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Wow!!!! Some pretty great books coming out soon. I look forward to reading them in full. 
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the advance copy.  Thank you Netgalley for giving me a sneak peak.  Pretty great books coming out soon. Thank you Netgalley for giving me a sneak peak.
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This book had a lot of good books I can wait to check out and some that seemed a little slow and boring.
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This is an excellent collection of books. Almost every single book is now on my to be read list.. The ones I most look forward to reading are 'The ballad of hattie taylor', 'how to fail at flirting', 'scandalous secrets', and 'the way you tempt me'. I look forward to the next collection of buzz books because it is obvious they put together an assortment of their best publications.
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Loved getting to read all the amazing previews of these books! Super helpful and will be keeping my eye out for many of them!
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This was very helpful to get a feel for different authors, and I wound up reading several of the featured books.
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Love reading the excerpts. Reading the Blurb and the cover can make you really want to read a book,  but a excerpt can set it in stone if you really want to add it to your TBR list.
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Thank you for another fun edition of Buzz Books. This is my first time downloading the Romance edition and I love that you offer excerpts to help us to decide which titles are potentially great fits and worth requesting. Keep these resources coming!
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Really useful for new releases - I love reading the excerpts especially from debut authors to get a sense of the writing style. My TBR list now includes a lot of books I wouldn't have known to include. Look forward to reading more.
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Such a helpful guide. I read primarily romance novels and it's exciting to see so many interesting ones coming out this year. I look forward to reading many of these. Thank you so much!
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Great selection of extended excerpts of upcoming romance novels. I recommend the following: 
Rosie Danan, The Roommate
Roan Parrish, Better than People
Vanessa Riley, A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby
Denise Williams, How to Fail at Flirting
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I like these Buzz Books because it is an easy way to read snippets from several different stories and find those books that you want to read more of at a later time.  In this edition there are 14 different excerpts to read.  
Up first is Romeantically Challenged- I learned more from the synopsis than the excerpt.  The excerpt was mainly about Anh Nhi dealing with her ex-fiancé over the ending of their wedding plans and his upcoming wedding with his new fiancée.  It ended with Anh unexpectedly meeting a half-dressed man in "her" bedroom calling her "Goldilocks."
The Ballad of Hattie Taylor- This book sounds like quite the wild ride.  A young "lady", lady being a stretch, is uprooted from the only life she has ever known to go live with some of her mother's more genteel relatives.  Jacob isn't sure that his mother knows what she is getting into by having Hattie come live with them and after meeting the little hellion he starts looking forward to the upheaval to come.
Searching for Rose- A troubled young lady searches for her missing sister with the help of a young Amish man.  I kept losing focus in the excerpt and did not read it all.
The Roommate- What happens when you mix and uptight lady (she even laminates her to do lists!) with a laid back guy (he thinks rules are just suggestions) in a run down house in California?  I have a feeling that a ton of sparks are going to fly and that it will be a lot of fun to read about.
Meet You in the Middle- The caring female congressional aide to the top feminist female senator meets head-on with the condescending musclebound behemoth aide of one of the opposing teams senators to try and get his boss to vote for her boss's bill.  You just know sparks are going to fly like crazy with this match-up.
The Cul-de-Sac War- I just know that this book is going to be crazy funny.  It starts with a nice guy rescuing a girl from a wardrobe malfunction during a local production of a Midsummer's Night.  Girl fantasizes about the guy during the performance until she sees him with "Barbie" girl.  Girl is headed home when she notices that the monster truck from h**l starts riding her bumper.  She pulls over and lets the truck pass her and the decides to give the truck driver a taste of his own medicine and winds up following the truck to the house next door to her own home.  "Welcome, new neighbor. Let the games begin."
Follow Your Heart- Victoria's great-grandmother is the family's successful matchmaker and she has decided that it is now Victoria's turn.  However, she won't tell Victoria who the man is nor will she say if he is someone that Victoria already knows.  Wonder what will happen if Victoria goes after the wrong man?
Paris is Always a Good Idea- From the excerpt I read, I'm afraid that I really couldn't tell exactly what this story is about.  All I could ferret out was that a 30-year-old lady is blindsided by her widowed father in a bridal shop when he tells her that he is getting married and they want her and her younger sister to be flower girls.  She tells him that there is no way that he can want to marry the lady who won him at a bachelor auction just two weeks ago.  Things went downhill from there.  I actually got more out of the book description on Netgalley.
Better Than People- This is the story of Jack who has an accident and needs help with his herd of cats and dogs and Simon, a very shy guy who loves pets, but has none of his own.  Jack is an artist who has been hurt by a previous partner.  Not sure about Simon's background.
A Duke, The Lady and a Baby- A widow sneaks into her former home to nurse her son and is almost caught in the process.  She has to escape out a third story window by using a vine.  She then stumbles upon the arrival of her son's new guardian and his entourage.  Since, she is dressed as a man she pretends to be a footman and directs the coaches where to park,  She is then pressed into service as a crutch for the newly arrived duke and learns that he is there to take over control of the house and her son.  The duke then informs her that he will be firing everyone but that any who will pledge allegiance to him will be rehired the next morning and then the games will begin.
Then There was You- Annika is a brand new kindergarten teacher and part-time bartender who is rebuffed by one of her student's fathers due to the color of her skin.  Annika was also involved in some kind of an accident five months before hand and was treated in the ER by Daniel.  Daniel is a helicopter EMT and a nurse practitioner in the ER who lost his wife and is mourning his little girl.  Daniel cannot stop thinking about Annika especially when he sees her again  when he responds to a 911 call at the bar where she is working.
How to Fail at Flirting- A college professor, coming up for tenure, has the possibility of losing her job due to the  university's new president's restructure plan.  Naya has already lost herself thanks to an abusive relationship, so her friends decide to help her get back out in to the world and start living again.  They make a list of items for Naya to check off and according to the summary the man who is consulting on who should keep their jobs and who could lose their jobs is going to play a part in Naya's reemergence.
Scandalous Secrets- A past good deed and a secret kept for a friend is now fixing to come back and bite an aspiring US Senator and Presidential hopeful in the tush.  Will have to read the book to see if he will be able to hold his campaign together and still be able to continue protecting his friend or if everything will blow apart.
The Way You Tempt Me- According to the summary Xavier wants to take over his father's talent agency, but that task is given the girl who grew up next door to him.  All the excerpt dealt with, was Xavier pitching his idea for taking the talent agency forward to prove that he is ready to take over the helm and with him fixing to propose to the girl he has been seeing for a year and then being blindsided before the proposal.
Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher's lunch for giving us a way to read about several different books in one place and the ability to then request those that we want to keep reading.  I was able to read a free copy of this book thru Netgalley and I am freely given my opinion of said book.
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I was looking forward to reading THE ROOMMATE by Rosie Danan before, but after reading the sampler I immediately went to pre-order the book. As I am studying to be an archivist, it was refreshing to read about a narrator who went to school to be an art historian, as they are a rare find in books these days. Not only that, but the banter between the two main characters, Josh and Clara, was downright captivating, and the romance trope was a particular favorite. I can't wait to see how the relationship unfolds as the story progresses.
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This is such a great resource. I like being able to see what books are being published in the next few months. Thank you for providing this.  It is great to see what will be available further in the year.
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For someone who is a newbie in the bookstagram world, catalogue such as this is extremely helpful to be able to keep tabs on upcoming book releases. The excerpts provided are definitely an awesome treat as well!
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I anxiously await the Buzz Books Romance title every year! I am so excited about the titles featured in the book this year, and I cannot wait to handsell them to my customers :)
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Thank you for this opportunity! I found several interesting books through this that I have requested.
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This year’s 2020 edition of Buzz Books Romance seduces by variety. It brings a variety of authors-  published, famous and new ones.  The content features a variety of heroines- old fashioned, stubborn, courageous or unlucky ones. It is an interesting read to get a good overview of what is laying ahead for us romance readers.
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The Buzz Books 2020: Romance edition by Publishers Lunch was great to peruse for glimpses of the hottest upcoming releases in romance. 
I appreciate the focus on diverse authors in this installment of the guide. 
I'm especially excited to read more of How to Fail at Flirting by Denise Williams, Paris is Always a Good Idea by Jenn McKinlay and Romantically Challenged by Marina Adair. 
Many thanks to Publishers Lunch BUZZ BOOKS and NetGalley for the early look.
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This is such a fabulous resource for readers, reviewers, librarians, or really anyone who is interested in upcoming romance releases! The excerpts are such a treat, and having the links right there is so handy. I’ve already read The Roommate in its entirety, and I can’t wait to read the other titles, too!
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This was a great way to learn about upcoming romance releases for later this year! I've already picked out a bunch that I am hoping to read.
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