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What do you get when you mix cupcakes, booze, beautiful retro dresses, a determined hard-working woman, a handsome fun-loving man, a loveable grandpa, and a bar with a lot of history?? A very sweet story, pun intended.

Blaire is a delight and her dedication to make her cupcakery a success is admired. Ronan has a heart of gold and is so much fun! Together they are one of my favorite romantic duos. 

The story is an adventure in running your own business, dealing with a crazy family, and learning to compromise and work together to move ahead. The witty banter added to the playful atmosphere and the steamy parts were just right. 

This was the perfect read to take on our camping trip and I loved every minute of it. And now I need a cupcake...

Thank you to Forever Pub and Net Galley for my gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Funny, well written and just what you're looking for in romance! Helena Hunting did not disappoint in her newest.
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Sometimes you read a book that reminds you why you love reading and that was the case for Kiss My Cupcake and me. 

This story of rival bar owners made me laugh, swoon, and even tear up a little. Ronan, who runs the fun and laid back Knight Cap bar, is tall, tattooed, and effortlessly charming. And Blair, the owner of Buttercream and Booze an adorable cupcake and cocktail bar, is quirky and full of dreams. I loved their banter and the tension building between them. I loved all the talk of cupcakes, cocktails and specialty brews. And I loved their respective families and how they each affected who they were as people.

Kiss My Cupcake won’t wow your socks off with literary writing or floor you with a surprise twist ending but it will bring a smile to your face and maybe make your heart feel a little bit bigger.

Thank you to Netgalley and ReadForever Publishing for this eARC.
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Kiss My Cupcake is a deliciously sweet RomCom romance with all the feels. It will leave you feeling happy. Reading this book will put a smile on your face as you imagine in vivid detail everything from the 50’s inspired dresses Blaire (aka Alice in Wonderland) wears, to the cupcakes she lovingly decorates to the soft texture of the plaid shirts Ronan (aka Lumberjack) favors to the smell of fresh cut pine in the Knight Cap bar. It will all come to life as you read this book. 

Blaire and Ronan are rivals - at first. She owns a cupcake And cocktail shop, he owns a bar. They share a wall and a hell of a lot of sexual chemistry. Watching them, fuss, argue, fight and consequentially make up, is so very, very hot. Their business animosity does not extend into the personal because they are crazy for each other no matter how much they try to deny it. 
Banding together to fight one obstacle while competing for a coveted prize adds to the will they or won’t they, or more accurately, WHEN will they finally, give into their feelings, kindle throbbing tension that makes up their particular relationship. I absolutely loved each and every comment, look, deed, song, and cupcake that went into the journey to their sexy sweet happily ever after. 

TBR this incredible book and remember, Save a tree and climb a Lumberjack 😉!
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If you are following my reviews, you already know I love Helena Hunting. Thanks to her books, I had too many sleepless nights with the mantra of ‘one more chapter’. As always I really enjoyed Kiss my Cupcake and through the book, I always had a smile on my face. I admit some parts made me laugh out loud, thank god I was at home :) 

Blaire Calloway comes from a family of successful restauranteurs. She is a smart, ambitious, hardworking, and talented baker. Opening her cupcake and cocktails shop without the help of her family has been her dream and she was working hard towards owning her shop. Finally, Buttercream & Booze’s grand opening is close and everything going smoothly until hot lumberjack next door starts hammering her walls. Ronan Knight is helping his grandpa to redecorate his old-school sports bar to make it more approachable by the younger crowd. To cut back the cost, he is doing most of the things by himself. However, he is not aware that he is driving his next-door neighbor nuts with the noise and all that hammering so as you can imagine their first meeting wasn’t a pleasant one. Everything gets more interesting and contentious when Ronan decides to schedule his grand opening on the same day as Blaire. Starting with their openings, they are both in battle mode. Adding the ‘Best Bar’ contest by one of the most influential YouTubers in the mix, they are constantly trying to sabotage each other and create events that will move them further in the contest. However, when a big chain decides to open a restaurant on their block, soon they realize the only way they can survive is by joining forces. No worries their banter is still there, it only gets flirtier and hotter. I loved how their rivalry turns into an amazing friendship and when they give up fighting the attraction, it turns into a sweet, sizzling love story. 

Kiss My Cupcake is a sweet, inspiring, face pacing story that will put a smile on your face from the beginning to the end. If you are looking for a light, drama free, summery read, this book might be just for you. 

Would I recommend this book: Yes
Would I re-read this book: Yes
Would I read future books by this author: Yes
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This was a wonderful book! I enjoyed it. I laughed so hard in some places! I would definitely recommend this book! It is a must read!
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4 stars

I was pulled right into this story. This story contains secrets, love, heartbreak, and laughs.

This is Blaire and Ronan‘s story. They both opened their businesses on the same day. They are both always trying to come up with bigger and better contests to bring in customers. But what happens when they are both forced to work together to take on a bigger threat? Banter will fly back and forth, and the chemistry will pull them closer together. Can they really try to be together as they take down the threat? Or is all this pretend to keep the threat at bay?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I recommend this book.
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This enemies to friends to lovers romance was such a fun and lighthearted read! I loved the friendly competition between them, and could read about how captivating she was to Ronan forever! It was so sweet, and for how sexy he is, he's just as thoughtful and loving to Blaire.

Blaire and Ronan's relationship was playful, sweet, sexy, and full of heart! I loved the steam, the fun playful characters and cute story!
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A wickedly funny, immensely stylish and absolutely hilarious page-turner, romantic comedy does not get any better than Helena Hunting’s latest novel, Kiss My Cupcake.

Blaire Calloway has always been determined to forge her own path away from her well-meaning but intrusive and infuriatingly annoying parents. While Blaire’s parents have always wanted her to follow in their footsteps and become an integral part of the family business, Blaire has always wanted to branch out on her own and be her own boss. After honing her craft on the road selling delicious treats out of a food truck, Blaire’s dreams of opening her own café are finally becoming a reality. Social media is buzzing for the opening of Buttercream and Booze and Blaire is sure that the opening is going to be a huge success. With her winning personality, delicious creations and specially prepared cocktails, Buttercream and Booze is going to be an absolute triumph – but it’s just a shame that Blaire hadn’t counted on a sports bar opening next door on the same day by its arrogant, selfish, annoying and drop dead gorgeous owner, Ronan Knight. Ronan might look like he just walked off a catwalk or a magazine cover, but not even his breath-taking good looks, toned arms and devilish twinkle in his eye can persuade Blaire to give him a chance. Ronan is trouble with a capital T and as the weeks go by, Blaire realise that it won’t be just her customers he will be charming…

Ronan has put his heart and soul into his business, The Knight Cap. His pub might be on the same street as Buttercream and Booze, but the two business couldn’t be more different. While The Knight Cap is all about beer, axe throwing and loud music, Buttercream and Booze caters to a clientele who is into Unicorn Martins and frosted cupcakes. As the weeks begin to go by, Ronan and Blaire begin to find themselves competing in a game to win over clients and their challenges begin to get more and more creative as they find themselves battling to the death over cake decorating and the best way to throw a sharp object that could cause grievously bodily harm! However, the more time they spend in each other’s company, the more their feelings for one another intensify  and pretty soon, Blaire and Ronan realize that they are falling head over heels in love with one another…

Blaire never imagined that she would be wanting Ronan to kiss more than just her cupcake! Will the two of them give into temptation and see where this surprising turn of events takes them? Will they finally find the courage to admit the truth about the depth of their feelings for one another? Or will they just stick to being business rivals?

A delicious and delightful romantic romp where the banter zings, the chemistry sizzles and the repartee sparkles, Kiss My Cupcake is a smart, sassy and sexy read that is absolutely impossible to resist. Helena Hunting writes with such flair and joie de vivre that it’s absolutely impossible not to devour this witty and warm-hearted romantic comedy in a single sitting.

Blaire is an adorable, clever and determined heroine I absolutely adored and women everywhere will find themselves falling madly in love with charismatic Ronan whom it is absolutely impossible not to swoon over.

A superb contemporary tale, Helena Hunting’s Kiss My Cupcake deserves a place on every romance reader’s keeper shelf!
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I received an ARC through netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own

This enemies-to-lovers story features Blaire and Ronan, neighbouring small shop owners. They get off to a poor start when demolition on Ronan’s side cause disruptions on Blaire’s side of the wall. As they compete to get new customers, Blaire and Ronan fight their growing attraction.

Blair is starting her a new business, a cupcake and cocktails shop. Ronan is running his grandfather’s bar. Both need their business’s to be a success. When a franchise bar opens up across from them, Blaire and Ronan need to work together to boost their bars.

This story is written with the majority from Blaire’s point of view. I’d guess only about 25% is from Ronan’s point of view. I think the story would have benefited from a better balance - especially to meet Ronan earlier in the story.

My second quibble is due to the fact that I’ve worked in a bakery. That experience has taken the shine off that particular career choice. I call bull on Blaire actually being able to bake cupcakes, decorate them, plus mix drinks, take orders, and run a business — AND DO THAT DAY AFTER DAY AFER DAY! Even if she was working 20 hours per day.

This was a solid story from a gifted story teller. It may not be my personal favourite, but I can see many people enjoying this story and the antics of Blaire and Ronan.
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I was so happy to get a copy of Kiss My Cupcake! From Netgalley. I've been a fan of Helena Hunting's books for ages! 

Kiss My Cupcake was sweet, romantic and laugh out loud funny and I was hooked by Blaire and Ronan's chemistry by the end of the first chapter! A definite must read for anyone who loves sweet baked goods, beer, axe throwing and Harry Potter trivia! 

Five amazing stars!
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Cute, quirky read.

Quirky premise with competing bar owners, but super cute and witty. Ronan and Blaire are rivals that turn into more.

This one had some laugh out loud moments and while their romance seemed to be quick -it was sweet and spicy too!

I voluntarily requested and read an uncorrected advance reader copy.
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One of my all time favorite authors has done it again. I absolutely loved Kiss My Cupcake. She kept me very entertained and laughing. 

This was such a fun read and I loved the characters. Ronan and Blair were such fun characters with great chemistry. Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. 

If your looking for a fun fast read that will pull you in and have you laughing, you need this book. I highly recommend Kiss My Cupcake!
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An enjoyable romp that made me laugh out loud and energize me to trod my own path. Blaire and Ronan are the salty sweet we need right now. Every bit of cute is coated in a layer of spicy sarcasm. Wit whips as light and fluffy as the buttercream frosting and froth on the beers.
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Kiss My Cupcake is Helena Hunting's newest, swoonworthy and delicious romance! Not only do I want a cupcake and a pint of ale, I want a very own Ronan for myself! Blaire and Ronan are neighbors in business. Two very different places, but rivals from the start. It starts with her yelling at all the noise he's making to him coming over every day to sample her cupcakes. When there's a mutual threat, they have to team up and compete together. From cohosted events to matching outfits, Ronan and Blaire wow their customer and each other. They are both in the running for the best bar and they are working together to make each other better. Ronan and Blaire are perfect for each other! They know what they want and they go after it. They are fun, sexy and just want to make something of themselves. I loved watching them fall for each other. It was so romantic and fun! Overall, I laughed, swooned, got hungry, thirsty and loved every word.
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I was worried this books would be taking cheesy romance to another level. Though there was definite “sweetness” I felt it got deeper and I fell for the characters throughout the story. (Get it: Sweet -> Cupcakes? I amuse myself).

One thing I appreciated is there was no moment where the male MC had to step in and “save” the female. It’s so common and can occasionally underestimate the strength of the characters. This story allowed Blaire to remain strong and independent while Ronan could still impress in other ways.

This is my second book by Helena Hunting, and I will definitely continue to read whatever she publishes!
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I think I knew this really wasn't for me when the heroine spends the first 10 or so pages talking about finding dog poop on the sidewalk in front of her beloved cupcake and cute cocktail shop.

This is a good fit for romance readers who aren't looking for too much depth, description, or character building. Its very light and quippy. I'm not a huge fan of the "hate turned to love" genre because it too often hinges on the man being a total horses ass for chapters and chapters before the woman "gets over herself" and starts realizing that all his dickish behavior is actually charming.

I kept feeling like this was the kind of story you'd see on someone's Instagram story. Its looks so perfectly perfect it seems posed and fake.

The writing is solid and the basic story line, warring small businesses joining forces to beat the big box store, is topical and more interesting than I thought it would be, but I just did not like these two enemies to lovers at all.
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"I have come to rely on this author for a story filled with rich dialogue, one that allows the reader to see the connection growing between the main characters, Kiss My Cupcake delivered that in spades!
Kiss My Cupcake was filled with Trademark Helena Hunting humor and kept me glued to my kindle!
What starts out as a frien-emies relationship between cupcake and cocktails shop owner Blaire Calloway and Ronan Knight the owner of the sports bar next door develops blossoms until a relationship that will capture your hear
t and keep you engaged in this story.
Ronan and Blaire's families were both used fabulously in this story, making for memorable scenes while allowing a deeper understanding of the characters.
Watching Ronan and Blaire's friendship grow, seeing their business minds come together and ultimately experiencing them embrace the connection will have this story living in my heart for sometime to come!"
Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®
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Helena Hunting delivers a delectable confection will all the feels that hits the perfect spot.

♕ Plot: Blaire Calloway’s deepest desire is to succeed on her own without all the strings the come with her family’s money and help. To achieve that goal, she’s planned every small detail of her cocktail café/bakery’s launch except for neighbor. The gorgeous intellectual lumberjack who re-opened the sports bar next door the same day she did.

Ronan Knight’s long term plan was to open his own beer brewery, but before that can happen he needed to help his grandfather manage The Knight Cap which has been in their family for three generations, but he never counted on the knockout next door who constantly tried to one-up him, until a bigger challenge made them join forces.

♕ Heroine: Blaire is a spitfire. She’s smart, sassy and strong. She’s won’t be defeated or deterred by anyone no matter how hot and tempting he might be.

♕ Hero: Ronan is charismatic and sexy, and especially swoon worthy at the end.

♕ Sexiness & Feels: Kiss My Cupcake is sweet, sexy, swoony and heartwarming slow burn. At first glance Blaire and Ronan are complete opposites, but being in each other’s business has a way of bringing them together, opening up to each other and falling deliciously in love.

♕ Facts: Kiss My Cupcake is a standalone contemporary romance by Helena Hunting. It is told from both points of view with a deliciously swoony happy ending.
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Sweet and steamy. Sassy and swoonyy. This was SO FUN! Blaire is Super excited to finally open up her dream cupcake and cocktail business. When there is a loud boom coming from the business nextdoor she is none too pleased. When she goes to investigate she finds out that a bar is opening up next-door and the owner is a HOT lumberjack. BUT Blair is not having it, this guy no matter how hot he is he is not going to ruin her dream. Ronan is startled by how hostile Blaire is especially because she looks so sweet. What follows is a deliciously entertaining Frenemies to lovers story.

   I loved every minute of this book! Blair and Ronan were super adorable together. But seriously everything Blaire did was super adorable. The girl bought matching outfits for them when they were doing events together. I have to give it to Ronan he went along with it. Blair also had the most uniquely entertaining family ever loved the Thanksgiving this couple spent with her family. Ronan on the other hand had a great family with a super loving Gramps. This was the perfect heartwarming read. And now I want a cupcake... and a craft beer.

This book in emojis  🧁 🍺 🍸 🍋 🪓 💗 🦄 

*** Big thank you to Forever for my gifted copy of this book. All opinions are my own. ***
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