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Great book, shows a plethora of tips and insights on changing the game in life, would highly recommend, Can't wait for more books from this author.
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"Game Changer" is just that. A profoundly new way to look at talent in the 21st century. It will change the game for how to recruit and retain amazing professionals. Also referred to as "10X talent." This applies to working with W2 employees or freelancers who are paid by the hour.

This is new leadership content that I haven't read anywhere else. And I've already recommended the book to my clients who are in a specialized  niche. I know it will help them up their talent management game.

To help drive their points home, Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg share many case studies. Even ones from a variety of industries and sectors (namely tech and music). And these examples apply any industry. They are great storytellers and captured my interest. And I appreciate that they practice what they preach. They use every suggested technique when it comes to managing their business. (Including the Third Party Effect...the chapter I earmarked the most).

In this book, you'll learn how to:
--Understand the nuances of a 10X professional, and how to develop an eagle eye for spotting them
--Be a great boss to 10Xers, and learn why they need different treatment
--Look at situations through a "super visionary" lens (or find mentors to help you do that for you)
--Ensure everyone has "skin in the game" (applies to talent and their managers/recruiters...even the employers)
--Use the "Third Party Effect" to your advantage (let someone brag on your behalf so you don't have to)
--Use a "360-degree Management" approach (different from 360-degree reviews), where flexibility and agility flows in all directions, above, beside and below you)
--Determine what you, the job seeker, values most by using a "Lifestyle Calculator" (the outcome helps you align with your future employer)
--Negotiate using benchmark data to improve your total compensation offer (e.g., salary, benefits, paid time off, equity, etc.)
--Create a L.E.A.P. document as a job seeker to set expectations
--Put on your Double Hat and think of yourself as Talent, instead of as Management

Oh! And I love that the authors summed up every chapter. They include "take action" steps if you want to be a 10Xer (or manage one). So if you have ADHD, just read the bullets and you'll get the Cliff Notes version.

I'm grateful to receive an e-copy from NetGalley and the HarperCollins Leadership. And admit that half way through reading it, I immediately bought a hardcopy. It was THAT GOOD.
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Truly a "game-changer"  in the world of management literature, have to admit. I have been looking for a very long time a book, which though feels like text-book, is bringing much more pragmatic solutions to the table versus cliche management books which almost in all cases take one side of the table when it comes to serving personal productivity to larger ( team or company productivity). 
Being very well acquainted with the subject, this was a one-sitting reading for me, however, I can see using chapter summaries for academic purposes in my work. 
The language was very light and easy-going, unfortunately, a bit too friendly for my personal preference, but it seems like the authors talk directly to managers or employees. The same topic and paradigm are presented simultaneously for employers and employees, which I really appreciate. 
A couple of spoiling ideas I absolutely loved and will be using on and on again are: 
1- when we speak about 10xing, we are talking both on personal productivity and company outcome.
2-both employees and management have an equal say in both personal and team productivity and we need to always remember that it is never a work of one side that produces outcomes. 
3-company needs to create an environment, where an employee feels productive, known personal and company goals, which are attainable, management is to CREATE an environment, customized attitudes, and inclusivity feelings.
4-a 10x employee is the one who is learning, accountable, responsible, focused, understands his or her mistakes, and knows that work done is both for personal and company growth.
I appreciate the ideas of management's "managing measures" and the idea that expensive may be cheaper. 

There is only one critique: "360-degree management" can be easily confused to "360-degree feedback performance measure tool " which in essence has nothing to do with whatever the authors were trying to say, I'd wish another formal term would be used, but this is my personal opinion. 
Overall thanks for the material, I am sure many companies can use this especially ones that are not in the outspoken IT industry and have relatively young managerial elite.
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Now I finally understand "what's wrong" with me :))))) Actually this is the book I do recommend reading for those who set strong goals and never give up on the way to get them. I always get feedback that I set my goals way to high and things need to be taken easy. If so, where is the fun in life? Become your version of 10x! Loved also the idea of 10x company. 10x entrepreneurs build similar to their character 10x companies.
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I received this book for free from NetGalley for an honest review.  I found it very hard to navigate between sections.  Not sure if I attribute this to a kindle version.  Some examples were good, but the book was poor in flow.  I also found many examples in the book that has already been covered in other mainstream books over the years.
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