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Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany is a new welcome approach in the cozy mystery world.

Can Lily stop Rose and Bernie from pursuing this case?

Lily Roberts
Lily is our main character and an unknowing sleuth, thanks to her grandmother, Rose, and her best friend, Bernie, investigating a crime that happened on Rose's property. She is the chief cook at her grandmother's B&B while owning and cooking at her tearoom at the front of the property in a cottage. I have to admit that this whole set up seemed like a dream as it was working well for these two ladies. Lily seems like a great person who ends up going along with whatever her grandma wants because she wants to keep her in line. I love Lily, and I can't wait to see more of her in the future.

Rose and Bernie
Rose is Lily's maternal grandma and is full-blown English. Meaning that's where she was raised until Rose married her husband and moved to Iowa to raise a family. Now Rose, in her last few years of life left, is in Cape Cod owning a beautiful home, is widowed, and sadly had to turn the house into a B&B to help pay the bills. She is a fantastic character who reminds me so much of Grandma Mazur from the Stephanie Plum novels. Not exactly like her, but I love it when little old ladies decide that they are going to investigate a murder investigation despite what everyone thinks.

Now Bernie is named Bernadette, and she is also a hoot. Bernie came to Cape Cod to finally write her book that she's been trying to write for two years. Well, let's say she gets distracted a lot, and I mean a lot, and she may also be changing the genres of her book a lot. Bernie is a friend that I wouldn't mind having in real life. She's such a fun person. These two ladies are a great addition to a fantastic cast of characters that are seen throughout this book.

The Mystery
The mystery in this one is quite funny. I had two possible victims in my head, but neither panned out. Rose was egged on to say some things that landed her the prime suspect spot that started Bernie and Rose investigating. Basically, what ended up happening early in the morning, the contractor came by early for a meeting to take place next door and somehow ended up on Rose's property and onto the beach dead. There were a lot of suspects to comb through, and wow, I wasn't able to pinpoint who could have done it. I was pretty shocked by who did it.

5 Stars
I am giving Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany five stars and recommending this to anyone that has a fancy for drinking tea while reading a cozy. Trust me; I did drink tea the whole time I was reading. Ms. Delaney has a great start to a new series with these fun new characters. I can't wait to see what else she brings to this small coastal town on the Cape.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the recipes in the back of the book!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy from the Great Escapes Book Tours. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed this review of Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany.

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It's always a pleasure to start a brand new cosy mystery series and this one, Tea & Treachery written by Vicki Delany certainly lived up to my expectations!

The reader soon meets the star of the show, Lily Roberts, who has waved goodbye to Manhattan and settled in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is the proud owner of Tea by the Sea, a traditional English tearoom on picturesque sea cliffs. She has plenty to keep her busy, including her Granny Rose who runs the Victorian B & B adjacent to Lily’s tea shop. Rose, who enjoys the peace and quiet, is incandescent because the building next door to the B & B may be sold to Jack Ford, a property developer with plans to build an expansive golf resort on the land. With tempers fraying, things really hot up when Ford is found dead on Rose’s premises and the police think she had something to do with his demise.

I thought this was a highly entertaining, really solid start to the series. I enjoyed reading the author's wonderful descriptions of the tea shop, B & B, Lily’s little cottage, and the beautiful gardens. I could easily envisage strolling through the gardens and delighting at the sound of the waves below. Vicki Delany has laid the the foundations of a marvellous set of characters to whom the reader was gradually introduced. Apart from Lily herself who I found to be smart, caring and considerate, I also liked Granny Rose for her spirit and vivacity, though she could be rather caustic and brusque.

The writing was comfortably and smoothly paced, and the mystery itself was very well executed, with abundant red herrings to sustain my interest. All in all, a top-notch opening instalment with snippets of humour, some fascinating facts about tea, and a soupçon of romance as a cherry topping. I will certainly be returning to Cape Cod to see what Lily is getting herself into next and I am eagerly anticipating book two.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Kensington Books via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I’ve seen Vicki Delany’s name around a lot as she seems to be a popular and prolific cozy author. I hadn’t remembered that I’ve actually read a book by Delany before — Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen — which didn’t make a big impression on me. Tea & Treachery is the first book in the Tea by the Sea Mysteries and I found it a big improvement.

Quick aside: I adore this cover! It’s so bright and summery, and I really like all the little details of the afternoon tea.

As the blurb says, the book is set in an English-style tearoom in Cape Cod. I loved the setting! I found the clifftop, sea-view location really vividly described. Both Lily’s Tea by the Sea tearoom and her grandmother Rose’s victorian B&B were very easy to envision and clear in my mind. For me, the setting and supporting characters were a big strength of Tea & Treachery.

For the investigation, there are three main characters: Lily, Rose, and ditzy aspiring writer Bernie. All three of the women had clear, memorable personalities. I found both Lily and Bernie immediately likable but Rose was a harder sell for me. At first, I found her annoying — the kind of character that makes decisions to cause hiccups in the plot – but over the course of the book she made more sense to me and I saw the humanity in her.

Tea & Treachery is a solid cozy mystery with a fun cast and I really like the tearoom setting. The cakes sounded delicious and there were lots of interesting characters milling around. I’d pick up another book in this series to find out how Bernie’s book comes alone, what treats are on offer at the tearoom, and how both girls burgeoning romantic relationships work out.
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Tea & Treachery is the first book in the Tea by the Sea Mysteries series! We meet the main character, Lily who is head chef and owner of her own traditional English Tearoom—Tea by the Sea in Cape Cod. She also helps her grandmother Rose run her B&B. At the moment, her business is thriving and she’s ecstatic but she might not be for long. A real estate developer is trying to rezone, wanting to build a golf resort, which could put both Rose and Lily out of business. When said real estate developer is murdered and Rose is the main suspect, Lily and her friends try to find the real murderer.

I really enjoyed this debut entry. It was a very fun and yummy read! Lily is constantly cooking throughout the mystery and everything was just delish! It literally made me so hungry lol. I even went out and bought the supplies for cucumber sandwiches because they sounded SO good!

Another high note was the characters! They were very entertaining, but Rose did kind of rub me the wrong way. The way she treats people and treats Lily sometimes is kind of just... rude. There’s blunt and honest and there’s just giving your opinion and insight when it’s not needed and no one asked. Besides that, I really liked the rest of the cast.

The mystery itself was really good! It unfolded rather slowly at first, but once we hit the 1/3 mark of the story, everything moved rather fast. It was very twisty at times as they interviewed suspects, revealing their hidden motives and secrets. One of the suspects seemed very random to me like their motive wasn’t but how they showed up in the story felt very sudden and filly—like they were just added in to help meet the required word count. They really could’ve been introduced better, but still, overall, the mystery was very well done!

Overall, a great start to a wonderful series!
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Tea & Treachery was an absolutely fun mystery that is sure to keep you guessing.  I loved the idea of have a tea shoppe and introducing people to the joys of drinking tea.  Lily was a great character that was willing to do whatever it takes to protect her grandmother and you will instantly like her.  The mystery had so many twists and turns, so I enjoyed the fact that it kept me guessing.  This is the first book in a brand new series and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.
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I was unsure of this book at first because I found the character of Rose to be very unlikeable but as the story progressed she grew on me.  I liked reading about all the goings on at the tea shop and bed & breakfast as well as all the ladies working at both (most of them were so sassy!).  A fun first in a new cozy mystery series for fans of Vicki Delany's other series as well as foodie mystery fans.
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I loved this first in the new Tea by the Sea series! The setting is on Cape Cod overlooking Cape Cod Bay and sounds amazingly beautiful. Three women have a heady taste of the lives they dreamed of and are willing to work hard to keep their dreams a reality. The primary characters are three dimensional, and all others are defined as necessary. There is much humor sprinkled throughout the hard work and camaraderie, and a complex, challenging mystery arises with a death that could cost two of the women and their employees their livelihoods.

When octogenarian Rose’s husband died a few years ago, she took their life savings and purchased a mansion on Cape Cod. Almost every cent she had went into it, leaving little for expenses and daily living, so she turned it into a B & B. Granddaughter Lily lives on the property and has a tea shop dedicated to serving traditional English afternoon tea. Lily cooks the breakfasts at the B & B before opening the tea shop. Rose is originally from England and shares her love of all things British with Lily. Rose and her husband lived in Iowa all their married life.

Next door to the B & B is a tumbledown mansion that the heir is selling. Lincoln made poor investments and lost most of his inheritance. To keep what he has left, he needs to have the land rezoned before the sale goes through to a developer who is planning a resort hotel. Without the rezoning, it is worth far less. Rose is irate. She doesn’t want a golf course or fancy hotel next to her quiet property for her own peace of mind or the enjoyment of her visitors. Lily and her best friend Bernie find Rose embroiled in a threatening conversation with Lincoln, Jack the developer, and Roy, the town councilman introducing the rezoning. The next day, Lily and best friend Bernie are outdoors before the tearoom opens to find that the gate and part of the fence at the top of the stairs leading to the bay is torn off, and there is a body at the bottom. Jack, the arrogant developer, lies at the bottom, dead. And the fingers are pointed at Rose, despite her advanced age.

Lily and Bernie are concerned that Rose might be railroaded without solid evidence, even though Jack was not a well-liked man. Rose, with Bernie’s help, tries to find other suspects. To keep them out of trouble, Lily joins them when possible. When Lily tries to speak with the woman detective who recently moved from Boston and is an excellent investigator, the woman listens to some of what Lily brings her. However, the long-employed lazy senior detective decides to put her on some minor break-in cases to take care of the good old boy network.

There are many things I loved about this mystery. There are other cozies set on Cape Cod, or in tea rooms, or B & B’s. The combination of the characters and their various personalities, the setting, the business, the wit, and the intricacies of the mystery itself combine into a delightful, yet challenging novel. I absolutely did not guess whodunit, no matter how hard I tried. The killer and motive were a complete surprise, as were some of the various outcomes. I was very satisfied with the outcome and have high hopes for this series! I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the author, of well-written cozy mysteries that include pets and elegant settings, and middle-age and mature protagonists.

From a thankful heart: I received an eARC of this from the publisher and NetGalley and this is my honest review.
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Tea, scones and murder await you at the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod.

Tea by the Sea is a quaint traditional English tearoom in a unusual setting of the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod bringing a little bit of England to this part of America. Lily runs the tearoom and her grandmother Rose owns the Victorian B&B next door, but it appears that the threat from a land developer who is pushing to rezone the land nearby to build a golf resort could see them out of a home as well business.

Rose is not shy in her objections to the plans and she has an altercation with Jack Ford the developer which sees her announce nothing will happen unless its over her dead body or someone elses! Of course we all know when someone says something like that someone does end up dead – in this case its Jack who is found at the bottom of the cliff steps near the B&B! 

The police zone in on Rose whilst Lily and her friend Bernie discover a whole host of other suspects that would easily want to see Mr Ford dead, and they do everthing they can to take the heat off Rose and find the real killer. With twists and turn, a great setting, wonderful characters and a potential romance for Lily that might come Tea &Treachery was a brilliant cozy mystery and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next in this series.
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This is a new series by Vicki Delaney and it does not disappoint! A tough as nails British grandmother named Rose and a very clever culinary wiz of a grandduaghter named Lily. One owns a bed and breakfast, the other manages the B&B as well as owning and running the Tea by the Sea Tearoom.  Rose's dream was to own a B&B and Lily's was to own a tea room. Neither had anticipated those ventures being threathened by a developer who wanted to build a resort right next door to the Victory-on-the-Sea B & B. Even more surprising when the local detective has his sights set on eighty-five year old Rose as the number one suspect in the death of the nextdoor neighbor whose land was going to be sold to the developer, that is, until he ended up dead on the rocks below the cliffs adjacet to the Victory-on-the-Sea. and now Lily must do all she can with the help of her BFF Bernie and the new English gardner, Simon. It's a pity that Simon is only there for the summer as he seems just as capable in the kitchen as he is in the garden, looks to me like it would be a smart match. I do appreciate the detail that went into describing the afternoon tea and the small bit of history. If you have haven't been to one I would suggest finding a tea shop that offers afternoon tea (a British shoppe would be ideal) to have a cuppa and relax with this new cozy and get to know the folks at the Victory -by-the-Sea B&B as well as the clever and caring owner of Tea by the Sea
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Such an enjoyable new series!  I can just imagine visiting Cape Cod and having tea at Lily's tearoom or even staying next door at Rose's B&B.  It is very picturesque and the descriptions provide the motivation to visit that area at some time in the future.

Since this is the first in the series, the author does a wonderful job of sharing the character's past and how they ended up here since they were not born and raised on the Cape.  I felt like that added to the depth of the characters to have information about how they ended up here and even some past situations that enhance the character's portrayal.  Lily is sucked into helping solve the murder of Jack Ford especially since he was found dead on Rose's property and the ineffective police detective wants to railroad her into a conviction.  Thankfully, there is a new detective on the force and she has the experience to know that perhaps something isn't right.

The mystery itself is well written and there are some clues to point you in the killer's direction but not many.  The list of possible suspects is small but I couldn't figure out the motive until it was revealed.  Let's just say it is one of the oldest reasons in the world, but I'll let you figure out what that reason is so I don't spoil anything for you.

I really like Lily.  She is probably the most level headed character in the book.  Her best friend, Bernie, is kind and caring but a bit scattered when it comes to her writing. I will admit that I don't really like Rose.  I found her to be selfish and perhaps a bit too blunt.  I felt like she expected everyone to cater to her whims with no questions asked.

There are a couple of potential romantic twists but no love triangle and I look forward to seeing these potential relationships develop.

This is a series that I will look for the next book to see what Lily is up to this time around.  We give the book 4 paws up.
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When Lily Roberts moved to Cape Cod—leaving her high-stress Manhattan restaurant job and abusive boyfriend behind—she imagined her fresh start would bring a slower-paced life.  She knew running an English tearoom beside her Grandmother’s bed and breakfast would be demanding, but this was the pastry chef’s dream come true.  What Lily never expected, however, was that she’d have to defend the feisty Rose against a murder charge.

Eighty-five-year-old Rose Campbell has been a community activist all her life, and when local developer Jack Ford announces plans to build a hotel and golf resort next door to her B & B, she very vocally expresses her opposition.  Shortly after clashing with him over the project, Jack’s lifeless body is found on Rose’s property, making her the police’s prime suspect.  There is never any doubt in the minds of Rose’s family and friends that she is innocent, but convincing Chuck Williams, the local detective assigned to the case, is a daunting task.

Rose’s network of allies comes to her defense.  They quickly discover that in the small town of North Augusta, Jack has made numerous enemies over the years through shady business deals and ill-fated romantic liaisons—many of whom have strong reasons to do him harm.  As clues to the perpetrator’s identity fall into place, Rose finds herself in the killer’s crosshairs.  Can she save herself, her grandmother, and their businesses from danger and disaster?

Tea & Treachery is a winning start to Delany’s newest series.  It has so many of the trademark elements of a successful cozy mystery: a desirable location (Cape Cod); a charming residence (Victorian B & B and adjoining tearoom); lovable pets (a cat named Robert the Bruce and a dog named Eclair); an appealing menu (varieties of tea, delectable sandwich morsels, and desserts); an ample amount of red herrings and suspects; love interests; and a loyal cast of engaging characters.  The mix of old and new friends complements the plot’s development and reader interest in this and future installments.  Delany has proven that she knows how to write a first-rate series, and with her expertise the groundwork is laid for another entertaining ongoing series—in this case, one that is sure to delight cozy mystery lovers, Anglophiles, beach-goers, and tea enthusiasts alike.
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Tea by the sea. That's the life for me. Seriously. I want to live in this book! Come to think of it, I want to live in the Lighthouse Library books that the author writes as Eva Gates too. I need books, tea, pastries, and the beach. Who's with me?

If you're anything like I am (and I know a lot of you cozy readers are), you are going to absolutely love Tea & Treachery. It's got all of the things I love about cozy mystery books: quirky characters, an idyllic setting, animals, food, family, friends, and an engrossing mystery. The only negative aspect about the book...I read it too quickly! Now I have to wait! Ah. It's a good problem to have I guess.

Vicki Delaney has such talent for making her characters unique. I don't read one of her series and then another and think, "Oh, these characters remind me of so and so in her Sherlock Holmes Bookstore series" or whatever series. They've got their own personality traits which make them memorable. Rose, Lily's grandmother, is my role model. I want to be her when I grow up though one cat is certainly not enough. I'll allow it though as she does own a B&B where even one cat is probably pushing it if the health department pops in to the kitchen... Tea & Treachery has so many colorful characters, and I could go on and on about them. But, you really need to experience them first hand to appreciate their quirks and foibles.

Living by the ocean (or any large body of water) has always been my dream. Since I'm stuck in Ohio, I live vicariously through the characters who do. Delaney's descriptive language really made me feel as if I were in Cape the tea room, the B&B, or just strolling along the bluffs.

Figuring out who the killer is is always fun. I love putting my detecting skills to work. Having grown up reading Nancy Drew and watching Murder She Wrote gives me such an advantage...okay, not really. But, as I'm sure you can tell, I've loved solving mysteries since I knew there was such a thing as a mystery! If you love mysteries, you know you never outgrow that feeling you get when you have that aha moment! The Tea by the Sea series is sure to give us many of those moments.

I highly recommend this entertaining book! Tea & Treachery will keep you turning the pages and have you laughing out loud! Enjoy!
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Thank you to #NetGalley for the advanced e-copy of this book! It was just released a few days ago and it is the first in a new series. It is so good! I really enjoyed the characters and getting to learn how well they work together. 

Lilly runs a tea establishment where you can have a light tea service or full English tea like you might find in England. She also cooks breakfast at the B&B next door, which her grandma Rose is in charge of running. There is a murder on the property and the local cops are pointing at Rose as the murderer. Lilly and her best friend Bernie assist Rose in finding the truth about who killed Jack Ford.

I cannot wait for the next in this installment. Love that she has a new series! You might know this author as Eva Gates and her Lighthouse Library cozy series. She is a great author and I love how well she can tell a story. The ending of this book kept me wanting to read more.
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Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany is the debut novel in A Tea by the Sea Mystery series.  Tea & Treachery is set in Cape Code, Massachusetts where Rose Campbell, Lily’s grandmother, settled after the death of her husband.  She purchased a large Victorian home on the cliffs above the sea which provides her with a beautiful view and plenty of peace.  When Lily saw the little cottage on the property, she thought it was the perfect place for a tea shop which has been her dream.  When not busy whipping up delectable delights and tea for Tea by the Sea, Lily is helping her grandmother with the bed and breakfast.  I like that the author took the time to establish the main characters and provide beautiful descriptions of the B&B, tea shop, Lily’s little cottage, and the beautiful gardens.  I could just imagine strolling along through the gardens and hearing the waves below.  There are great facts about the history of tea, the various teas Lily’s serves, and food Lily’s whips up.  It was interesting to learn about the different types of teas, and how tea time started.  The mystery had a variety of suspects from the mayor, the victim’s wife, the mistress, to the son of the man trying to unload the land next to Rose.  If you pay close attention to the details, this whodunit can be solved before the reveal.  I liked that the mystery had a good wrap up (no questions left unanswered).  The new head gardener, Simon McCracken seems to have taken a liking a Lily.  There was some mild flirting between Lily and Simon.  Bernie Murphy, Lily’s writer friend, provided humor while Éclair, Lily’s labradoodle, gave readers cuteness.  Rose, Lily’s grandmother, was a hard character to like.  She is stubborn, feisty, set in her ways, selfish, and opinionated.  I found her frustrating with her “its my way or its my way” approach.   Rose and Bernie together were a bit much.  I hope both women will grow on me in future books.  Also, Lily need to develop a backbone and learn to say no, or her grandmother will run roughshod over her.  Tea & Treachery is an easy to read book and a good start to this new cozy mystery series.  There are recipes at the end for coconut cupcakes, scones, and tea bath salts.  Tea & Treachery is an engaging cozy mystery with tempting tea treats, a scarcity of scones, a dead developer, curious clues, shaky steps, a whimsical writer, and a burdened baker.
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This is only my third author, Vicki Delany novel. I totally loved the other two.
This is Book #1 in the Tea by the Sea Mystery series. 
Lily Roberts is the proud proprietor and pastry chef of Tea by the Sea, English tearoom, located on grounds of her grandmother’s BB on the picturesque bluffs of Cape Cod. (Sign me up ~ I totally want to go there!) 
However, a developer believes this location is the perfect spot to put in a resort. Grandma Rose sees his idea as changing the landscape and not in a good way. She threatens the developer and since this is a mystery... sure enough he falls off the cliff on Rose’s property. Okay we are sure Grandma didn’t push him but “whodunit?”

Want to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for this early release granted to me in exchange for an honest professional review.  
Publishing Release Date scheduled for July 28, 2020
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I was thrilled to read Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany. This is the first book in the Tea by the Sea mystery series. It didn’t feel like a first book, there was none of the awkward over explaining of characters or world building. Protagonist, Lily, runs a tea shop on the grounds of her grandmother’s Cape Cod bed and breakfast. When a developer, who wants to rezone the neighboring property for a loud hotel, is found dead on the grounds Lily must find the killer or risk her feisty grandmother being implicated. These feel like my beloved Hanna Swenson mysteries, with an addition of tea and set at the beach! Lily has a best friend to sleuth with and loyal staff at the tearoom along with a potential love interest and this book contains bonus recipes! What more could a cozy lover ask for?
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Lily Campbell has shucked her job as a pastry chef back in Manhattan and moved to Cape Cod to be closer to her grandmother Rose, who runs a B&B by the sea.  She's doing what she loves best -- creating delicious delights for her tearoom, Tea by the Sea.  But lately there's been a problem: developer Jack Ford wants to buy the Victorian next to Rose's home and turn it into a gigantic golf resort.  While both women are against it, Rose is extremely vocal, going so far as to write a letter to the editor about it.  When Ford is found dead at the bottom of the stairs on Rose's property, the detective in charge, Williams, is sure that she's done it, and doesn't seem to be looking for anyone else.

Luckily - or not so luckily - there's a new detective in town that is listening to Lily, even if she can't do much about it.  But Lily, in between trying to run a business and cook breakfast for guests over at the B&B, has her best friend Bertie to help, along with her new British gardener, Simon.  While Lily doesn't want to investigate at all, Rose does, and she knows she has to if she's going to keep Rose safe.  But will she put her own life in hot water by looking for a killer...

This is the first in a new series and I did like it quite a bit; although I felt there were a lot of characters to sift through.  There were employees at the B&B and the tearoom that offered up conversation and were ever-present along with the main characters.  Then there were the guests at the B&B and the suspects, of which there were many.  It was a lot to take in at once, and even with clues, it was difficult to point the finger at any one person for quite awhile.  It did feel slightly 'cluttered with characters.'

However, I did like the mystery and the way it was carried out, and the descriptions of different types of afternoon teas was very nice.   The recipes in the back are a bonus, too.  I would have liked to have more description of the seacoast, but perhaps that will be in later books.

When we get close to figuring out the murderer, it comes as a surprise right along the time that Lily figures it out, and I'm glad to say that she doesn't panic and is capable of keeping her head while in a dangerous situation.  When the ending comes everything comes together nicely, and I look forward to the next in the series.  Recommended.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in a new series by Delany, being a tea drinker myself I enjoyed the descriptions of teas and the goodies. I liked Lily, the main character. Rose was definitely a hand full and a hoot. The mystery was well plotted and action packed at the end. I look forward to how the characters and the tea shop develop in the coming books.
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I enjoyed this little murder mystery. The description of the murder was perfect; mentioned but not described in great detail. The interactions were handled in a believable fashion. It was a nice change that the female lead wasn't nosy; didn't want to be involved in the investigation; didn't want her friends and family interfering in the investigation. The descriptions of the tea room and gardens were lovely. The described differences in the tea steeping requirements, in addition to the High tea, low tea, and afternoon tea differences were interesting and informative. There were several twisty red herrings skillfully thrown in. There was a good blend of enjoyable characters mixed in with the unpleasant. I would definitely recommend this one to those who enjoy formal teas, as well as those who enjoy cozy mysteries.
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Have you ever picked up a book that had all the makings of something you should love but you just couldn't get into it? This was that book for me and it breaks my heart. Kensington Books and Netgalley were so kind as to approve my request for this one. I have been reading it for several days now. One thing I can say is that it kept me guessing until the end. There were so many leads and a tangled bit of it that I couldn't always make heads or tails. I did enjoy the setting, especially the tea room. I just didn't connect with this one as I had anticipated. I do want to continue on with the series though.
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