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I’m becoming a fan of this author book.  This was good. Really enjoyed this story. I will read more. Go read.  I love me a regency book.
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The Gentleman and the Thief was a good one. Someone referred to it as charming and I must agree! I loved both Ana and Hollis, getting to know them bit by bit as the story moved forward - the revealing of their "shadier" sides was nicely done. Hollis was a big sweetheart and even though the romance didn't exactly sweep me off my feet, it was nice to see two people falling quietly and sweetly for each other.

I would have loved to know more about how Ana grew to be such a skilled thief - surely it's not something you learn just because you've had a rough time? She was a little bit too good at it without explanation for it to be "believable". Still, I enjoyed reading about a woman thief.

The stories in between the stories was a bit much, though. Sure, they were good, but not precisely necessary for the story.

Still, a nicely done story, not to be read by those looking for a firey romance, but those who wants a charming story about a thieving music teacher and an aristocrat who scandalously writes stories for the working class, with some action, mystery and good hearts.

/ Denise
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I loved these characters so much and the plot was very intriguing. Now please excuse me as I go back to read the first in this series.
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This book was not for me. The characters felt flat and contrived. While the premise drew me in, it wasn't anything like I was hoping.
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Fun book still dealing with the mysterious authors of penny dreadful stories. It was fun to read two such stories interspersed within the chapter itself. Still, I found it a bit confusing at first to try and keep track of four different storylines/POVs. I listened to the audio book, and I think I would have done better had I been reading it. The mystery and tension were good and well-paced. The romance was nice. Thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I initially had a hard time reading the beginning of the story. There was something with the introduction of the characters and the society in the story (maybe too many and new and am not sure their significance in the story ) that I had a hard time following the story. Then it finally took off, especially when I realized what the thief was doing and the reasoning behind. I did enjoy the budding love story between Ana and Hollis, especially after the realization of things. Then the case that followed and how they supported each other. It was an enticing read after  it all made sense (to me) I recommend it
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This is seriously one of my favorite series! All of the characters are painted so vibrantly you can see them all in your head and the main ones I really would love to have as friends. Hollis' and Anna's story is one you can jump into right away. I loved that Anna is the thief, and that Hollis is the one that catches her. That was a fun twist (I mean, you know it by reading the back of the book, but I felt it was a novel idea). I loved getting the backstory for Hollis (as he was one of my favorites in the last book), and meeting Anna's family. I loved that Fletcher and the gang were all back, and I can't wait to see the other members of the Dread Penny Society get their own books as well. 

The Gentleman and the Thief is a story that I read really quickly and couldn't put down. It is also a story that I will pick up again and again and enjoy it every time I reread it.
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I just couldn’t get onto the story. I made it almost half way in but it just could not hold my interest.
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4.7 stars

I love almost every Eden novel and this one was on the list!!

We meet Hollis and Anna in the Lady and the Highwayman, and I’m very happy to have their story.

Hollis is a gentleman from a well to do family— who is dead broke and bankrupt. Hollis is having trouble with his brother tho and the Dream Penny Society to which he belongs to has issues as well. There has been some robberies and they have to find the thief before the authorities do.

The thief ? Anna, the woman Hollis has a crush on. Her midnight activities reveal a deadly underbelly that threatens all the good that the Penny Society is doing.

They need both Anna and Hollis to work together, with their own special skills to pull it off.

Ugh this was so good, they fell in love very organically and slow.

While the two POV plus the two dread penny stories is a lot, Kings story reflects the main plot and Hollis’s story gives more light to Hollis as a character and reveals a different side of him— the anonymity gives him more free to speak his mind and true thoughts than his status as a gentleman.

I also loved the card game scene. I won’t say more for spoilers but it’s my favorite part.
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***I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions and words here are my own, as always.***

Another page-turning race for the Penny Dreadful Society in and out of safe spaces, danger, hints of romance, and heroism in Victorian England—even if it took me a few chapters to jump into the story. And thank heaven Hollis got a chance to show his talents at last. He could stop worrying about feeling like a second-rate member.

As in book #1 of the Penny Dreadful Society series, the main tale is interwoven with two other serial Penny Dreadful tales—authored by two other characters of the book. These extra storylines add to the suspense and to the humor, which I appreciate, and move the plot along nicely. I frankly can’t take too much tension without someone finally cracking a joke, even in a book, so the bit of humor in the penny dreadful story of Higginbottom’s School for Ghosts was very welcome.

I’m not a fan of people being in so much peril and danger—but I liked the book. Once I understood all three storylines and how they were working together, I finished it all in a rush.
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The Dread Penny Society continues with Hollis and Anna's story in helping the neglected, exploited, and abused.  There were so many plots intertwined throughout along with two Penny Dreadfuls that I was never bored. 

Hollis is a wealthier member of the DPS and his main job is to get funds from other members of society, but he is wanting to do more and be part of the action.  Anna is still working with Elizabeth, but is on her own secret mission.  It is instant attraction for Hollis and Anna at the beginning, but there are moments throughout when their love and understanding of one another deepens.  

This book was entertaining with the banter between the DPS members and between the urchins and the adults while still maintaining the realities of gambling dens, child abuse, exploitation, thief masters, and thievery. Anyone who enjoys Sarah M. Eden or historical romance will absolutely enjoy this book.  

  Thank you NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing the ARC. This review and opinions are my own.
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Fun read. Eden never disappoints!!

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
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After reading The Lady and the Highwayman I knew I wanted to get my hands on the second in the series as soon as possible! Sarah M. Eden has done it again bringing us the story of Hollis Darby and Ana Newport in The Gentleman and the Thief. I think my favorite aspect of these stories are the Penny Dreadful inserts we get throughout the book. In this case, we are getting a story that Hollis is writing. They are such a nice little extra that pulls you in. We are also following him on a search for the "Phantom Fox" when a number of robberies are happening around town. Mystery and romance ;)
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First of all, thank you to Shadow Mountain and NetGalley for the ARC of this book. I do enjoy a good historical romance, from time to time, and this one was fast paced and whimsical which made it enjoyable to read.  I look forward to more books in this series.
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It could have been the time I read it, but this book just didn't quite have it for me. It was fine, but after reading the two books in this series, I'm not sure I will continue. Which is a shame because I do love all the Penny Dreadfuls and the characters. But they're just not hitting the spot for me.
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When i pick the book, I didn't know that it was a second in a series and I found a few gaps that belong to the first one  although it was an interesting story. I enjoyed the characters and i need to read the first one
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A delightful Regency style mystery with essences of Georgette Heyer. I didn't realise that this was the second in a series and there are several gaps where I do think you need to have read the first in order to be fully up-to-date, but it was readable nonetheless. While I enjoyed the characters and the adventures they were having I did feel that things were a little rushed at times. If you had taken out the "Penny dreadful" chapters (which were miniature stories) then the book would only have been half as long. Those pages could have been devoted to extracting more depth to the characters and their interactions.
Still, it was a nice read for an afternoon.
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This book was such a lovely sequel to The Lady and the Highwayman, and I was so happy that we got Ana and Hollis’s story. I think that was part of the reason why I enjoyed this book so much,,, I am not sure if I would have stuck with the story line had I not already been introduced to the characters. That being said, I am so glad I did, because once you get into the plot and past the first few chapters, the plot picks up and I could not put the book down. Overall, a sweet, romantic, clean continuation of The Dread Penny Society. Not as good as the first book, but I can’t wait for the third!
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It's no secret that I'm a huge Sarah Eden fan and I love her new series! 

The Gentleman and the Thief features Hollis Darby, part of the Dread Penny Society who secretly try to help those in need. Hollis has secrets of his own, however. He's a gentleman in society, yet his family's coffers are bare. In order to keep up appearances, he writes Penny Dreadfuls under a pseudonym. (The stories are interspersed throughout the book, which is an added bonus. It did distract me from the main story a bit. I wish the Penny Dreadfuls were just all together at the end.) But beyond that, I loved Hollis's character and seeing his background as he tries to navigate the life he's chosen. There are so many sides and such a depth to our hero. Ms. Eden is so talented at truly bringing her characters to life and making them feel so real!

Ana Newport is such a surprise as a character. She's a thief and I loved having her be the Phantom Fox. The reasons she had resorted to stealing are heartwrenching and I was definitely rooting for Ana to have a happy ending. The interactions between Ana and Hollis are so swoon-worthy as they discover and fall in love with each other. I do admit I was turning pages as fast as possible to see how they would react when their secrets were revealed and how it would all end. Ms. Eden does not disappoint. The romance and the intrigue of the story kept me up far past my bedtime and I went back to read my favorite parts the next day! I can't wait for the next installment of the series.
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Sarah M. Eden is one of my favorite historical romance authors. Her books never fail to delight! This one had a bit more mystery and intrigue than other books of hers that I recall. I loved the historic details, especially the parts about the penny dreadfuls. We actually get three stories in one; two penny dreadful tales are spaced out one chapter at a time between chapters of the 'real' story. The Penny Dreadful spy network was fascinating too. The ending wraps most things up, but I have a feeling this will perhaps be a series (hopefully!).

Thanks Netgalley for the ARC! All opinions are my own and are unbiased.
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