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A deliciously  good read! Helena Hunting combined sweets and spirits into the perfect enemies-to-lovers summer romance.

While Blaire's new business, Buttercream and Booze, caters to a more upscale clientele with cupcakes, martinis and mixed drinks. Ronan's pub located right next door, The Knight Cap, sells on tap beer, wings, and offers axe throwing for your nightly entertainment. Even though these two get off on the wrong foot and begin as enemies it doesn't take long to realize that working together and planning coordinated events actually might help them achieve the same goal.

Helena has covered Kiss My Cupcake in sweet buttercream...okay she really just covered all the bases and made this book extra fun to read. Between crazy family members which will make you chuckle, delicious treats that totally made me crave everything in my kitchen, fantastic chemistry between the two main characters, and not to mention plaid - yes, I even wanted to dress the hubby up in everything plaid while I was reading. Hunting brings all the magic to this fun, very unputadownable read.  

Kiss My Cupcake is a total win to add to your collection!
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Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting, published by Forever (Grand Central Publishing), is an enemies to lovers romance. A witty and fun, much needed summer read.
Meet Blaire and Ronan. They're businesses are next door and their first encounter includes unicorn glasses and axes, enough said. Believe me when I say there isn't much love between these two. While Ronan sees some hilariousness, own business call. And failure isn't an option. So what to to?? Easy peesy, pact with the competition and see, Ronan's a good guy.
So the mountainman-like guy - be still my beating heart and the quirky and determined heroine, together with a beautiful storyline and  excellent writing checked all my boxes. A great read, I loved it, 5 stars.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

3.5 stars

This was exactly what it needed to be. It was light, cute, had great sexual tension and dialogue and realistic characters and situations.  There were parts that were a little unbelievable, namely Blaire’s entire family, but that just kept it from being too serious. Ronan was a great male lead and it was his relationship with his family that reinforced his best qualities. 

My only wish was that there were more sexy times but that aside, it was a fun read.
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Helena Hunting's books are a comic relief to me, they are just those kinds of books that you can read in one afternoon and can easily make you smile, so I absolutely loved this one too because it was exactly what the blurb and the cute cover promised.

While Blaire is trying to distance herself from the shadow of her family, Ronan is trying to keep the legacy of his alive. The only thing they both have in common is their desire to start a new project and be independent, so imagine what happens when two totally different people end up being neighbors in their new premises... the competition is imminent. On the one hand we have Blaire, a quirky heroine who loves to have everything under control and is starting her cupcake business with this really charming environment. And then there's also Ronan, the sarcastic and tattooed man trying to keep his grandparents' pub alive, but who is also very sweet and caring when he wants to be.

They both started off on the wrong foot, but when a biggest threat hits the neighborhoods, rivals are joined by joining forces. This is a book where you only see the day to day of the characters, so there's not a lot of angst. We can see how they met and their first impressions, Ronan infuriating Blaire, some pranks, her and his witty combacks, how they started to get closer and a friendship was born and finally how they fell in love.

And the side characters were also very likeable, from those who worked with Blaire and Ronan, to the latter's family. I love the found family trope and this felt a bit like that.

Both the writing and the pace were on point and I also liked the format, so the only reason why this is not a five star for me is because I would have liked to know a little more about Ronan's background. We can see that Blaire comes from an "unconventional" family and how that has had an impact on her life, but in relation to Ronan only some difficult moments that he has gone through are mentioned and that obviously have been significant, but it didn't delve much in that.

Overall, this was a pretty fun and sweet book, low on the angst and drama and one that I totally recommend.
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Very cute romance. I always enjoy a Helena Hunting book because I can count on charming dialogue from intriguing characters. After a meet cute the h/H begin their hate-to-love relationship. Blaire is the scion of a wealthy restaurant family (who is the oddest family that I think that I've ever read about!) who is breaking out on her own to start a cupcake and cocktails shop. This book definitely made me hungry for cupcakes during this pandemic! Ronan is in charge of the bar next door and they meet while Blaire is setting up her glassware and Ronan is banging on the adjoining wall by trying to add in an axe-throwing enclosure in the attached bar owned by his family. Ummm throwing axes and drinking...not sure if that's the greatest idea but it works for the story. Ronan is very sweet in a lumberjack-y kind of way and Blaire is quirky and bristly. Great story and fun pranks and banter between the two-recommend if you are looking for an escape!
Thanks to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the ARC in return for my honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher for sending an eARC. 

This was a fun book. I think it’s technically enemies to lovers, but it quickly moves from enemies to allies/friends to more. I loved seeing the back and forth between Blaire and Ronan. The relationship fun and sexy,  and I was pleasantly surprised by the way challenges were handled. 

Be prepared to want lots of cupcakes and some wings when reading this sweet (pun intended) story.
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This book is super cute! I'm a sucker for enemies-to-lovers type books. I love how quirky the characters are... you just can't help but love them. The ending was so satisfying! And now I really want a gourmet cupcake! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a cute, funny, rom-com read. It's light and fluffy and everything you want in a light-hearted summer read.
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Kiss My Cupcake is So. Much. Fun! I was charmed and delighted by Blaire and Ronan from beginning to end – so much so that I didn’t want to put the book down.

Blaire comes from a family of elite chefs who like to hobnob with the rich and famous. They want her to be a part of the family business, but Blaire’s heart is in frosting and fabulous martinis. She’s determined to make her own way and I loved her focus and dedication to making Buttercream and Booze (a café I wish were real because it sounds amazing) a success. Her dream is rattled – literally – by the business next door. Ronan is rehabbing his family bar and from the start he and Blaire clash. From the axe throwing to the loud bands on Saturday nights, the sexy lumberjack hipster is driving Blaire mad. But she can’t deny her attraction to the man and it’s easy for readers to see why. In addition to being utterly drool-worthy, Ronan is a sweetheart. He’s got a good heart, a fun sense of humor, and he’s just plain charming.

Bickering and buttercream make a great start to this love story, especially with the ever-present simmering sexual tension. I loved watching Blaire and Ronan’s professional and personal relationships develop. When they team up professionally, it’s a wonderfully unique match. And personally… Damn, when author Helena Hunting turns up the heat, Ronan and Blaire are seriously sexy. The two of them fit one another like lock and key…or frosting and cupcake, to stick with the theme. I loved them as individuals and as a couple, enjoyed seeing them interact with their families and friends. Ronan and Blaire aren’t perfect and they do make mistakes, but those flaws add to the overall appeal of them. Because they are so likeable it was impossible for me not to get swept up in their love story.

Kiss My Cupcake is smooth and sensual, flirtatious and fun. From Blaire and Ronan’s unique styles and tastes to the businesses they develop to the love story that’s sure to leave you smiling, there’s nothing I didn’t adore about this book. I cannot wait to revisit Ronan and Blaire again and again and again!
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Kiss My Cupcake is a hilarious contemporary romance that will satisfy your sweet tooth! Helena Hunting never disappoints. She brings laughter,  romance, axe throwing, and baking goodness to this book. 

The book centers around business neighbors Blaire and Ronan. Blaire is the owner of Buttercream and Booze where you will find the tastiest cupcakes and unique cocktails. She works long hours but this store is her passion. Blaire needs this business venture to work to get her family off her back. Her family is wealthy and well-known in the restaurant business, but she chooses to start from the bottom and work her way up on her own talents! Because her family has never truly supported Buttercream and Booze, she wants to make it a success so she can prove to them and herself that her passion and hard work can pay off. Being successful gets tougher when her business neighbor, Ronan, moves in. 

Ronan is the owner of The Knight Cap a bar with tradition, good vibes, and axe throwing. Ronan took over his grandfather's bar and wants to make it a success like it once was. He plans to work, visit his Gramps, sleep, and repeat. But plans change when he meets Blaire. 

Blaire and Ronan do not get off on the right foot. They butt heads and love to compete. Because they both want to succeed their competitive nature isn't always the kindest. After one shared dinner and car ride, they learn more about each other and realize that they are alike in so many ways. Things that were once annoying are now attractive. And their attraction is delicious!

I love Helena's writing. She had the perfect recipe for this book. Humor, romance,  relatable characters, developed plot, and heart! Ronan and Blaire's story is so enjoyable because it was unique and vulnerable. Blaire is strong and passionate about her booze and cupcakes and her persistence is admirable. Ronan is a tough, A+ dirty talker, and a plaid shirt and tattoo wearing, a man who is a big softie once you break him down. Apart they are great but together they are unstoppable. Their tenacity and fierce nature make their chemistry sizzle. 

I give Kiss My Cupcake 5 stars. It is another great read from one of my favorite authors, Helena Hunting. She just knows how to make two unlikely characters fit perfectly together. Blaire and Ronan are sweet like her cupcakes yet mighty like an axe. You can expect Helena's signature witty banter, charming characters. This is her SWEETest book yet!
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Forever for granting my wish and letting me read an ARC of Kiss My Cupcake early! I loved Meet Cute by Helena Hunting, so I was really excited to read this one (especially since it’s about one of my favorite tropes- enemies to lovers)! I definitely wasn’t disappointed- this was such a cute book and I loved every minute of it!
Kiss My Cupcake 5/5 Stars
Summary from Goodreads: Blaire Calloway has planned every Instagram-worthy moment of her cupcake and cocktails shop launch down to the tiniest detail. What she didn't plan on? Ronan Knight and his old-school sports bar next door opening on the very same day. He may be super swoony, but Blaire hasn't spent years obsessing over buttercream and bourbon to have him ruin her chance at success.
From axe throwing (his place) to frosting contests (hers), Blaire and Ronan are constantly trying to one-up each other in a battle to win new customers. But with every clash, there's also an undeniable chemistry. When an even bigger threat to their business comes to town, they're forced to call a temporary time-out on their own war and work together. And the more time Blaire spends getting to know the real Ronan, the more she wonders if it's possible to have her cupcake and eat it too.
This book was so much fun and so freaking cute! I read it in less than a day (I couldn’t put it down once I started). I loved Blaire and Ronan and the interplay between them. There used to be an adorable little cupcake shop near my college that reminds me of Buttercream and Booze and I wish I had a sports bar like the Knight Cap to frequent (I love axe throwing). Their relationship seemed to move pretty quickly, but when I look back at it, maybe it wasn’t that fast because they saw each other daily because of work. I loved Ronan’s family and Blaire’s was interesting to say the least… Hunting created a great set of main characters and supporting characters and reading about them was super fun! I never really thought about the impact of large chains on small local businesses- like I knew they were detrimental and I knew they took away clientele, but it never really hit me how bad they were until this book talked about them- makes me want to go eat at my taco truck and my local coffee shops more. Overall, I highly recommend Kiss My Cupcake for all the fun reading you could ever want!
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Kiss My Cupcake is the second book I’ve read from Helena Hunting. This romcom is an enemies-turned-lovers trope that dives into cut throat industry of the restaurant businesses and behind the scenes of small businesses with a side of some sexual innuendos, pranks, family dynamics, and to top it off with a few steamy scenes. The beginning of the book started of strong with well developed characters and an intriguing storyline, however, half way through the book, it took a turn where I mostly skimming to the end to see what happens. The story is definitely a slow burn which I didn’t mind. I loved Ronan’s family and his backstory, but I wasn’t a big fan of Blair at all. Overall, I realized this book wasn’t really my cup of tea, but if you’re a fan of Helena Hunting, you may like this one.
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Kiss My Cupcake is sort of a combination between a romantic comedy and a contemporary romance. It is funny. However there are some very sexy parts.

The main narrator is Blaire (female- 1st person POV). But we also have a bit of the male POV.

The story takes place in Seattle. Blaire is opening a new cocktail cafe/cupcake shop. She has the best best friend ever, Daphne. And the craziest family I've ever seen in a book.

Blaire's family is very rich. But she can't/won't ask for help.

Next door to her shop the sexy Ronan Knight is opening a bar.

The book has a lot of flirty banter. There is a fantastic Best Bars competition that I really enjoyed.

Overall it was a solid 4 stars. I love cupcakes. And I really love stories about people who own bakeries or restaurants. The romance in this book was strong. However, I wasn't sure if this book was a cutesy rom com or a sexy romance. But it was a cute quick read.
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Well, it's official: I love Helena Hunting. I inhaled this book as quickly as Ronan would devour one of Blair's cupcakes. This slow burn was fun from the start – who could resist reading about a woman who strikes out on her own to open her own cocktail and cupcake cafe? Maybe I'm projecting my love of food as much as my love of romance, but I certainly couldn't. Ronan and Blair's chemistry sizzles, Blair's wacky family is laugh-out-loud funny (and appalling), and I adored the back-drop of them falling in love at the Knight Cap and Buttercream and Booze. 

Thank you so much for granting my wish for this title, Forever.

I really enjoyed Meet Cute and have been meaning to read Hunting's backlist as well. With this one, she's on the auto-buy list for me.
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Kiss My Cupcake was so sweet and entertaining! I loved the animosity between Blaire and Ronan and their awesome banter as their attraction built and sparks flew. I loved the ups and downs and playfulness!

I really liked Blaire and her fierceness to succeed on her own. Ronan was amazing and I loved his big heart and what he was trying to accomplish with his bar. I loved them meeting, all the bickering and innuendos, and the amusing pranks and fun barbs. There was a delightful slow burn happening as they get to know each other and feelings grew and I really enjoyed it. There's a playful antagonism that's simmering with chemistry underneath it all and I couldn't get enough of it.

This story was outright fun to read! It was light and easy with minor drama and a bit of angst. There's a nice amount of emotion mixed in as well. I loved the build to Ronan and Blair coming together, from that animosity turning more playful to the building heat. There were great secondary characters, some really hilarious moments, plus a really inviting storyline. Blaire's family is crazy and a bit over the top so they created some interesting scenes. I loved Ronan's grandfather and how charming he was, the bond they had together was great. I liked the competition element that was happening as well and how Ronan and Blair ended up working together. I thought the ending was wonderful with a fantastic epilogue, I totally got choked up. 

I was super excited to read this and was not disappointed. A lively and enchanting story with a sexy bar owner and cupcake queen! This book left me smiling and happy. I couldn’t read it fast enough!
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This was such a cute rivals-to-lovers romance. Hunting is one of the best rom-com writers when comes to character interactions and dialogue between them. Also can write amazing sexy times as well. If you loved her previous books Good Luck Charm and Meet Cute, you'll defiantly enjoy this one.
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It was smart, sweet, and sexy. I loved it! The banter between the two main characters was wonderful. I definitely recommend this book and this author.
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I devoured this book! The sparks between Blaire and Ronan were flying and I just wanted to grab a bourbon maple cupcake and soak up every bit of deliciousness (of the cupcake and the sparks!).The characters kept me laughing with their sassiness (wish I could have been there for their duets on karaoke night!) and swooning with their romance. I kept picturing Josh from Younger as Ronan. Gramps was also a favorite character! I have to mention that I also loved the shoutout to Daxton Hughes- it is always fun when the author references characters from previous books. Such a fun, awesome read!!
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Such a feel good, lighthearted romance. Blaire Calloway is ready for her cupcake shop “Buttercream & Booze” launch but there is one problem. The shop next door is also opening and it’s not a peaceful shop! Oh no, it’s a axe throwing, sports bar owned by her new nemesis, Ronan Knight.  Can these two opposites find a way to coexist and get along? If you love adorable and silly, enemies to lovers, romantic comedies then you are in for a real treat! Roan is as delicious as the cupcakes Blaire makes and I love it. Their banter and pranks will have you giggling. Grab a gourmet cupcake, your favorite beverage and prepare for a lot of fun! Told in dual POV
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This is a fun and light enemies-to-lovers story.  It's great if you're looking for a good time and just want something uncomplicated and easy to read. It’s got a bit of sweet and a bit of spice for a pretty good balance. Ronan was yummy and I was on his side the whole time through every conflict.

It has some problems, like it leans too heavily into the "quirky" girl stereotype and the resolution is rushed. It felt like they realized the book needed conflict so they tossed some in that didn't feel true to the character, then resolved it quickly for that HEA.

But again, it was fun and lighthearted. Recommended if you’re looking for something sweet and simple!
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Kiss My Cupcake was romantic,funny ,sweet and light!It's exactly what I needed!I had a smile in my face, these two were fantastic.Sexy,funny, and I love their banter!
Blaire and Ronan have a sizzling chemistry, and there are plenty of swoon moments!I adored them, from the beginning till the end!
Loved it, it was fast paced,fun and heartwarming!
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