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Friends Who Move Couches

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This was a great story about female friendships. I think female friendships are some of the strongest relationships out there and this was a great example of that.
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This is a fun little comedic novel on friendship, kind of a Steel Magnolias for 2020 suburbia.  I couldn't really get into it, even though from the description I thought I would relate.  I think I'm a little too old for it even though I tick all the boxes (and even have epilepsy like the main character).  I guess I've grown up too much?  This will be a good book for women who want to imagine a fun group of friends who'd move bodies for you.  For me, I'd rather have the friends than read about someone else having them.
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This book was great! It was so easy to lose yourself in the story, and kept you turning pages to see what happened next! Will definitely be recommending!
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I don't normally read memoirs, but seeing as this was a not-quite-a-memoir memoir, I thought I'd made an exception.

Nikki Grey is almost your typical suburban housewife. She loves her children, she works part-time, she is a member of a running club and she loves her friends dearly.

But Nikki Grey is not your typical suburban housewife. She has epileptic seizures when she smokes marijuana, she got kicked out of the neighborhood book club and she just can't cope with anything on her own.

This almost-a-memoir was so relatable. Nikki and her adventures made me smile, made me laugh, made me cringe and sometimes want to cry. An incredible story about life, love and friendships that will make you stop and appreciate those around you just that little bit more.

Special thanks to Netgalley for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I'm not sure why I struggled with this book. It is my kind of writing style and the characters are relatable, but I still struggled to get through it. I think there are SO many character names introduced at the beginning that I was just confused about who was who and trying to keep track of who was being talked about. I think this is more of a personal struggle with the book rather than an overall struggle though.

Overall, I found the book quite humorous and relatable.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced digital copy of this book!
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Almost a memoir. That’s the first of many giggles the reader will get upon immersing oneself into this book.  This novel is sold as humour or in that personally dreaded of places, women's fiction, but to add it to the women's fiction genre is to deny the fun of this piece to readers of box sexes. This is a funny book and relatable on so many levels. If you have poured your heart and soul into friendship only to have it stolen, taken or whisked away from you, you are going to relate to the idea behind this book.  Based loosely on the real-life experience of the author, it is a fun read about how we would like to grow up and deal with grief and pain of lost friendship and betrayal. 

Nikki Grey is a woman with twenty-something years of marriage behind her, complete with three children. She lives in a snooty part of town, and until recently was the life and soul of the party and have friends everywhere. But that was before ‘war’ was declared and several friends have alienated her from her friendship groups, something that Nikki does not take well. Nikki is, admittedly, needy. She needs every single one of her friends or she feels incomplete. 

A good friend will help you move couches, but a true friend will help you move a body.

There are different levels of friendship according to Nikki, and her truest friends have stood by Nikki for years, despite the bad mouthing that has gone on with the icing that previous friends have done to make Nikki an outsider. They are loyal to her and take care of her needs as she deals with medical conditions that exclude her from driving a car. And when the proverbial hits the fan and Nikki’s life descends into utter chaos, the friends rally around and rather than continue to baby her, as they have for years, they insist that she grow a backbone and take care of problems with support but on her own. It is the kindest, best gift one person can give another, the belief in another to deal with stuff successfully rather than carrying them as if they are invalid. And believe me, this faith from her friends is required. Nikki’s life plunges into utter madness and grief. But she does grow up. She becomes a strong woman that is, as the internet meme says, a Queen handling her own shite. 

This book takes time to worm its way into your heart. Admittedly the first half of the book was annoying as Nikki lunges from one (often self-inflicted) disaster to another, but somehow from the middle of the book, she starts to grow up and become the heroine of one's dreams. You will find your heart thumping as she does things – naughty things that screw over the gaslighter who has screwed her over for years – that you might only dream of doing, but she does them and you will be cheering her on. Quite simply, she rocks! This book is funny  - even more so because it's almost a memoir! It will require a commitment to reading all the way through, but the ultimate pay off will be more than amply given. And one can't help but wish for a circle of friends that are as close and wonderful as Nikki is surrounded by. Because by the end of this book, Nikki has learned the truth of what real friendship is about; and about who to chase after and who to let be kicked to the curb.
Read this book. You’ll love it.
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A joy to read from star to for finish. A great story about a woman who comes in to her own and rallies her friends around her to get her life back after her husband’s betrayal.  A fabulous cast of characters and wonderful,writing; I laughed out loud more than once. Don’t miss out on this one!
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