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I really enjoyed this book, in fact I read it in one sitting. The chemistry between the main couple is so well written and the pace of the book is excellent. The story unfolds carefully and beautifully, allowing you to guess ahead and sometimes you're right - but sometimes you're wrong! 

It has a good cast of characters, all well shaped and described. I also loved the descriptions of places, none of which I have been to but I could easily imagine anyway. This is the second Mandy Baggot book that has impressed me, she's now on  my 'must read' list.
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I thought that this a really great story - it has everything I look for in a book, it was funny, heartfelt and romantic - definitely a book to brighten your day!

I thought that the characters were very good, they were well developed, they were genuine, amusing and caring and I really loved getting to know them, they were so well developed and their interaction was perfect - this story was one that really captured the feelings!

The writing style was perfect for me, the detail was very good and I felt like I was with them throughout their journey.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, another excellent release from Mandy - very highly recommended!!
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Good storyline. great charcters, the story flowed really well, and it was a fun read. I sat and read this in the garden and it was a great way to while away an afternoon.
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I absolutely loved the story of Robyn and Cole. A whirlwind romance and a back story of some serious issues.....for both of them. Perfectly told, with humour, tender moments and a bit of spice. I love a Mandy Baggot book and this one is fabulous!
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I love rom-com with a bite! This novel had this in spades and kept me from sleeping, and I couldn't have been more pleased! Ms Baggot has delivered a novel full of wit, charm, twists, turns and shocks. Not easy to read because of that, but all the more gripping and unputdownable because of that. Made a nice change and I can't wait to read more of this author.

My thanks to Netgalley and Aria for the reading copy.
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The story of Robyn and Cole.
They meet at the airport, both heading to the same town. They both have secrets and as they share these with each other become closer. The book deals with some difficult issues.
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I tired hard to like and finish this book. Sadly I didn't get to the end. I'm not sure why it didn't stick with me. Maybe I've read too many similar stories recently of estranged families re-uniting. It just didn't grab me.
Thanks to the publishers and Net Galley for the ARC to review.
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Another hidden gem by the author, nothing passes me but great thigs from Mandy. 
This is a sweet yet compliacted romance, Robyn Mathers is heading back to Michigan where  its the first time shes been back since her teeenage years. Her Dada is seriuosly poorly and someone has to run his buiness whilst hes poorly. She also has to run the ice hockey team. Robyn doesnt find leaving London too difficult but she doesnt know if she can do everything that is needed of her.  Things begin to dwindle badly and one thing happens and before you know shes talking to a man, tall dark handsome and they get on greatly. Who wouldnt like to be sat on a long flight next to someone as stunning as him. 
Cole is after a new begining too but can he trust? Cole wants the happy every after but can he move on.....
I love Mandys book, they are always rel;ateable and you find yourself wanting to ive in these quaint little towns, it is a rebaranded book called taking charge but luckily for me i have not read it so be warned if you are fellow readers and have read all of her previous books. 
Thank you to netgalley and the pub;lishers for this read in replacing an honest review.
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I don't think this is the best example of this author's work. For at least half of the book, I struggled with it, feeling that the chick lit Britishness of the cover didn't match the setting, and that the blurb didn't reflect the serious events at the heart of the story. It's tone and plot was more in line with Jodi Picoult than the lighthearted rom com that was suggested.

However, despite my difficulty with it, I gradually was drawn in - not by the romance but by the whodunnit aspect, which seemed to me to be far more central and significant than the romance.
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I requested to review this book because of two words in the summary: lake and hockey.   It is an interesting little romance/drama.  The setting in rural Michigan is perfectly described, and the hockey is a great addition to the plot.   Some of the other characters, particularly the father and his hospital roommate Max, as well as Henrik the hockey player from Europe, were delightful and I could relate to them.  

But there were some aspects to the book that were unrealistic, even for fiction.  I couldn't really grow to like the main character Robyn.  She was a bit too unfiltered and seemed not to really care about how her words and actions affected others.  And, the main male character, Cole, is 25, yet says he made $300K working in biotech research the previous year and is in charge of all sorts of research projects.  He would barely be out of grad school at 25, especially since he played semi-pro hockey for some of those  years, let alone in the position he's described as having.  While the main character's initial struggle with the difference in word usage between the English and Americans adds some charm to the story, there are some places where the author slips the English word usage into things that are said by people who've never left America (e.g., Grant uses the word "solicitor" instead of attorney or lawyer.)  But, overall, given the author is British, it's pretty amazing that she's gotten so much right about America and hockey.
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Wonderful romantic comedy that tugs at your heartstrings at every turn. I absolutely loved the two main characters and found myself speeding through the pages and hoping for a happily ever after for these characters!
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Another good read from Mandy baggott. I loved the characters in this one and the book was a good read.
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Summer by the Lake by Mandy Baggot is a sweet and complicated romance that I really enjoyed.  Robyn is coming back to home to Michigan for the first time in nine years, after a tragedy sent her away.  Cole is moving to the same town in Michigan to start a new job.  There is an instant connection between the two, but they both have baggage to get through.  I love this story, but it was a roller coaster ride of emotions.  I enjoy Ms. Baggot's books, have not been disappointed yet.  I highly recommend this book.   
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Have you ever come across a situation or an incident in your lifetime which has been hard to understand or say accept, that you would rather go about your usual routine than face the reality of it? Summer by the Lake by Mandy Baggot is one such story about love, fear, stubbornness, and acceptance. It is not only a romance story but also a story about the struggles of facing your deepest fear, coming to terms with your situation and working to better it.

What did I like about the book?
I liked the plot of the book. Apart from being romance read, it had quite a few interesting parallel stories going on. The book was funny, sentimental, and an entertaining fictional read. The characters were pretty colorful and their links to the story as well as the protagonist were done nicely. 

What I didn’t like about the book?
The main character Robyn is supposed to be this bossy, sassy go-getter kind of a person. But at times, it just felt like she was being a reckless impulsive person trying to avoid the elephant in the room. While she is supposed to be confused and at times flustered by coming back to the town and facing her past, her reactions at times felt completely off to the scenario. The story dragged at times without moving forward.

Summer by the lake is slightly unconventional to the usual romance reads. It does make you feel all nice , warm, and gooey-eyed by the romance in the plot but it also makes you think and contemplate some harsh realities of life. 
Thank you @Netgalley and @Aria for giving me this really touching book to enjoy!

Readometer rating - 2.5* / 5*
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I loved this book
The relationship between Cole and Robyn was great, and not too slushy.
The story line going on along side the romance was dealt with just right and although it was easy to spot who was guilty it was still an interesting reads
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After 9 years in England having fled from home. Robyn Matthers has come home because her father is seriously ill in hospital. After getting off the plane she meets Cole Ryan who is starting a new job in Robyn's home town. They keep bumping into each other  and they've both got secrets.
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I normally love Mandy's books but I found this book difficult to connect with both in terms of the storyline and also the characters.
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This is a contemporary romance but with a strong thread running through it concerning traumatic events nine years ago, the after effects and searching for the truth.

Robyn Matthers is returning to her American hometown after spending nine years in England. Her father is ill in hospital and she’s going back to take over the running of his roadhouse and the local ice hockey team. Now I love ice hockey so that was definitely a winning element for me, though how they coped with so few players I have no idea!! On her journey she meets Cole Ryan, who is moving to work in the same town. She’s going back and will have lots of good and horrible memories to face . . . . he’s moving there leaving his family to make a fresh start with a new job and home. Can these two help each other heal?

This story is packed with small time characters, team players and one huge event that has affected so many of their lives. As the lies about what happened start to be revealed, can they discover the truth and bring the real perpetrator to justice? This is a very moving story but could be a trigger for some as it involves a fifteen year old being raped. It isn’t full of gory detail, but does show just how the victim can be traumatised long after it occurred and how it can impact on their relationships with others. There are many funny incidents, too, especially involving the precocious twins, Robyn’s stepmother to be, Cole’s Mum and the hockey players. You even get to find just where Henrik is from in the end!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this moving story via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it…… I was so glad when the real perpetrator was caught!!
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A  sweet and entertaining story, perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.
It's well written and you cannot help rooting for the character and enjoy the well plotted story.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Mandy never fails to make me smile, a happiness in book form promise. From the moment you meet Robyn and Cole you root for them, you know there will be issues, dramas but you want them to get their HEA or at least HFN.  This is a great fast paced read and sadly you blink and it’s over because you’ve just been so enthralled You haven’t noticed. Wonderfully happy and cute romance 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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