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I love a good western!  Terrence McCauley always builds his stories around a man with principles, in this case, Sheriff Aaron Mackey of Dover Station, Montana.  This sheriff has drawn a line against any who would cause trouble in his town.  The big problem is Sheriff Mackey has to not only keep his town safe, he must defend himself against the enemies he gained as a US Marshall.  
GET OUT OF TOWN is the 3rd in this series, but it's a fantastic stand alone too.  Set in a time when most people thought laws were for the other guy and the only protection a town had was their Sheriff and his deputy, MCCauley has done an excellent job of pulling this reader into the Old West to follow the action.  You can always count on McCauley's characters to save the day using extreme prejudice!!!
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Get Out of Town by Terrence McCauley
Sheriff Aaron Mackey Westerns #3

Sheriff Mackey is surveying a bounty to be brought in as this book begins and shortly thereafter bullets fly, men are dead, and the bounty is taken in for receipt. And that is my introduction to a man that is intelligent, intriguing, and intrepid. I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be able to follow the story coming in at book three of the series but had no trouble at all. I realized that in previous books I might have gotten a better handle on the relationship between Aaron and the other characters in the book with the more full backstory on many of them but enough was mentioned about each one to feel I understood the dynamics. That said…wouldn’t mind picking up the other two books in the future to see what DID happen in them. 

What I liked: 
* Sheriff Aaron Mackey: a lawman that wants to keep his town and territory safe. He wants justice to be done but doesn’t mind putting a bullet into those that are out to kill him. He is a good friend, wise leader and in a relationship with a woman. 
* Billy Sunday: Aaron’s deputy but also a good friend, highly capable and a man you would like to cover your back when not standing by your side.
* Adair: a black battle horse with mettle, nerves of steel, and a nasty bite.
*  Characters that I would like to know more about (maybe more in previous books?): Lagrange, Sandbourne, Katherine, Pappy, Mr. Rice and some met in Hancock.
* The writing style and story
* Finding a new author that was a joy to read
* The grit and grime and real feel that came through
* It reminded me of reading my father’s Westerns long ago – Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour and Max Brand. 
* Knowing there is another book to look forward to in the series.

What I did not like: 
* Mayor James Grant: an evil, remorseless megalomaniac with aspirations greater than just Dover, Montana
* The way the railroad people put money before humanity
* The Hancock family…at least all of them that I met.
* Reading the last page and knowing I would have to wait for the next book.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more in this series? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington-Pinnacle for the ARC – This is my honest review

5 Stars
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Aaron Mackey, Marshal of the Montana Territory reminds us the “Good Old Days” weren’t always that good. In the 1880’s, the territory was wild, violent, and run with a corrupt hand. Charged with keeping the peace in an environment as harsh as its inhabitants, Mackey is targeted by an outlaw family with suspicious political connections. Mackey vows to bring the lawless men to justice, on the saddle or over it as statehood for Montana hangs in the balance. A tightly written western saga with compelling characters, and a plot that could be pulled from today’s headlines. Looking forward to the next installment in this outstanding series.
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I’ve read all three Aaron Mackey novels by Terrence McCauley and enjoyed all of them. I think this one is the best of the three, so far. 
Lots of action and great moments for each character to shine. 
Over the last three books its been great to see the characters and the town of Dover Station grow and change. 
McCauley knows how to write a good, old fashioned gun fight. 
Very much looking forward to the next book!
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Terrence McCauley's Get Out of Town (Pinnacle Books 2020) starts with a mystery. Why is U.S. Marshall Aaron Mackey taking a dead outlaw to the rogue's hometown to be buried, where his family will doubtless seek revenge no matter how evil their kin is and now, they'll know exactly who to go after? It's like Mackey wants to make them furious. Those who know Mackey understand he has a plan and it is going exactly as he'd hoped. Where others might fear butting heads with a ruthless family that owns the town and has more relatives than rabbits have kits, all willing to die to avenge their murdered kin, Mackey eagerly steps into the snake pit.

And it only gets more interesting from here. This is a great story by an author I've never read before but am sorry I missed. Highly recommended for lovers of the western genre.
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I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley and Pinnacle Books in exchange for an impartial review. The main characters are Aaron Mackey, US Marshal for the Montana Territory, and his deputy, Billy Sunday. It begins with Mackey going after one of the leaders of the large Hancock family of bank robbers and criminals. This leads to the family seeking revenge on Mackey and Sunday. To make matters worse, the Hancocks are in league with James Grant, the mayor of Dover Station where Mackey lives. Grant is crooked, but powerful and Mackey has never been able to make any charges against him stick.  With the Hancocks backing him, Grant moves to take total control of Dover Station with only Mackey and Sunday standing in his way. I liked the characters, the storyline was engaging and there was plenty of action. I would probably have given this four stars except for the author’s annoying habit of repeatedly referring to Mackey as the hero of Dover Station. This apparently is based on an earlier book and he uses the phase often throughout the book. I’d prefer the author let me decide whether or not he is a hero rather than beating me over the head with it. I also think that since this incident is often referred to it would have been helpful to provide a brief recap for those of us who have not read the earlier work. Overall I enjoyed this book and with a bit of editing it could be even better.
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"Get Out of Town" is an engaging western by Terrance McCauley.  Though I believe it is part of a series, I read this as a stand alone and enjoyed it immensely. The book surrounds the adventures of Mackey a U.S Marshal, of the Montana Territory.

The story opens with the hunting down of a bank robber and his gang, bravely knowing that the family of the bank robber pretty much runs the town from which he works.  As the story continues the reader learns that his hunting down this robber for justice is connected to the greater purpose to rid the town int which the protagonist was once Sheriff of a man who has too much control over the people and property.

Never working alone, we meet Mackey's deputy Marshal Billy Sunday.  A black man of few words, but with much fighting prowess the story really takes off when these two come together.

This well written and plotted western was hard to put down, and both ended satisfyingly and made me ready to read the next installment.
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