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This was so GOOD!!! I absolutely love Kerrigan Byrne and her writing style!! I adored book one but  I think this may be a new favorite for me from her! I thought the concept was a lot of fun with having Cecelia and Ramsay fall for each other, while he’s actually hating the other side of her not knowing that it’s her! It was so different and built so much suspense!!! THE ANGST WAS KILLING ME IN THE BEST WAY!!! Then the romance that came out of it was just beautiful and I was smiling so hard at the end!! I loved this one so much!!
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This is book 2 in the Devil You Know Series.  Cassius is a judge on the High Court.  He is trying to shut down the gambling hell that he believes is causing all the problems.  Cecelia is the owner of that gambling hell.  She is just trying to keep her business alive.  Then a sudden an unexpected attraction throws her whole world into turmoil.  Can she keel her business or will the sudden attraction make it go up in smoke?
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I absolutely loved All Scot and Bothered so much I went back to read Alex’s story. This was the first book I read of the trilogy and to be could be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading all three. I’ll be reading Frank’s story next. I have to admit the beginning of Cecelia’s story was dark but I hung in there. Then we meet Ramsay and he’s a little to wound up for my liking. He was definitely a hard man to like in the beginning but he slowly grew on me. In my opinion, the plot was unique and surprising. Usually, I’m able to figure out the details but this one caught me by surprise, although, there wasn’t really any clues. All in all, it’s a great read and I highly recommend it.
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Kerrigan Byrne has been on my to-read list for ages. I've heard so much fantastic hype about her books, and I'm so happy to say that All Scot and Bothered lived up to it all! 

Cecelia Teague inherits two things from the late aunt she never met: a gambling hall and dark secrets that put her life in danger. Ramsay, Lord Chief Justice of the High Court, is determined to uncover those secrets, and along the way reluctantly finds himself drawn to Cecelia.

Byrne delivers a tale packed with drama, angst, betrayal, and heat. Ramsay is a complex hero who must confront his own misogyny and recognize how close-minded he's been, while also grappling with the trauma of his past he's tried to bury. Meanwhile, Cecelia was a heroine who had me cheering as she stood up for herself, for the idea that kindness doesn't make one weak, and for those she loved.  

With a fast-paced plot and sizzling chemistry between the leads, this was an impossible book to put down. My one con involves a throwaway line that seemed to imply the villain was queer (and with this being the only queer character given a name in the book, it did feel like it fell into harmful stereotypes). However, I've heard that Byrne includes positive queer rep in a number of other books and this has left me eager to read more from her as soon as I can!
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All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne is the second novel in her Devil You Know series. Kerrigan Byrne is a master of giving readers engaging, sexy, and complex historical novels and this one is no different. Get this delightful historical novel immediately and go back and read all of her other novels.
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While I really enjoyed this book, it does have a bit of a complicated plot. I was pretty much able to follow but also felt like there are more answers to be had, especially about the Crimson Council. I loved seeing Cecelia and Ramsay go head to head though.
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3.5 stars

I was all set to write a glowing review of this one as I started and read along - the fact the Scarlet Lady is revealed to be Cecelia fairly early in the plot make me go 'Yay!' because then, it wouldn't be a case of the blurb already giving away 2/3rds of the book, and thus there was much left to be discovered in the rest of the book. This worked out fairly well...until they got to Scotland, and the pace just nose-dived for me, getting so slow and sluggish. I get that it was probably done to establish the romance developing between Ramsay and Cecelia, but the pace took a huge hit, and it was like everything else that was supposed to be the plot for this story just got brushed aside in a sort of 'Plot? What plot?' manner that fairly grated - and then the rushed conclusion when the 'plot' returned in full force just felt too jumbled and forced. 
That could've killed just one star from my review...but then we get to the atrocious butchering of the French language in there! It seems a bit hard to believe the author and all the people at the publishing house don't know someone who knows French and could've checked the few French phrases and words in there to make sure they were spelled right and with the right masculine/feminine construction the language requires (example, bonbon is masculine, never mind if you're using it as an endearment for a woman or a man - it's always written the masculine way mon petit bonbon and never ma petite bonbon That this was also uttered by a man who is supposed to be French was even more cringe-worthy! Sadly looks like the whole team of author and editor and publishing house barely went beyond Google Translate for the French (and actually, even Google Translate gives the accurate construction!)
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There is something about heroines who turn grumpy priggish heroes into an adoring lover that really floats my boat. In particular, I loved this strong, interesting heroine!
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Anything Kerrigan Byrne writes is amazing! Her books always  make  you wanting more. Her stories are so engaging and her characters are so in depth. Just love her books!
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What woman isn't bothered by a Scot? In the good sense that is, all that brawn and burr. . What's not to love? Well it took awhile to fall in love with this one, but it is worth it in the end!

Two people influenced by their upbringing. but turning out opposite. Cecelia who had a terrible childhood but was very intelligent, caring and not your typical delicate woman..  Lord Ramsey, know as the Vicar of Vice, was a little arrogant and thought it was his way or not at all. But that was about to change as these two meet.

Danger, suspense and a building attraction bring this story to a wonderful ending.  Loved these two and their journey!
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Oh my heart! This was FABULOUS!!! Enemies to Lovers, my FAVORITE trope! Ray of sunshine and the grump! The stubborn Scot and the vivacious woman! I LOVED Cecilia SO MUCH! She was perfect! So lovely, so smart, sweet, progressive and empathetic! I related to her so much! She needs to be loved and protected at ALL COST! Cassius, oh Cassius! A man whom you love to HATE but then learns the greatest lessons and had the perfect character arc! This book is EVERYTHING! Gave me all the feels! Broke my heart then put it back together! I enjoyed this so much more than the first because I felt it fixed where the first one went wrong! It was beautiful with the perfect amount of angst! The slow burn was well worth it!
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I absolutely devoured All Scot and Bothered! My heart broke all the way open for Cecilia from the first chapter and she continued to endear herself to me throughout the entire book with her intelligence, morality, and courage. I love that she is fierce in her own way and I really love the overarching theme of feminism I'm seeing in this series. Ramsey was set up as an intriguing character in the first book and his character arc and background story are almost as compelling as Cecilia's. I will say that the underlying "whodunit" plot is sort of reminiscent of the plot in the latter part of the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt, so if you enjoy the whole evil secret society is the villain trope, you should enjoy this as well. 5 out of 5 wine glasses.
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All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne was another great read by her! I will read anything this lady has to offer!
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After the wonderful first book, its successor ended up to be quite a disappointment.

The blurb promised something the story didn't quite achieve. I hoped the big secret of who the new owner of the gaming hell/school for young ladies was would last longer than just one chapter. But the major problem this book had was the hero. And I'm sad to say this, since I love Scottish heroes. But let's face it, Ramsay was a dick and an asshole. He sure didn't come across as such in his half-brother's book.
I didn't appreciated the heroine that much either. Especially her constantly keeping secrets even after the guy opened himself up to her. It still took her butler to lay it all down for Ramsay.

With a dickish hero and a mulish heroine, the romance left much to be desired. Beside their affinity in bed and common childhood traumas (which she neglected to mention, mind you), the two had rather little in common, resulting in their "romance" to be anything but. I couldn't root for the two neither as individuals nor as a couple.

The only saving grace this story had was the suspense subplot about missing children (a bit of a peeve: you can't give a supposedly Russian girl a surname obviously from the Balkans!), the conspiracy reaching high up in the British society and court and the main villain whose reveal came as rather a surprise.
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Warnings for child abuse, neglect, gambling

I love love Kerrigan Byrne’s work. The Highwayman is one of my favourite historical romances so I was absolutely thrilled to be able to read this one. Only I couldn’t bring myself to fall for this one as much as I have some of her other works. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid book and it’s dark and very sexy, but it just didn’t work for me this time.

My issue mainly was with the hero. I can never bring myself to like his type. He’s basically a priggish jerk who doesn’t trust anyone and is quick to judge everyone for the slightest misdeed. He’s a sanctimonious ass for most of the book and he doesn’t really start apologising for his behaviour until about 60% of the way in, and that’s way too late for him to start being nice to the heroine in my opinion.

Talking about the heroine though. Cecilia rocked my socks off! Byrne is so good at writing kickass females. Cecilia is sweet, and curvy and she has a fantastic appetite. Basically she’s my kind of heroine and I’ve loved her since book one so I was a bit let down by her hero, I wanted better for her!

I will say my favourite thing about this series so far is the friendship between the three heroines. They really trust and rely on each other and their bond is so close, I loved every scene they were in together. There is probably less of them together in this one than book one but I still got very excited every time one of the others showed up.

There wasn’t much of the overall plot from the first book in All Scot and Bothered, which I kind of missed. I’m so eager for more about Francesca and her revenge plot that it was a bit frustrating that it didn’t play out more here. I can’t wait to read book three and find out what happens there! (That ending!)

All in all this was a solid read for me. Definitely not my favourite Byrne but I’m still eagerly awaiting the third in the series!
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This BBW historical romance was gripping.  I wanted to know what happened next.
The sexual tension is very high, in part because of the H's background.  The weaving of the relationship was well done and a roller coaster of uncertainty. 
While I devoured this, once was good for me. 

Plot deals with mature themes, including rape and child prostitution.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC from Netgalley.
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The second in the series, All Scot and Bothered is a page-turning romance full of adventure and angst. I loved the strength and independence of the heroine, as well as the emotional journey she goes on with the hero. Great addition to the series!
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I have tried over two or three days to get into this story. I loved book one in the series and have loved every other book by this author but this one is one I can't relate to. I am having trouble with both characters and am on page 147 and still don't "get" the plot or find it believable. I have read the end so know what happens BUT as I have not finished word for word don't feel I can give a comprehensive review. The book won't disappear for awhile from my device so may give it a try later. If not, know that I would try another book by this author in the future as I have loved her previous books. Thank you for the ARC - it could be this is just not the right time or the right book for this time to read this story.
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This is a regency type romance set in England. This book is the second in the series. While it stands well on its own, you will enjoy it much more if you read the first book. Our h, Cecilia Teague, came from an emotionally abusive home. She was "saved" by an unknown benefactor who sent her to a prestigious boarding school and University. At the boarding school she met her fellow "Red Rogues" - red haired girls who were social outcasts. They bond, and support each other without question. Cecilia, now a well known Mathematician; inherits an infamous gaming hell from her aunt/benefactor. The hell also supports a boarding school for less advantaged girls. Cecilia must now maintain two identities - the Scarlet Lady of the hell and the very proper Lady Teague! Our H, Lord Chief Justice Cassius Ramsey, was also abused as a child until he was placed with his half brother Duke Redmayne. The two characters could not be more different. Cecilia is thoughtful, kind, and merciful with a big heart. Ramsey sees everything and everyone in black and white, right or wrong. He is stern and judgmental, and fascinated with both Cecilia and the Scarlet Lady! As her aunt was murdered and someone is selling young girls; there are mysteries to solve and identities to be discovered aplenty.
I have read a number of Kerrigan Byrne books and greatly admire her ability to humanize her characters and make you love them. While Ramsey is initially difficult to even like, she gets you there! It is also difficult to have a good plot with twists and turns, great characters and sub characters, and good world building, but she does it so well.
I received an ARC from Net Galley, but the review is mine alone and done voluntarily. I enjoyed this book, not quite as much as the first; but I would highly recommend it to others.
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Once again I dived into a story without preparing myself for the characters or the story plot. I’d gone off the strength of my experiences with Kerrigan Byrne’s writing so I can’t really give initial reactions to All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne; I didn’t give myself time to have them.

As I began to learn about Cecelia and the rest of the Red Rouges I became excited. I really enjoyed their origin story given to us from the first book within the series, so I was excited to read about the second member’s personal journey and her other half.
Whew! The Devil You Know series by Kerrigan Byrne was the historical romance series I didn’t know I needed.
Usually on brand with Bryne’s heroes are that they are somewhat Alpha mixed with brooding, topped with a general dislike of the status quo and sprinkled with an aversion to love or any other type of romantic feelings.

Ramsay was all of this and more, but he was also borderline a bully. I really wanted to root for his character and his relationship with Cecelia but around every turn, his hatred of women was like a thorn to me. I understood that he was a damaged hero, but I didn’t like the abuse Cecelia took at his mouth just so he could then work out his issues later on and become ‘worthy’ of her affection.

The pacing of the story and character development was timely and pleasant so I have no gripes there. I did find myself enjoying Cecelia, Phoebe, and Jean Yves’ character immensely. Understanding Ramsay’s part in the overall story wasn’t a hard pill to swallow. I just didn’t like his relationship with Cecelia from the very beginning.

All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne was received courtesy of St. Martin’s Publishing via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and critique. My thoughts and opinions are my own and are unique to my experience with this title.
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