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This YA mystery book. Dee has witnessed the kidnapping of her best friend and has given her life to helping to bring home other kidnapping victims. She lives with the guilt that despite what she told the police her best friend was never found. When another young girl in town goes missing and the police think it is connected to her best friends kidnapping, Dee decides that she is going to find out what happened to her best friend.
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Throughly enjoyed this one! It gave me Sadie vibes another podcast-y book that had me hooked. 10/10 recommend this one.
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I found this book incredibly engrossing and easy to read. I practically flew through it. 
I've read quite a few teen thrillers and enjoyed this one more than most. I liked the main character quite a bit and always found her interesting. I wish I like the side characters as much but they were a little under developed.
I didn't see the ending coming and while I mostly enjoyed it, I think many people will feel a bit annoyed with it.
The exploration of trauma was handled pretty well and was the  most interesting part of the novel for me.
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After weeks of trying and failing to read dense fantasy books, I finally picked this one up and devoured it in a day! It was an engrossing. fun read that kept me interested the whole way through, and although the ending didn't *quite* satisfy me - I felt there were things that still required more explanation, and I had the impression it was building to a darker conclusion - I still enjoyed it a lot! 

Other than the ending, my only minor complaint was the romance -  I adored the queer f/f dynamic, but they came together so easily I was almost certain there was going to be some kind of betrayal to shake things up (ie. Sarah revealing Dee's secret). In the end there was nothing of the sort, which was nice I suppose, but for me it added to the feeling that everything worked out a little TOO easily. 

That said, this is the second book of Tom's that's kept me glued to the page (KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF was also good!), and I loved the podcast element of this one. I would certainly recommend it to others, especially teens.
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Another fantastically thrilling mystery from Tom Ryan!  The mix of podcast, childhood mystery, and current situation is well done, and reminiscent of Courtney Summers's "Sadie".  The teen characters and relationships feel real, and the acceleration of the mystery towards the end makes the book impossible to put down.
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I’m not the biggest fan of thrillers and mystery stories, because it triggers my anxiety like no other. However, when I saw this book on NetGalley, I was very intrigued, mostly because I adore listening to podcasts and it was a cool concept for a book to me.

As I haven’t read many suspenseful, mystery books, I can’t judge on whether this story was cliché or well thought out as it’s not my speciality. I did truly enjoy it though. It was very well written, that’s something I can say, plus it has some wonderful LGBTQ+ representation by the main characters.

As I’m sure you can tell, I can’t really talk about this book a whole lot. It’s mostly because it’s a new genre to me and I don’t know how to review it correctly, honestly. I also don’t know if I would want to read a lot more thrillers and mysteries, but this one sure was fun for a change!
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If you are a fan of Sadie by Courtney Summers or the June Boys by Court Stevens or even if you just like true crime stories in general I think you will really like this book. 
This book had a really cool premise about a young girl who was the friend that wasn't kidnapped and now runs a secret podcast trying to solve other missing persons cases. The podcast part was well done and added a fun extra side story that progressed as our main story progressed. 
While the plot was super cool and interesting my favorite thing about this book is the main character. She was so relatable even though she had been through something not many can relate too. I loved her and her acceptance of her fears and her strength to do hard things despite her fears. I even like the romance that developed because it was so natural and didn't take over the whole book.
I think this book is great for people who are new thriller/mystery stories and if you want something new from the genre. Seriously go read it.
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An intriguing read from start to finish. I enjoyed watching the characters work together to solve the mystery.
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I Hope You’re Listening is an emotional, socially-aware, and complex thriller that focuses on how trauma impacts people in different degrees. It doesn’t sensationalize the mystery, but rather shows how sensationalizing mysteries can be harmful. It's socially aware, and also implements technology and modern online detective work, and how people online can use their skills for good, in contrast with common depictions of online groups. The book has decent lgbtq+ representation, pacing, (main) character and plot development, but leaves some of its secondary and side characters wanting. For all its good pacing, however, I Hope You’re Listening ends with a rushed arc that arose from decisions that felt contrary to the main character’s behavior.
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Slow Building But Definitely Delivers

I have always loved reading books with different methods of narration, like using podcast formats. This is why when an invite to join the tour for I Hope You're Listening, I hopped on the chance to join.

The YA thriller subgenre keeps on calling out to me and I admit that it's quite hard to resist! They (almost) always impress me, or at least, satisfy me. Well, this one definitely did!

I Hope You're Listening brought me to the life of Delia "Dee" Skinner. Ten years ago, she witnessed her bestfriend Sibby get abducted. She was left behind and she feels guilty about it. So, she created the podcast Radio silent to help bring light to missing person's cases and have them solved. It blows up, but here's the thing, people don't know she's the one behind it.

In their small town, 10 years after the traumatic event changed her life, another girl goes missing. Dee is compelled to help, but what if this entails bringing her past back to the spotlight?

Ahhh, sounds good, right?

I loved how intriguing the premise of the book was and that it had mysteries within the mystery through the podcast. It made my mind more alert in diving into the story.. and it made me like the book more.

On a side note, I also loved how Dee's sexuality was handled in the story. Her parents' and friends' behavior towards. The romance is very little.. but it was very cute.

Now, towards the end, I have to admit that the resolutions made me go "Hmmm?". The plot twist is not what I was expecting, but I was in need of a little more shock factor than was provided.

All in all, this book is the perfect October read. There were many spooky parts and the mystery was good. It was a thrill to read, I promise!
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I've honestly never listened to podcasts, but after reading I Hope You're Listening. After reading this book that may just need to change. I loved how our main character's podcast was intertwined with this story and how something created to make a character feel she was doing something turned out to become something so big.

The main character Dee has experienced something traumatic. Her best friend was kidnapped when they were younger. She was there that day and it's something that still haunts her. This is something she always carries with her, but even more so now when a little girl is taken from her old house. I really liked Dee as a character. After experiencing something like that she still tries to live her life and even help through a true crime podcast to help find missing people. I can't imagine how it feels to know you're still here when your best friend isn't. I loved how determined she was and strong. Yeah, she may have been a bit reckless at times, but I can completely understand that.

I loved the mystery in I Hope You're Listening. I tried solving the puzzle along with our main characters, but I wouldn't have guessed how this was going to end. It fit the story really well though and I love when an author takes a story to a place I didn't see coming. The author created an atmospheric book that kept me reading. As always with mysteries, you really need to experience it yourself. I do know that I'll be looking into the author's other books after loving this one.
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I really wanted to like this book. Not that I didn't, but I wanted it to be a 5-star read. It wasn't. I love reading the occasional mystery thriller, they always surprise me. However, I was a little disappointed with this one.

My main gripe is with the characters. I felt no connection to any of them, and Dee didn't have much in the way of a personality. Several side characters are completely irrelevant to this story and the romance just came out of nowhere. This was quite a quick read, but there's definitely more space to explore the characters.

The setting is pretty creepy. The snow-covered town and the surrounding woods give off a perfectly mysterious atmosphere and I loved it. I also enjoyed the podcast episodes and how Dee uses the podcast to help people. It makes the story really heartwarming and I'm really glad everything worked out well.

Sometimes you just need something to go right, especially in 2020.
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I love listening to podcasts! And especially true crime ones. Mystery novels are some of my favorite stories to read and I was just super excited for this blog tour and this book. I hadn't heard of the author before but I can tell you I really liked his writing style and will definitely pick up more books by him in the future.

We get a really compelling mystery. Ten years ago a girl was kidnapped and our main character was left behind. And now another girl has gone missing. Are the cases linked? Or do we have two separate cases? I really liked following this mystery and of course I tried to solve it before our characters do. About 75% into the story we got a tiny clue that helped me solve about half of the mystery. I was so proud of myself haha. And I really liked the way that part played out. The other half I didn't guess at all! And I'll admit I think that part went a bit fast. I would've liked to see that developed a little bit more.

Delia 'Dee' Skinner is our main character and I really liked her. She experienced something incredibly traumatic and I can't even imagine going trough that. Her parents are very supportive and I enjoyed their dynamic. She started her podcast to try and help in a way she couldn't when her best friend got kidnapped. I loved the little snippets we got of the podcast. Burke is Dee's other best friend and he was quite interesting. I would've liked to see a bit more of him and think he was a bit under-utilised. He was also super supportive and deals with the trauma in his own way. And lastly we have Sarah, Dee's new neighbour. She was an okay character, we don't really learn that much about her and I didn't particularly care about her. She was only important to me because she was important to Dee.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and the characters. The mystery was good and loved trying to solve it before Dee did. I will for sure pick up another book by Tom Ryan!
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Wow! It was such a fun book!

The story follows Dee, an inconspicuous teenager from a small town. There are two unusual things about her: as a child she'd witnessed her best friend's kidnapping, and now, she's the host of a very popular crime podcast.

Now she's investigating disappearances on the other side of the county, while a little girl disappears from the home she used to live in as a child. Here to help, is a friend, Burke, and a new friend, Sarah, who may become something more soon enough *wiggles eyebrows*

The characters were lovable and the story just flew seamlessly, making me think of old-fashioned crime dramas (Veronika Mars, anyone?). The crime mystery and its conclusion came in as a surprise. It was really difficult to predict what would happen. But worry not, all ends well. It's not Sharp Objects. It's more like Fluffy Objects. And the romance sub-plot is as non-invasive as possible, yet quite cute.
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I was really excited to grab this one. It seemed the perfect timing with it. If you are like me you reach for more atmospheric books or more thriller/mysteries at this time of year. I Hope You’re Listening did not disappoint.

When Dee, was 7 years old she witness her best friend Sibby get kidnapped while they were playing out in the woods. From then on Dee was never the same. Who would be really? Learning to live with the guilt of being the gilr left behind while trying to move on with her life, Dee helps solve missing person cases by by being the anonymous voice behind a famous podcast. When another girl goes missing 10 years after Sibby’s disappearance, Dee is forced to look into her past to find answers.

I really enjoyed the format of I Hope You’re Listening. Though most parts are in Dee’s POV, we do get a couple chapters that are transcripts from the podcast and its current investigation. I do wish there was an audiobook for it, I would’ve loved to listen at the same time and have a full on cast for these.

I really enjoyed Dee’s character. I thought she was very personable and precisely what I envision a person with her life story would be like. She was a bit of a loner, always questioning what she could’ve done to help her childhood friend while trying to move one from her past.

Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that thoughq Dee is queer there is no coming out tag line here. It’s just so natural and organic. She doesn’t explain it or tell people, it’s just already a known fact. I appreciated this a lot. I find that in a lot of books there’s always a coming out moment and though I understand why sometimes this just felt super natural and refreshing to just have it there already, if you understand what I mean.

Without spoiling aything, I have to say that the book took a twist that I was not expecting at all. I thought I had it figured out right from the start but turns out I was way off, lol. I really liked that it surprised me in that way. Sometimes these type of books are very predictable but I thought Tom Ryan brought something inexpected to this one.

If you are looking for a good mystery thriller with a feel of true crime, I highly suggest grabbing I Hope You’re Listening.
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I read this book as part of the blog tour hosted by TBR & Beyond Tours. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 stars (rounded up)

Ever since listening to and absolutely loving Sadie last year, I've been on the hunt for more mysteries/thrillers that utilise the podcast format and I'm glad that I found that in I Hope You're Listening. Even better, the use of the podcast here shed light on an interesting aspect of true crime-solving that I've never seen mentioned explicitly before in either YA or adult mysteries. There were some unexplained deductions that confused me but I still really enjoyed this book and sped through it in a matter of hours!

I thought this was a well-written mystery and Ryan really managed to pique my interest and suck me in from the beginning. There were actually a few mysteries to solve in the story, but the main mystery was quite intricately woven. It ended up being a lot bigger than I expected and took a direction that I didn't foresee, which kept me eager to know what happened. But I do feel Ryan relied on a lot of coincidences to solve it.

Our protagonist, Dee, was an interesting character and there's a somewhat despondent aura that hangs over her. She feels responsible for her best friend's kidnapping when they were just children, and has let that feeling consume her life. But it also resulted in her starting the podcast: Radio Silent--my favourite aspect of this story. Although I'm guilty of never having listened to true crime podcasts IRL, I imagine Radio Silent would stand out for what it sets out to do, which is to mobilise Laptop Detectives to help solve disappearances. It's such a cool concept to think of all these people listening in and working together to solve mysteries and then actually solving them too! I really liked that this book recognised the work they do to help. It was fantastic!

Dee lives with her family in a different house in the same town but she never got past the "survivor's guilt". She has a wonderful support system from her parents who were lovely and I wished we saw more of them! Dee's secretive, smart, and determined, but I have to admit that I struggled with her at times. For such a smart person, she made some fairly non-sensical decisions, but she was also quite selfish. I suppose that could be her "teenage attitude", but it frustrated me when it came to her friendship with Burke. They've been BFFs since they were kids (including with Sibby), and my heart really broke for him in this book, especially with some of the things he says. I felt that he DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER than Dee's friendship. He was always there to support her and did a lot to help her, but I felt she always discounted his opinions and friendship, plus where was she when he needed her most?

There was an f/f romance that I thought happened very abruptly--one minute it was tiptoeing around feelings and the next it was full-on and I wish it had been better developed. It didn't play that big a role though so I wasn't too bothered, and it did eventually help Dee shrug off her reluctant shell. What did frustrate me though was how certain things were left unexplained. For starters, someone solved the mystery of who The Seeker was and we never learn how. Dee kept herself anonymous on the podcast and being found out was one of her main worries, yet when this person figured it out, Dee never asked how? It didn't fit. My other frustration had to do with how the final mystery was solved. I *still* don't know how the person came to this conclusion and it confused me since it was a light-bulb moment that seemed to come out of nowhere, and then it was solved.

TL;DR: If you love the podcast format in mysteries/thrillers, you should definitely check this out. It takes a format that's been used a few times now but introduces a new and unique aspect by focusing on the Laptop Detectives that help solve cases. This was a well-written book with several mysteries woven into the story, and while that might seem overwhelming, they were all so compelling and intriguing! If this gets an audiobook, I think it will be even more amazing :)
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Relies too much on coincidence, though its characters were compelling enough to pull me through the plot problems. A decent enough mystery, but I expected better from this author after his terrific debut. Alas!
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You are not alone! The Seeker will find you. Don't lose hope.

I hope you're listening is an interesting YA thriller. I love the idea of a podcast that helps finding missing people. I wish it was real and that it could save lives. With a terrible past, Dee comes with the idea of Radio Silent, a podcast about missing people. She couldn't save her best friend, but maybe she could save someone's else life.

I'm not gonna lie, the book went slow at the beginning. But at the half, when the action started, I was mystified. I couldn't read faster! I needed answers and I needed them fast! There were some twists and tensions that I didn't think of. When you think you know the truth, you find out something new and every idea falls out. For a YA thriller, I hope you're listening is pretty good.

Thank you TBR and Beyond and Tom Ryan for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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"I didn't start Radio Silent to bring myself attention. I started it for the opposite reason, to bring attention to cases and people who deserved it. To draw my own obsessive attention away from the mystery that's haunted me for more than half my life. 

It's never been about me. It's about the people who need finding." 

Reading I Hope You're Listening was such a roller coaster ride! The book is mainly about the aftermath of the disappearance of our protagonist's bestfriend. Dee was with Sibby the day she disappeared and naturally, she somehow blames herself for what happened. Some days she still finds herself thinking, "what could I have done differently to prevent her from being abducted?" The trauma is still haunting her and her true crime podcast helps her with dealing with this. 

This book has been marketed under the Thriller and Mystery genre and even though those are correct, I can't help but still be terrified as if what I'm reading is a Horror book. It's probably because I know that this kind of stuff happens in real life. The book truly captured the horrifying and heart-breaking events of having someone being taken away from you without you and that someone's consent. I Hope You're Listening was fast paced and truly an absorbing read. Each chapter leaves you interested and wanting for more. With Tom Ryans very readable writing, it's not hard to get lost on Dee's world and life. You'll find yourself feeling like she does. Wondering like she does. And wanting the truth like she does. 

Dee is a great character, she's not perfect in any way but I found myself rooting for her. Tom Ryan penned realistic and likeable characters and as the thrill and mystery solidify, you can't help but think that one of them is the "bad guy" I didn't have any issues with the characters at all, however, I did hope that the romance aspect was executed in a different way. I admire the fact that Dee doesn't have to come out at any point in the book, but I wished that Dee getting together with that particular character didn't happen so fast.

As I Hope You're Listening is a mystery thriller, plot-wise, I would say that they mysterious atmosphere was well done! It kept me guessing and I really didn't foresee how everything will be wrapped up. Even though I hope that the "revelation" should've been MORE, I was still satisfied and contented with how it was done and finished. 

Overall, I would recommend I Hope You're Listening to every mystery thriller junkies out there! I Hope You're Listening truly delivered, it will keep you engrossed 'till the very end.
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"There were only two of us in the woods that day. One of us is missing, and one of us is left behind."

When two girls went out at the woods to play they couldn't imagine what was lurking for them there. Something that would change their lives forever. One goes missing and the other one stays behind with what happened there haunting her for the next decade.

Our heroine is the one who's left behind and now ten years later a similar case happens at their hometown and she can't escape her past. She needs to face her demons and delve deeper than she wanted to. At the same time she is the secret host behind a famous podcast that its own goal is to help cases of missing people. But when there's another case of a missing girl, in her own hometown and specifically in the house she used to live in when her best friend went missing , they are wondering if this case is connected to the one from the past. A new girl moves in across the street and she starts asking questions and comes close to our heroine.

Wow! You guys I recently read this book and it was so good!! It's been a while since I've read a mystery that I couldn't predict and I'm so happy! I did have some questions that weren't exactly answered and some explanations were a bit weird to me, but other than that it was a great one. As the story progressed it became more interesting. And the suspense by the end had me biting my nails and just eating it up!! If you're in mood for a mystery, this is a such a good one 💜
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