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Fully fifteen percent into it, this seems like a domestic novel focused on women's lives and relationships. Then the quick dive into sci-fi and suspense. that totally reshape one's engagement with the story. Great genre blending for sure. This will please sci-fi readers, but is also a satisfying novel for those who generally stay clear. of it.

In the midst of betrayals and discoveries, there are ethical questions on the table.. While set in the near future, today's themes are prevalent. How do I change my husband so he becomes the man  i want him to be? How dare he try to change me! Why must women always tiptoe around men? Is it so impossible that women might actually be smarter than men? How do women find their voice and claim who they are and what they want.? When does science go too far?

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Think there could have or should have had one more murderous twist at the conclusion as it seemed set up for that. Excellent character development and plot.make this one absorbing read.
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Many thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan/Tor for providing this copy for my review!

What a delightful little book this is! The publisher's copy describes it as a mix of Westworld, Blake Crouch's works,   and Big Little Lies, and I can't really argue with that. It's maybe less mind-bending than Blake Crouch's stuff, but still offers plenty of unexpected surprises along the way. Add in some stuff about what it's like to be a female scientist, and some thoughts about what it means to be a human, and this is defnitely worth some of your time.
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This was a delightful read. I enjoyed the plot and there were several surprises littered across the book. I assumed that the most interesting thing would be Martine, but Evelyn’s family history, Nathan’s betrayal and a whole lot of other drama. I know the author tried to address the ethical aspect of this book, but it got me thinking of what I would have done in her shoes. I still do not know! 

Thank you netgalley for the opportunity to read this lovely book!
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This thrilling book was far from what I expected, in fact, it surpassed my expectations entirely. While I’m a fan of thrillers in general, I find most of them formulaic and often predictable. Sarah Gailey has totally turned that on its head in “The Echo Wife.”

On the surface, you have standard fodder for a contemporary thriller: a successful woman finds out her husband has another partner, and the story begins. The added sci-fi layer, in which Gailey drops in the science of cloning and how it works (in the world of the book, that is) makes for a fascinating read. While the story follows the flow that we would expect of a thriller, the twists and turns are unanticipated. The shift of focus in this story away from infidelity and toward the cultivation of a relationship with The Other Woman is remarkable.

Since finishing reading this title a few weeks ago, I’ve thought of it frequently – there really is so much to think about. It’s a great pick for a passive reader or a lover of thrillers, but there is plenty of content there for a deep book discussion or a full literary analysis. I keep wanting to recommend the title to people, then I remember that this one isn’t out until early 2021. “The Echo Wife” is worthy of attention from the book world, and is a commanding addition to the sci-fi thriller genre.
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Sarah Gailey never disappoints. The Echo Wife is unlike anything she's ever written and will please current and new readers alike. A recommended purchase for adult fiction collections.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. 

Pub. Date: Feb 2021

This is a most interesting mix of genres-- psychological thriller and sci-fi. Evelyn's husband Nathan is a piece of crap that only leaves her for another woman, the other woman is a clone of herself (Martine). One day, Martine contacts Evelyn in a fit of despair and that's when this story gets going. There is a thriller with excellent character development, except on Nathan's part. I never felt I understood his actions. It's a thriller for the modern age of science and cloning. I felt compelled to discover what insanity was going to happen next. A fun, fast-paced read. Put this on your TBR list!
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How to handle when your husband leaves you to be with your clone? Just this premise got me intrigued and then it follows a suspenseful plot where Evelyn, a scientist working on clones has to deal with this exact situation where her clone is made by her own husband. This is a bizarre and crazy plot that will keep the readers hooked as there are more secrets and lies. Things get more juicy when Evelyn and her clone, Martine, almost become friends with a game plan against the husband after Martine ends up killing the husband, Nathan. To take it up a notch, there are dead bodies and also a baby thrown into the plot. For the readers who think it is sci-fi with clones and all, it is more of a domestic thriller with a sci-fi concept as the key element.

It is one hell of a ride.
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I really enjoyed this read. Although I wished to see more from the plot itself, the character development was on speed and kept my interest. I was intriguing enough for me to finish!
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I struggled with this one a bit, but I did like it. I thought the plot was incredibly interesting, and the story was something right up my alley. Where I had issues was in how much introspective and thought dialog there was. Once I reached the end I realized why. It really was a character study versus a story. So for that, the inner monologue made more sense. But at times it felt like it dragged on a bit. This is a very interesting book though. There are some great plot twists and surprises that I didn’t see coming. You do need to suspend your belief a bit at points, but isn’t that the fun of reading? :)
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an e-ARC. The Echo Wife should definitely be added to 'to be read' list. Evelyn Caldwell is a brilliant scientist who has revolutionized the field of cloning. Unfortunately, her husband has left her and is having an affair with a clone of Evelyn that he secretly created, and then ends up dead. Leaving Evelyn and her clone to clean up the mess he left behind.  Filled with questions of morality and a great undercurrent of suspense, The Echo Wife was hard to put down. I would highly recommend this title to anyone.
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Wow. Wow. WOW!

This was a 4.5 star read for me and I'm debating if I should round it up or down (so don't be alarmed if the rating changes), because it feels like one that needs sitting on. Fear not, I'm not going to sit on my e-reader. I am, however, still thinking about the book and implications. (Okay so I only finished it four days ago, but I have a shockingly bad book memory and sometimes books begin to fade after mere hours.)

This story has a phenomenal premise, but an unusual enough one that I wondered if it was spoiler-y or if that really was just the start of the story. (What's described in the marketing blurb for this book is the END / climax of most mystery books?) Well, turns out it really is just the start of the story, which makes this one extra fascinating, because so often we get the lead up to murder but not the aftermath!

And when it comes to interesting things about this story, that's only the beginning. There's cloning ethics, some pretty hard hitting emotional questions (how would you feel if your partner left you for a so-called "better", tweaked clone version of you?), and a flipping FASCINATING but also wonderfully monstrous MC.

Evelyn is definite unlikeable female protag goals, which sounds weird because why is that a goals? What I mean is, it's rare to find female MCs that are written so intentionally to be unlikable, because female MCs get sooooooo much scrutiny in that regard. So... she's certainly unlikable and does NOT lean into her emotional side (she has twinges of conscience, but they're really that -- twinges). She's also really, really smart and interesting. I loved reading her story. (They're not really the same, but in these particular regards I'd liken Evelyn a bit to Cas Russell, whom I love wholeheartedly.)

The Echo Wife is full of interesting twists. The whole story was suspenseful and riveting and the ending was just... so right. So well done. And there were numerous ethical and theoretical questions throughout that made my head spin. That's why I'm still thinking about the story. And, actually, writing this review convinced me that this is, indeed, a five star read. I initially thought 4, maybe 4.5, but it's one of those that grows on you. Because it is so thought-provoking. Because it pushes your mind to keep working after reading the last page. Because part of the story exists in the after, in the way it makes you reflect. I don't think I felt its full impact until really giving myself this time and space to consider it all. And now I want to reread the book.

Five stars it is! This is (non-space opera) sci-fi at its best. Highly, highly recommended!

Thank you Publishing for providing a free e-galley via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A throughly creepy thrill ride. What would happen if your husband decided to make a clone just like you but with all your faults eliminated.? Then what would happen if that clone killed your husband? What is your responsibility to that clone? She’s just like you but a little different. That’s what I mean about creepy but in a good way. Lies, murder, betrayal, a book you can’t put down.
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Evelyn Caldwell is a workaholic. While her clone research is making breakthroughs, her marriage is falling apart. Then she discovers her husband Nathan is having an affair with Martine who isn't just any woman, she's Evelyn's clone. In a world where clones are made to be disposable, Evelyn finds herself in unknown waters that go deeper than she realizes. As Evelyn's world continues to fall apart, she finds herself questioning not only her failed marriage, but her own work and how far she is willing to go to save it.

Wow. The book's blurb mentions Westworld, but in a way it felt like a Westworld, Stepford Wives, Frankenstein mashup. This is a hard book to discuss without giving spoilers away, but I liked the way the morality and ethics of clones are explored without being too heavy handed about it. Something that I personally appreciated was Evelyn being childfree, that is to say one who isn't planning on having kids. I enjoyed the way it plays into her failing marriage in a way that reflects the modern era well and the family versus career choices women are making. All the twists and turns of the plot kept me glued to the pages. 

This book releases February 16, 2021 and is one worth adding to reading lists.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital ARC in return for an honest review.
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This one was waaaaay out there, but in a great way. I don’t want to describe the setting for fear of spoilers, but the character depth is on point. You won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.
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Sarah Gailey writes the most amazing books and The Echo Wife does not disappoint.!

Evelyn is an award-winning scientist at the pinnacle of her career whose work involves clones. She's also divorced. Her once-loving husband wanted a family, a softer, more agreeable wife. He had an affair and left Evelyn but not just for any woman. He created a clone of Evelyn - a softer, more agreeable Evelyn - ready to be the perfect mother and homemaker, just as he desired and created.

The tension goes through the roof when the clone calls Evelyn begging for her help. And they both embark on a course of action that binds them together and irreparably change their lives

A biting look at the choices women face trying to balance societal demands and expectations with their own desires and needs. With a side trip examining the ethics of clones and how they might be used.

Sharp, twisty, and brilliant. A total page-turner!

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for the DRC.
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The story was complex, which was a good thing. It was like a wreck that I couldn't look away from, and it was hard to put the book down. Everything made sense, I didn't feel like there were loose ends, and the writing itself was great. Highly recommend. Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for the opportunity to read this.
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This book blew my mind. It is like a scary nightmare happening, but like you cant look away because you need to know what happens next. Imagine your husband cheating on you... yeah, that is bad. But then he is cheating on you with your clone? That is just like some scary sci-fi stuff happening, and what do you do then? The complexity of this story was mind boggling, and I could not get enough. I was horrified and entranced. It was like Frankenstein but so much worse because the monster is you? Or the clone? Honestly, one of the best and scariest sci-fi books I have ever been lucky enough to read. 

Thank you tor/forge books and NetGalley for the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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How hurt would you feel if your husband was having an affair and it turned out he was having an affair with you, a new improved you, a clone of you? This is the premise of The Echo Wife. Nathan has always thought Evelyn to be a hornet, always stinging him, and she refused to give him a child. Simple solution...copy Evelyn and make a woman who would be everything he wanted and needed. Only it turns out it’s not that simple.
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When Evelyn discovers that her husband has stolen her research and used it to create a clone of herself (With all of her "less desirable" traits removed. Gross.), she starts a chain of events that quickly begin to spiral out of control. Sarah Gailey's The Echo Wife is the story of betrayal, revenge and the question of who can (and can't) really be considered "human".

Lest you are tempted to write this book off as only futuristic sci-fi, The Echo Wife, is really more of a "will-they-get-away-with-it" thriller that also happens to have some clones.

What I appreciate most about Gailey's work, is that even when the circumstances are fantastic, all of their characters are still so grounded in emotional truth. Nobody makes any weird choices to move the plot along. Everything. Makes. Sense. It's really delightful.

I would recommend The Echo Wife to fans of Gailey's previous work and folks who like a little genre-bending. Also, anyone going though a tough break-up will likely also enjoy this book for the schadenfreude alone.
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I loved this book! I made a lot of connections between The Echo Wife and Frankenstein. I found Evelyn's feelings about Martine really interesting.
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