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I liked this book a lot. The relationship between the main characters had a nice, slow build and I appreciated the way they incorporated their families and the different family dynamics. Their neighborhood and commitment to their businesses was a good setting for this story.
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It is no secret that I am a Helena Hunting superfan - from her Pucked series, to All In & Shacking Up, you'd be hard pressed to find a HH book that I don't love - and Kiss My Cupcake is no different. An enemies-to-lovers romance between a cupcake baker and an owner of an axe throwing bar, what could possibly go wrong? No one does banter better than Hunting and Blaire and Ronan are some of Hunting's best in this sense.

Thank you to Forever for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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A very cute love story with just about the right amount of steam! Blaire has just opened up a cupcake (and creative is that?) shop and next door Ronan has taken over his Grandfather's pub (and added axe cool is that?). They start off on the wrong foot but the tension builds and smoulders until they can no longer resist each other.

I completely enjoyed this "sweet" story. It's my first Helena Hunting book but definitely not my last. I especially loved the scenes of Ronan slowly devouring those exquisite cupcakes! Whew! 🔥 (fanning my face.). I want me some cupcakes now! 🧁

I'd like to kindly thank NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for granting me access to this Advanced Reader Copy.
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This was a cute little romance that was lighthearted and fun to read. The enemies to lovers trope was expected but not unwelcome here.
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Somehow I feel like I have a cupcake hangover after reading this novel 😆 If only the book came with Buttercream and Booze's famous cupcakes🧁...

Kiss My Cupcake is about Blaire Calloway breaking out from under her family's culinary thumb and opening her very own cupcake shop, equipped with the perfect ambiance for insta worthy pics and her signature sassy cocktails- unicorn martini glass anyone?? Except as she's preparing for opening day she's thwarted by the construction going on at the bar next door. Of course the bar owner Ronan is hot, and when she goes to confront him she inadvertently sparks a competition between. As they each come up with events to one up each other to lure customers, they start to work together to coordinate what's best for both of them, and the love-to-hate sparks start to fly...

Watching the pair love to hate each other was so much fun! The pranks they played, the predicaments each got the other in, the sarcastic battle of wits that often flew between them, I loved all of it. Could their inner thoughts be cheesy at times? A little bit, but they always called themselves out on it which actually made it kinda funny. The visuals, both of the bar and cupcake shop, as well as imagining Blaire in her 50s style colorful dresses really pulled me into the novel. Maybe that's why I almost felt like I ate the cupcakes myself, reading about Ronan's groaning as he savored every bite.

If you're a fan of hate to love relationships this is definitely a fun one to read. And even if you're not partial to it, you'll definitely have fun reading this one!
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This book was so cute!!! And the perfect read to relax with after a long day. I loved the way the story played out. It was cute and had steam which is always enjoyable. All and all a great cute read!
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This was a cute, quick read about Blaire, a baker from a famous and wealthy (and extremely weird and toxic) family of restauranteurs who decides to strike out on her own to open a cupcake and cocktails café. Just before opening, the new manager of the bar next door starts a loud and disruptive renovation project to turn the bar into a bar/axe throwing hipster hotspot. She confronts her neighbor (Ronan) and they become rivals/competitors and soon are both up for a famous YouTuber's "Best Bar of the Pacific Northwest" honor. In order to compete with a new Dave & Buster's style complex across the street, they start to team up and their sexual/romantic tension builds. I really wish there had been even more about Blaire's super weird family (boyfriend stealing sister and cousin and partner swapping parents and aunt/uncle - it could be a whole book on its own!), but this was just what I wanted from a light rom com partially themed around cupcakes.
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Blaire lives for vintage dresses and her Instagram-worthy shots of her cupcake and cocktail (!!) shop. Ronan is lumberjack chic and taking up the helm of his family's old-school sports bar. From their (regrettably) shared opening day, the pair have been duking it out and trying to one-up the other. Girls Night Out at Blaire's, axe-throwing at Ronan's.

When a massively popular blogger holds a contest that could result in a life-changing amount of business, Blaire and Ronan realize they need to set aside their differences and work together. Unfortunately for them, being in such close quarters makes it harder and harder to deny their chemistry.

Any Helena is a great Helena - and Kiss My Cupcake comes with tatted-up bar owners and mouth-watering cupcakes. Who could say no to that? Fluffy, easy-to-read romance is my love language for 2020 and this one was fantastic.
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Hunting’s latest is full of sugary sweetness with spice thrown in to keep everyone coming back for more. While Blaire and Ronan’s story is a pretty basic enemies-to-lovers one, her writing style makes it a lot of fun.

While the characters are pretty stereotypical, they have a lot of fun together (once they get over the picking at each other) which makes for an easy read. Blaire comes out swinging when Ronan’s renovations interfere with her plans for opening her cafe, but he definitely doesn’t help smooth things over when he keeps pranking her in order to lighten her mood. Unfortunately her unwanted attraction to him, and the stress of a new business, doesn’t exactly leave her open to his antics.

Once a big chain restaurant threatens both of their businesses, they decide to put their differences aside and work together. Time spent together not only is good for their bottom line but it finds Blaire seeing a different side to Ronan. Things go pretty much as you’d expect but it’s still a lovely diversion and left a smile on my face more than once.

Although there might not be a ton of depth to Kiss My Cupcake, it is the perfect read if you are looking for something light and entertaining. The characters are cute, Ronan’s family is awesome and Blaire’s is … well, something else, and keeping the story simple means readers can just sit back and enjoy.
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I loved this novel so so much! Helena Hunting has quickly become an auto-request/buy for me. Blair and Ronan are such a great couple, and I spent most of this book chuckling at the banter between them.
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I can always count on this author to put a smile on my face. If I’m looking for a fun read that will put a smile on my face, I grab a romcom from Helena Hunting.
I wanted a fun read that was easy breezy and she delivered in spades! Kiss My Cupcake is exactly what a expected. A light fun read!

Here’s what I enjoyed:
This opposites attract romance was such a fun read. Blaire and Ronan couldn’t be more different and that leads to lots of great banter and amazing interactions. Their back and forth was thoroughly engaging.

Palpable chemistry. Great secondary characters. Happy vibes. Great feels! That’s pretty much what you’ll get in this romantic comedy. If that’s your jam, grab this one now!
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Another great book I really enjoyed reading this funny and entertaining highly recommended. Love Helena's books always amazing and never disapoint.
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Oh goodness, KISS MY CUPCAKE was an absolute delight! The banter, the sass, the flirting, and the wonderful rom-com fabulousness were absolutely perfect! I loved Blaire and Ronan so, so much! They were both such fun characters, and their chemistry was phenomenal! Blaire was driven and I loved how much she was fighting to accomplish her dream, and Ronan was funny, sexy, and I loved how supportive he was, both of Blaire and towards his family. They were both such wonderful characters, and their interactions had me laughing out loud...and swooning more than once! I also may have shed some happy tears. 😭🥰

I loved the whole premise of this book with the leads being neighbouring business owners competing for customers, and I loved that they had trendy businesses with axe-throwing and booze-and-cupcake combos, but what I loved most was that even when the two were butting heads they still respected what the other was doing and acknowledged what the other was good at. This was yet another fabulous rom-com with a sweet, sexy romance from Helena Hunting! I loved KISS MY CUPCAKE, and I definitely can’t wait to see what Helena comes out with next! 🥰

Overall, I adored this book! I loved the characters, loved the story, and the execution was fabulous! Wonderful writing, banter, and just overall an absolute joy to read! Highly recommend to readers who love contemporary romance, especially if you also love rom-coms! 
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Kiss My Cupcake. By Helena Hunting. 2020. Forever. (ARC eBook).

As Blaire Calloway opens up her new cupcake and cocktail shop Buttercream and Booze, and Ronan Knight reopens his grandfather’s newly renovated pub The Knight Cap, the two find themselves trying to one-up each other in a battle to draw in customers. They’re sugar and spice but not so nice, until bigger competition suddenly opens up down the street. The two decide to put their heads together in order to achieve their dreams and a friendship heats up to more. 

What a cute story. I loved Ronan and his family (his grandfather is so sweet) and how history ends up repeating itself with the love story. While there is a bit of drama revolving around their rivalry, Blaire and Ronan’s story embraces a light-hearted tone overall. If you like opposites attract romances with quirky characters and clever and funny banter, then you’ll be charmed by Kiss My Cupcake. A perfect summer read!
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Helena Hunting did it again! This book has everything from rivalry to love. The cutesy girly girl who starts her own Cupcake Bar at war with an Axe Throwing Bar. The characters are fun interesting and keep you guessing as to how their story will unfold. Plus you get to imagine eating amazing cupcake recipes, a cutesy love-hate romance and going up against The One True Baddie, Big Business, what more could you ask for?
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Well, I first and foremost, have to say that just about anything Helena puts into the world, I'm going to buy, download, and/or recommend. She has a way of making characters become your best friend (or worst enemy). Helena knows how to finesse a story with fun and quirky moments so you leave feeling like you've gotten your "money's worth" in reading. 

Kiss my cupcake, while a bit different from what I'm used to reading from her, was no less her amazing writing style. She provided the fun moments, and added in a little angst and steam. 

Blaire's life is centered on baking her way through life. She is determined to start her cupcake business and no one is going to stop her. That is until Ronan decides to throw an axe into her plans (quite literally). He's the owner of the bar/axe throwing business next door, and he is one steamy drink of whiskey. It's the banter and competitive drive, to both succeed in their businesses and determination to outdo one another, that really has you laughing and turning the pages of this book.

Thank you Helena and Forever Grand for allowing me to read this, for an honest review!
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When I think of Helena Hunting, I think of hockey romance, but this was an entirely different romance story. I liked the enemies to lover plot, and her quirky family was funny. The hardest part to believe was the business element. It didn't add enough believability or the necessary friction. But all in all this was a cute and sweet romance.
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KISS MY CUPCAKE is a deliciously sweet and romantic and so funny novel you need to savor.
Helena Hunting uses her own successful recipe, everything we love in her writing and in her stories is there.
_Sweet as pie (or buttercream) and strong and funny heroine. Blaire comes from a really (like REALLY)... unique family. She fights hard everyday to succeed by herself. She perfectly represents passionate businesswomen who want to live their dreams and have the job they love. Her shop is also representative of small local shops trying to compete and not being swallowed by bigger businesses. Her pinup looks and her personality will charm you, she's a real cupcake.
_Sparkling as glitter (or champagne) and generous and funny hero. Ronan works for his grandfather, he restores and revives his bar. This bar represents small family businesses, with a heart, a true story. Ronan is also a man who prefers earning less money by doing a job he loves than earning more with a boring job. His hipster looks and his personality will make you fall in love with him, he's a gentleman mixed with a hottie.
_Funny banter with sexual innuendos sometimes. First Blaire and Ronan are "enemies", competitors, and they love to tease and irritate each other. It's like a little boy in love with a little girl unable to stop himself from annoying her.
_A good and multifaceted story with great secondary characters. When a chain restaurant threads their businesses they work together, they fight together without losing their souls, they have amazing ideas. Kiss my cupcake is also a story about family and friendship. Ronan's grandfather is a beautiful addition, his story with his late wife is touching, his relationship with Ronan is strong and cute. Blaire's friends are really helpful. They want what's best for her and help her succeed.
_A sweet and true love story. A slow burn romance with cute scenes, funny scenes, steamy scenes... A lot of seduction in their banter and in their behavior, feelings blooming with time and a love real and deep.
_Lots of cupcakes that will make you hungry! Blaire has great ideas and each time she tried a new mix of flavors i was jealous of her customers! I loved how Ronan is addicted to them, his reactions when he eats them... Pure foodporn!
_A light and addictive writing, a page turner, pure Helena Hunting's style.

---> A smart, funny and incredibly sweet and delicious romcom you need!
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What a fun read! After reading Meet Cute, I was excited for this book. While it didn't quite live up to my expectations, it was still a fun read.
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I normally love Helena Hunting books and I can't name a single title of hers that I didn't devour in one sitting, but 2020 has me in a weird mood. Even though I adored the hero, Ronan, I don't feel like I truly got to know him and I found Blaire, the heroine, to be annoying. I felt like these two didn't have the same sense of humor, leading to a lot of their miscommunication, and whenever they went :"we're totally on the same page," I just wanted to scream " no you're not!" 

I'm blaming my feelings towards this book on pandemic brain and I'm still looking forward to picking up whatever Helena Hunting writes next. Thanks to Forever and Netgalley for my eARC to review.
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