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First, I should mention that I'm a HUGE fan of urban fantasy, so this book was totally up my alley. When I read the description of David R. Slayton's <i>White Trash Warlock</i>, I knew it was something I would find interesting. I was not disappointed. As a quick disclaimer, I was given the opportunity to review this book prior to publication by the publisher. Although I am thankful to the publisher for this opportunity, the review is completely mine and not influenced by the publisher.

OK, so the story centers on Adam Binder, a low-grade magician who lives in a trailer park with his aunt and is seriously distanced from his older brother (Robert) and mother. To say that this family is a bit dysfunctional is an understatement. The basic plot centers on Robert's wife who had been caught up in a supernatural body-snatching. When Robert sees something supernatural (despite his years of trying to convince himself that world doesn't exist), he knows his only option is to reach out to his estranged brother.

As a whole, I found this book really fun to read. I read a lot of urban fantasy (as already mentioned), so it was awesome to see an urban fantasy novel with a gay character at the center who is not a sex-crazed maniac. In fact, it was nice to read a novel with a gay character that didn't end up in an overly descriptive erotic scene at one point or another. One of my biggest complaints about a lot of novels with gay characters is that so much of the plot ends up centering on the sexuality aspect. Sure, Adam has an ex and a new love interest, but these relationships are more organic and natural feeling and not hormonally driven. Erotica has its place, but I like my urban fantasy PG-13.

I can't wait to see where the next book in the series takes us. This will definitely be a new urban fantasy series that I look forward to reading.

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Adam Binder is a witch. He has the ability to see into the magical realm. In theory the idea of magic sounds cool but for Adam it’s been more of a hinderance. It drove a wedge between him and his family that lead to them committing him to a psych ward. Even after Adam got released, he’s been estranged from his family until one day they seek his help. Bobby’s, Adam’s brother, needs Adam when it appears that something is haunting his wife.

I was a little skeptical just based on the title but the synopsis intrigued me. I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book.
This story is heavily centered around the fantasy element. I really liked the way magic was used in this story. It was different and refreshing to see the way the author portrayed commonly seen magical creatures. Even Adam’s magic was a little different than what I’d read before.

Adam was more complicated than I initially thought he would be. He’s a young guy living with the only family member that truly accepts him and knows about magic. He had a hard home life and decisions his family made left him feeling insecure and untrusting. He doesn’t see himself as anything other than a white trash boy from a trailer park. I thought this was a good portrayal of how sometimes family can have a negative impact on a person’s mental and emotional health.

Adam decides to help his brother out when he realizes something otherworldly has attached itself to Bobby’s wife. I liked that this book explored the relationship between Bobby and Adam further. Adam gets to express his emotions concerning the decisions his family made on his behalf. He also gets answers to questions he had about those decisions and about his father. I enjoyed the twists and turns the story took when revealing those answers.

As the story goes on, you get to see Adam’s confidence and self worth grow. Along the way, Adam finds someone who also sees that worth. The relationship between Vic and Adam is wholesome. Vic is confident and kind. He wants Adam to see that he has a lot to offer. Adam also gets to see what a family who supports each other looks like when he sees Vic’s family.

Overall, this book was a good read. The world building and the depth of this book were a pleasant surprise. I can’t wait to read more about Adam’s journey.

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I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of Blackstone Publishing and Netgalley.
Mix the CW's Supernatural with a splash of high fantasy and a blatantly gay MC and you get White Trash Warlock.
I found the voice of the book not very compelling as a reader. I was constantly not very interested in the problems the main character faced and had to force myself to complete the book.

There was a great twist at the end, some magical settings, and a fun deep America redneck flavor to the whole story that we don’t get often in fiction. The family drama was also to die for.
It also featured an amazing scene with Leprechauns at Denver, CO landmark Casa Bonita which had me dying.

My main issue with the story was that the world’s rules weren’t well introduced to the reader. For awhile I thought it was basically our world but with witches and magic, then there’s magical creatures, then there’s parallel worlds and dimensions, I just had a hard time following all of that. Also because it was so strange it felt like there were no stakes during the dramatic scenes. It felt like the main characters were invincible and I wasn’t worried about them at all during the final confrontation. In fact they didn’t seem that worried either, they had time to chat with each other mid fight.

I found this book kind of strange but it had its good moments.

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To be completely honest, this book almost went in the DNF pile, because even if it was quite good and I was invested in the story and in the MC, I was really tired of feeling sorry for him. It enraged me so much seeing as his family is treating him! In some ways, the author was too good with his characterization because I really wanted to scream, I was so mad with Bobby and his mother. Really.
But then we get to know other characters and the thing balanced out a bit.
And I really enjoyed Adam, our MC, and the faeries that we get to know in this first book. The world-building is original and well developed, it was a pleasure to read about it, really. And the story is not boring, at all. I enjoyed myself reading this book, aside for the moment in which I was just too furious with Adam's family.
It is a fast-paced and entertaining book, and I am really glad to have read it, but I had too many problems with Adam's family, so I think I would drop this series. But this a personal thing, the book per se was good, and I really hope to see more of it around, because it deserves it.

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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing with an ARC of this book in exchange of a review.

First of all, I just want to say that I did enjoy the book but unfortunately some things going towards the end made me a bit dizzy and just didn’t click for me.

Let’s start with the good parts: Our protagonist Adam, was a likeable one and although I didn’t connect with him, I like him as a character. I also really liked the elves that we meet in the book, they were both interesting and amusing and I liked the good Mexican representation.

My favorite part was probably the fantasy and the mystery behind it, but unfortunately that brings us to the parts I didn’t like, and the thing that disappointed me the most was the resolution of the mystery and the development of the fantasy world, I just couldn’t understand some decisions that made it really hard for me to take this into account as a believable thing.

I also didn’t like the romance, it felt rushed and then we got a love triangle that’s one where there’s a clear winner and it’s just there to create drama.

However, I really hope the best for this book and its author and I know I’m the minority here so I would still encourage you to read itj.

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**I want to thank NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

I will admit, with a name like White Trash Warlock I definitely was expecting some David Wong (John Dies at the End) insanity, and was really surprised that this book was not humor heavy, and was pretty much a story about family.. and magic.. but a lot of focus on the family part. I adored the main character Adam, who despite being raised through rough conditions, and not being on the greatest terms with his Mother, and Brother Bobby.. is actually a pretty wholesome character.
Regardless of being estranged from His Mother and Bobby, Adam is quick to leave the trailer he lives in with his Aunt and set off to Denver when his brother Bobby calls asking for help, as something has happened to Bobby's wife that seems to be more in Adam's supernatural jurisdiction than in Bobby's very normal, boring, suburban area of expertise. This says a lot to Adam about the importance of the situation, as his brother had him committed to a psych ward when he was younger for hearing voices...and has always been skeptical about Adam's descriptions and abilities to walk in the spirit world.

I don't think I can comment much more without practically spoiling the whole book, but seriously. You should read this.

There were so many original ideas, everything about it felt new. The writing was smooth and easy to read and I never hit a point where I felt it was too slow or wanted to put the book down.. and actually I don't think I did put it down, I finished this book in one night.
The focus on family is what did it for me, to see how Adam interacts with his family, and the pain, frustration, guilt, and disappointment that surrounds them, to compare that to another important family in the book that is open, accepting, and just.. functional. Those were the parts that I really loved. It seems to bring Adam to this realization of self worth that he had been lacking.

I didn't even mention Adam's Elf ex-boyfriend...

I truly hope there is a second book in this series, and if there is.. I can't wait to read it.

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In the fine tradition of "lone magical practitioner takes on the universe" that includes Dresden and Kate Daniels, you can now add Adam Binder.

Adam has some magic, not too much and definitely not enough to keep himself out of trouble. In fact, his own brother committed him to the loony bin because Adam had trouble keeping the spirit world and our world apart. So, years later, when his brother calls for help, Adam is reluctant to go to the rescue. However, when he gets there, he discovers that a greater evil is brewing and he must risk all to save the world.

One note: I can see this series getting dark really fast and I hope Slayton resists the Dresden urge to dump on his character so much that nothing ever gets better. Otherwise, the world and character building is first rate and look forward to the next book.

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White Trash Warlock, by David R. Slayton. I felt like this book was a little bit of a slog for me, and it almost became a chore to read. Thank you for giving me a chance with this book, and I do think others will enjoy it.

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I have to admit, the title did not fit the story for me. It was so, so much better!
I expected a comedic story about a kid who has some weird supernatural powers. What I got was a dramatic, action packed story with so many different relational issues that it drew me in so deeply.
I always love stories that have some sibling conflict and this story had just that. The main protagonist, Adam, was committed to a psych ward by his brother, Bobby, years ago because he heard voices. So, obviously, there’s a bit of resentment there. But, that has to be pushed aside(or does it) when Bobby needs his help..
the whole plot was super interesting and intriguing and I’ve never read anything quite like it! Be sure to grab it in October when is comes out!
10/13/20, just in time for Halloween!

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4.5 stars

This book reminded me of everything I love about YA and urban fantasy in general. It was suprisingly deep (I wasn't expecting much from the title tbh) but Adam was such a delight to follow and the main relationship conflict was between the two brothers and I always love reading about sibling dynamics!!

We are following Adam who has grown up in a trailer park and has always been able to see into the spirit world, which led to his brother admitting him to a psychatric hospital where he is treated badly and he has never forgiven his brother. At the start of the story Adam is living with is aunt when his brother calls him out of the blue because his wife has been possesed and Adam is reculantly reunited with his family.

Adam is also gay which is woven so naturally into the story, and is just part of who he is and not a major focus of the story! His romances (both past and future) are so adorable and really add to the story, sometimes romances in YA annoy me because they feel forced but this felt so natural and you could really feel the chemistry and seeing Vic supporting Adam unconditionally <3

The plot is also really interesting and such a wild ride!! There is a twist towards the end which I did not see coming AT ALL!! and I loved the way we switched between the real world and the spirit world. Also a lot of this book was set in an hospital which reminded me a lot of teen wolf which I loved when i was younger!!

I also wanted to comment on how Adam is from a poor background, which is very refreshing to see in a YA novel because often protagonists are from affulent background. It shapes Adam as a character and contributes to how he makes decisions/shapes some of his conflicts both with others and internally.

In conclusion this was such a fun ride, delightfully cheesy but also hardhitting and profound, it will really make you feel a whole range of emotions.

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3.5 Stars - Maybe it was the title that caught my eye or the cover, regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! I thought there would be a bit more humor to it, considering the title, but it fell (for me at least) on the more dramatic. There is A LOT going on - between familial relationships, personal relationships, romantic relationships, and then all the paranormal action, but the narrative never felt bogged down. In fact, everything felt extremely well balanced and well plotted making this not only a well-written book, but one that keeps you engaged and turning those pages.

I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series and anyone looking for a thoughtful fantasy novel with awesome characters, White Trash Warlock is a great choice!

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Adam Lee Binder is everything his brother, Robert hates. Robert had him committed as a teen and washed his hands, He was done. But when Robert's wife starts acting strange and he begins getting glimpses of something other, he realises that maybe Adam wasn't crazy and he desperately needs his help.

Adam is busy hunting a warlock, he lives with his aunt in a trailer and he is getting by okay. Yet when the message comes from his brother he feels compelled to help. But nothing is as easy as it seems, all the magicians in Denver are dead, there is a giant spirit siphoning the life out of its inhabitants and it's decided Adam is next. He is going to have to make a deal with someone much stronger than him if he wants to get out of this alive.

White Trash Warlock kept me guessing right up to the very end. Adam grew up poor, in a trashy area, in a violent home until his dad up and left when he was still little. He never really had a good chance to move up in the world. Being committed at such a young age tends to mess with your employment opportunities. Adam has magic, his mum and brother refused to acknowledge it and the lack of communication pretty much spelled the end of their relationships.

Adam is a wonderful character, he is unsure of himself and doesn't let people near.

The development of Adams relationship with his brother and mother was really well done. They are two of the most unlikeable characters I have ever come across and I refuse to forgive. Their mother is useless. I think I came out disliking her the most and their were a couple of really shitty characters. Neither deserves Adam.

Throughout the story we meet many magic filled creatures, elves, dwarves, even leprechauns. Each brought their own history and added more layers of kickassness to the story. It all blended together to give us a rich, magic filled world. A place where nothing is as it seems. Slayton does a wonderful job of making you feel the overwhelming oppressive force of the spirit.

To save his sister-in-law, Annie, Adam walks between his world and the other-side, he is forced to confront his feelings about his past, his first love and finally the fact that maybe he doesn't have to hide who he is. He can love who he chooses and he doesn't have to hide it, because fuck his family and everyone else.

White Trash Warlock is an easy urban fantasy that sucks you in and keeps you coming back for more. The story felt fresh. The characters were well written and the atmosphere of the story was suitably bleak and dark, with little rays of sunshine throughout. A great way to spend a couple of hours.

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The Arc for this novel was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am trying to write this review with all the self-control I have in my being and I CAN'T! ITS BEAUTIFUL! I swear to you that I was shocked by the marvel of the book that I have found and that YOU NEED TO READ NOW.
It is not a suggestion, I am saying that this book is NECESSARY for you to continue living and be happy because it is AMAZING!

The story centers on Adam, a magician with little power and little magic who lives in a trailer park with his great-aunt Sue. Adam is focused on searching for rare and illegal magic items and tracking down a corrupt warlock who torments and tortures different species to get what he wants. It doesn't matter if Adam believes that warlock is his father, he is determined to stop him. But when he finds one of those objects, the clues lead him to Denver, where his older brother Bobby lives.
Adam hasn't spoken to him in years, not since Bobby decided to lock him up in a psychiatric center for not believing what Adam saw every day, for denying that magic exists. Adam isn't really eager to get close to him, but a message from Bobby alerts him. His brother's wife has been possessed by an evil spirit and is slowly destroying her life. Adam has to put aside the search for his father and travel to Denver to save his sister-in-law, but in the process he will encounter something stronger than he thinks, something ready to kill him and destroy the balance of the world as we know it.

The story is AMAZING. There's no other way to describe it. It's extremely entertaining, it keeps you on the lookout for what's going to happen and you just can't stop reading once you start. I stayed up all night reading because I couldn't take my eyes off reading, I couldn't stop thinking about Adam, his adventure and the dangers he was facing.
The story has a lot of magic (as you can imagine), a lot of action and mystery. The pieces of the puzzle gradually come together and as they do, they show you difficult situations and unique and complicated characters.

Adam by himself is a complicated character. He has enough magic to be able to see everything magical but not enough to be ultra powerful (something I find charming). He is a boy haunted by his past, with lots of ghosts and trauma, starting with his horrible childhood memories and going through his traumatic stay at a psychiatric center where he didn't belong. That place left Adam very bad and with a strong grudge and hatred towards his brother Bobby and his mother, who in turn are equally complex characters.

Each of them has very different nuances of personality and the truth is that I absolutely adored the way the author showed us the history of each of them. Their perspectives, their memories, their positions. I absolutely adored it, not many authors can accomplish what he did with the characters and I really LOVE this side of the story.

Of all the characters, my favorites are Adam and Vic. Adam has this super dark and mysterious touch, this tormented soul aura in search of his place in the world, and Vic has a completely opposite personality to Adam. He is cheerful, joking, loving, loyal, empathetic... Vic is an amazing character and a cinnamon roll and I really couldn't help but fall for his charms~. The fact that the author made Vic Mexican and there was a very good Latin representation in the book made my love for Vic increase even more. I seriously think the two of them make an amazing team and I can't wait to learn more about Vic and Adam and what they can do together~.

And although Vic's family didn't turn out too much like Adam's, I'm very happy for how well the author represented this Mexican family, especially for how opposite he is from Adam's family, it was an amazing touch~.

There are also other extremely important characters but I want you to know them for yourselves, they are really totally worth each one of them.

And it's not just that the story is incredible or that the characters are so unique, it's that the plot twist the author throws at you blows your mind. On several occasions I had to stop my reading because the plot twists were so surprising that I had to pause everything for a moment to assimilate the great truth.

They really need to read this book! It has magic, action, Latino and LGBTQ + representation, it has amazing plot twist and trust me when I tell you it is going to be one of your best readings~.


El ARC de esta novela fue proporcionado por la editorial a través de NetGalley a cambio de una reseña honesta. ¡Muchas gracias!

Estoy intentando escribir esta reseña con todo el autocontrol que tengo en mi ser y NO PUEDO! ES HERMOSO! Les juro que me quedé en shock con la maravilla de libro que he encontrado y que USTEDES NECESITAN LEER YA.
No es una sugerencia, hablo de que este libro es NECESARIO para que ustedes sigan viviendo y sean felices porque es INCREÍBLE!

La historia se centra en Adam, un mago con poco poder y poca magia que vive en un parque de remolques con su tía abuela Sue. Adam está centrado en buscar objetos mágicos raros e ilegales y rastrear a un brujo corrupto que atormenta y tortura a diferentes especies para obtener lo que quiere. No importa si Adam cree que ese brujo es su padre, él está decidido en detenerlo. Pero cuando encuentra uno de esos objetos, las pistas lo llevan a Denver, donde vive su hermano mayor Bobby.
Adam no ha hablado con él en años, no desde que Bobby decidió encerrarlo en un centro psiquiátrico por no creer en lo que Adam veía todos los días, por negar que la magia existe. En realidad, Adam no está ansioso por acercarse a él, pero un mensaje de Bobby lo alerta. La esposa de su hermano ha sido poseída por un espíritu maligno y está poco a poco destruyendo su vida. Adam tiene que dejar de lado la búsqueda de su padre y viajar a Denver para salvar a su cuñada, pero en el proceso se encontrará con algo más fuerte de lo que cree, algo dispuesto a matarlo y destruir el balance del mundo como lo conocemos.

La historia es INCREÍBLE. No hay otra forma de describirlo. Es sumamente entretenida, te mantiene atenta a lo que va a pasar y simplemente no puedes dejar de leer una vez que empiezas. Me quedé en vela toda la noche leyendo porque no podía despegar mis ojos de la lectura, no podía dejar de pensar en Adam, en su aventura y los peligros que estaba enfrentando.
La historia tiene muchísima magia (como ya se imaginarán), mucha acción y misterio. Las piezas del rompecabezas poco a poco se van uniendo y mientras lo hacen, te muestran situaciones difíciles y personajes únicos y complicados.

Adam por sí mismo es un personaje complicado. Tiene magia suficiente para poder Ver todo lo mágico pero no lo suficiente para poder ser ultra poderoso (algo que encuentro encantador). Es un chico atormentado por su pasado, con muchísimos fantasmas y traumas, empezando por sus recuerdos horribles de su niñez y pasando por su traumática estadía en un centro psiquiátrico donde no pertenecía. Ese lugar dejó a Adam muy mal y con un fuerte rencor y odio hacia su hermano Bobby y su madre, quienes a su vez son personajes igual de complejos.

Cada uno de ellos tiene matices de personalidad muy diversos y la verdad es que adoré por completo la forma en que el autor nos mostró la historia de cada uno de ellos. Sus perspectivas, sus recuerdos, sus posturas. Lo adoré por completo, no muchos autores pueden lograr lo que él hizo con los personajes y realmente AMO este lado de la historia.

De todos los personajes, mis favoritos son Adam y Vic. Adam tiene este toque super oscuro y misterioso, esta aura de alma atormentada en busca de su lugar en el mundo, y Vic tiene una personalidad completamente opuesta a la de Adam. Es alegre, bromista, cariñoso, leal, empático... Vic es un personaje increíble y un cinnamon roll y realmente no pude evitar caer en sus encantos~. El hecho de que el autor hiciera a Vic mexicano y hubiera representación latina muy acertada en el libro hizo que mi amor por Vic aumentará aún más. En serio creo que ellos dos hacen un equipo increíble y estoy ansiosa por conocer más de Vic y Adam y lo que pueden hacer juntos~.

Y aunque la familia de Vic no salió demasiado como la de Adam, estoy muy feliz por lo bien que el autor representó a esta familia mexicana, especialmente por lo opuesta que es de la familia de Adam, fue un toque increíble~.

También hay otros personajes sumamente importantes pero quiero que los conozcan por ustedes mismos, en serio valen completamente la pena cada uno de ellos.

Y no es sólo que la historia sea increíble o que los personajes sean tan únicos, es que los plot twist que te lanza el autor te vuelan la mente. En varias ocasiones tuve que detener mi lectura porque fueron tan sorprendentes los plot twist que tuve que pausar un momento todo para asimilar la gran verdad.

En serio necesitan leer este libro! Tiene magia, acción, representación latina y LGBTQ+, tiene plot twist increíbles y créanme cuando les digo que va a ser una de sus mejores lecturas~.

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What an epic story!!!!!! What can I say about this story? The characters are amazing! Dynamic. Realistic. And relatable. The plot was absolutely amazing! My attention was held the entire time. Twists. Turns. Suspense. I love the entire story!!!! I was sad when I finished. Amparo has an amazing story!!!!

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I am grateful for the opportunity to receive the ARC copy of this book, that said, it wasn't what I was expecting. Based on the title, I was expecting something lighter and quirkier. This was heavier and more formal than I was expecting. The writing, at times, feels a bit stilted, as though the author was attempting to write formally and forgot that people rarely speak in that manner. Overall a good story, but as I said, just not what I was expecting.

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Adam Binder is a warlock from a trashy trailer park in nothing Oklahoma who has a history of mental illness. As a teenager, his Sight - his magically gifted ability to see beyond what normal people can see - caused his brother to have him committed to a "school" for mentally troubled kids. On his 18th birthday, Adam left behind the asylum and moved in with his Aunt, a witch. Meanwhile, his brother left the trailer park behind for doctor's scrubs and middle class suburbs.

Fast forward a few years and Adam is earning what little money he can while using his gifts to hunt down magical items with dubious origins. He is resigned to his trailer and shitty car, his life of insecurities and disappointment. That is, until one day he receives a frantic telephone call from his estranged brother asking for Adam's unique help. Roberts wife is catatonic and it doesn't seem like it is a result of natural causes - Robert believes greater forces are at play. Reluctantly, Adam travels to Denver and quickly finds himself looking into problems much larger than his anger at his brother - instead he finds a great power at work, something much larger than himself and his small magics.

This story has a full cast of fantastic characters. First and foremost there is Adam - a gay kid from a trailer park with no money, no education, no future goals, and no self esteem. His brother, Robert - Bobby - is a trailer park kid raised up to hard working doctor with a cookie cutter house and fancy car and a "you can do better" attitude. There is Vic, a Mexican police officer with strong family ties and values who is intrigued by the serious Adam. There are Argent and Silver, high fae from the magical realm who have too many secrets to be trusted.

This story had it all - mystery, suspense, romance, comedy, and heroics. Adam Lee Binder is a hero everyone can relate to because he doesn't want to be heroic, he doesn't have the resources to be heroic, and he doesn't have the courage to be heroic. Yet he musters all he has to be heroic. I loved this story and look forward to reading more of Adam, seeing his develop and grow, and seeing how the story evolves. It is easy to read during this book that Adam is on the precipice of a greater tale - one that can move him from small town no nothing warlock into a force to be feared.

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White Trash Warlock by David R Slayton comes out on the 13th of october and follows Adam, a gay, white witch who is estranged from his family and lives in a trailer park. He is trying to find answers to his past, track down a Warlock who might be his father, and help his brother and sister in law. But his path brings him untold secrets and forces him to work with an ex-lover.
This book was unexpected. The hero lives in poverty in a trailer park. This isn't a book with shiny heroes and slimy villains. All the characters have flaws, they are vivid and undeniably human. The world is wonderfully built. The writing is wonderful and emotional, and I was close to tears by the end. There isn't a lot of action in this book but theres always something happening, and it's full of surprises. 4 stars, cant wait to see what this author writes next

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plot: adam hasn't spoken to his brother bobby in years, but when a spirit possess bobby's wife, he's the only one, who might be able to save her. adam comes back to bobby and their mother to help them with his magical abilities, but new dangerous adventures lie ahead of him in denver. •

3/5🌟: this urban fantasy novel was not really what i expected it to be. the writing style felt too formal and distanced from the characters to me. thus, i couldn't identify with them at all. it took me ages to finish this book, because, and it hurts me to say this, i just didn't care for the characters and story line at all. the brothers are constantly rude to each other and their strange relationship just didn't interest me. the world building was complicated and i still don't understand most of it. nevertheless, it was cool to see a queer protagonist, who has to deal with being poor. it was very well intervowen with the plot. this won't make it onto my favourite book list, but for anyone, who doesn't like to dive deep into a character's thoughts, it might be worth a try!

thanks to netgalley i received an early access copy of this in exchange for an honest opinion!

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I don't think this is by any means a bad book, but it wasn't for me. I guess I wanted something a bit less gritty; this is raw, with some emotionally dark and painful parts to it, and they're not written poorly or anything - it just makes for a heavier book than I was looking for. I'd definitely recommend this for readers looking for less light-hearted fantasy, especially with the interesting factor of a low-powered main character - not something you see so often!

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n a year filled with so much of "the same old thing," this book is a totally unexpected delight. It's urban fantasy of the old style with another world filled with elves and other powerful fae touching ours. No fancy stuff. It's gritty and real, with well defined believable characters. It's about family and friendship and the pain of growing up different. Perfect pacing, relentless plot, sweet gay romance, and an evil entity that must be destroyed to save the world. I couldn't put it down. Wonderful debut to a series I plan to follow.

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