting me a copy of this book.

Favorite quotes from the book->

“They really love the concept of conditional independence.”

“I know I always talked about not compromising my dream, but I realized I really love having a partner. Having the right partner.”

“I am glad he loves you enough to deal with the rest of us.”
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This is a romance/chick lit. I would like to Thank Forever for granting my wish on Netgalley for this book. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. It was cute, fun, and funny. I loved all the characters, but my favorite character was Blaire. Her family was something else. I am so very glad I read this book. I do have to say that cover really does nothing for this story because Ronan is not a guy that wear a white shirt and he has tattoos. This is the love story of Blair and Ronan, so I am thinking it should be them on the cover. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Forever) or author (Helena Hunting) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review about how I feel about this book, and I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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Is there anything so wonderful as sinking into a book by a trusted author? Helena Hunting certainly makes my list of trusted contemporary romance authors. Kiss My Cupcake was a book I seriously could have read in a single sitting if I did not have a number of different responsibilities to fulfill. In fact, this book immediately drew me in and I found myself thinking about it when I should have been paying more attention to other things. Also? I walked away from this book wanting to eat cupcakes and drink alcohol — to be fair, that’s my normal state of things.

Blaire and Ronan operate specialty bars next door to each other. You could say they are rivals, particularly as their meeting did not start off on the right foot. In fact, they begin competing with each event bigger than the last. Blaire sets up a comedy night. Ronan follows suit by having a live band. The competition increases when there is the chance to be put on the map by being featured by a YouTube celebrity named Tori. As it happens, however, there’s a threat to both Buttercream & Booze and The Knight Cap coming in so Blaire and Ronan must team up to fend off the threat. Turns out, there’s some undeniable chemistry and attraction between Blaire and Ronan. I was completely here for it as I gobbled up every page of Kiss My Cupcake.

I love a good enemies to lovers trope. Hunting absolutely nails it with this book. We see there’s the initial attraction on both sides at the very first meeting between Blaire and Ronan. We know something is going to happen between them. How we get there is the delectable treat. This book has some pretty spicy scenes that are well written and not at all awkward. I just loved how the romance played out and how it all came together in the end. You can’t help but adore both Blaire and Ronan — especially when you see what Blaire’s had to overcome to get to where she is. Also, Ronan’s Gramps is THE best. I really loved this book. I think if you’re in need of a contemporary romance you should give this one a shot.
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This book was awesome!!! I could not put it down! Helena Hunting is an amazing author. Her books never disappoint! Can not wait for the next one!
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This was totally a cupcake kind of book: sweet and a little creative but nothing too difficult to understand.

I really enjoyed the enemies to lovers theme and the cupcakes and food were so delightful to read. I also loved the rapport between Blair and Ronan.

Overall, super cute story with a lot of fluff. Good for reading when your brain doesn’t want to try too hard.
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Adorable read! And if it doesn’t make you crave a cupcake, I don’t know what will! And the story was just as sweet as any cupcake Blaire could whip up!

The love story was sweet, the characters likable and the setting was fun! I would have liked a tad more opposition for the characters to face. It made the plot a little dull, but didn’t take away from the fun and likability of the story and cast of characters.

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to more new books from Hunting!
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I adore pretty much any book by Hunting and this was no different! Forced proximity, hate to love between two competing bar owners. This was a delightful low-angst read that still had a lot of heart. I loved the slow burn romance and the scenes with their quirky families! ⁣Kiss My Cupcake was such a win for me and really felt like the perfect fun, sweet, and steamy rom-com.
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Helena Hunting is a go to author of mine, so I knew I would love this one! A cute enemies to lovers story with some steam and yumminess. Definitely read!
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Kiss My Cupcake is the first Helena Hunting book I’ve read and she effortlessly makes me fall in love with Rom-Com more than I can imagine!

The story follows Blaire, the owner of Buttercream and Booze, a cupcake shop in Seattle, and Ronan, the *extremely good-looking hipster* owner of a stellar bar right next door, making him her number one target to eliminate from an upcoming competition for the Best Bar in the Pacific Northwest.

Needless to say, this is a typical enemies-to-lovers romance and even though I’m usually not a big fan of that trope, I find myself enjoying this book thoroughly. I absolutely love the funny banters and the protagonists’ wicked sense of humor; what’s more, the modern background setting is just a cherry on top!

All in all, I’d 𝗛𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗟𝗬 𝗥𝗘𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗠𝗘𝗡𝗗 this book to anyone who’d love a cute, light-hearted summer read just to lift your spirits! Of course, I can’t wait to check out Helena’s other works and perhaps, Rom-Com will be my next top fave!
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This was a sweet read.

Blair Calloway is trying to make it on her own, opening her own cupcake shop without the help of her family.  Ronan Knight owns the bar next door, which is slated to open on the same day as her cupcake.  The two experience some conflict as neighbors but develop camaraderie as business owners, and eventually a romantic relationship as they work together for promotion for their businesses.

This book was sugary sweet.  It is a nice, feel good rom com. It is a quick, easy read with very likeable characters.  Helena Hunting’s is fantastic with the comedic - romantic dialogue.  Overall, great read.
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(4.5 stars)

Axes, cupcakes, and cocktails?! Oh my! Helena’s Kiss My Cupcake is as sweet as a cupcake-so delicious, fluffy, and cute, and leaves you craving another bite. This delectable little rom com is an enjoyable and charming treat. Humorous, sweet, and quirky- Kiss My Cupcake is the perfect, light hearted story to get lost in.

Our story centers on the snarky, but adorkable Blair, the retro-garbed owner of Buttercream and Booze- the latest local small business where locals can grab a garishly decorated and delicious cupcake with a cocktail, in a rainbow unicorn martini glass no less. (brilliant idea, if I do say so!) Opening her own business away from her meddlesome parents is a huge accomplishment, but her happy bubble of rainbow sprinkles and frosting is burst by the aggravating banging she hears next door, the vibration of which- GASP- breaks a precious unicorn glass. Agast, she discovers her business neighbor, the Knight Cap, is undergoing revitalizing renovations, including the addition of an axe throwing section. And, the bar’s owner Ronan, a ruggedly handsome, flannel-loving and tatted up hipster, is less than accommodating when she requests she move his axe arena to stop disrupting her business. Two strangers quickly turn into rivals- both trying to one up each other in a game of who can aggravate the other more. And, their friendly banter turns even more serious when they both end up vying for a spot on a famous influencer’s best bar award list. Sparks fly, mounds of witty banter occur, and sexual tension just oozes from these two and their saucy intercounters. Their mutual annoyance quickly shifts into more light-hearted frivolity- they just can’t seem to get enough of each other. They find more and more opportunities to work together with civility, and along the way they start to get glimpses into each other’s full worlds. Soon an undeniable connection is formed. The build up to their relationship is slower burn, but the chemistry is sizzling, the journey humorous, and the reward is truly deliciously sweet.

Like a maple bacon cupcake- on the surface, Ronan and Blair don’t seem like a good fit. But, once you have a bite, you realize they are the perfect recipe- the flavor profiles working in perfect harmony. Both our leads are unique enough to be interesting but grounded enough to be relatable. These two are just adorable- and so funny. Blair is like the cupcake version of Jess from New Girl- except with a whole lot more bite. Her ambition is admirable and her quirks endearing- we get to see her soften as she falls for Ronan and get to delight her creativity. And Ronan, my dirty talking tatted hipster- he made my ovaries explode. He first appears prickly but we quickly discover he’s just a big ole teddy bear- a guy with a lot of heart and a large sense of humor. He’s affable and incredibly likable- and insanely loyal. Neither character arc is overly emotional or intense- instead we just get a sincere and straightforward story of two characters letting their guard down and two characters who realize love means being supportive, relishing in your partner’s success even more than your own.

Helena was clearly having a ball building the world of Kiss My Cupcake- masterfully demonstrating her quick wit and eccentric creativity. From the clever themes and delightful events in their stores, the charming descriptive details of each setting, the neurotic side characters and outlandish family structure, the detailed eccentricities of our characters wardrobe, to the delightful end of chapter tweets- each detail is so meticulously planned. The specificity with which this story is told makes this world and these characters endearingly unique and tangible. These intricacies vividly characterize our delightfully quirky characters and creates an truly encompassing reading experience- I could practically taste the cupcakes or hear the bang of the axes getting lodged into the bar’s wood.

The drama here is refreshingly minimal- especially for an “enemies to lover” type story. No real animosity or hatred exists- just two neighbors who get a kick out of bugging each other. Once they start to explore their interest, there is very little angsty- a minor blip if even that- they just melt together like butter, and once they solidify, they are solid and pretty level. The story, then, is more even keeled and steady. This is the kind of book designed to just make you feel good- it’s light and pleasant entertainment. The flow is great, the pages turn quickly, and you’ll smile the whole time.

Kiss My Cupcake is the perfect book candy- satisfying and sweet. I was charmed by this pleasant and humorous story- even if it did leave me craving a cupcake...and oddly, an axe. If you need a light read or a fun escape, this will do the trick!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I will recommend it to anyone looking for a romance novel. Who doesn't like bakeries and bars?
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Blaire and Ronan's story was fun and as sweet as a... well, cupcake. I loved the banter and bickering. Their chemistry was addicting. Totally a read-in-one-sitting kind of book. Delightful!
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Kiss My Cupcake 🧁

How many of my top reads of 2020 can @readforeverpub publish?????
I mean I LOVE Helena Hunting but COME ON, another five star read??? I don’t get how she continues to do it!

This book was everything.
A hunk in a flannel, a unicorn filled cupcake shop, an endearing save the town plot, andddd enemies to lovers? Sign me up!!
This book was HYSTERICAL, and witty, and steamy, and colorful, and just perfect. I wish I could experience it again for the first time! 

I can’t believe it took me so long to finally read this one. It would have made for the PERFECT beach read this summer! If you haven’t checked out Helena Hunting yet, she is an absolute must read author for your romance reads!
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Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles."

I absolutely love when an author creates a destination so appealing that you wish you could live there or visit it in real life, and Helena Hunting 100 percent did that in her newest book, Kiss My Cupcake! 

Y'all, I want the Buttercream & Booze cupcake and cocktail cafe to truly exist! Is there a place like this where you live? The two closest things I've found thus far are @baileyschocolatebar and @cravethecup in St. Louis (which I LOVE and definitely need to visit again soon!), but I'm willing to take a road trip to find a place that serves both cupcakes and cocktails! 

That leads me to a friendly PSA before I review this delectable book: Make sure you have some cupcakes, muffins, scones, cookies, etc. on hand as you read this book because you WILL be craving something sweet (and when you find that you don't have cake mix on hand to make some cupcakes, you'll make some blueberry muffins because hey, even though they're not quite cupcakes, they get the job done and aren't too shabby with a little Nutella on them!)


Blaire Calloway has dreamt of owning her own cupcake and cocktail cafe for ages. From vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd, accompanied by lemon drop martinis, to maple bacon cupcakes topped with bourbon buttercream, Blaire has her ideas and dreams honed, her social media accounts ready, and her photographer friend Daphne poised to make her grand opening of Buttercream & Booze a smashing success, but when the swoon-worthy businessowner next door, Ronan Knight, begins raucous renovations and schedules the opening of his pub the very same day, it seems like a declaration of war between the two.

From axe-throwing, live bands, and karaoke at The Knight Cap, to cupcake decorating, bachelorette parties, and comedy nights at Buttercream & Booze, Ronan and Blaire take friendly competition for customers to a new level, and though there are some clashes and arguments, the chemistry that exists between them is also undeniable. When a big-chain sportsbar comes to town and threatens to steal business from both of them, Blaire and Ronan decide it's time to band together. Could these two opponents make a winning team in more than just business?

This book was absolutely adorable and so fun, and as my first Helena Hunting read, it did not disappoint! I adored the enemies-to-lovers dynamic that existed between Blaire and Ronan (the pranks they pulled on each other had me cracking up!), and while most of the book was pretty light and humorous, I also appreciated the deeper issues of Blaire trying to run a business independent of her family, remaining true to herself and her dreams, and realizing how poorly her family treats her. Ronan's beautiful relationship with his grandfather touched my heart, and learning about his parents and family history, plus seeing how he stood up for Blaire, created a depth to him that I loved.

Have I also mentioned the hot tattoos, plaid shirts, and hipster glasses Ronan rocks? He is for sure one of my new book boyfriends, and any guy who can roll with devouring a raunchy-themed cupcake at a bachelorette party and having the video put up on social media is A-OK in my book! 

Last but not least, the cupcake and cocktail descriptions in this book were drool-inducing and have me pretty convinced that I'll be sending my husband out for some alcohol and mini cupcakes later! 

This was the perfect book to read while I've been sick, and I can't wait to read Meet Cute and any other Helena Hunting book I can get my hands on!
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4.5 stars rounded up

This book sounded so cute that I picked it for my local romance book club and it definitely didn't disappoint.

What I loved about this book: 

1. Both main characters are loveable, but it's their chemistry that makes this one impossible to put down. Blaire was easy to like and I was rooting for her to succeed immediately. Ronan was described as a sexy, swoon worthy lumberjack with a mesmorizing smile, but he is seriously was the whole package (sexy, sincere, and smart). When Blaire and Ronan met I knew this book was going to be absolutely addictive. Their frenemy situation was filled with laugh out loud banter, heart warming moments, and all the sexual tension you would want in a enemies to lovers romance.

2. The delicious descriptions of all the cupcakes definitely need a mention because I was absolutely drooling at the thought of one of her death by chocolate cupcake. A lot of their interactions involve cupcakes so be ready with a few of your own to munch on while reading otherwise you'll have serious fomo.

3. Honestly I can't review this book without mentioning Blaire's family and the hilarious Thanksgiving dinner that turns up the heat a few notches. Honestly I laughed so much during that whole situation and at the same time was thankful my family isn't on their level of crazy.

This sweet, but steamy read was exactly what I needed. The laugh out loud moments kept a smile on my face as I read along and it was such a quick read that I finished in two sittings. If you're looking for the perfect escapism that brings back found memories of your pre-rona life, look no further than Kiss My Cupcake. Honestly who couldn't go for an evening out with friends that has yummy cupcakes, delicious mocktails, and throwing an axe or two?
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