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Becoming a Teacher

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Another excellent entry in the "becoming" series. These are not books that explain the career path and education necessary for a particular field--rather, they tell one person's story of how they came to have the job they have. In this case, LaQuisha Hall, an intrepid Baltimore public school teacher. Inspiring and interesting reading. Should appeal to library patrons looking for memoir, biography, BLM and Black stories, and more.
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GREAT book for teachers to read. Both the author and the subject of the book are wonderful inspirations for teachers. This should be a must-read for all in-service (student) teachers to understand everything that goes into being an educator.
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The country needs more people like the author! Inspiring, caring, thoughtful, willing to give her all to her students, Ms. Anderson is an incredible human being.
Beginning with her unexpected journey into teaching, the author relates her long career in education. Coming from a "country" background, and being placed in an inner-city urban school in Baltimore could not have been easy. Ms. Anderson struggles, but doesn't give up. She perseveres through an entrenched bureaucracy, non-interested parents, and students who are "seen" as unteachable. Through it all, she works her magic, follows her own principles and unconventional methods, to end up being a highly recognized and rewarded example of teaching.
I lived just outside Baltimore in the early 2000's. I know the perceptions of the schools and of the students in that time period. And of the rampant crime and poverty where she was teaching. I'm amazed at how she accomplished so much.
This is an inspiring book. I hope people take an opportunity to read it. Ms. Anderson's methods have the potential to change a lot of students lives for the better.
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