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"My dream coming true is the result of a cursed dragon wanting to use me for his master plan...This isn't my dream come true. This is his punishment for me."⁣
Lana Torres dreamed of playing for Team Puerto Rico in the Blazewrath Games. An international tournament that involves magic and dragons!
However, the games are interrupted by an evil magician, The Sire, that will do anything to gain power and rule over the games. He's been stealing dragons from sanctuaries around the world to exploit their magical powers for his advantage. Lana’s dad runs a sanctuary in Brazil, and she worries the Sire will attack his work. Lana desperately tries to figure out how to save herself in the Blazewrath Games from The Sire's master plan while trying to save the people she loves. ⁣
This is a great fantasy book with twists and turns and a bit of sleuth solving. Who is The Sire, and why does he want to take over the Blazewrath games? ⁣
Overall, the book, at its core, is for the love of Puerto Rico. Amparo Ortiz wrote a fantastic story about magic, dragons, adventure with a proud Puerto Rican main character. I felt so much pride in this story, and I hope every little Boriqua can find themselves in Team Puerto Rico!
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A true delight, this book is perfect for any fantasy reader! The way the author interwove Puerto Rican culture into the pages made my heart swoon with joy. 10/10 read.
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What a fantastic adventure! I LOVED all the different dragon breeds and the story felt incredibly unique and fresh!
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I loved this book! Dragons are one of my favorite topics in fantasy. I adored the unique world building, and the Blazewrath Games themselves. It's high energy, charming, and absolutely magical. Highly recommend!
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Quidditch meets The Hunger Games in this incredible take on magic and dragons in a modern world. Lana Torres has always loved dragons and the sport they compete in alongside their riders: Blazewrath. So when the chance to compete for Team Puerto Rico as their runner (the only non-dragon-bonded member of the team) is offered up, she jumps on the chance. But the circumstances that landed her there (an attack on a famous wand shop) are  more than a little suspicious. And with the Sire--a dragon turned human terrorist--threatening to burn the world if the games aren't stopped, her role in Blazewrath grows increasingly complicated. Especially when she learns the contract she signed hides deadly secrets. 

This is the book I've been wanting without even realizing it. I love stories that explore magic and modern technology and Blazewrath Games does maybe the best job of it I've ever seen. I love that witches co-exist alongside Regular humans and dragons. I loved the twists and turns (though I did see some coming). I loved the voice. I do think parts of the plot of this story could've been drawn out into a series really successfully, but I'm kind of hoping Oritz may have plans to continue this on as a series regardless. There is certainly a lot of set up for one otherwise. Blazewrath Games is YA fantasy at its best.
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I came for Puerto Rican Dragons and I left the book with so much more. Blazewrath Games was such a good unique young adult fantasy read. It gave such a fresh new perspective to the genre and was overall masterfully written. Amparo Ortiz gives us a diverse set of characters that you feel invested in caring for. All of the character are pivotal to Lana’s [main character] story arc that you couldn’t help but also want to see them flourish and have their stories known. Ortiz’s writing is so descriptive, but it leaves room for the mind to fill in the blanks. The author also paid great attention to different parts of the story, especially when discussing the tournaments Let’s just say, if Dragons existed, I would 100% believe everything they wrote.

In regards to characters, Lana is such a strongly and well written protagonist. She is also someone you can relate to because she makes mistakes, has some doubts and keeps trying. Born in Puerto Rico, Lana is moved by her mother to the United states where she struggles to figure out if she is Boricua enough. As someone who has and sometimes still goes through that struggle, I felt the struggle was so well reflected in Lana. It resonated a lot with me and I felt more compelled to this book as I turned each page. The author did not only deliver such a great relatable protagonist, she also graced us with some really good supporting characters. As mentioned earlier, each supporting character like Lana’s best friend Samira who is just full of life. She created supporting characters that I could visualize having their own rich story, and that is something that I usually do not see often in books.

I appreciated that this story did not have a formulated focus on romance and focused more on the dragons and the sport itself. I was here for the dragons and I got the dragons and good friendship and just a fantastic storyline. She took the unconventional route by not adding a strong romance and it kept me reading. To be clear, I love romance, but I also love when an author takes a different approach and doesn’t have the story focus on a romance.

If you want a story full or originality, good Latinx representation as well as other identity representations, page turning storyline – then this is the book for you!
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This wasn't what I expected, but wow did I enjoy it. I really want to know more about the dragons, and I know this is a standalone, but if Amparo Ortiz writes more books that link up to this one, I'll be very happy.
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I loved this one! Amparo had me at every twist and turn. This story felt nostalgic and comfortable, and I was able to settle into the world very quickly and comfortably. Lana was a very relatable main character and it was almost hard to read about her at times because of the similarities I saw in her life/relationships and mine. This was such an enjoyable and adventurous story. Honestly, peak Latinx fantasy. I hope to read more from Amparo Ortiz very soon!
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You had me at How to Train Your Dragon. And yes, the dragons were amazing, and the world building fascinating.  Love the representation and I think a lot of readers will relate to our main character Lana. Overall Blazewrath Games is a fun, thrilling fast paced read that many young and older readers will enjoy
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What Ortiz has crafted with Blazewrath Games is an undeniably magical and fast-paced debut that burns through you with all the force of a Sol de Noche’s flames.

Undoubtedly, I went into Blazewrath Games for the dragons. I’m a simple soul that way. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or how prominent they are. If there are dragons, I want to read it. And there were dragons, but also a whole lot more. The world of Blazewrath Games is one we know—yet also not—made fantastical and new.

The world-building is, in a word, incredible. There’s history adeptly woven throughout using epigraphs that inform the present without ever dragging down the pace of the story. I love that Ortiz gives us an altered contemporary world, taking the familiar and infusing it with just the right amount of magic: wands and spells, dragons and sporting events. The world functions as the perfect set-up for a plot that is jammed pack with action that once started, never lets up.

Without a doubt, the Blazewrath Games have become one of my new favourite fictional sports. A very large part of that has nothing to do with the sport itself (though that, by the way, is fabulous), but rather because of the teams—and the found families that come of them.

The heart of Blazewrath Games, for me, was Lana navigating her own identity, and her struggle to reconcile her conflicting feelings about Puerto Rico, and the impostor syndrome she faces once making the team as a result of growing up in the United States and not on the island. I loved watching Lana find her place, a family and a community, within her team as together they battle with false autonomy throughout the Games.

But again—the games! Ortiz is already a master when it comes to writing intricate, breakneck, action-heavy scenes that got my heart racing. I could so, so easily see Blazewrath Games adapted into a movie or TV series (especially an animated one!), and if that ever happens I will eat. it. up.

Unfortunately, this becomes somewhat of a double-edged sword. Those scenes from the book that I know will steal the show in a visual format—the ones that left me with chills not unlike the ones I felt during Avengers: Endgame when everyone comes popping out of the circles, or in How to Train Your Dragon 2 when Toothless takes on the Bewilderbeast trying to destroy Berk—didn’t have the same effect in text. They sometimes came off a little too…cheesy. Too predictable. The knowing that they were coming didn’t fill me with as much excitement on the page as they happened, because it felt too convenient in prose format. And those moments, when they happened, pulled me out of the story more than I would have liked.

That said, though, Blazewrath Games was still so much fun. I’m eager to see where the story goes and how it will ultimately conclude, and I cannot wait to see what Ortiz writes next.
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A Super Enjoyable Story
Blazewrath Games is a story about Lana Torres who’s dream is to compete in the competition and represent her country, Puerto Rico. The story is so much more than just that though. It takes you on a journey and it’s full of twists and fun moments and it is truly such a fun experience reading this book. It discusses many important themes and at the same time keeps it a story about a fun sports tournament and honestly, its amazing.

A Fictional Sports Tournament
Reading this book made me realise that I have not read many YA books based around sports and this one was so good! It was like watching a movie and I love books which make you feel that experience. I loved reading about Blazewrath Games and everything in this book is so detailed and at the same time not being too dense and keeping it interesting. It’s truly such a solid debut and I will definitely be looking forward to more of the author’s books after this.

Amazing Writing
The writing in this book is simple, effective and amazing right from page one. It goes well with the pace of the book and I feel the writing just tends to bring everything together really well, giving it the complete awesome feel. And in such happening books with action and sports, writing plays an important part and this one really does it well. There isn’t any info dump of any kind. I also loved how the start of every chapter started with a snippet about the history, moments or news about the Blazewrath Games.

Fast-Paced with lots of Action
As I mentioned before, that this book reads a lot like a movie. Its fast paced and there’s always something happening so there’s never a dull moment. I love fast paced books a lot and for this book especially the fast pace works well with the story and vibes of the book.

Diverse Set of Characters
The main character of this book is Lana, who lived in Puerto Rica and was whisked to the US by her white mother and we read about how she yearns for Puerto Rico and wants to represent the country. She is a character who goes through a lot of changes and as we get to know her more, you can’t help but like her.

This book also has a many amazing supporting characters and we get to see fleshed out relationships too. The supporting include trans woman, a bisexual girl, two gay boys, two gay men (married), the Russian Blazewrath team is entirely comprised of queer players.

Stunning World Building
The world building is stunning in this book. It has a magical world with a tournament and there’s history given about the tournaments and the world and its so intriguing. It also has magic and I love the magic system a lot as well. It was intricate while also not being too heavy at any point and this was amazing.

Honestly saved the best for the last. I love dragons and books featuring dragons are simply awesome! This book does an amazing job and the way dragons and portrayed and written about? Simply stunning. There are different types and all I kept thinking was how amazing it would be to see this on screen.

Overall, Blazewrath Games is a book I truly enjoyed and I highly recommend to all fans of contemporary fantasy with magic, sports tournaments, dragons and an enjoyable story. I definitely recommend this book!!

Thank you to Caffeine Book Tours and Page Street Publishing for making me a part of the tour and for providing me with a physical arc of the book. All opinions are my own.
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Blazewrath Games is described as Quidditch meets Dragons, which had me excited. The Blazewrath tournament is at the center of the story, and I can see the direct parallels to Quidditch in its gameplay. The politics in this world are interwoven with the tournament, which I thought added an extra pressure to the stakes of the game. The story was pretty straightforward with some cheesy moments/predictability. 

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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"Experience the World Cup with dragons in this debut fantasy, set in an alternate contemporary world, in which riders and their steeds compete in an international sports tournament."

If that tagline alone doesn't make you hit the "want to read" button I don't know what else I can tell you but I will try!

Our main character Lana Torres dreams of competing in the Blazewrath World Cup as a representative of her native Puerto Rico. After a series of unfortunate... but fortunate for her... events she is granted a spot on the team! Yeah! Right? Not really because now she finds out that one of her idols is now a bad guy who seems to be working with a dragon turned human who is out to destroy everything!

Also Lana's best friend Samira is the bees knees. We all need friends like her!

So to sum up...

Magic... Awesome!
Dragons... Awesome!
Characters... Awesome!
Mysterious intrigue.... Awesome!
Dragon turned human out to destroy the Blazewrath Empire.... Double Awesome!

Thank you Netgalley for an e-arc of this book. Fantastic debut and definitely recommend!
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This book is AMAZING! This is the debut novel of Amparo Ortiz and I just can't wait for more. Seeing a Puerto Rican main character in a book made my whole year! Blazewrath Games is one of my favorite books; and I'm talking about top 3. I was really excited to read this book because of the boricua Lana Torres, but also because of the dragons. Who doesn't love dragons?

This book is pure magic and I love it! Wait until you meet the Sol de Noche Dragons... and the rest of the dragons as well! You are probably going to fall in love with all of them. And the Sire? Wow, such a great character development. I love hating him, you know? I hold Lana near my heart because of the struggles with her identity; I felt instantly drawn to her. Blazewrath Games have a lot of characters! For me, that was a little difficult. But it is something you can work through. One of my favorite things, besides the dragons, was the relationship between Lana and Samira. It made me think of my relationship with my friend; we are always joking around! So yeah, the fun relationship between them was so relatable.

I think I haven't read a YA fantasy novel with such a perfect world building as Blazewrath Games. I was able to see and imagine everything on my mind! Actually, can we get a Blazewrath Games movie, please? Also, I loved the presence of a lot of cultures. Especially everything about team Puerto Rico and all the little details, like the Puerto Rican flag, their pride, and the musical instruments (like we always do cheering our teams!). I felt I was there chanting with the rest of the Puerto Ricans!

I admire Amparo Ortiz because her writing style is so SO good. The details in every page were gracefully crafted.
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I ADORED IT! So good! I felt so proud to be from Puerto Rico! It was honestly such a fantastic novel. And for the first time ever I was rooting for the hero....well Heroine!
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World Cup on dragons? Yes, please and thank you. I have been eagerly anticipating Blazewrath Games, by Amparo Ortiz, since the first announcement. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my high expectations.

Plotwise, it does not hold up much under scrutiny. Too much of the plot is based on exceptions to the world building that Ortiz has done, without giving the reader enough time to settle into the rules of the world before they are broken. Major plot points are developed through methods that seem far too convenient, and the narrator and main character, Lana, does not have enough impact on the events that take place.

From a character perspective, there are simply too many people on the page. It is impossible for any of the characters to make a real impact because each one is fighting for a few lines here and there. The emotional stakes fall apart due to a simple lack of caring about any individual character. 

The moments where this book shines are in the action sequences, especially the drama of the cup games. Overall, however, a surprisingly small amount of the action actually takes place during the cup itself, with the other plot taking precedence at every turn.

Another huge plus is the amount of rep on the page. There are tons of queer characters, as well as many POC and Spanish speakers. Although the translation of Spanish lines was sometimes clunky, the amount of Spanish was great to see.

Overall, this book was highly ambitious but ultimately unsuccessful in its goals. I fervently hope that other readers will find it more to their taste, as there was much to appreciate in the concept.

Thanks to Page Street Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC!
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**I received a copy of Blazewrath Games from NetGalley and Page Street Kids, in exchange for an honest review**

Blazewrath Games is an enjoyable read! I very much loved the Latinx representation in the story! Lana is a young person on a mission to represent her beloved Puerto Rican community. The fact that dragon fighters are blended into the tale is favorable in my eyes! 

I recommend Blazewrath Games for those who enjoy strong Latinx representation within an urban fantasy setting. You will not regret adding this book to your TBR!
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I have never done an ownvoice reflection before for a book tour so this a little different for me and somewhat difficult for me to come with what I wanted to type about. When I saw that Hear Our Voices has a blog tour for a young adult fantasy book written by a Puerto Rican author which included a story with Puerto Rico, I was excited and wanted to support the author and the book.

I am a 48 years old Puerto Rican women who loves to read YA books and I had always wished that when I was growing up there were books that were written by authors who were the same nationality and who had characters in their books that look like me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find those books growing up but it so refreshing to see more and more Latino and Latina getting the opportunities to be able to tell stories that are reflected of who they are and show the younger generation that they can find a book which will have character or story that they can relate too.

I was not born in Puerto Rico and I do know how it feels when you thought of not being Puerto Rican enough because you spent most of your life in the mainland so I was able to understand how Lana felt in the book for being push aside from it and dealing with racism because of my skin toned.

Not only do I wish that this book was written when I was growing up but I wish it was around when my son who is 21 years old was growing. I think he would have benefited with seeing a characters that were like him because he is biracial and had dealt with discrimination most of his young life.

If you are Latina/Latino and want to see yourself in a book, I would encourage you to pick up Blazewrath Games and the plus it has dragons (which are awesome)!

Favorite Quotes
“Dragon are better company than people. Not that I hate people. Some are okay. People can’t fly, though.”

“Puerto Rico made me who I am but Blazewrath is the reason I was born.”

“I need to get out of this place drenched in nightmares. Deep down, I know it’s useless. Tomorrow I won’t just belong to the monsters. I will become one of them.”

“I once told you to believe in the world that’s coming. That was a mistake. The world I wanted to live was filled with anger, but your heart and your courage gave me hope.”
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In theory “Blazewrath Games” sounded like an amazing book. Dragons, a tournament, a conspiracy - so why didn’t I love this?
The book failed to make me care. I didn’t care about the characters or what happened to them. I wasn’t invested in the events taking place in the book.
Overall I’d definitely recommend this book for fans of dragons and magical tournaments, it just wasn’t for me.
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What a fun fantasy book! Give this to fans of Harry Potter and dragon books. Although it reads a little like a fanfiction version of the Potter universe in spots (there are witches and wizards and wands, all nonmagical folk are called "Regulars") it has a lot of totally unique and clever magical things happening to make it stand apart. I would describe Blazewrath as "Quidditch played on dragonback using flames instead of a ball," with the added twist of a Runner on foot trying to score but having to fight "Blockers" for every step they take toward the goal (kind of like how the Seeker looks for the Snitch in Quidditch). The game is actually pretty complicated, but sounds like it would be fantastic to watch! Our heroine, Lana, becomes the Runner for the Puerto Rican team, a lifelong dream despite her mother's fear of dragons due to a childhood incident. She has to work hard to fit in with her teammates, and her participation in the Blazewrath World Cup soon becomes very complicated, involving the "Department of Magical Investigations" hunt for The Sire, a menacing dragon terrorist, and the disappearance of a famous Blazewrath player, Lana's sporting idol. This is a fast read and a lot of fun once you let yourself sink into this world. I'm looking forward to the sequel, which I assume will happen, because there are enough unsolved plotlines to delve into further adventures with Lana and her dragonrider teammates.
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