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Oh my gosh, I loved this book so much! Not to mention how many different types of cupcakes I now want to try! And the characters were just so wonderful. I loved everything about them. I mean they even loved Harry Potter, both of them, and knew what house they belonged to! I know, I know that we are all not fans of JK Rowling these days because of her recent social media issues, but I will always love HP.

This was definitely the enemies to lovers, but in a fun way. While I almost wish we had more from Ronan’s point of view, the way the author spaced out his chapters definitely kept the mystery of the story and just how much he did or did not like Blaire something that kept you tagging along. I loved how all of the competition between the two was mostly good-natured and that both of them realized when something they did might hurt the other one and how that’s not really what they wanted. And you know how there are messed up families? Well, just WOW to Blaire’s family! Ronan had such a sweet grandfather and even great normal brothers though, it totally made up for it.

This story was just so sweet, I mean the title is perfect. I loved the little cupcake and booze puns at the end of each chapter too. And not only was I left wanting to try so many different types of cupcakes, I also really want a Buttercream and Booze t-shirt! A perfectly light and fluffy read, like you’d want your cupcakes to be, with the sweet romance, and it just hit the spot for a world with too much angst going on in reality.
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Thank you ReadForever Pub for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book. I looooooved Ronan! I loved that he is seen as this hipster cool guy and I loved how he kept pranking Blair’s. I thought this was overall a very sweet romcom! 

Thanks again!
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"Kiss My Cupcake" by Helena Hunting featured a fantastic enemies-to-lovers, slow burn romance between cupcake cafe owner Blaire and bar operator Ronan, otherwise known as the "Lumberjerk" to Blaire and her best friend Daphne. (I giggled every time they called him that!) I loved Blaire and Ronan's snarky banter and the way they competed against each other until they were forced to become uneasy allies when faced with a mutual threat. The attraction between them was intense from the start, but they resisted for as long as they could, and I couldn't wait for them to finally give into their feelings. Their emotional connection was equally apparent, and I particularly appreciated the way that Ronan stuck up for Blaire with her family. She could handle herself, of course, but chose not to engage most of the time, for good reason. However, Ronan couldn't just sit back and let Blaire's family dismiss everything she had achieved without benefit of their money and connections. It was very sweet, and I loved how supportive he was of Blaire and her dreams even before they officially became a couple.

Overall, "Kiss My Cupcake" was a sweet, fun, and incredibly entertaining story that put a huge smile on my face from beginning to end. I highly recommend it for all fans of contemporary romance and romantic comedy and can't wait to see what Helena Hunting writes next!

*ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Kiss My Cupcake est une comédie romantique « enemies-to-lovers » et complètement standalone, bien qu’on ait déjà vaguement fait la connaissance de Ronan et du concept de son bar dans A Secret For A Secret (All In #3).

Dès les premiers chapitres, Blaire et Ronan, nos nouveaux entrepreneurs, se livrent une guerre sans merci bien qu’ils ne soient pas vraiment concurrents. Blaire vient tout juste d’abandonner son food-truck pour monter son salon de cocktails et cupcakes. Quant à Ronan, il reprend le bar familial et décide d’y ajouter des pistes de « lancer de haches » (axe throwing).

Leur petite guerre est plutôt drôle et sans grande conséquences. Ronan fait ressortir le côté le plus compétitif de Blaire, et cette dernière combat aussi contre son irrésistible charme.

La première partie du roman se concentre donc sur cet aspect de leur relation. Mais bien vite il va y avoir un changement d’ambiance. En effet, un concurrent plutôt féroce va s’installer dans leur quartier et mettre en péril leurs établissements. Les ennemis vont devoir faire alliance et combattre ensemble pour sauver ce qu’ils tentent de construire.

Vous l’aurez compris, ce roman regorge de joutes verbales et de petits coups bas. Je me suis régalée de leur petite guéguerre. La seconde partie amène un côté plus sentimental et l’installation d’une romance entre les protagonistes. Là encore j’ai passé un agréable moment à découvrir leurs sentiments, car ils ont su garder leurs taquineries.

La seule partie un peu loufoque (nous sommes toujours dans une romance d’Helena Hunting !) c’est la famille de Blaire. Et là encore vous ne risquez pas de vous ennuyer !

En bref, une comédie romantique drôle, sympathique et fraîche. Blaire et Ronan vont vous faire découvrir qu’on peut se chamailler comme des gosses, tomber amoureux et construire un business tout à la fois ! Si vous aimez la plume d’Helena, son petit côté loufoque et les ping-pongs verbaux irrésistibles, alors ce petit standalone est fait pour vous !
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I have loved Helena Hunting's hockey series and her Clipped Wings series, so I was really hoping to love this one too. Sadly, I just really could not get in to it. I'm not sure if I just need a little more angst or if I wasn't a fan of the writing comedic style of this one but I just couldn't get myself invested enough in the characters or the story line, and found myself skimming a lot. It could very well be a case of its me, not you (the book), so if you are looking for a cute, fun read, that is low on the angsty scale, you may very well find this to be a perfect read.
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Kiss My Cupcake is a great summer read that will have you smiling from ear to ear as Blaire and Ronan go from rivals to lovers.

Kiss My Cupcake is an enemies-to-lovers romance, though I would classify it more as rivals-to-lovers. Both Blaire and Ronan are opening up bars next to each other as they compete and attempt to overcome other obstacles. 

Blaire and Ronan have instant chemistry though it is on the light side. They hit it off immediately despite their efforts to ignore it. Kiss My Cupcake is a fun and flirty romance, though I wish Hunting would have leaned more into their chemistry. It isn’t until more than halfway through the novel that readers really start to feel their attraction for each other.

Blaire is such a fun protagonist. Her style and vision are unique and adorable and her dedication is second to none. Blaire’s dedication to her dream is the driving force behind the novel. Watching her vision come to life was inspiring.

One of my favourite aspects of the novel was the inclusion of social media posts at the end of each chapter. They were relevant, fun, and a few made me chuckle.

Overall, Kiss My Cupcake was as adorable romance to get lost in this summer. It was laugh out loud funny, inspiring, and romantic.
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HILARIOUS! This book is hilarious. Just when you think you've stopped laughing there is just a little bit more of nuttiness. I loved this absolutely sweet read. The hipster lumberjack and Alice make for a beautiful romantic comedy.
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This story was so cute! I loved Blaire and Ronan!

Blaire’s dream of opening her own cupcake shop and bar is becoming a reality, Buttercream and Booze is day’s away from opening and everything going smoothly until she realises that The Knight Cap (AKA the bar next door) is reopening on the exact same day!

I should warn you that during the reading of this book you will get cupcake cravings, some of Blaire’s creations sound sooo damn good! I’d love some of the recipes! The story was lovely, the competition between Blaire and Ronan has some hilarious moments, but it’s when they start working together that the magic happens – they make a formidable team.

The romance is slow at first so if like me you're a fan of slow-burn you’ll enjoy the build-up. I thought their chemistry was spot on. I like that that both had their own individual quirks, from Blairs floaty dress to Ronan's shirts.
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I absolutely adored Hunting's novel "Meet Cute." When I saw she had a new romantic comedy coming I knew I needed to devour it pronto.

This story was a riot. It was so fun to watch Blaire and Ronan have battles with one another. They own bars right next door to one another. The competition to do well is heavy.

Once I started getting the back story I wanted both to succeed so much. As the story developed I crossed my fingers real hard and flew threw the pages.

Thank you so much Forever Pub and Netgalley for access to this advanced copy in exchange for honest feedback.
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Thank you netgelley for granting my wish and the publishers for this e arc***

Super cute, definitely had the enemies to lovers, trope mixed in with a tint of friendship in between along with both family members playing interesting roles in their lives. If you’re a sucker for those then this will be for you. This is my second book that I’ve read from the same author so i knew i was in for a fun ride when reading this. Not to mention cupcakes and alcohol? What other good combination can top that?
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oh Ronan, I wish you were real! 
This book was so sweet and entertaining. The banter between Blaire and Ronan was fun and electrifying. The big heart on Ronan and his family life was easy to get behind. Blaire and her quirky family was some weird stuff. The small business ventures was something I hadn’t read much about in a book but it was nice to see the hard work being put in by our main characters. This was Helena Hunting at her best.
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This was a charming, slightly odd, and wonderfully entertaining book!

First, I want to talk about the two main characters, Blaire and Ronan, and their relationship. They had a wonderful enemies-to-lovers trope going on that was chock-full of good banter and great fun. Sometimes, I would find myself getting worked up for them, egging their rivalry on and encouraging one to get the other back for their prank. It was clear from the beginning that this banter was the making for some good chemistry.

It took me a minute to warm up to Blaire and her personality, but once I did, I was completely on her side. It helped that I was able to find out her back story and more about her family. While odd, it helped put her as a character more into perspective.

I liked learning about Ronan as well. I didn't expect to get his POV sometimes as well so that was a nice surprise. It also helped to understand his motivation behind things and just made him more endearing in general.

Also, I was so happy that this was a slow burn romance for the most part. Although I am partial to slow burns, I think it was great for this story because, as I reader, I needed time to learn more of the backstory behind the two main characters. As well, it was important that the two get some time to work towards their goals without being in a relationship.

Now, there were other parts that I didn't like as much, but I'm still not sure how to categorize my dislike. I think it was just some awkward dialogue here or there or some odd moments that couldn't quite be categorized as good or bad. Because I can't quite put a finger on what I didn't like, I'd say it was more a me problem a less a book problem.

One thing, though, that I feel pretty neutral about is the pace of the story. In the first half of the book, the author seems to be establishing the characters and their relationship. While the second half really gets into the plot of the book. I feel very neutral about this because I wasn't bored during either of the halves and pretty much enjoyed both equally. I think it was just a different way of establishing the story that I didn't expect.

Overall, this book contained a great dynamic duo, a wonderful storyline, and true humor throughout the entire book. 3.5 stars from me.
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I loved Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting. I have enjoyed all her books and this one didn’t disappoint. This is a fun, cute and sweet story, I highly recommend this book. Thanks Netgalley for this ARC.
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Kiss My Cupcake stars Blaire Calloway, a new business owner as she launches her cupcake and cocktails bar, and clashes with neighboring bar-owner Ronan Knight. The two collide right from the very beginning when Ronan’s impromptu construction work knocks one of Blaire’s whimsical martini glass off a shelf and shatters it. To make matters worse, they both realize they’re competing for the title of Best Bar in Seattle. As the competition heats up, the tensions rise and the two suddenly realize their undeniable chemistry. But can they put aside their competition?

Told in alternating first-person POV between Blaire and Ronan, this is a classic enemies to lovers story, filled with sexual tension, and witty repartee. I was laughing from the first chapter onwards. The story is filled with so much banter, pranks, and cupcake and cocktail puns, and I loved it.

If you’re looking for a hilarious and sweet romantic comedy, this one is for you! Just prepare to crave cupcakes while you read!
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Blaire has just opened her cupcake business and she really needs it to succeed, because even though she comes from a wealthy family, she doesn't want their help and involvement. But things start on a rough patch with the bar next door, so she goes there and we get to meet Ronan, the owner of that bar. Blaire also needs to win a contest and when she notices that his bar is also participating said contest, things get interesting...

That was my first book by Helena Hunting (I know, I'm late to the game, but better late than never, right?!) I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The concept was simple, but also unique, probably because of its characters that made it even more fascinating and brought emotion to me as a reader. I especially loved the story of Ronan's grandparents and he was a great character. Book boyfriend material for sure. As for Blaire, she came from a very ... interesting family and I'm gonna leave it at that. I could sense a few scenes where she would act kind of bratty, but looking at her background I guess it made sense. But overall, she was also a great heroine.

Kiss my Cupcake had everything a good rom com has in my opinion. Really interesting characters, a hate to love romance with all the ups and downs, but without too much angst, funny scenes, smart dialogues, hooooooot everything. I definitely recommend this one if you need a light read, to make you laugh, to make you smile and to make you swoon.
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Kiss my Cupcake was cute and I really enjoyed the characters and the descriptions of the small businesses. Helena definitely had me craving cupcakes reading about Buttercream and Booze. It didn't quite wow me as much as her previous books have. Ronan and Blair were really sweet together but I think the story could have benefited from a little more conflict (I never say that) and a lot more steam. This could be a case of the wrong reader as I think this would be a fun read for someone new to the romance genre or that prefers more "closed door" action.
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Kiss my cupcake is a swoon sweet love story with many romantic moments and very low angst ones. It’s much more of a feel-good story that I wasn’t expecting especially since I’ve read other books by the author. My lower star rating is because some intimate scenes are not at all on the page as I was expecting and that’s just me and not ticking the box for my “this is what I’m looking for in a book “
I can easily see this one being made into a Hallmark movie and I would totally watch and recommend it as many people will enjoy it immensely.
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Again, Helena hit it off with this one! I absolutely adored Ronan and Blaire's love story. It was such a sweet, romantic, and fun read. They couldn’t be more opposite but also couldn’t be more right for each other. They started off as business rivals turn into them working with each other to survive in the small business world. When planning all these collaborative events, they start to spend more time with each other and their true feelings start to seep through. And I love those moments they have!

I enjoyed this book so much. It was a great read and I definitely recommend it
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From the title alone I knew I'd love this book! I mean romance and cupcakes?! Sign me up!


Ronan and Blaire together were just too swoon-worthy. I needed this book... it's light, it's an easy-read and it's inspirational.

It's a combination of enemies to lovers and friends to lovers romance. It's a sweet and feel-good story... definitely something you'd want to read to escape reality in these hard times... Ronan and Blaire will just melt your heart!
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Sweet and cute, like Helena Hunting’s other romances. I wasn’t sure about the pairing of the hero and heroine to begin with, but they both grew on me. I liked how they learned to work together, though I’m not sure how their businesses would mesh in real life.
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