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This book was a real tear jerker. I started crying just 5 Pages into the book, but that is not a bad thing. This was a really good book and a fast Read. I enjoyed following Charlottes journey to find herself and have a honeymoon by herself
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The writing quality of this book is perfectly competent. The movement back in forth in time is not for me.
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This was fun. I loved exploring Japan through this book. Just what I needed to read in a sucky week.
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One of the things that drew me to the book was the Japan setting. I have been living in Japan for the past 5 years, so I wanted to see how the author would portray it from someone who sees the everyday life here. 

After calling off her wedding (rightfully so!) after her fiance and high school sweetheart, Matt, got cold feet, Charlotte goes on their honeymoon to Japan by herself. Through her journey in Japan, she goes on another journey of self-discovery. And while there are many flashbacks, instead of Charlotte falling in love with someone else, she learns to fall in love with herself. I can appreciate how obvious it was that the author thoroughly researched about Japan and Japanese culture. The author really tried to make the reader feel like they were traveling with Charlotte with her thorough descriptions of food and imagery of bustling cities. I also like her slipping in Japanese phrases into the books to teach the reader. It really added to the atmosphere. Most, if not all, was similar to my own experiences living here. I especially loved when Charlotte visited Kyoto, my next-door neighbor, and when she watched a kabuki performance. I appreciated the care the author took to portraying the beautiful culture. I also love how we see Charlotte grow as a character through her experiences in Japan and end the book in a hopeful note for her future.

While at times the flashbacks were long and sometimes didn't add to the story, this is a very empowering story of a woman discovering herself abroad. It is something that I can relate to very well, as I also found myself here in Japan. It made me want to travel more in this beautiful country that I live in.
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Charlottes and Matt have been together since they were kids.  They have been planning their wedding.  Three weeks before the weddings Matt decides he wants a break to see what’s out there.  Charlotte decides to cancel the wedding but goes on the month long honeymoon to Japan.  Once there, Charlotte goes on a self discovery journey.  I really enjoyed this book especially all the adventures she had in Japan.  Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK and Conerstone for the E-ARC.  This is my own opinion.
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I received this book complimentary from NetGalley but all opinions are my own. 

Oh this was so good. It was messy but uplifting, sad but enchanting. I need to go to Japan. Desperately. This book just confirmed it for me. I really loved the growth of the character and it was a romance without being a romance. It was lovely. I loved that Charlie was so tight with her brothers and sisters. I loved that she wasn’t so focused on Matt and didn’t take him back. I loved that. I like how slowly, as she grew in herself, she noted how he wouldn’t have made parts of the trip better. It was interesting and unique and just good. I really loved this one.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publishing team for allowing me read this absolute gem! 

When disaster strikes, adventure calls...

Charlotte had a plan. The perfect country wedding, followed by a month-long honeymoon in Japan - but when her fiancé starts having second thoughts, she knows there's no choice but to call off the wedding.

Charlotte isn't sure she knows how to be single, but she is going to try, starting with taking that trip of a lifetime - alone.

Will she find herself in the hills of Mount Fuji, or in the karaoke bars of Tokyo?

And will she be ready for romance by the time the cherry blossom flowers?

I loved this book and devoured it in a matter of hours. I couldn't put it down! Charlotte is a well rounded realistic character who is relatable. You laugh with her you cry with her and sometimes you just want to reach out and hug her. The descriptions throughout the book leave little to the imagination. You don't need to think "Oh, how would that work?" because it is all there for you to read. It is incredibly immersive. I am so pleased that the ending wasn 't what you would naturally expect. It wasn't all hearts and flowers and happy ever after in coupledom and that is ok. The book itself is extremely well written and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from Lucy Dickens if this is the calibre of story we can expect. 10 Stars!!
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This is such a cute and adorable book. I loved getting to read this one early and thank you so much netgalley for this! It was such a beautiful little treat!
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I identified so much with this book. Even though my life is quite different from Charlie’s, we are the same age...

The pop references were very good, the parts about finding oneself were spot on...

This book is about much more than a failed wedding and I could not recommend ir enough. Plus, in pandemic times, it made me travel away from home...

A very good read. Now Onto finding an adventure to call my own!
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This is a romance story of self-discovery and empowerment after terrible heartbreak; inspiring, funny, and feel-good! I absolutely loved the adventure Charlie went on – Japan has never been on my radar to visit before, but it is now! That was one thing I loved about this book; not only are the characters well-written, the story and imagery is so vivid as well, and it's clear that the author put time and research into Japan and how to make this book and Charlie's adventures come alive! 

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an e-ARC!
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Would you still go on your honeymoon if the wedding was called off? I’m not sure myself, but to Japan I say yes!

I picked this up as a light read, a way for me to live my Japan travel dreams vicariously through a story. So I was surprised to find this is less about romance but self love and discovering who you are!

Charlotte wants to be a travel vlogger. Having called off her wedding, Matt you’re a d*, she decides to fly solo on what should have been her honeymoon to the cities of Japan.

In a whirlwind of funny moments and sad reminders that someone else should have been with her, we get to visit a host of different places and experience all of the sights and sounds. 

“I’d like to be an invisible, miserable old bitch, please.”

It’s not all lighthearted fun though, Charlotte comes close to giving up on her dreams as she no longer knows who she is without Matt. Her sadness can’t help but break through the fun and this is how she learns to develop and grow whilst discovering what a confident and strong lady she can (and deserves) to be.
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An interesting journey of self discovery, but more importantly, self love. 
I typically find myself immersed in romance reads, and I thought for sure I knew exactly what was going to happen when the wedding was called off and our heroine decided to take the honeymoon anyways.
Imagine my absolute delight when I realized that this wasn’t about a romantic relationship between two people, but quite simply a girls guide to herself.
I enjoyed the travel through Japan, and while I’ve never been, this immersed me quite nicely in what to expect if I ever take the trip.
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I really loved reading this novel.
It's a story about a young women who has all planned out, but then everything changes. She's going on a honeymoon-trip, but without her man, because the marriage was cancelled. The journey to Japan is life changing. She learns ho to be herself and finds peace with the things happened back home in England.

The roadtrip in Japan is great to read. Charlotte is visiting great places in Japan and the descriptions are great. I also loved the way Charlotte is learning about herself when she's on her own in Japan.
A minor point where the many flashbacks in the first part of the novel, to much and to long. It was holding back the story of Chalotte and Matt.

The broken hearts honeymoon is a great feelgood story, but not because of true love. It's about support from family, having old and finding new friend, exploring a new country and specially finding your true self. Very nice novel to read and enjoy.
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Many thanks to netgalley for an arc of this book which I have to say I enjoyed so much more than I thought I would. At first I thought “oh no not another love story gone wrong  but girl will meet someone new story” but I was pleasantly surprised.  What a wonderful journey around Japan we share with our lovely main character. Never have I ever even given japan a thought when it comes to travel but after reading this book, I am enthused!  The author has done a brilliant job of capturing our imagination and enlightening us to the wonders of Japan.  A lovely happy ending to the story too! Highly recommend a read even if you “don’t do” romance - it’s so much more than that!
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It takes a well-written story for me to enjoy books written in the first person.  This one definitely was!  Charlotte, after canceling her wedding, takes a solo honeymoon trip to Japan.  Amidst a beautiful Japanese backdrop, Charlotte takes a journey of healing and self-discovery.  I will definitely recommend this book.
Thank you Lucy Dickens, Random House UK Cornerstone and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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After cancelling her wedding, broken-hearted Charlotte sets out on the already paid-for honeymoon to Japan — alone. What follows is a journey of self-discovery and travel adventure...

This cute novel by Lucy Dickens had a great beginning and kicked off the story with its dynamic, personable narrative style. There was also a number of flashbacks that were often fun, but luckily stopped just when they were starting to feel overdone. Unfortunately, once Charlotte got to Japan and started her big adventure... I just couldn't get into the book. I liked Charlotte, but I couldn't find her or her travels interesting. And I love Japan!

 Maybe the problem is that I'm not big on non-fiction, and to me, ultimately The Broken Hearts Honeymoon felt more like travelogue than fiction, and that's not what I expected when I started to read this. Also, I kept having a feeling that I'd enjoy it more if it really was an actual travelogue, and maybe with some photos added in. Another problem is, perhaps, that I had read several blogs about traveling in Japan and found them a lot more interesting than this story.


This feels like a perfect book to read if you're getting over a breakup. The way Charlotte feels about suddenly going on an adventure entirely on her own feels achingly real. The way she gets through her breakup also feels healthy and inspiring. And there are some moments when you can feel how liberating it must be to go out into the world on your own and how your courage in doing so can reforge you into a better person. 

It also feels like a good book to read if you want a feel-good story that will offer you a way to imagine you're traveling through Japan. There are lot of descriptions, and some of the places Charlotte visits are very soothing and inspiring.

There were some scenes in the book which I did find enjoyable and interesting (all the scenes with Charlotte's siblings, the initial trips with the honeymoon tour group, the karaoke, the sakura, the leaving toward the south...) I actually liked it more when Charlotte interacted with other people, but a lot of the time it was just her with her thoughts.

This certainly is a feel-good read with a likeable narrator and some lovely scenery, and in many ways it delivers what it promises. Just don't expect excitement, drama or romance — rather, imagine this as a relaxing little journey that might inspire you to someday go on an adventure of your own.

Rating: 3/5 💎 💎 💎

Feel-good: 4.5/5 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌷

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book.
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I went into this book with an expectation of rebound romance and light fluffy moments between two characters. That is not what this book is. I think you should know that right away because if you continue on into it like I had done, you'll be confused for a majority of the book (because it seems like nothing is happening).
Although, at first I couldn't quite figure out where the story was going, I slowly started to enjoy the setting and the slow pacing of the book. I think the pacing represented the entire theme of the story really well (the theme was discovering yourself and healing).
It has a quiet charm that sneaked up on me in the end. I really liked it.
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I loved this book. I have never been to Japan but had a very clear image of the country and it’s people. 
Charlottes story and her characters development was fascinating to follow.
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Firstly, huge thank you to Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. 

The beautiful cover with sakura and Mount Fuji caught my attention, and when I read that this novel was pretty much my dream (the travelling Japan for a month bit, not the marriage being called off bit!) I was dying to get stuck in. 

As the name suggests, The Broken Hearts Honeymoon, follows Charlotte in the wake of breaking off her engagement. Not wanting to lose out on a non-refundable trip that she has wanted to do since she was a child, she decides to go on her honeymoon to Japan by herself. After being in the same relationship since she was a teenager, she thinks that this trip would be the perfect place to find herself and her own place in the world as a single woman. 

I liked Charlotte as the protagonist of the novel and felt that her reactions to her relationship breaking up, and making the decision to still go on her honeymoon, believable. I enjoyed how enthusiastic she was about experiencing as much as she could in Japan, and as a tourist she was really relatable too. I also really liked the relationship she had with her siblings, especially her younger brother Benny. Due to the plot of the novel, Charlotte is the only character you’re really able to form a bond with as most other characters only make fleeting appearances. Despite her being a good protagonist, I think she could have been more developed as there were a few instances where her actions and thoughts felt repetitive.

There were many moments in the novel where I got excited reading about Charlotte’s adventures, especially at the beginning in Tokyo, as I have done a lot of that myself so it was lovely to experience these things again through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the first time. It’s because of this that I think people who have been to Japan may connect with this book more as they are able to reflect on their own experiences and project onto Charlotte as, at times, it feels more like an informational travel book rather than a novel. That isn’t to say that other people won’t enjoy the novel, as I think Charlotte could make anyone excited by the prospect of travelling anywhere. 

Additionally, I found the use of flashbacks to be quite unnecessary and felt that it disrupted the pacing of the novel at times. Whilst it was nice to learn more about Charlotte and her past, I feel it didn’t add a whole lot to her current story as it had already been explained well already. I did enjoy the use of social media and emails through the novel, they were nice little reminders that there is a world outside of her travelling which gives you another dose of reality whilst reading this novel and also how her adventures were personal but were also helping her take steps towards achieving her dream job. 

Overall, I think due to my own experiences I am a little biased. The novel was a nice read that had me reminiscing a lot on my own travels to Japan and gave me several new places that I want to discover myself when I next visit.
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Charlotte after calling off her wedding decides to go on what supposed to be their honeymoon by herself, little she knew that this trip would change her life completely.

The story narrated in first person by the main character is presented as an introspective diary with some flashbacks to her life which help underline Charlotte growth throughout the book.
The book is set in Japan, and the author has been describing every single place and presented the culture of this country in such a wonderful way that I wished I could be right there experiencing that adventures with the protagonist.

Perfect for people looking for a light hearted read! 

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