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I was so excited for this anthology, especially after watching First Kill on Netflix, but unfortunately, I didn't really care about most of the stories... "A Guidebook for the newly sired Desi vampire" and "Mirrors, Windows & Selfies" were my favorites.
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This anthology featuring vampires who lurk on social media just as much as they lurk in the night will hit the bookstore shelves on September 22, just in time to start prepping for Halloween. Edited by Zoriada Córdova and Natalie C. Parker, the collection features eleven new stories and a really fantastic author list, populated with a diverse group of authors from a ton of backgrounds and sexualities. The contributors include V. E. Schwab, known for her “Darker Shade of Magic” series; Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award-winner, Rebecca Roanhorse; Internment author Samira Ahmed; Dhionelle Clayton, author of The Belles and Tiny Pretty Things; “The Blood Journals” author Tessa Gratton (who also contributed to the super spooky looking Edgar Allan Poe-inspired His Hideous Heart); Heidi Heilig, author of the “Shadow Players” trilogy; Julie Murphy, whose book Dumplin’ was adapted for the Netflix film of the same name; Lammy Award winner Mark Oshiro, whose forthcoming YA fantasy Each of Us a Desert will hit stands just before this anthology; Thirteen Doorways author Laura Ruby; and essayist and short story writer Kayla Whaley.

There are a lot of YA authors on this list, many of whom crossover to adult, so there’s a good chance readers will find some of their favorite kinds of angsty vampires on these pages, as well as body-conscious vampires, and vamps coming out as well as going out into the night, seeking for their perfect victim—or just looking for love.

– Alana Joli Abbott
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I am always ready for a vampire story! For me vampires are my childhood so I am always excited to read a new interpretation of these creatures. I am a fan of many of these authors and highly recommend you take a chance on their vampire tales!
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Vampires literally and in literature, rise  and die every so often. I thought i was supremely burned out of the genre but I requested this be cause Zoraida was involved. The tone for this anthology is to pump some new life into the genre by aiming squarely for some of the most dated tropes in vampire lore. the stories range froom scary to sexy to humorous. the best thing this anthology did was remind me how good vampire stories can be with the right person at the help. A great line up of authors and an enjoyable read. PErfect fr summer time or travel reading.
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I'm quite new to reading anthologies but I enjoyed reading Vampires Never Get Old. It was the perfect combination of reliving my teen years (with the pop culture craze of Twilight) with a modern day outlook. The stories were all really unique and entertaining and I think it's the perfect book to read during the fall and throughout "spooky season."

I definitely would be on the lookout for future anthologies by Zoraida Cordova and Natalie C Parker!
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I wanted to like this more than I did. It's always very hit or miss with anthologies, though, right? Some you'll love and others not so much. For the most part, it was an enjoyable read. My complaint is that too many of the stories felt.. guillotined? Like they were meant to be larger stories but were hacked off at a point for word count purposes. Could that have just been me? Oh, absolutely. Short stories are not my specialty. Regardless, I think this collection is valuable for a great many reasons and wish more people would read it.
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I like anthologies, because you can get several stories in one, but they're all nice and short. So if you're only in the mood to read a little bit, you can read one story and save the rest for later!

This anthology, as you can guess, is vampires focused and there are so many different takes on the vampire story! With any short story collection, there are going to be stories I like more than others, but for the most part, I liked all of them! I can only think of one that I didn't necessarily like, so one out of eleven is not bad. 

In between the short stories were little messages/prompts from the editors talking about what idea or question the story was answering. For example, one story focused on the vampire origin, another focused on their transformation, what they can eat, and who's the real villain in the story. While some of the explanations were a bit cheesy, I appreciated the background and thought that went into each one of them. It helped me appreciate each story more.

Another thing I really liked was the variety of formatting. One story was set up in a blog format, where there were blog post entries instead of sections. And included in each blog post entry were any comments and the amount of views. Another story had newspaper article clippings included. One was a pamphlet for newly turned vampires. And another story had two POVs each split into three equal sections. I can appreciate including variations of formatting and style; it helps breaks up the monotony of the same long story. 

And, with different formatting, were different kinds of vampires. Some that could walk in the sun and others that couldn't. Some that had to be called and others that preyed upon people in the shadows. Some required the sharing of blood while others just needed one bite to sire a new vampire. I loved seeing all the variations in each story and thinking about how we have all of these different vampires myths and lore. 

Overall, if you like vampire stories (like I do) I would definitely check out this anthology! There are eleven diverse stories so there's a vampire tale for every interest and person! Although, there are some stories in here that I really, really want to be extended and have a longer story or a full book about! They were just too good to end on a cliff hanger and I need more! To satiate my desire for more, I would love to have another vampire anthology; so if they were thinking of writing a sequel, I would definitely love to read one! Or even participate in one, if I had the chance. Hint, hint. Wink, wink!
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This is a fun collection of vampire stories by a number of amazing YA authors. There are stories that will appeal to various interests, incorporating diverse characters and situations.
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Vampires Never Get Old is full of fun, thrilling, bite-worthy stories about vampires! The authors who contributed to the anthology are exceptional!
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The introduction points out that vampires are almost always white guys. They're never disabled (the bad guys might be disfigured in some way), and they're almost always beautiful, make or female. These vampires....aren't. In one way or another, they're different. And so is the book. Some of the stories are weaker than the others, and the "discussion questions" after each story are downright tortured, but on he whole, a great collection of different vampire stories.
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As with any collection of short stories, there were some that I enjoyed more than others, but there was plenty of variety available so different stories would be appreciated by different readers.
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I listened to a panel where the authors were discussing where the idea for this book came from. Who isn't obsessed or intrigued by vampires and the idea of immortality? But its mostly white cisgender representation. So this book is each author's take on the story they want to hear about LGBTQ, own voices, disability and the stories that haven't been told. There should be diversity in mythology. Vampirism is a sexualized practice in essence and not just only for only race and sexuality.

Each story was unique and was done by authors I admire and love. See below for the contents. I totally recommend as each has their own voice and unique writing style, it's hard to capture them all in a post but I definitely thought each had a different take on the genre and if this was a start to an idea for a possible book for each author I would say go for it! 


🦇Seven Nights for Dying by Tessa Gratton

🦇Mirrors, Windows & Selfies by Mark Oshiro

🦇The House of Black Sapphires by Dhonielle Clayton

🦇The Boys from Blood River by Rebecca Roanhorse

🦇Senior Year Sucks by Julie Murphy

🦇The Boy and the Bell by Heidi Heilig

🦇In Kind by Kayla Whaley

🦇A Guidebook for the Newly Sired Desi Vampire by Samira Ahmed

🦇Bestiary by Laura Ruby

🦇Vampires Never Say Die by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker 

🦇First Kill by Victoria "V.E." Schwab

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thank you fiercereads for my gifted copy from a giveaway through netgalley.
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Vampires! But make them relevant to the teens of today and not the tropes of yesteryear.

A collection of eleven Vampire stories each focusing on a trope in a new light with a fresh perspective. After each story, Zoraida and Natalie break down the historical significance of the trope in past Vampire narratives and how each author's new twist improves the trope for the better! With a dash of humor and wit, readers get a great variety of characters, cultures, and vampires that will leave them wanting more!

Of the eleven stories, I felt nine were great and two were okay. The lengths vary with the story getting longer the further in the book. With many of the characters being teenage American minorities, there are a few that draw from cultures outside of the U.S. There is also a variety of religions and romantic relationships represented. Additionally, queer characters were prominent in many of the stories, as well as, differently-abled characters and body positivity. What readers will enjoy most about each of these short stories are that the topics are addressed organically without feeling preachy or heavy-handed. The characters are who they are and face decisions that are impacted by their identity. My favorite stories included Seven Nights for Dying about a girl who has to decide if she wants to turn despite knowing she can't change her best friend. The Boys from Blood River featuring a creepy song and a small-town murder. Senior Year Sucks because of the Buffy vibes but more badass. The House of Black Sapphires because there are many paranormal creatures and it takes place in nineteenth-century New Orleans. Lastly, First Kill because again Buffy but with a queer black slayer and vampire readers will root for!

So many good stories with something for all readers!
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I really liked the diverse voices within this short story collection. I wish that the stories had been a little more "vampire-y" as in a classic vampire tale. I enjoyed that each author took their own spin on the vampire lore and made it their own but sometimes it felt too different. I also was not a huge fan of most of the stories because they were quite slow especially for a short story collection. I would be interested in picking up the works of each individual author and give their longer stories a go. It was a pretty quick read although it felt like at times the book was lagging and a very good read for October/Fall.
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I loved the representation given within these stories.  It was so refreshing to see the typical cis male vampire story flipped on its head for a change!  Thank you so much to all the writers for making different groups feel seen.
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Not what I was expecting. I lost interest very early on but made several attempts to continue thinking that maybe I was not in the right frame of mind at the time to read this book. I simply could not generate interest so I did not finish this title. This is not really a review. I simply could not think of anything positive to say but felt I needed to write something.
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There are a lot of different authors who all have very different takes on vampire lore, which is great! Some of those stories were more effective than others, and some needed more than just a short story to really be appreciated.
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Interesting premise. Likable/hated characters. Cool plot. I would recommend this story to others. Some spots I found that didn't hold my attention, but overall, I still liked it. THANKS NETGALLEY!
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You had me at vampires. This collection was so much fun. I love all things vampy and boy did this quench my thirst. The lineup of authors was beyond amazing and each story could have seriously been their own stand alone that I would have devoured. I need more collections like this in my life.
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Anthologies are hard to review, as some stories are always inevitably better than others. This one, on the whole, was pretty interesting. I’m not a huge vampire fan but this was entertaining. It was nice to see different tales on one concept and was a fun read.
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