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Buzz Books 2020: Fall/Winter

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This was a perfect way to get a taste of some of the anticipated titles, and I really enjoyed reading it. I can't wait for the next one to come!
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A Great list of wonderful books coming out. So fun to read about these and sample.  I.   really enjoyed reading the Buzz books and look forward to more.
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Great book recommendations and varied excerpts, especially the selection from J'nell Ciesielski, Beauty Among Ruins.
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Great list with so many more books to look forward to.  A very useful way to read a quick summary about a book and keep track of books that are being released in the coming months.
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Good insight of the upcoming books. This was the first time I have had such insight so was good to know what to keep an eye out for,
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A fun read to see what's coming up. As usual, there will be more books of interest than there is time available.
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It's always great to hear about new books coming out and I look forward to each issue of Buzz Books.
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For those who don't know what the 'Buzz Books'-catalogues of Publishers Lunch are all about (like me), just a little bit of clarification.

"Publishers Lunch is the book industry's 'daily essential read', shared with approximately 45,000 publishing people every day. Each report gathers together stories from all over the web and print of interest to the professional trade book community, along with original reporting, plus a little perspective and the occasional wisecrack added in."

Publishers Lunch also compiles seasonal Buzz Books-catalogues in which books which will probably create a buzz are included. 
On the one hand these catalogues offer a simple overview of titles we should keep an eye on and on the other hand they also provide sneak previews for about 30 of those expected books which allow to see if they're appealing to you or not.

The available Buzz Books-catalogues can be consulted at:


Publishers Lunch's goal is to help you sift through the thousands of planned fall and winter releases thanks to their selection of what they think are among the most noteworthy titles, separated in four key categories: fiction, debut, non-fiction and young adult.

Not only bestselling authors as Ken Follett, Matt Haig, Jonathan Lethem, and Sue Miller are featured.
Exciting debut authors are put in the spotlight as well.

At the end of most excerpts, you will find a link to read or request the full galley from NetGalley.

These are the 30 titles for which a sneak peek is available (in my review on Goodreads these titles and authors are clickable):


1. Leave the world behind - Rumaan Alam
2. In the garden of spite - Camilla Bruce
3. Beauty among ruins - J'Nell Ciesielski
4. The Incredible Winston Browne - Sean Dietrich
5. The Office of Historical Corrections - Danielle Evans
6. The Evening and the Morning - Ken Follett
7. The Midnight Library - Matt Haig
8. The Arrest - Jonathan Lethem
9. The Chanel Sisters - Judithe Little
10. The Blade Between - Sam J. Miller
11. Monogamy - Sue Miller
12. Black Widows - Cate Quinn
13. Cher Ami and Major Whittlesey - Kathleen Rooney
14. We Run The Tides - Vendela Vida
15. Memorial - Bryan Washington


16. The Push - Ashley Audrain
17. Before the Ruins - Victoria Gosling 
18. Make Them Cry - Smith Henderson and Jon Marc Smith
19. The Prophets - Robert Jones Jr. (this book was sold at auction)
20. The Last Story of Mina Lee - Nancy Jooyoun Kim
21. The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman (this book was sold at auction)
22. The Witch Hunter - Max Seeck (this Finnish thriller is due out as a television series)
23. Set My Heart to Five - Simon Stephenson (novel about a humanlike bot has already been optioned for film)
24. When The Apricots Bloom - Gina Wilkinson


25. Three Ordinary Girls - Tim Brady (inspirational World War II story)
26. We Keep the Dead Close - Becky Cooper (true crime)
27. Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation - Anne Helen Petersen


28. Lore - Alexandra Bracken
29. Dearest Josephine - Caroline George
30. We Were Restless Things - Cole Nagamatsu


This catalogue contains lots of intriguing titles, some of which already figured on my TBR-list and others which were added now by browsing it.
Although I do like to find titles on my own and I clearly have a preference for books that are less known by the greater public, this catalogue was interesting because it put books on my radar that I hadn't heard of before. 
Furthermore being able to read the sneak peeks of some of the mentioned titles was nice, because that way it was possible to see if the writing style was entirely to my liking.
A single point for improvement would be that the titles for which no sneak peek is available would be clickable so that a short content appears immediately. Otherwise I'm very satisfied with this source of inspiration.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Publishers Lunch for providing a digital copy of this catalogue in exchange for an honest review.
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Great preview, enjoyed reading about all the upcoming books for fall and winter of 2020. We're going to need them!
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Thank you for this useful  information for book bloggers. I got a number of great reading options and books to review.
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This was a great way to learn about new books coming out this fall. Each story has a brief synopsis, followed by an excerpt and then an author bio and publication information. I can’t wait to start reading many of the books that we’re excerpted here!
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This collection of thirty upcoming new releases is divided into four sections. Fiction, Debut, Nonfiction and Young Adult.
It gives an overview of the book as well as an excerpt.
There are some favorite authors and a chance to see a sample of some premiering writers.
It was fun to get a peek at the new titles coming out.
This is an excellent resource for finding new books to read.
Thank you Publishers Lunch for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
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I really enjoy reading every issue of Buzz Books because every time I find many interesting books to add to my TBR. In this edition of Buzz Books 2020 : Fall/Winter i discovered books that had heard and after reading an excerpt from it I added it immediately to my TBR. I also found books that I didn't know but I look forward to learn more about them and read them.
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I was looking forward to this, but was not able to access. sorry to miss this as I was interested in seeing what books would be selected and recommended for reading this fall.
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These are the best book guides available. I absolutely love them. The books are broken out into sections, with fiction, non fiction, new authors, mainstream writers, and several other sub catégorisés. They are beneficial to browse to see which books are likely to be the best books coming out in the Fall/Winter of 2020. They are also very helpful, if you are not familiar with an author, to be able to read a  short excerpt to familiarize yourself and decide if you wish to read their full novel. I highly recommend reading this guide as it usually is spot on with it’s suggestions.
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It was interesting to read about some of the eagerly aniticipated books for this fall/winter, though about 50% of them I did not care for-- the ones I would be interested in reading more of, I really liked-- hence the higher rating. Multiple genres were represented. My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a review copy.
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As a librarian and review editor, I appreciate the opportunity to sample upcoming reads and look forward to these compilations every season.  Having the publishers' contact information available is always very useful as well.
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Thank you for this preview! I've already picked up Transcendent Kingdom, The Book of Two Ways, and The Last Story of Mina Lee. I'm really excited about others, especially The Midnight Library and Beauty Among Ruins.
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This magazine always gives the best info on new and upcoming books.  I love the section on new authors since these often fall under the radar.   Thank you so much for my review copy,
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So many great titles! I started making my TBR as soon as I received this.  Love the book excerpts.   They really help me get a feel for which books I want to read.
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